Leon Degrelle’s Letter to the Pope on his visit to Auschwitz

Léon Degrelle

A letter to the Pope on his visit to Auschwitz…

First a video of General Léon Degrelle


To his holiness John Paul II                                                                      In Exile 20th May, 1979

The Vatican City


most holy father,

I am Léon Degrelle and I was the Leader of Belgian Rexism (“the Rexist Movement”) before the Second World War. During the War I was the Commander of the Belgian Volunteers on the Eastern Front, and fought in the 28th Walloon Division of the Waffen ϟϟ. This will certainly not be regarded as a recommendation by everyone. I am, however, a Catholic like you, and I believe that I am thus entitled to write you as a brother in the faith.

I am concerned by the announcement in the press that during your coming visit to poland, from 2nd to 12th June 1979, you are going to concelebrate Mass with all the polish Bishops at the former concentration camp of Auschwitz. Let me say straight away that I find it very edifying to pray for the dead, whoever they may be and at any place, even in front of the brand new crematory ovens with their immaculate firebricks.

Even so, I am apprehensive. The fact of being polish and your adherence to this loyalty ceaselessly reappears in your pontifical behaviour. It is human. You are a patriot who participated very deeply in your youth in a tough bellicose conflict. If old resentments made too strong an impression on you, however, you might be tempted to take part, having now become pope, in secular quarrels which history has still not sufficiently clarified. What responsibility, for example, did the various belligerents have for the outbreak of the second World War?  What role did certain instigators play? Everyone knows that your Prime Minister, Colonel Beck, was a rather dubious individual. Did he act with the requisite degree of level-headedness in 1939? Did he not reject, with undue arrogance, certain chances of reaching an accommodation in 1939 wth the German Government?

And what about later on? Was the war really as it has been described? What were the faults, or even the crimes, of both sides? Have their respective aims always been evaluated genuinely? Has not enemy doctrine been misrepresented, either through failing to give it proper consideration, or deliberately because propaganda demanded it? Were not plans attributed to the enemy and acts assumed to ave taken place, whose real existence has never been substantiated?

The church has always been much better informed than anyone else. For two thousand years, however, it has had a policy of circumspection, and it has always avoided talking up precipitous positions. It has only ever set out to judge from evidence, and to do so in a calm manner, when time has sorted out the rages and passions, and the wheat from the tares…

In particular, it was conspicuous for extreme restraint during the second world war. It was carefully guarded not to peddle the lunatic speculations prevalent at the time. When you are on your native soil, Most Holy Father, and particularly at Auschwitz – where you may perhaps be captivated by certain incomplete and partisan mental visions of the past – are you simply going to pray?

I fear above all that your prayers, and even simply your presence in such places, may be immediately diverted from their profound significance and used as a smoke screen by unscrupulous propagandists, who will employ them to relaunch anti – German hate campaigns under your cover. These campaigns are based on lies and have poisoned the subject of Auschwitz for more than a quarter of a century.

Yes, I mean LIES. The legend of the massive exterminations at Auschwitz exploited the collective psychosis which, owing to uncontrolled gossip, unhinged numerous World War Two Internees. Since 1945 the whole world has been assailed by this legend. Hundreds of lies have been repeated in thousands of books in an increasingly virulent rage. They are reproduced in full color in apocalyptic fictional films, which are outrageous in the way they flay not only truth and probability, but common sense, the most elementary arithmetic, and the facts themselves.

I have been told, most holy father, that you were in the resistance during the Second World War, with all the physical risks entailed in a form of warfare contrary to International Law… Some add that you were interned at Auschwitz. Like so many others you left it, since you here are pope: A pope who, from all the evidence, did not smell too much Zyklon B gas! Having been on the spot, your holiness must know better than anyone else that the mass gassings of millions of people never took place. Sectarian propagandists hark back so much to these great collective massacres, but did you – as a prime witness – personally see just one being carried out…?

People certainly suffered at Auschwitz, but others have suffered too. All wars are cruel. Hundreds of Thousands of women and children were horribly HOLOCAUSTED in great fire bombing attacks contrary to international law and carried out as acts of terrorism against defenseless non combatant’s on the direct orders of the Allied Heads of State. At least as many bought it’ at Dresden or Hamburg: 

“Generalfeldmarschall Keitel said 600,000 were killed in Dresden.” – Randulf Johan Hansen¨

One newspaper account published in a German paper, Eidgenosse, (1-3-86) lists 480,000 dead. That count looks like this:

37,000 babies and toddlers
46,000 school age children
55,000 wounded and sick in the hospitals, including their doctors,
nurses and other personnel
12,000 rescue personnel
330,000 dead simply described as “men and women.”

at Hiroshima or Nagasaki:

That city’s atom casualties were 71,879.

During the entire war, England suffered less than 50,000 casualties from bombings.

380 persons died in bombing raids on the British munitions and aircraft producing town of Coventry, England – a raid which was declared a “German war crime”.

as suffered or sometimes died in the concentration camps of the Third Reich. (Of the Internees, 25 percent were political or members of the Resistance which we must remember was contrary to all International Law and was defined as criminal by all with honor.

Articles 1 and 2 prohibit guerrilla warfare, stating that belligerents [sic] must be “commanded by a person responsible for his subordinates… have a fixed distinctive emblem recognizable at a distance… carry arms openly… and conduct their operations in accordance with the laws and customs of war.

and 75 percent were conscientious objectors, sexual perverts or common criminals.)

Exhaustion used to eat them up. The collapse of morale would eliminate the weaker souls. The cruelties of some guards, which are inevitable in any prison system, further added to the bitterness of the loss of individual privacy from having so many people crowded together. Some of these guards were Germans, but more often than not they were non-Germans ‘kapos’ and other internees who had become the torturers of their companions. There must also have been some depraved individuals who originated, in one camp or another, novel ways of killing people, tortures, monstrous whims, and summary murders. Despite all the above, the cavalry of the majority of the exiles would have to come to an end in the joy of the long awaited day of the return to peace, had not the catastrophe of epidemics such as typhus, which killed many thousands, befallen them during the last weeks. These epidemics were infinitely increased by the incredible bombings which severed the railway lines and roads, and sent boats loaded with refugees straight to the bottom, as at Lübeck. These raids annihilated the electric networks, the water pipes and the reservoirs, cut off all revictualing, imposed famine everywhere, and rendered all transport of evacuees appalling.

Two thirds of the internees who died during the Second World War perished at this time, victims of typhus, dysentery, starvation and of the interminable delays in the pulverised channels of communication. This is established by the official figures.At Dachau, for example, following the same statistics of the International Committee, 54 internees died in January 1944 and 101 in February 1944. in 1945, however, 2.888 died in January and 3,977 in February! Of the total 25,613 internees who died in this camp in 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944 and 1945, 19,296 perished during the last seven months of hostilities! At that time the aerial terrorism of the alLIEs no longer even served a military purpose, since alLIED victory had been assured since the begnning of 1945. It no longer required this last dreadful pulping in any way.

Without this savage folly of these blind poundings, thousands of internees would have survived, instead of being converted into macabre exhibits in April and May 1945. Swarms of press and film carrion beetles bustled about these exhibits greedy for photos and films. These were taken at sensational angles and were of an assured commercial yield. They still went to the trouble later on of retouching, superimposing, distorting and faking these visual documents in order to add finishing touches to the horror, which produced even more hatred. 

The information artists could just as easily have taken miles of similar film of the bodies of German women and children, except that they were a hundred times more numerous. They had died in exactly the same way: from hunger and from cold, or machine-gunned on the same frozen flat-waggons and on the same blood-stained roads. But as with the photos of the immense extermination of German towns which had buried six hundred thousand bodies, care was taken not to make such pictures known! They might have caused disquiet and, above all, prevented the insanity of anti German hatred… The truth is that in 1945 typhus, dysentery, and the numberless blastings of an unchecked airforce, hit foreign internees and the civilians of the Third Reich indiscriminately. They were both matched by abominations of a type resembling those at the end of the world.

As for the rest, most holy father, the assertions about an explicit plan for a genocide, and in particular, the alleged entombing of millions of jews in phantom Zyklon B gas chambers at Auschwitz, have been hurled and hurled again into an incredible din for so many years. They do not, however, stand up to the slightest scientific examination. In thirty years not a single document has been able to furnish the slightest official proof.

It is ridiculous to imagine, and above all to pretend, that 24,000 people could have been gassed at Auschwitz each day – in batches of 3,000 at a time – in a room of 400 cubic metres. Still less could this have happened, in batches of 700 or 800, in buildings with a floor space of 25 square metres, and a height of 1.9 metres, as has been claimed with regard to Belzec. Twenty five square metres is equivalent to the floor space of a bedroom! Would you succeed, most holy father, in putting 700 or 800 people in your bedroom?

Seven hundred to 800 people on 25 square metres works out at 30 people to the square metre. A square metre 1.9 metres high is the size of a telephone box! Can you picture, Your holiness, 30 people piling into a telephone box in St. Peter’s square or at the Great Seminary of Warsaw? Or an a simple shower stand?

If the miracle of thirty human bodies planted like asparagus in the goldfish bowl of a telephone box, or the one of the 800 people crowded about your camp-bed, had never been realised, a second miracle would have immediately been indispensable. Otherwise the 3,000 people – the equivalent of two regiments – crammed together so fantastically in the Auschwitz chamber, or the 700 to 800 people piled up at Belzec (on account of having 30 occupants to the square metre), would have perished almost immediately as they would have been asphyxiated by the lack of oxygen!

