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Corporate Feudalism is Mammonismus, with its noble class of world communist lackey’s this destructive world view must cease to exist. The final solution to anti Western Civilization (which is anti European man and every other free thinking non parasitic man, regardless of race, religion or all other such devisive class contention tactics of the nobility and the traitors who serve them) is : “The Anti 60’s Revolution of morality.” The plague that threatens to engulf the prosperity and living standard of the European people and every other living being including plants and animals is among us and inside of our minds. The removal of the perverted philosophy – life lived only through decadent institutions of diseased world cultural destruction or wealth and happiness achieved only through unending servitude to the most un-exceptional and unworthy examples of parasitic patheticness who couldn’t lift an axe to save their lives – is the the only thing that exists to the Manifest Nationalist.

Forcing these rotten bastards to pick up that axe and face us like men or surrender unconditionally to us is what will be achieved through the “Anti 60’s Revolution.” The “Hour of Revenge” as the only philosophy of life must supplant the current “Industrialized Media juddaization of our minds.” This revenge which the Earth cries out to us to force to become our new reality is our only hope and dream. All we hold dear ceases to exist until the hour of revenge is made a reality. The punishing of all who abuse power is what we fight for alongside the removal and punishment of the false nobility of cowards. Never before have such lambs and unexceptional cowards possessing not one admirable trait been tolerated to such an extent as in this creator and engine of communization, those who put all communist dictators into power – the original Soviet, “The Federal” aka United States of America Inc. and home of “The Actors Guild.” At least we still have a court jester, Barry and also a president Janet Yellen… The first jewish woman to be president as far as I can tell, is she jewish? my instincts say Absolute!

Nobility is not to be tolerated until its true purpose is once again demonstrated by example, “To Serve.” Noble men were those who wanted nothing for themselves and selflessly served the higher ideal often to the death. Nobles didn’t have vast wealth and paedophile tendencies like today’s American Corporatist worshippers of World jewry… Nobles gave there all not for riches or status, the poverty and unending selflessness was their claim to Nobility, but rather for the man next to them and so on… Leonidas, Dienekes, Adolf Hitler, Rudolph Heß, the victims of illegal ex posto facto Nürnberg political murders, all the German dead of the war against Corporatism and its factions working in unison, Communism and Capitalism… The 8 million Ostdeutsche who Adennauer even demanded acknowledgement and even my own hero Ursula Haverbeck who did what no German has dared to do in the disembodied, illegitimate and illegal Bonn Government of the BRD that made us sick. Do I feel bad for the 6 something of mythical childlike beliefs? How could I? They perpetrated not suffered the greatest murder of all time (my words) “I feel bad for the 8 million Ostdeutsche who expelled from the East in 1945 with the total 16 million East Germans, vanished entirely from history.” Ursula Haverbeck who now is in prison for telling the truth… Heil euch Ihre gute Kamerad!

As some Asian goatfucker from Persia said to the great goatfucker Xerxes upon being told the Hellenes were busy competeing in the Olympic Games where the prize was not riches but honor. This un named worthless individual who like Xenophon (a great man and the true successor to Socrates) I refuse to name exclaimed laughing to purple balls himself “What kind of men have you brought us to fight, men who compete not for riches but for honor?” When one of the children of the black sun hears this, immediately he feels pride in being one of those who competes not for riches, that’s what I feel. Even purple balls himself was disgraced by this horribly cowardly asian goatfucker statement of utter un European origin. For an accurate and enjoyable historical version of the 300 do not watch the retarded jew hollywood movie based on a retarded comic book, get yourself the book “Gates of Fire” by Steven Pressfield which is as accurate as you can get from Herodotos own account.

The bond formed under eternal struggle is our heaven, eternity fighting as “only through struggle have I found rest” so clearly says: Genom Valhalls portar skall rida envar som i stupar i dag!

The greatest struggle that Western Civilization and the rest of the world has confronted to this day provides us with ideological rebirth through the physical destruction of the manipulators of our minds. A life giving source and belief system of religious proportions is – Manifest Nationalism and Wotanism (Odinism). These great idea’s will set an example of National Salvation and “Siegreicher Marsch.”

