Anti semitism = No Favoritism!

It is important to articulate that Anti semitism is a self defense mechanism of a criminal group of pedophiles and mass murderer’s – that would be every follower or supporter of judaism. Anti semitism protects corrupt jewish banking practices. Anti semitism justifies the concentration of all wealth and the necessities of life into private jewish hands for the deliberate practice of denying such necessities to the people in order to weaken and kill them. Anti semitism also takes the attention away from the jewish agenda of European Genocide. Anti semitism is a diversionary tactic of focusing your attention on propaganda and LIES in order to cover up jewish mass murder.

By accusing the victims of mass murdering jews, such as the Germans of the nationalist era, you not only focus attention away from important crimes jews are currently committing, you also draw attention away from what the jews had done to tens of millions of people in Russia. They murdered them in the most cruel way that has ever occurred in history with one of the highest death tolls as well. Mass Murder in New York jew controlled bolshevik red terror Russia and Eastern Europe was the Industrialized killing of Europeans on a larger scale and more efficiently than anyone has ever killed anyone in history. Excepting perhaps what the jews encouraged in China – the mirror image of what they – the jews of New York – had done in Russia with the enthusiastic help of any and all jews everywhere.

Accusing the righteous heroes of Europa, the Germans and the majority of Europe with them who crusaded against jew bolshevism aka communism, of the very crimes that the jews themselves committed is an unacceptable affront to all European National Identity. The crimes the jews were allowed to perpetrate by America and Britain, against the Eastern Europeans from 1917 to at least 1956 under the name of jew bolshevism sent to Russia along with the jew bolsheviks themselves from New (jew) York in 1917, are to the eternal shame of these 2 countries. Their own military intelligence suggested immediate action against the jews primarily from new York, as I have covered in my articles Behind Communism and Founder of Modern judaism. The jewish bolsheviks from New (jew) York formulated the idea of mass murder and red terror in New (jew) York and searched for a place to implement it, with the enthusiastic support of EVERY jew EVERYWHERE, the American Government and British Royal family.

This horrendous religious belief of all adherents and supporters of judaism – mass murder of Europeans – was carried out against the Germans as well and using the term Anti semitism is a self defence tactic of the jews to justify their parasitic usurpation of the working classes and also to draw attention away from their religious belief in mass murder of Europeans. Anti semitism covers up the crimes of the jews that must be punished accordingly. Genocide and International War Crimes is something EVERY jew and EVERY supporter of jews and judaism is guilty of and must be punished for. We shall either be harassed into submission by this phony word – Anti semitism – or we shall be angered into action against them.


Do jews religiously believe in disgusting ideologies and are all jews complicit in the agenda to exterminate non jews? Have they fooled Americans to say that flat out murder of the unarmed enemies of the jews is a good thing?


What are Americans funding with the hundreds of millions of dollars a year that israel gets from us, while we are suffering from there corporatism… Look at the chosenites – they are the most disgusting people on the planet and we allow this while believing them that we should embrace multi culturalism…


What the jews think of multi culturalism for themselves – what they really believe…


No, I will not show favoritism to jews!

What is anti-semitism? Let us first ask, what is semitism? semitism is favoritism towards semites, which jews claim endlessly to be… Therefore adding anti to semitism means: People who refuse to show favoritism to jews. Now that’s more like it. Foreign jews have succeeded in setting themselves up as a privileged class above reproach. They are not nobility and certainly have no honorable traits that should lead us to worship ANY of them. Is the production of pornography considered honorable? I don’t think so… What about Hollywood is this an enemy institution? Absolutely – destroying our Youth completely. This idea that jews are the chosen people is the most moronic thing I have ever heard of. If I could convince you to pay me fraudulent charges for all kinds of scams simply because I had a hallucination about god talking to me than I would become rich and you would be an idiot. So it is with those who worship the chosenites…

Are the jews even semites? It obvious that they are asiatics, all the jews here in the US and in israel are “European jews” and more accurately Asiaitic Khazaks who were kept confined to the Pale of Settlement by the Russian Tsar’s for centuries – hence their murder of him and his whole family. These Weimar pornographers need to get the message that its all over with. We are not going to tolerate them any longer poisoning our youth and destroying this country.

People are in a religious trance that jews are some chosen people, well this attitude is what got us into the economic hellhole and cultural toilet that we are in. Not to mention wars and total police state repression. Its time to break the shackles of jewish mind control and recognize the current situation for what it truly is. We are right now under no law – only the threat of violence. This has only been partially successful, but if people do not begin waking up to the reality of the situation, than we might find ourselves “approaching the Solzhenitsyn moment”

Anti semitism has threatened the European people into a position of servitude. We have accepted them as “the overlords of money” rather than offering them the “The Blood Eagle.” One extremist position is the only answer to another extremist position. Are we going to just stand by without acting until they have succeeded in acquiring every last bit of wealth we have left and turned the US into a giant Gulag Death Camp for European working men – I don’t think so… I say European working men because these insane bastards in control of the political machine – jews – are actively trying to replace us. There are so many dual citizen israeli traitor’s infesting our government, making our decisions for us with OUR MONEY, that we might as well just invite them into our homes and give them anything they want… There is a war against the sons of Europa, a war all of Europe’s sons need to oppose.

Why should we be forced to float the welfare state and “take care” of foreign individuals? This is ludricrous to even suggest such a plan. I am of course referring to productive individuals being forced to pay into “baruch obama care” yes obama’s first name is exclusively jewish. While the productive members of society pay in to this scam (which makes huge profits for insurance companies) illegals pour into this country and collect the fruits of our hard work. This can not be tolerated by any working man with any pride in himself.

We must return to our ancestral r0le as the most feared warriors and resistors of tyranny, be it the battle of Thermopylae or the Alamo – the Waffen SS on the Eastern front fighting 1,000 Alamos everyday for four years or the heroic Viking warriors who knew not the word “surrender.” We Europeans must raise the Raven’s Flag once more and absolutely crush the enemies of freedom ONCE AND FOR ALL! Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags!

Here watch the products of semitism and you will understand why it must be annihilated absolutely!


Compare this to what we could be…


Too be continued as the ridiculousness of exposing semitism as the anti European/ parasitic control of wealth and necessities of life/self defense tactic of jews can never be covered in a single lifetime or several….

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