There would not even have been any need for gas! Before one had finished piling up the last arrivals, bolting the doors and dropping the gas into the room, most would have already stopped breathing! Zyklon B would reach only corpses. (This gas was supposedly either dropped into the room through slits, through holes, by chimney, in the form of hot air, in a vapour, or was discharged along the ground: you can take your pick)

As anyone interested in science can find out, this Zyklon B was, in any case, inflammable, adhesive and dangerous to use. A twenty one hour wait would consequently have been necessary, even indispensable, before the first corpse was pulled out of the wondrous chamber.

As has been related to us with great pleasure and a thousand spicy details, one would than have been able to extract all the gold teeth and all the filled teeth, the latter being prudent hiding places for diamonds! This would supposedly have been done to each batch of 6,000 rigid jaws (3,000 people) which death would have drawn together and to 48,000 jews each day – if one believes the official figure of 24,000 gassed everyday in Auschwitz alone!

As holy as you are, most holy father, you must be more or less resigned to enduring the dentist sometimes. Have you ever had a tooth extracted? Or two teeth? When this occurs one is on best terms with the dentist who is operating. He has potent mirrors trained on the jaws

According to the legend the foul corpses at Auschwitz were lying on the ground and it was necessary to distend the hardened jaws and this was done with much difficulty, relax them, and then open them wide, all with necessarily primitive instruments. According to the official figures there were only eight operatives to skim the cement without um lighting, and thus scrutinize not just one bad spot in the teeth, but the two entire jaws. They than had to distract, dissect and empty the teeth – all in less time than a perfectly equipped specialist…

Would his holiness please take a pencil? At a quarter of an hour per jaw, and with 8 desperate drawers engaged on the dissection, that makes 16 bodies death with in an hour and 160 in a working day of 10 hours without a minutes rest! Even if one was a stakhanovite of dentistry and one doubled the rate of extractions which is in any case physically impossible, that would make 320! Well than, most holy father, what about the batches of 3,000 jews in one go? And what about the days when 24,000 were gassed by Zyklon B? That meant 48,000 jews to deal with, and more than 760,000 teeth to scrutinize daily. Simply confining oneself to the six million dead jews which propaganda ceaselessly repeats to us over and over again (some have doubled or tripled the figure), these drawers would still have been in full operation for years after the war!. These exaggerations and these alone, worth ten hours of uninterrupted labor, would have taken up 1.875 working days of the whole team!

But these extractions were only a preliminary formality. It appears that it was also necessary to crop millions of heads of hair. Than, according to what all the ‘historians’ of Auschwitz affirm ex cathedra, all the anuses and wombs were next examined, before the bodies were passed to the ovens. This was in order to retrieve the diamonds and “pieces of jewellry”, which might have been in the depths of these anuses and wombs to filch! Can you imagine it, most holy father? Six million anuses and three or four million wombs to scour from top to bottom, when it has been explained to us that at the end of the mass gassings, the bodies were streaming with excrement, menstrual blood and dressings. The fingers and hands of the operatives would have had to grope in these foul organs in order to locate the hidden diamonds, take them out, sticky, wash them, and wash themselves, 24,000 times a day for the anuses and 15 to 20,000 times a day for the wombs! It is absolutely mad! The whole business is crazy! And we have not, fertilizer and cakes of soap which certain people, like the raving professor Poliakov, have noted without flinching!

These gassings, croppings, extractions, and organ scourings were supposedly repeated on 6,000,000 million jews or on 7,000,000, or – according to father Riquet – on 15,000,000, or – according to the Larousse dictionary – on 20,000,000 (more than the number of jews in the whole world)! If it was necessary to accept the ‘official’ clams of the manipulators of the ‘history’ of Auschwitz as correct, these operations would still be continuing! You could still hold your nose near the gas chambers, most holy father, and still perspire from the heat of the Auschwitz ovens during your concelebrated mass!

If the number of real and natural deaths at Auschwitz had been multiplied by ten or twenty, the swindle could have maintained a certain aspect of verisimilitude. But as for the gassings of 700 or 800 people per bedroom, too much lying ends up looking grotesque. Only the unfathomable and unimaginable stupidity of fools could explain how so much nonsense could be invented, related, proclaimed with great trumpet blasts, filmed in an extraordinary barrage, and believed.

“I believe,” some individual bravely declares about the Holyco$t ™, “everything I’ve been told!”.

What an exemplary admission!

When the mass is concelebrated at Auschwitz all hearts will be gripped by love of god and man, and will participate in a renewal of the Sacrifice. How can one imagine for a minute, most holy father, that a priest, a pope, could seem to screen waves of such stupid hatred and such extravagant lies under his pallium, at the very moment he elevated the chalice to heaven? Such hatred and lies are the complete opposite of the touching teaching of “the christ!” No! Certainly Not! It is just Not Possible!”

A hundred paces from Auschwitz’s FAKE GAS CHAMBER, your message can only be one of charity, fraternity, and equally, one of truth, without which all doctrine collapses. You are going to Auschwitz in order to be moved and to contemplate at one of the high-places of human suffering. The cause of that suffering and those responsible will be determined objectively with time by a serene History. They will not be determined by resorting to false confessions or the digressions of false witnesses.

The pope is above these affrays. He is close to the souls who have suffered, and who, by suffering, have risen spiritually, for there is no purgatory, Calvary or death, which cannot become sublime.

Sacrifice, physical and mental suffering, and anguish, have caused great flourishings of the soul to spring up in lives which might normally have remained mediocre. This happened everywhere: on the battlefields of the second World War, where so many soldiers fell after immense sufferings, as much as in the work camps where numerous people died, victims of conflicts which overtook and crushed them. Such was the case at Auschwitz and such was the case on the Eastern Front throughout the years of struggle and sacrifice by millions of young Europeans who, from 1941 to 1945, faced the communist onslaught.

Atrocities have certainly been committed throughout the entire history of man. Auschwitz, at any rate, was not the first and it will not be the last. We are seeing that only too well at the moment, where so many defenseless women and children are being slaughtered in the Palestinian camps. They are being reduced to pulp by the israeli airforce which is making the law of retaliation rebound on to innocent people, in whose memory, probably, a concelebrated mass will probably never be sung… Powerful people have abused their power hundreds of times. Nations have lost their heads. Not just one in particular, but all of them. Alongside millions of pure and unselfish hearts who have offered their youth to an ideal, Germany has had, like everyone else, its share of detestable beings guilty of inadmissable violence. But what country has not?

Did not the France of the “French Revolution” invent the Terror, the guillotine and the executions by drowning in the Loire? Napoleon did not intern people, but did he not forcibly enlist hundreds of thousands of civilians from occupied countries, who were sent to die for his glory? There were 51,000 just from Belgium! That is to say more Belgians than perished during the First World War, or in the concentration camps of the Third Reich!

Nearer our own time, in 1944 and 1945, did not a certain de Gaulle preside over a massacre of tens of thousands of opponents who have been dubbed “collaborators”? More recently still, in Indochina and Algeria, did not France cram hundreds of thousands of people into extremely tough concentration camps, where sadists were not lacking? Did not these people include not only the rebellious and those who refused to submit, but hostages, and ordinary civilians rounded up in huge numbers? A French general even made a public eulogy of torture.

And what about Britain, with its bombardments of unfortified cities like Copenhagen, its execution of Sepoys tied to the mouths of cannons. Its crushing of the Boers, and its Transvaal concentration camps, where thousands of women and children perished in indescribable misery? And what of Churchill unleashing his abominable terror bombings on the civilian population of the Reich, which burnt them in their cellars with phosphorus, and annihilated about two hundred thousand women and children in one night in the gigantic crematory of Dresden? I use the word “about” because only an approximate estimate could be made by calculating the weight of the ashes!

And what about the United States? Did it not rise to power on the frightful slavery of millions of Blacks, who were branded like animals, and thanks to the almost complete extermination of the Red Indians, who had been the original owners of the coveted territory?Was it not the dispenser of the atomic bomb in 1945? Even yesterday, did it not number undoubted torturers amongst its troops in Vietnam?

And we have not even dwelt on the tens of millions of victims of the tyranny of the USSR, or on its present day gulags. I strongly fear that no one will breathe a word about them at the time of your next visit to the “restored” Auschwitz camp, which has itself has been void of occupants for decades!

No one will deny that life at Auschwitz was hard and sometimes very cruel. In the camps of the victors of 1945, however, the sadists and the torturers had quickly come to blossom in equal numbers. They did so, moreover, with less excuse, if one accepts that a world is capable of providing excuses…

I would not like to spoil, most holy father, the pleasure which you are going to have in rediscovering your country. Even so, I must point out the following! You have been been keen to demonstrate the “moral elevation” of your “valiant” native land to best advantage by glorifying its admirable patron, Saint Stanislas. Has not your native land, however, also known times of crime and baseness? When you come to tread the polish soil of Auschwitz, which is so evocative of the last jewish tragedy, would it be improper — if one wanted to be fair — to recall innumerable other jews who were earlier put to death in horrible pogroms, which occurred right across your country for centuries? These jews were tortured, had their throats slit, and were hanged by your fellow countrymen. Though catholics, they have not always been any the more angelic!

der Tod sprach polnisch

dokumente polnischer Grausamkeiten am Deutschen


I can still here the apostolic Nuncio at Brussels telling me, at his excellent table, how the polish peasants used to crucify jews on the doors of their barns. He had previously been Nuncio at Warsaw, and was to be the future Cardinal Micara.

“Those jew pigs!” the unctuous priests would exclaim, in a spirit which hardly reflected the gospels. Believe me, these words were spoken just like that.

Was the church itself, most holy father, always so tender? Even in the mid eighteenth century it still used to burn jews with great pomp and ceremony, especially right in the middle of the town of Madrid. The church, however, used to burn them alive! The inquisition was not a sheep fold.The massacres of the Albigenses were perpetrated under the aegis of St. Thomas Aquinas. The massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Eye was the joy and heart’s delight of the pope, your predecessor, who rose in the dead of night to celebrate this happy event with an enthusiastic Tedium. He even arranged to commemorate it by striking a medal! And what about the 30,000 so called witches, who were burnt at the stake throughout christendom? Even in the last century the papacy was still enforcing the ghetto at Rome.