What else could reform the European people and all who choose to fight alongside us no matter race religion etc… other than the greatest threat to our continued existence? Ive long since discovered in my fellow Europeans horrible cowardice and degradation. I will never stop from making sure that all of that sort are horribly harrassed into redemption, but also to acknowledge that the drop of European world population in the 1930s approximately 35% to today’s less than 7% is not only reversed but acknowledged as that which it is EUROPEAN WHITE GENOCIDE. This is in fact the greatest mass Genocide ever heard of in the history of the human race and the great builders of all that is beautiful and worth saving in this world, the Great warriors of the Emerald Isle, shall not perish from history, however if they survive other than as the children of the black sun, than they have perished already… The only greater genocide of unimmagineable negative consequences to everyone on the planet was the combined war of the idiot jewish led world against the leaders and greatest of the Europeans – the Nordiska Deutsche peoples of Skandinaviska Germanic identity, and above all of one group who are the largest and longest refugee population on the planet for no cause at all other than being the greatest – Preußischland – Ostdeutsches Reiches!


As asma akiwīstai Wārgs, Tenēi ni izpresta stan Deiwūtiskan!


Why is Corporate Feudalism so great a threat to our individual and collective interests? Corporate Feudalism destroys any and all prosperity subjugating it to capital when in fact we the people create capital to serve us. Have we been deceived so far from normality that we would choose to be the slaves of Capital, subjugating productive labor to money? Think about it and you will realize that in fact you have allowed this to drive your life rather than being in control or free in any sense of the word you are the most hopelessly enslaved! Here from my translation of Die brechung der Zinsknechtshaft – Gottfried Feder 1919

The greed of money rule is the severe, all encompassing and rampant disease, from which our current world culture, indeed the whole of humanity, suffers. It is like a devastating plague, like a devouring poison that the peoples of the world have taken.

Under the greed of money rule means:

On the one hand, the international forces of finance capital, which towers over the right of self determination of nations, enthroned on state financial violence, the supra-national all powerful capital, the only golden international;

On the other hand, a state of mind which has seized the widest circles of the population, instilling the insatiable greed of acquisition, focusing all effort on the worldly directed outlook on life, having already led to a frightening sinking of all moral notions that will only persist.

Embodied and taken to the extreme this state of mind is driven within the international plutocracy.

The main source of strength of the greed of money rule is the effortless and endless flow of assets, which is created by the interest.

Out of the thoughtless and utterly immoral interest lending is born the golden international. From the greed of interest and usury of every kind, the moral and mental decay of society has led to the frightening emotional stagnation of the middle classes.

The utterly immoral interest lending is the diabolical invention of big lending capital, it makes possible the slow acting drone life only for the minority of all powerful money men at the expense of the creative people and the work force, it has led to deep irreconcilable contrasts, to the class hatred from which the civil war and fratricidal war is born.

A single cure which is the radical means to the recovery of the suffering of mankind.

The breaking of interest servitude to money.

The breaking of interest servitude to money represents the only possible and final liberation of creative work from the secretive and tremendously destructive financial powers.

The interruption of economic servitude is a restoration of the free and independent working class, the people’s redemption from the enslavement, from the magic spell, in which the soul was caught by the greed of money rule. He who wants to fight against finance capital, must break the enslavement of interest servitude.

Where does the interruption of interest enslavement start? With loan capital.


Because the loan capital is so powerful compared to all major industrial capital that the major financial powers can only be effectively combated by completely shutting off the interest enslavement of loan capital. 20:1 is the ratio of loan capital to fight major industrial capital. More than 12 billion in interest on loan capital must the German people apply each year in the form of direct and indirect taxes and increases in the cost of rent and food, while even during the boom years of the war, the total of all profits from German companies was only 1 billion.

Possibly exceeding all human calculation, is the avalanche-like growth of the lending capital by the eternal, endless and easy flow of goods from interest and compound interest.

What blessings now brings the breaking of interest servitude for the working people of Germany, for the working people of all countries of the earth?

The breaking of interest servitude gives us the ability to pursue the abolition of all direct and indirect taxes. Listen to it, people of all countries, of all states and continents, all the wealth flowing from direct and indirect sources of state revenue are flowing entirely into the pockets of big lending capital.

The income from state owned enterprises, upon being restructured and denied to international theft from the nation, are sufficient to fund all state functions necessary for upbringing, education, justice, administration and social welfare.

So long as all “true socialism” will not bring blessings to mankind, as the proceeds from the public service enterprises against the major lending capital remain tribute.

Gottfried Feder translated by Mike Strobach

Think of the utter enslavement we are under to Corporate feudal lords and let yourself imagine what it would be like if the slaves revolt… How to Revolt? Manifest Nationalism is the way forward, actual Nationalism, manifested – In the Flesh!
Mike Jārnsida Strobach –der Visionär von Preußischland

The Nazi Terrorist/The National Conscience/The Manifest Nationalist


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