Eventually, most holy father, we are worth very little, be we pope or ayatollah. Parisians or Prueßisch, Soviets or New Yorkers. There is nothing to glory in unduly! We have all been, in our bad moments, as savage as one another. The fact that we are all on a par does not justify anything or anybody, but it does nevertheless oblige us not to hand out excommunications or absolutions with too much impetuosity or ‘benevolence’.

Human savagery will not only be driven back by answering hatred with fraternity. Hate disarms itself, as everything disarms itself, but not by being endlessly served up again with ever sharper sauces, nor by being exacerbated, as in the case of Auschwitz, with a lot of lunatic exaggerations, lies, and false “confessions”. The latter have been stacked with screaming contradictions, and were extracted by torture and terror in both Soviet and American gaols. In the hideous “era of Nürnberg” they were just the same.

Some people might have thought that the freebooters of the concentration camp exhibitionism and the forgers who have turned the “six million jews” into the most remunerative financial swindle of the century, were at last going to put and end to this exploitation.

An imposing religious ceremony, however, is going to unfurl itself in your presence, amid the fake set on Auschwitz’s stage. Thanks to all it’s pomp a strong attempt is going to be made, try means of a gigantic barrage from televizion and the press, to turn you into an unquestioned endorser for cheques of hatred. Your name is worth its weight in gold to all those gangsters. As if the first Holyco$t ™ was not enough, the whole world is going to be left a Holycost ™ no. 2. It will not cost a thousand million dollars this time, since your holiness will have furnished brazen producers with the most sumptuous of extras for absolutely nothing!

Whatever its circulation and impact amongst the dupes may have been, Holyco$t ™ no. 1 was nothing but a gigantic Hollywood racket of rare vulgarity. It was above all aimed at emptying the pockets of hundreds of millions of ill informed viewers. Its damage could only be temporary, however, for one would soon have been forced to note the pharcical nature of its extravagances. They would not stand up to the conscientious examination of an historian.

On the other hand, most holy father, this Holyco$t ™ of yours will be produced with great ceremony at Auschwitz itself. This will be done by a pope present in the flesh and blood, dressed in all his pontifical majesty, and annointed with truthfullness. In the eyes of a christendom hoaxed by sacrilegious manipulators, the Holyco$t ™ no. 2 with a pope facing a sacred altar strongly runs the risk of appearing to be a quasi-divine confirmation of all the propaganda hatched by hatemongers and usurers. This will be especially so at the time of the Sacrifice.

Your evocation of the war in front of the polish tombs at Monte Casino has already disturbed many of the faithful. If one is to believe what the press said at the time, you appear to have retained only certain fragmentary and partisan aspects of it. Your ostentatious appearance at Auschwitz, most holy father, can only disturb more of them, for their is no doubt that you are going to be ‘taken for a ride’ as the popular saying goes. It is obvious.

This religious ceremony, certainly at the moment of the concelebration, may seem to your mind to be purely an appeal for the reconciliation of men to replace, at last, men’s hatred. The freebooters of the press and screen, however, have firmly decided to make you dive, mitre first and in your brand new white cassock, into this yawning trap of Auschwitz.

“Homo homini Lupus.” say the sectarians.                                                                                  “Homo homini frater,” says every christian who is not a hypocrite. We are all brothers: the internee suffering behind his barbed wire and haggard soldier on edge behind his sub-machine gun. All of us who have survived till 1945 must pardon and must love: you the persecuted person who has become pope. I the warrior who has become persecuted, and the millions of human beings who all lived through the immense tragedy of the Second World War, with our ideals, our élan, our weaknesses and our faults. Life does not have any other meaning. God does not have any other meaning.                                                                                                                                                       Well, what else matters in the end?                                                                                               In spite of the spiritual imprudences that may be involved with a pope taking positions in unsettled historical debates, and in spite of the hate-filled fanatics who will exploit the dramatic nature of your epic without delay, I will — from the remoteness of my distant exile — add my devotion to you on the day you celebrate your mass at Auschwitz.                                                                                                                             I am, most holy father, filially yours,                                                                                                                                                                                               Léon Degrelle


General Léon Degrelle:

The Epic story of the Waffen SS: Europes Crusading Ideological Soldiers


General Léon Degrelle:

Hitler’s Blitzkrieg

Part l


General Léon Degrelle:

Hitler’s Blitzkrieg

Part ll


General Léon Degrelle:

Hitler’s Blitzkrieg

Part lll


The enemies portrayal of General Léon Degrelle and his life long Belgian Death sentence in absentia and exile…

“Nazi Collaborators” The Belgian…



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Dominique Venner – Ein Blutzeuge aus Frankreich und Leon Degrelle’s Wallonien

Übermensch – Ein Blutzeuge aus Frankreich(Martyr’s of France) und Leon Degrelle’s Wallonien Volunteer SS Division of French Belgian’s fighting in true European Spirit side by side with their rival Flemisch Belgian Kameraden – Für Europa, Für den Heim und Vaterland. Für Blut und Boden, binden das Blut und Mythen uns und schmieden uns in die höchste erleuchtete geistliche.


Dominique Venner


Dominique Venner

The Reasons for a Voluntary Death

Dominique Venner

I am healthy in body and mind, and I am filled with love for my wife and children. I love life and expect nothing beyond, if not the perpetuation of my race and my mind. However, in the evening of my life, facing immense dangers to my French and European homeland, I feel the duty to act as long as I still have strength. I believe it necessary to sacrifice myself to break the lethargy that plagues us. I give up what life remains to me in order to protest and to found. I chose a highly symbolic place, the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, which I respect and admire: she was built by the genius of my ancestors on the site of cults still more ancient, recalling our immemorial origins.
While many men are slaves of their lives, my gesture embodies an ethic of will. I give myself over to death to awaken slumbering consciences. I rebel against fate. I protest against poisons of the soul and the desires of invasive individuals to destroy the anchors of our identity, including the family, the intimate basis of our multi-millennial civilization. While I defend the identity of all peoples in their homes, I also rebel against the crime of the replacement of our people.
The dominant discourse cannot leave behind its toxic ambiguities, and Europeans must bear the consequences. Lacking an identitarian religion to moor us, we share a common memory going back to Homer, a repository of all the values on which our future rebirth will be founded once we break with the metaphysics of the unlimited, the baleful source of all modern excesses.
I apologize in advance to anyone who will suffer due to my death, first and foremost to my wife, my children, and my grandchildren, as well as my friends and followers. But once the pain and shock fade, I do not doubt that they will understand the meaning of my gesture and transcend their sorrow with pride. I hope that they shall endure together. They will find in my recent writings intimations and explanations of my actions.
In a recent essay on religion, Venner wrote:
Europe since earliest antiquity has always been ruled by the idea that each individual is inseparable from his community, clan, tribe, people, city, empire, to which he is linked by a bond more sacred than life itself. This unquestioned belief, of which the Iliad offers the oldest and most poetic expression, took various forms. Think of the worship of ancestors for whom the city owed its existence, or the loyalty to the prince who was its visible expression.
The first threat was introduced by the individualism of early Christianity. The idea of a personal god emancipated men from the hitherto unquestioned authority of ethnic gods of the city. Yet the Church itself reimposed the idea that the individual will could not order things as it pleased….
Still, despite this individualistic and materialistic logic, we have long maintained communal ties of birth and fatherland and all the obligations these imply. These ties have been progressively destroyed across Europe in the decades following World War II, while the triumphant consumer society arrived from the United States. Like other European countries, France has gradually ceased to be a nation (based on nationality, common birth) to become an aggregate of individuals united by their pleasures or the ideas they have of their interests. The former obligation to “serve” has been replaced by the general temptation to “serve oneself.” This is the logical consequence of the principle that founds society solely on human rights, thus on each individual’s interests.
And now, before our eyes, this repulsive logic faces a revolt from the depths. We are witnessing the unexpected awakening of all those who, through atavistic reflexes, feel deep down that unquestionable ancestry is what make a clan, a people, or a nation.

33rd SS Charlemagne 28th SS Wallonien

Ein Blutzeuge aus Frankreich by Blutzeugen

Ein Mann, ein Wort, die große Tat
Ein Ruf erschallt durch Europa
Ein Wille unermesslich groß
Weckt endlich was euch inne wohnt
Fühle keine Angst und keinen Schmerz
Weil ihr altes Gift nicht in mir wirkt
Ein großes Leben starb im Mai
In Notre Dame war es soweit!

Und übergeb´ ich auch dem Tod dort meinen Leib
Leben das heißt Kämpfen gegen das was mich verneint
So sollt´ mein Handeln für euch eine Mahnung sein
Erwacht aus eurem Dämmerschlaf und seid endlich bereit
Das zu opfern, was euch ist das höchste Gut
Drum werd´ endlich Blutzeuge, der ewig in euch ruht!

Ich rufe euch auf zu einem Kampf
Den ich nun nicht mehr erleben kann
Schmiedet in Eisen euer Schwert
Denn unser Blut das ist es Wert
Doch lass zurück die geistig Schwachen
Die nicht aus ihrem Schlaf erwachen
und lass sie feige Lumpen bleiben
Die ihren Kopf zum Feinde neigen!

Und übergeb´ ich auch dem Tod dort meinen Leib
Leben das heißt Kämpfen gegen das was mich verneint
So sollt´ mein Handeln für euch eine Mahnung sein
Erwacht aus eurem Dämmerschlaf und seid endlich bereit
Das zu opfern, was euch ist das höchste Gut
Drum werd´ endlich Blutzeuge, der ewig in euch ruht!

Und mag der Rückschlag
Auch groß sein
Dann lass die Zweifler
Dort ganz allein
Und hinterfrage
Niemals den Kampf
Der gilt dem Blut
Und Vaterland!

Und übergeb´ ich auch dem Tod dort meinen Leib
Leben das heißt Kämpfen gegen das was mich verneint
So sollt´ mein Handeln für euch eine Mahnung sein
Erwacht aus eurem Dämmerschlaf und seid endlich bereit
Das zu opfern, was euch ist das höchste Gut
Drum werd´ endlich Blutzeuge, der ewig in euch ruht!

Dominique Venner vergessen bist du nicht
Ein Teil von dir lebt nun auch in mir!


A man, a word, the great deed
A cry resounds throughout Europe
A will beyond all measure
Finally show what you are made of
Feel no fear and no pain
The old poison does not affect me
A great and noble life ended in May
In Notre Dame it was done

And even if I hand over my body to death
Life means to fight against what denies me
So my actions shall be a reminder for you
Awaken from your twilight sleep and be ready
To sacrifice what is your highest good
So become the blood martyr that eternally rests in you!

I call you to attend a fight
Which I can no longer see
Forge your swords in iron
For our blood is worth it!
But leave behind the spiritually weak
Who do not awake from their deep slumber
And let them remain cowards
Who turn away from our enemy

And even if I hand over my body to death
Life means to fight against what denies me
So my actions shall be a reminder for you
Awaken from your twilight sleep and be ready
To sacrifice what is your highest good
So become the blood martyr that eternally rests in you!

And may the setback
Be great
Then the doubters
Left behind
And never question
This fight
For Blood
And Fatherland!

And even if I hand over my body to death
Life means to fight against what denies me
So my actions shall be a reminder for you
Awaken from your twilight sleep and be ready
To sacrifice what is your highest good
So become the blood martyr that eternally rests in you!

Dominique Venner you are not forgotten
Part of you now also lives in me!

Knight, Death and the Devil

This is all, or at least said that most of what makes me more than anything today other outraged and made me a rebellious.

I hasten to add that there are many other reasons for my rebellion, my hostility to the world of sex, fun and money. I stand by my disgust with the smug confidence trick of the powerful and impotent men of our decadence, that thoroughly corrupt figures who kowtow to the now effective powers, before the new mafias. Yes, the arrogant, pathetic media or advertising popes or rafting in religion, in politics or in the financial me more contempt than real anger a. to revolt against them, would grant them a substance that lacks them completely. In my previous life I once against a man up gestanden1 whose policy appeared ominous to me. But this man I then thought hateful possessed, nonetheless a real size. Today, given this overbearing and harmful dwarfs, I’m a Unyielding. In other words, I do not do with, I’m cross. For some time now I no longer believe in their katzbuckelndes, moralizing talk behind which they hide their shabby intrigues.

Far away from this world, to which I care the proper distance, I feel intimately connected with another great Indomitable from a distant time, thinking of no one more and still the paradigm par excellence remains: the Knight of Dürer.

Knight, Death and the Devil … an admirable engraving by the German artist Albrecht Dürer from 1513. This brilliant artist, the many edifying religious works were commissioned, presents here a peculiar, bold provocative sense of freedom to the day. In that time it was frowned upon, with such things as death and the devil to drive irony; the good people and others also had afraid of, and this fear was strongly promoted by those who always take advantage of the fear. But to him, the lone knight of Dürer, a strange, ironic smile is on his face. He rides on a calm indifference. The devil he did not even give a glance. Here this scarecrow to be highly dangerous: The devil was the great fear of that time, as many press photos of dances of death and the common indulgences into clear. He lies in wait to seize the dead and throw them into eternal hellfire. The knight scoffs and scorns the ghost that appears ridiculous in Gestaltgebung Dürer. The death? The knight knows him well. He knows that he is always at the end of the path. So what? Despite the hourglass, it vibrates to remind us of the inexorable Thither flow of life, death can to have him nothing. immortalized by the image of the Knight of Dürer will forever live on in our imagination, continues through the times. Alone, in the solid pace of his war-horse, the sword at his side, riding the famous rebel of Western art to meet his fate,. Through the woods and our world of thought, without fear and lamentation He embodies an eternal shape of that part of the world, which we call Europe.

The image of stoic equanimity Knight has often accompanied my own rebellion. I have in fact a rebellious heart, I’ve always rebelled against the rampant ugliness, the meanness that would like to play as a virtue, against the lies that be translated to truths. I have never ceased to rebel against those who have wished for the death of Europe as a culture, as a unity of many nations as power before our eyes; Europe, without which I would be nothing. My life fell partly with a period of decline for French and Europeans together, accelerated by the disasters of the, century of 1914, the aftermath of the Second World War and the Algerian War, and not least the American-style globalization.

Despite the vainglorious illusions, which were then cultivated in France as elsewhere, it clear to me, the very young man, even then one that the two superpowers who negotiated at Yalta in 1945, America and Stalinist Russia, the Europeans the reins of their own fate had torn out of his hand, which was reflected also in their daily life and imagination. After 1990, after the fall of the Soviet Union, this was even increased when the US, not forced on the only remaining superpower the other nations and peoples of the world with the financial globalization her civilization culture model by they reduced their appreciation to consumers completely useless disposable products ,

A culture of self-hatred

While I thought of the great upheaval which accompanies the umvolkung and the conquest of Europe by Islam, I came to the inevitable conclusion that the Europeans have accepted the almost unimaginable for so long because they of an ancient, skilfully manipulating strategy of debt and compassion, have been underpinned religious, internally decomposed. You have feelings of guilt instilled for sins’, which, although it was so not exist, nevertheless internalized slavishly.

The Stoics was always keen to learn the good life and the good death.
They were, so to speak athletes of will, their ethics shared by men and women alike, both in the past and in modern times. Because there is a stoicism, even a heroic women, that has nothing to do with war. The daily heroism of women, another word for stoicism is the least respected by the popular discourse. Yet only a blind overlooks such heroism behind the force that is necessary to the tasks to cope with the continuous rebirth of life that takes the woman to be.

The young stranger from Berlin

One of the most shocking contemporary testimonies of female stoicism was us, according to Dante’s style, handed down by the memories of a young German woman in the tragic days of the defeat of their country in 1945 in Berlin. According to their wish these memories remained anonymous – one understands why, after reading it, and it is filled with admiration. In 1954 the text was translated into English and published. 2003, two years after the death of its author, whose identity was revealed, it was reissued. A French translation appeared in 2006 under the title Une femme à Berlin. Journal, 20 avril-juin 22 1945th

This young, apolitical German journalist who should be certainly been a beautiful, vivacious woman, was traveled for professional reasons a lot in the world. You spoke a little Russian. Like many other women, she also went to the end of April 1945 in the fatal trap that had become Berlin during the collapse of the Empire and the arrival of Russian troops. It was, apart from a few old men, to be seen in the big city, not a single man more. All men had been either killed or sent elsewhere in the last fights. As the young Berlin must suffer the fate of all women who are trapped in this hell: repeated rapes, accompanied by multiple acts of violence by a brutalized, vodka, victory and revenge drunken soldiery. Without water, without management, excluding food, attacking from the bomb smashed city was back to the Stone Age.

The young Unkekannte told about their fate and that of at the women in their environment. Hour after hour of horror and terror will be described, often with a touch of irony and enlivening indifference. “Win over death makes more”: This statement comes in her diary before being reviewed. In fact it has survived everything, both physically and morally. This victory over the fate and misfortune is undoubtedly the most admirable in this gripping book. The reader fluctuates back and forth between admiration and pity scared. Rarely a so heartrending and faithful witness to the deepest hell is filed. In this test, after days of panic and terror, after the rape and all adversaries, which had to endure with so many others, this young woman has come to a kind of stoic calm. Her diary of horror brings a strength, a courage and vitality expressed that are indestructible. Since it is recognized that this young woman was able to escape in part because it has daily guided her secret diary in a shabby booklet or on measly scraps of paper. By found himself in this way, and liberated by the catharsis of writing, she never gave up. “What we need is food for the soul,” she says. And since it has broken away from any religion, they found that food in itself and its culture. And light- carefully she writes: “Now I know that we are in a fix German, but our good old sun still shines in the sky.” And elsewhere: “I know that I belong to my people, even now.” With her you will not find self-pity. The defeat and everything they had in the wake, she has not crushed, let alone made her mind to naught. Your inner freedom has survived everything. If ever was tacit stoicism yet, then here.
The culmination of wisdom

The word, tacitly ‘came under my pen to describe the stoicism of young unknowns from Berlin. But that has a bearing on our spiritual condition, and the Tacit must be thought through. The Diary from Hell ‘of young Berlin woman has helped her, as indeed is the case with any intense experience that profoundly affects our spirituality, our mental life. Spirituality, an ambiguous term, this is not synonymous with the supernatural, but precludes the raw materiality. In a word: sex is part of the materiality, the love of spirituality.

The awakening and deepening of the spiritual life that one finds in the young stranger from Berlin be promoted through reading appropriate thinkers and thinking about their works. Such spirits are called way, religious, spiritual or philosophical reformers. They never rise out of nowhere and for no reason up: Homer, Epictetus, Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, Luther and Nietzsche were only in their time, after certain events, in response to appear on a certain need and a collective ferment and cause a loud echo , A prophet or reformer arises always from the meeting of an exceptional mind with the expectations of an era. Their work is always transmitted from Volkserweckern which play a crucial role, even if the story its name sometimes forgets.

Dominique Venner shoots himself on 21 May 2013 at 14:42 in the Cathedral of Paris.
In his blog and in a letter he put the reasons for his suicide are:
“I surrender myself to death, to awaken the sluggish spirits from her sedation.”
I am physically and mentally healthy and filled with the love of my wife and children. I love life and have no hope of a hereafter, if necessary to the continuance of my race and my mind. However, since the evening of my life floats my French and European homeland in danger, I have decided to act as long as permitted by my powers. I think it is necessary to sacrifice me to pull us out of the lethargy that imprisons us. I waive the rest of life, which still remains to me, for a basic act of protest. I choose a powerful symbol, the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, which I respect and admire: the genius of my ancestors has to establish, on a place of worship, which is much older and is reminiscent of our reach far back into the history of roots.

on 12 May 2013 written nine days before his suicide

Dominique VENNER, historian, writer, born on April 16, 1935 in Paris, father of five children. He published nearly fifty works and was editor of the French prestigious magazine La Nouvelle Revue d’Histoire, which he had founded of 2002. The once recognized vocation served him as a guide his life. As Benoist Méchin before him led him the critical observation of the present to the study of history. On his 18th birthday he enlisted and then as a volunteer for the war in Algeria, which was highly significant for his career in the famous military school of Rouffach. In 1966 he founded the magazine Europe Action, which should be for the identitary revolution throughout Europe decisively. In 1970 he presents his political activities a, turns to the meditative historical consideration to and written pioneering works such as the Baltics (1974), the German Free Corps the years 1919 to 1923 dedicated, Histoire et tradition des Européens. 30 000 ans d’identité (2004), Le Siècle de 1914 (2006), Ernst Jünger. Un autre destin européen (2009) and Le Choc de l’Histoire (2011), which is considered his spiritual legacy, as well as the present here Breviary, which is light in the night over Europe from Reykjavik to Vladivostok.

Notable awards Broquette Gonin Price, 1981 (issued by the Académie française)

Dominique Venner (French: [vɛnɛʁ]; 16 April 1935 – 21 May 2013) was a French historian, journalist and essayist. Venner was a member of the Organisation de l’armée secrète and later became a European nationalist before withdrawing from politics to focus on a career as a historian. He specialized in military and political history. At the time of his death, he was the editor of the La Nouvelle Revue d’Histoire, a bimonthly history magazine. On 21 May 2013, Venner committed suicide inside the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris


The son of an architect who had been a member of Doriot’s Parti populaire français[3] (the PPF), Venner volunteered to fight in the Algerian War, and served until October 1956. Upon his return to France he joined the Jeune Nation (Young Nation) movement. Following the violent suppression of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution he participated in the ransacking of the office of the French Communist Party on 7 November 1956.[4] Along with Pierre Sidos, he helped found the short-lived Parti Nationaliste (Nationalist Party) and was involved with the Mouvement populaire du 13-mai (Popular Movement of May 13) led by General Chassin. As a member of the Organisation de l’Armée Secrète, he was jailed for 18 months in La Santé Prison as a political undesirable. He was freed in 1962.

Political writing and activism

Upon his release from prison in the autumn of 1962, Venner wrote a manifesto entitled Pour une critique positive (Towards a positive critique), which has been compared by some to Vladimir Lenin’s What is to be done?,[5] as it became a “foundational text of a whole segment of the ultra-right”.[6] In the manifesto, Venner explored the reasons for the failure of the April 1961 coup and the divide that existed between “nationals” (“nationaux”) and “nationalists” (“nationalistes”) and called for the creation of a single revolutionary and nationalist organisation, which would be “monolithic and hierarchical” and composed of young, “disciplined and devoted” nationalist militants who would be ready for “combat”.

In January 1963, he created (with Alain de Benoist) a movement and magazine called “Europe-Action”, which he later led. He went on to found the Éditions Saint-Just, which operated in tandem with Europe-Action, and which was composed of nationalists, Europeanists, members of the Fédération des étudiants nationalistes (Federation of Nationalist Students), former OAS members, young militants and former collaborators like Lucien Rebatet. He was a member of Groupement de recherche et d’études pour la civilisation européenne (GRECE) (Research and Study Group for European Civilization) from its beginning until the 1970s. He also created, with Thierry Maulnier, the Institut d’études occidentales (IEO) (Institute of Western Studies), and its revue, Cité-Liberté (City-Liberty), founded in 1970. The IEO was an enterprise that worked in parallel and in tandem with GRECE,[8] and the organisation attracted numerous intellectuals, including Robert Aron, Pierre Debray-Ritzen, Thomas Molnar, Jules Monnerot, Jules Romains, Louis Rougier, Raymond Ruyer and Paul Sérant. The IEO was anti-communist, pitted itself against what it saw as “mental subversion” and supported “Western values”. The IEO dissolved in 1971, the same year Venner ceased all political activities in order to focus on his career as an historian.

Career as historian

Venner was a specialist regarding weaponry and hunting and wrote several books on these subjects. His principal historical works were: Baltikum (1974), Le Blanc Soleil des vaincus (The White Sun of the Vanquished) (1975), Le Cœur rebelle (The Rebel Heart) (1994), Gettysburg (1995), Les Blancs et les Rouges (The Whites and the Reds) (1997), Histoire de la Collaboration (History of the Collaboration) (2000) and Histoire du terrorisme (History of Terrorism) (2002). His Histoire de l’Armée rouge (History of the Red Army) won the prestigious Prix Broquette-Gonin d’histoire awarded by the Académie française (the French Academy) in 1981.

In 1995, and with the advice of his friend François de Grossouvre, Venner published Histoire critique de la Résistance (Critical History of the Resistance), which highlighted the strong influence and presence of French nationalists in the Resistance (often called “vichysto-résistants”). The work was criticised by some for failing to probe Marshal Philippe Pétain’s attitude towards the Resistance.[10]

In 2002, Venner wrote Histoire et tradition des Européens (History and Tradition of the Europeans), in which he set out what he believed to be the common cultural bases of European civilisation, and outlined his theory of “traditionalism” (a concept that, inter alia, assesses the specificities of each society and civilisation).

Venner served as editor in chief of the revue Enquête sur l’histoire (Study of History, or Historical Inquest) until its dissolution in the late 1990s. In 2002, he created La Nouvelle Revue d’Histoire (The New Historical Revue, temporarily renamed the NRH in 2006), a bimonthly magazine devoted to historical topics. The Revue has featured Bernard Lugan, Jean Tulard, Aymeric Chauprade, Jean Mabire, François-Georges Dreyfus, Jacqueline de Romilly and former ministers Max Gallo and Alain Decaux. He was a co-host of a radio program on Radio Courtoisie.

Some of his books have been translated into English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Critical reception

As noted above, Venner has been awarded a prestigious prize by l’Académie française for one of his historical works.

When it appeared that the NRH might be dissolved, journalist Christian Brosio (among others) sprang to its defence, claiming the revue was unique in its aesthetic presentation, in its originality in the treatment of subjects covered, the depth of its analysis and the quality of its contributors. Political scientist Gwendal Châton has claimed that Venner has “integrated himself in the strategy of seeking out a newfound respectability: that of an intellectual”, which he has used to “instrumentalise history to put history at the service of cultural struggle” and that Venner’s “traditionalism” and adherence to “European history and tradition” are a mere “rhetorical screen” designed to “mask” an “ideological continuity” from his earlier political activism. Châton also alleges that Venner uses his historical revues to “manipulate history” in the guise of various rhetorical techniques.

University Professor Christopher Flood has noted that the revue generally adheres to a right-wing outlook, commenting: “[…] the overall flavour has been persistently, if subtly, revisionist”.[16] While adhering to Chauprade’s views on the conflict of civilisations, the NRH does not contain explicitly racist themes. In an editorial Venner commented that “The Japanese, the jews, the Hindus and other peoples possess that treasure that has permitted them to confront the perils of history without disappearing. It is their misfortune that the majority of Europeans, and especially the French, are so impregnated with universalism that this treasure is lacking”

Voluntary Death for Europa

On 21 May 2013, about 4 p.m., Venner committed suicide by firearm in the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, which led to the evacuation of approximately 1,500 people from the cathedral. He had been an opponent of Muslim immigration to France and Europe, as well as what he believed to be the Americanization of European values and — most recently — the legalization of same-sex marriage in France. Despite the choice of Notre Dame as the place of his suicide, Venner was not known to be religious.

Only hours earlier, he had left a post on his blog, on the subject of forthcoming protests against the legalization of same-sex marriage. In the post, Venner approves of the demonstrators’ outrage at an “infamous law”, but expresses doubt as to the efficacy of street protests to effect social change. He rebukes the protesters for ignoring the threat of “Afro-Maghreb immigration”, which he predicts will lead to a “total replacement of the population of France, and of Europe.” He warns, “Peaceful street protests will not be enough to prevent it. It will require new, spectacular, and symbolic actions to rouse people from their complacency  We enter into a time when words must be backed up by actions.

In a letter sent to his colleagues at Radio Courtoisie, he characterizes his suicide as a rebellion “against pervasive individual desires that destroy the anchors of our identity, particularly the family, the intimate base of our multi-millennial society.” He explains his decision to commit suicide inside the cathedral: “I chose a highly symbolic place that I respect and admire.

Shortly after his death was reported, a number of far-right personalities paid tribute to Venner and commended his public suicide. Marine Le Pen issued a tweet: “All our respect to Dominique Venner, whose final gesture, eminently political, was to try to awaken the people of France.”[25] Bruno Gollnisch described him as an “extremely brilliant intellectual” whose death was “a protest against the decadence of our society.”

Works by Dominique Venner

Dominique Venner was writer and historian. He published about fifty works and published several historical book series. He was editor of the magazine La Nouvelle Revue d’Histoire, which he had founded of 2002. His recognized once vocation served him as a guide his life. He was born on April 16, 1935 in Paris and was the father of five children. As Benoist Méchin before him led him the critical observation of the present to the study of history. After his high school years, and prior to the study of arts and weapons history, he went to his 18th birthday to military school Rouffach in Alsace. He then volunteered for the war in Algeria and took up in October 1956 attending this> medieval feud ‘, which should mean for his career and his maturing much, he has for a decade embroiled him in a wide political commitment, which in the establishment of the time writing Europe Action peaked. About this time in his life he was later to say:

“Without the radical activism of my youth with his hopes, disappointments, unsuccessful conspiracies, without the prison, the failures, without these exciting and cruel experiences I would never become meditative historian who I am today. Only total immersion in the world of action with their dirtiest and most classy sides forged me and led me to understand the story from the inside and to think, as an initiate, not as a scholar, who is obsessed with trivial things, or even as viewers who lets himself be fooled by appearances. ”
Around 1970, he breaks with a political commitment that did not correspond to his appointment. He leaves Paris to accommodate new energy in the immediate vicinity of the woods, and there over the years been a large number of books, by examining the hitherto little explored history of weapons and hunting in the period (uva Dictionnaire amoureux de la chasse (Hunting lexicon for lovers, 2000). in 1970 he conducts a historical book series and is making the same search on the contemporary history to answer his own questions. This work lead to the publication of the Baltics (1974), the German Free Corps the years 1919 to 1923 dedicated (A German hero battle, Luebbe, 1978, Arndt, 1984). Later, he will take up this work again and expand. the result is Histoire d’un fascisme anglais, 1919-1934 (1996), which significantly in particular by revealing information Ernst Jünger has been enriched There will follow many historical works, including Le Blanc Soleil des vaincus (the white sun of the vanquished, 1975) about the American Civil war. Histoire de l’Armée rouge (History of the Red Army, 1981), awarded by the Académie française; Gettysburg (1995); Histoire critique de la Résistance (Critical History of Resistance, 1995); Les Blancs et les Rouges, Histoire de la guerre civile russe (The Whites and the Reds – History of the Russian Civil War, 1997, second edition 2007 exp).; Histoire de la Collaboration (history of collaboration, 2000); Histoire du terrorisme (History of Terrorism, 2002); De Gaulle, la grandeur et le néant (De Gaulle, the size and Nothingness, 2004); Le Siècle de 1914 (The century from 1914, 2006). The latter work represents the third major milestone on its path, the one nor the essay Ernst Jünger. Un autre destin européen (Ernst Jünger, an extraordinary European destiny, 2009) as well as L’Imprévu dans l’Histoire. Treize meurtres exemplaires (contingency in history – Thirteen exemplary killings, 2012) has attributed.

Parallel to his contemporary historical research published Venner 2002 work Histoire et tradition des Européens. 30,000 ans d’identité (history and tradition of European identity 30,000 years., 2004), a profound book that the origin and becoming of European culture – starting from Homer – examined.

Further Cultural Contributions for Europa by Dominiue Venner

After he passed the magazine Enquête sur l’histoire (investigations on the history, 1991-1999), founded in 2002 Venner La Nouvelle Revue d’Histoire (New Journal of History), which is in fact the content and the form to a novelty was.

“We wanted,” he wrote, “call a magazine to life, making the circuit would would with partisan or partial interpretations of history, a magazine that draw a different vision of the past and the future and strive for a European renaissance.”

A reader who asked him about his ‘optimistic’ vision of the future, was Venner following response:

“My> optimism,” as you say, is not> blue-eyed. ” I do not belong to a church that believes everything will be been on. I am aware of the dark sides of our time well aware. but I suspect also that the forces that act on negative today the fate of the Europeans, are being undermined in future by vibrations of historic proportions. To get a real awakening, the Europeans will have their ancestral consciousness and the long memory to which they have been brought back to conquer. The looming acid tests will help us by making us of all that has infected us from scratch, free. At this presumptuous task I am committed. She has few precedents and is not at all political. About my mortal person, the once ignited flame will never go out, I’m sure. “

Commenting on Venner book Le Choc de l’Histoire (2011), which was interpreted as a kind of intellectual legacy and a summary of his work, the magazine Le Spectacle du monde wrote:

“Dominique Venner builds patiently, stone by stone, a very original work, whose majority Europe dedicated in the 20th century, which in its course with the remotest past of the ‘old continent’, its reach back in memory, its deep-rooted tradition connection is brought. So occurs title to title a meditation on the fate of Europe and Europeans to light. “

Since the first, initiated by the Institute Colloquium ILIADE the fact of Dominique Venner finds its full meaning. The Institute for the> long European memory <was founded on June 21, 2014.

The first colloquium was the person Dominique Venner dedicated with the following presentations:

Philippe Conrad: D. V. – Historians and historical essayist
Pierre Guillaume de Roux: D. V. – The rebellious heart
Javier Portella: D. V. The lessons of the Samurai
Casa Pound: D. V. from a historical perspective
Bernard Lugan: The spirit of the Freikorps
Alain de Benoist: D. V. – A model of attitude
The second colloquium on April 25, 2015 had> The aesthetic universe of Europeans <about with the aim of the source and the resources of the European identity – today more than ever threatened by foreign cultures – emphasize again.

Alain de Benoist: The European art – an art of expression
Christopher Gerard: The Beauty and the Sacred
Jean-François Gautier: The polyphony of the world
Javier Portella: dissidence by Beauty
Other speakers were Slobodan Despot, Duarte Branquinho, Adriano Scianca and Philip Stein, et al with the idea of European power places.
See the report by Benedikt Kaiser: http://www.sezession.de/48919/das-franzoesische-iliade-institut-tagt-in-paris-erinnerung-an-dominique-venner.html
* * *
Instigating a reappropriation THEIR IDENTITY BY EUROPEANS SELF.
The current European citizens ignore the role played by their civilization in the history of the world. This erasure of memory is preceded by the acceptance of a collective disappearance.

The Institute ILIADE opposes such cancellation and will promote the richness of European culture and the reappropriation of European identity by Europeans themselves. The institute wants to obtain an original, innovative and resolute nature the awakening of European consciousness. The appointment of the institute is thus the continuation of the long European memory. To this end, activities in the fields of education, information and communication make it necessary with the aim of history and memory of European civilization to a maximum number of Europeans accessible.

The Institute is engaged in all aspects of European civilization, emphasizes its uniqueness, its grandeur and its still great attraction. It’s about the meaning and feature particular the younger generations of Europeans who will be faced with the likely tragic consequences of current events provide.

The main objective of the Institute ILIADE is to make, in fact, young men and young women who are aware that their story is always pursue further. With a strong culture, in terms of the traditions and values of Europe, bewappnet, they learn to recognize what the adventure that awaits them, poses for risks and sacrifices, but also enthusiasm and joy. They are the initiators of the necessary European awakening, capable civil or political action, for which the cultural and metapolitical dimension is essential. Her motto: to seek to serve a community of fate that threatens to disappear unless they articulated fate itself.
In the continuity of thought and action of Dominique Venner is the history of essential matrix of a deep meditation with a view to the future even as a place of the unexpected, where all options remain open.

The originality of the Institute Iliad consists mainly in a restatement and updating of knowledge to make the serious content in combination with the digital technology use to the understanding of the general public more accessible. The aim is to demonstrate an authentic pedagogy and simultaneously complementary to cooperate with other foundations that work out the same goals.

The Institute ILIADE basically promotes a worldview that is in total contradiction to the deadly presence and an attitude of intransigence against the zeitgeist, and this with all available means (viral communication, books, press, education, organization of events and cultural activities, construction and operation networks …)

The tradition is a voting decision, a whisper of ancient and future times.
They revealed to me who I am. She tells me where I came from. I come from the land of the tree and the forest, the oak and the wild boar, the vine and the pitched roofs, the epics and fairy tales, the winter and the summer solstice, the blond children and the bright eyes, the insistent deeds and adventurous dreams of conquest and wisdom. I come from the country where you do what you have to do, out of respect for yourself. That’s why I’m a rebellious heart, a rebel from loyalty.

We have the comfort, the knowledge and the abundance. But our cities no longer worthy of the name, and our traditional homelands are no longer what they once were. The acting out, yes: The Verkultung every possible perversity prevents us courtesy and patience. The money has become the sole yardstick of all values. Under the guise of “democracy” we are not free.

The causes go far back. But history never stands still. For the French and Europeans it is time to wake up and to break free. But how? Certainly not by mere tinkering with what has led us into this situation. since Homer If we do not have religion that keeps us grounded, as we have but a rich, but hidden memory, a treasure of all values on which we can base our future renaissance.

Before abyss that opens before our feet, before the wrong voracity of the financial system and the imminent danger of a clash of cultures on our own soil, the present> Breviary <has the task of our memories awaken and to open up new paths, to think differently, to live and to act. Just so everyone will be able to get higher models rebuild in faithfulness. ”
Dominique Venner.

“It seems as if some people are a Human Sacrifice, I myself am a Human Sacrifice by living…” “My death began many years ago and continues to be horrible, Once this torment ends, welcoming death I can finally rest.”

Mike Järnsida Strobach



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Eyewitness Heinz Weichardt jewish Nazi on the “storytime” tellers of proverbial eternal LIES – Welt judentum

Under Two Flags

by Heinz Weichardt

Introduction by John Bruce Campbell

After years of urging my dear friend Heinz Weichardt to make at least a partial memoir of the vicissitudes of his interesting life, he finally was persuaded by Louis Beam, whom he met last year, to do so. This article was originally in the form of a letter to Louis.

Heinz certainly has had an unusual perspective of the Twentieth Century. A supporter of Hitler who left Germany as an unwanted non-Aryan, he became an enemy alien in America. As the years passed, Heinz became successful in his field of physics (electron-optics), retiring from IBM as a manager in its research division. As his article reveals, he never wavered in his support for National Socialism, even if he had himself been rejected by it.

Lately there has appeared a peculiar contempt for Historical Revisionism. The latter has undeniably been slashing and chopping the roots of contemporary Jewish power, so Heinz was very unsettled by such criticism. He told me often that when the Holocaust was beginning to be promoted in the 1960s he could only recall his school days in Germany. “I went to school with those fellows in the SS. I knew that they were simply not capable of behavior which the Jews were ascribing to them.” He felt that Revisionism was crucial to the regeneration of his once-beloved Germany which has staggered under the libels of Jewish-American lies for fifty years. The same goes for this miserable country.

Heinz believed that our goal must be to disfranchise Jews, to dislodge them from government, medicine, law, education, the arts and, of course, from the media. He believes that to criticize those who have demonstrated the Holocaust to be a lie only helps to maintain the Jews as our overlords.

It doesn’t matter if one genius today says he knew the Holocaust was phony in 1958 and because of that Revisionism is a waste of time. I don’t notice any reduction of Holocaust poison in the media today; our children continue to receive it. They must be protected from deadly lies. We adults must grow up, too. The truth will make us mad. It may make us fight. The fighting may one day make us free.

J. B. Campbell

February 23, 1995

Dear Louis,
I felt that I should give you a somewhat more extended background to the political situation which led to the events of January 1933 in Germany, since most of the pertinent facts are only rarely realized by or available to the citizenry of this country.

First a few biographical notes about myself. My father, Dr. Carl Weichardt, of Frisian background, was among the dozen leading journalists of Germany, during the years 1911 to 1944. From 1912 to 1932 he was chief editorial writer and foreign correspondent for the Frankfurter Zeitung, the leading liberal German newspaper, Jewish owned. From 1934 to 1944 he was editor and in charge of reporting about all major cultural events for the Berliner Morgenpost, the largest German daily then and again today. During that time the Morgenpost was owned by the publishing house, Eher, which also published the Völkische Beobachter, the official government paper during the Hitler years. After the Second World War he became the co-founder of a small south-German newspaper. He died in the year 1955. His brother became an officer in the Imperial Army during the First World War and during the Weimar Republic he was the adjutant to General-Field Marshal and President von Hindenburg in the latter’s honor regiment. His oldest son lied about his age to join the army during World War I and became a lieutenant at the age of eighteen. He remained with the Reichswehr during the Weimar years and became a high level officer in the Wehrmacht. He fell during the campaign in Russia. The next son was active as a radical nationalist as early as 1921 and was even jailed for a few months because of it during the Weimar years. Later he became a NS party functionary. The third son became a Reichswehr officer and later a lieutenant colonel in the Wehrmacht. He was seriously wounded in Russia but is still alive and well at the age of ninety-four. The fourth, my youngest cousin, fell as a member of Rommel’s Afrika-Korps and is buried at Tobruk. A brother of my grandfather emigrated to South Africa and his son, Louis Weichardt, was the highly respected founder of the National Socialist movement of South Africa in the early thirties. During the war he was incarcerated by the British. At the end of the war he was released and became the senator of the province Natal. He was so highly respected that after his death in 1985, even the Zionist Capetown Times, which had fought him for sixty years, wrote a decent obituary.

My mother, of Jewish extraction, was a professional musician and renowned opera singer. Her father fought in the Prussian army during the Franco-Prussian war of 1871. Her brother-in-law was a professional soldier and captain in the Imperial Austrian army. He fell during the first six days of World War I when Russia invaded Austria and Germany. Her first cousin, also an Austrian officer, received shrapnel in his right lung on the same occasion and spent the following seven years as prisoner of war in Siberia. Another of her cousins fell on the Western Front and still another cousin survived all actions of the war in the Balkans and became, during the early thirties, personal adjutant to prince Starhemberg, the leader of the Austrian Nationalist, but not National Socialist, Heimwehren until the Anschluss.

I was born in 1914 and grew up in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, depending on my father’s assignments. From 1929 to the end of 1938 I lived in Berlin where I finished my intermediate schooling and obtained my master’s degree in engineering-physics from the Berlin Institute of Technology. I like to emphasize the military participation of the Jewish part of my family because this was by no ways an exception but rather the norm, especially among the more well-to-do Jewish families which strived to be Germans first and in many cases, such as my family’s, to forget their Jewishness by letting themselves be baptized. It is generally well known that in no other country in the world was the Jewish community assimilated as well as in Germany. Examples: One of the best known German romanticists, H. Heine, was Jewish (baptized); the greatest Jewish composer, Mendelssohn, was another German romanticist and to this day his music cannot be performed in some synagogues because he too had himself baptized. The best friend of the Kaiser was Albert Ballin, the Jewish founder of the largest German shipping line and the only person who had a private telephone line into the emperor’s bedroom. The famous Jewish chemist Haber was director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Chemistry where he developed the process for the production of ammonia from the nitrogen in the air. For this he received the Nobel Prize for chemistry. Without this process the German armament industry would not have been able to produce sufficient munitions within one year into World War I. As a fact, the condition of the 500,000 Jews among the sixty million Germans was such that at the beginning of the war in 1914 the American-Jewish press stood solidly behind Germany.

What happened then? Why was there virulent “anti-Semitism” in Germany only ten to fifteen years later?

The main reason that Jewry became so respectable and could aspire to be accepted by the highest levels of German society was the rigid structure of the Prussian dominated state. Within this environment there simply was no possible room to develop shady business methods so acceptable to the oriental mind; there were no corruptible officials which could be bought because to become an official did not entail the possibility to enrich yourself at the cost of the public. It was an honor, which had to be earned by hard and successful labor. A teacher, a soldier, a postal employee, a policeman or any other government worker had to be a role model and if he ever betrayed the trust given to him by the public he had to serve, he was finished. Today Prussianism is equated to despotism. Nothing could be further from the truth! The motto of Prussia and later of the German Reich was: Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz. (The well-being of the people is more important than your own.) This might sound somewhat exaggerated for the citizens of a vast and immensely rich domain, but must be the mode of survival in a relatively small, overpopulated country, whose main resource was the diligent labor of its hands and the creativity of its brains. Nothing describes better the difference in the idea of statehood better than the declarations of Frederick the Great of Prussia and Louis XIV of France. “I am the first servant of the state,” for the former and “I am the state” for the latter. The Jews of Germany, and especially of Prussia, being, if nothing else, quite smart, simply adapted themselves very successfully to the rules of the game and many of them became even more Prussian than the Prussians. They were greatly assisted therein by Prussia as well as by the rest of the predominantly evangelical north Germany, being by far the religiously most tolerant domain in all of Europe. Any remaining anti-Jewishness, anti-Semitism barely existing, was mainly aimed at some Jewish mannerisms which sometimes grated on the somewhat stiff Prussian form of social etiquette. Today we know, of course, that exactly those mannerisms expose a deep-seated character flaw and, if permitted to become the norm of societal behavior, will lead to the destruction of a whole culture. A Jewish acquaintance of mine during the Hitler years, when asked why the Jewish people everywhere and always are getting into trouble, put it quite succinctly. The answer: Wir sind leider ein zwar kleines aber äußerst mieses Volk. (Unfortunately we are a small but exceedingly obnoxious people).

While the Jewish question seemed solved, or at least dormant, in Germany and most of western Europe, real trouble began across the Atlantic. After the disastrous defeat of the more civilized half of this country by ruthless Yankeeism, the North soon found that the fleeing blacks of the South were essentially useless for cheap labor in a feverishly expanding industry driven by mercantile materialism. The search for easy profit led to the laying of a cuckoo’s egg of such size that after it is fully hatched may yet lead to the final destruction of this country. I am referring to the massive introduction of the “huddled masses and refuse” (Emma Lazarus’ desecrating inscription at the foot of the Statue of Liberty). Thereafter this country was never the same. These masses were a totally different breed from the docile, now “liberated” slaves of the South. Mostly the large numbers of eastern Jews with their inborn “smartness” quickly worked themselves out of the sweatshops and low-paying industrial jobs and became independent businessmen. Their ruthless and unconscionable business methods, possibly a necessity for survival in Russian and Polish ghettos, were permitted to develop without restrictions in a country where unlimited personal liberty was sanctified. This lack of restrictions on personal behavior culminated in the appearance of such financial “geniuses” (I am quoting the Wall Street Journal) as Milken, Boesky, Steinberg and Levine. In Europe, meanwhile, the political influence of the Jewish banking dynasties became so strong that a Mrs. Rothschild could state, “My sons can decide if there will be war or not.” After the death of Queen Victoria, under the rule of the already somewhat degenerate playboy, Edward, this influence would become all-pervasive. The simultaneous growth of German industrial might under the wise political guidance of Bismarck was of course unacceptable to British self-esteem and the thought that the competition on the world markets could be met with a bit more of hard labor and diligence or by reducing the length of the extended weekends to which English upper classes had become accustomed, was simply too horrible to be contemplated. When the Germans committed the unspeakable crime of becoming financially nearly independent from the international banking system and began to build a high-seas fleet to assure access to their modest colonial possessions, this was the last straw and something had to be done to put them down for good. With the help of Russian imperialism and French chauvinism and revanchism (they still had not reconciled themselves with the loss of the war of 1871 which was started by them under typical French delusions of grandeur) it was easy to pursue a policy of encirclement against Germany.

Kaiser Wilhelm was an utterly civilized and peace-loving man. I know this from the British mother of my best friend; she was a close personal friend of Wilhelm who in turn was my friend’s godfather. The Kaiser did suffer unfortunately from an inclination to vainglorious gab and this was used quite liberally against him by his enemies. At a much later time the similar afflictions of the warmongering criminals, Churchill and Roosevelt, were generally well accepted! After the Russians arranged the murder of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand through their Serbian dupes, the First World War was on. The American people wanted to stay out of the European mess, but since the country was, at the time, suffering from one of its strangely recurring recessions, the powers that were decided differently. The opportunity of reaping huge profits by supplying one of the fighting sides with liberal credits and massive infusions of war matériel was too tempting and could not be ignored.

Alas, the boys in New York and Washington bet on the wrong horse. The war went badly for them. By the year 1916 Russia was ready to collapse and on the Western Front the combined Anglo-French forces were fought to a standstill. The treacherous Italians (they were bound by a tripartite treaty to Austria and Germany until they found it to their advantage to switch sides) were losing in the south. The multiple declarations of war by many powers as distant as Japan and Brazil did not seem to improve the situation either and there were nasty rumors of a negotiated peace floating in the air. At exactly this point the seeds were laid to the future growth of German “anti-Semitism” (a euphemism for anti-Judaism) because the majority of middle-eastern Semites were still backing Germany at that time. The Jewish bankers in London and New York had Britain over a barrel and found it easy to extract the Balfour Declaration, which promised them a Jewish homeland–but not a sovereign Jewish state–in Palestine, which in 1916 still belonged to Turkey. The British, being famous for their fairness and integrity in all their dealings, made a similar offer to middle-eastern Arabs and even dispatched T. E. Lawrence to found the Arab Legion. At a later time when Lawrence reminded his government of this promise he suddenly and conveniently died in a motorcycle accident.

As an aside, a propensity for accidental death seems to be quite common among people not agreeing with the prevailing Anglo-American policy. You surely remember George Patton, who wanted to warn the American people that the war was not won if the Western Allies did not continue their advances until they reached Warsaw. He also was greatly impressed by the human quality of the personnel in the SS-Führerschulen and had the audacity to state so publicly. After these unpopular utterances the healthy, strapping general suffered minor injuries in a highly suspicious car accident and died shortly from the consequences. Or the court appointed Jewish lawyer, who was to defend Ivan Demjanjuk during the latter’s show trial in Jerusalem. It was his misfortune to discover some items which disputed the claims of the prosecution and promptly and conveniently dropped out of a high-up hotel room window. It was declared a suicide but this was hotly denied by his family. There are many other cases, of course.

Back to 1916. After obtaining the Balfour Declaration the Jewish-American press and their followers made a sudden turnabout and began to pour their well-practiced venom on the still hard-fighting Germans, who were from now on to be known simply as barbarous Huns. This was not only a betrayal of Germany but also of their German co-religionists who were more accepted in Germany than anywhere else in the world and where most of their able-bodied men were still fighting for what they considered their fatherland. It was rather easy to convert the “idealistic” but feebleminded Wilson into a fanatic crusader for “democracy” and America joined the bloodletting with supposedly the best of intentions. As far as the public was concerned it was the job of the Jewish press, as well as others such as the Hearst press to release a never ending stream of anti-German hate propaganda which did a good job and the easily misled masses patriotically marched off to war. Russia had collapsed, the Jew Kerensky formed the first revolutionary government and decided to continue the war against Germany–a preposterous idea considering the condition of Russia at that time. Germany, eager to end the war in the east, decided to help a new and more radical revolution in Russia. Lenin, leader of the far left Communists, was residing in Zurich. He had promised to end the war with Germany as soon as he was in control of Russia and negotiations began for his secret transport through Germany to St. Petersburg. I am somewhat familiar with these occurrences because my father was at that time the top member of the German press corps in Switzerland and got involved in the above-mentioned negotiations. The Jews outside Germany decided to help Lenin along in his bid for power and sent his comrade Trotsky (Bronstein) and hundreds of Communist Jewish radicals from Brooklyn, armed with untold millions of dollars, to Russia. The rest is well-known history as far as the events in Russia are concerned.

Things began to look up for Germany because the Americans had as yet not arrived in telling numbers at the Western Front and there would be soon some two million battle-hardened German troops released from the east and available in the west for a final push. Paris was in panic and very drastic measures had to be applied to prevent mutiny in the French army.
Here now rises the curtain over the second act of Jewish treachery against Germany–this time unfortunately in Germany proper. This is the story: After the German army had driven the Russians out of Germany and Austrian Galicia it drove them out of Russian Poland and Ukraine. The Jews, in Poland a major part of the population, became fearful of the traditional severe anti-Semitism in those parts, especially since the Germans had the plan to create a new Polish state at the end of the war with Russia. A massive movement of Galician Jews, most of them being Austrian citizens, began their trek westward into Austria, mainly Vienna, whence they could freely enter Germany. A few thousands in the beginning swelled to hundreds of thousands towards and after the end of the war. Among the first arrivals there was a disproportionate amount of Communist agitators which wormed its way into Germany’s Socialist movement, which already was dominated by Jewish intellectuals. In Germany, because of the Allied blockade, the suffering of the civilian population had already become severe and demoralizing and exactly after the Russians were forced to sign the peace-treaty of Brest-Litowsk, the unions struck a mortal blow to Germany’s war effort by striking the munitions factories. The planned offensive was thereby sufficiently delayed to permit the Americans to arrive with their unlimited supplies and after another year of hopeless resistance and president Wilson’s reasonable sounding peace offer, revolution broke out in Germany.

The war was lost and in Versailles Wilson’s proposals were wiped off the table and a peace was dictated to the newly formed German democracy, the insanity of which doomed it to an early demise at the day of its birth. The Communists under their Jewish leadership (Liebknecht, Luxemburg, Toller, Eisner, Radek, Kuhn, etc.) started bloody uprisings in Berlin, Munich and Hungary. Hostages, including women, were being taken and murdered, thousands were dying in street fights with police and gendarmes. Toller, leader of the Red Army which formed in Bavaria, recommended that most Germans should be gassed (aha!) and received congratulations and promises of help from Lenin personally.

The new Socialist president, Ebert, was finally forced to call on the remnants of the German army, and with the help of the newly formed Freikorps (mostly patriotic former members of the army), the Bolsheviks along with the incursions of Poles across the newly enforced German borders were finally defeated. It should be emphasized at this point that nearly all the leaders of the Communist terrorists were foreign Jews. During the accelerating inflation certain businessmen and well connected financiers, again the majority being Jewish, were able to amass fortunes, which helped the rise of anti-Semitism in the country suffering from defeat and incredible hunger, thanks to the continuing British blockade, which was prolonged for one year after the armistice and caused the deaths of approximately 800,000 Germans, mostly women and infants.

When the populace observed newly-rich Jewesses in their fancy fur coats, bedecked with jewelry, entering expensive nightclubs with their escorts while veterans with missing arms or legs are sitting on the sidewalks, shivering in their worn uniforms and trying to sell some pencils or whatnot to earn a few pennies for their modest needs, it did not go over too well with them, even if the majority of the professional Jews, professors, engineers, doctors, government employees, etc., shared the misery with the rest of the people. My mother’s father, a retired small businessman, made the mistake to invest his savings in English industrial stocks long before the war and lost every penny of it when, after the war, the English, like all the other “victors,” stole every bit of private German property they could lay their hands on. The Americans got away with “taking-over” all German patents and sold them to the public at a dollar apiece. An acquaintance of mine, Dr. Becker, a German immigrant chemist, bought a sufficiently large amount of them to found Allied Chemical Corp. on the basis of their content. The last time I visited him, in 1941, he was still president of Allied and resided in an incredibly beautiful, Roman style villa in Bolton-Landing on the shore of Lake George in upstate New York. A further boost to the rising anti-Semitism was given by a rash of large scale financial scandals caused by recent Jewish arrivals. Names like Barmat, Sklarek, Kutisker, Levy, Lewin were as well recognized by the public of those days as Boesky and Milken are today. Most of them wound up in jail and did not become lecturers on financial operations after short stints of incarceration as seems fashionable in our day. But massive damage had been done, not only to the tottering finances of the Reich but also to the standing of the Jewish community in Germany.

The first victim of the rising tide of anti-Jewish sentiment was the foreign minister of Germany, Walther Rathenau. He was machine-gunned by two former army officers on the way to his office on June 24, 1922. They considered him to be the leading representative of a policy which played into the hands of Germany’s enemies by acquiescing in the ridiculous and deadly demands of the Versailles Dictate. In fact there was at that time very little else he could have done. His father was an outstanding engineer and industrialist who founded the German Edison Society which later became German General Electric. The son, Walther, became a top industrialist who founded several corporations in Germany and Switzerland and eventually took over the presidency of General Electric after his father’s death. During the war he distinguished himself by organizing the supply of raw materials for the war effort, while being in charge of the corresponding department of the German ministry of war. After the revolution he entered government service and became Germany’s foreign minister. His murder was not only a senseless crime but also caused a serious setback to the nationalistic cause, because of the general revulsion against this deed among even the most nationalistic circles.

The invasion of the industrial Ruhr Valley by 80,000 to 100,000 French troops, in January 1923, because of lagging tribute deliveries, as well as the total collapse of the German mark (in November 1923 it took 4.2 trillion–not billion!–marks to buy one dollar) revitalized the nationalistic movement, which culminated in Hitler’s reach for power on November 9th, 1923. In the meantime, however, the bankers in New York and London had reluctantly come to the conclusion that it would be far easier to milk a live cow than a dead one. The Americans, who knew that it was hopeless to get repaid by their European allies for the enormous credits they had granted the latter to keep them in the war until they could be salvaged by the arrival of American troops, began to grant large credits to Germany under still onerous and normally unacceptable conditions. With these credits Germany was able to stabilize the mark at its pre-war value of 4.20 marks to the dollar.

The Hitler putsch was betrayed and defeated and Hitler was sentenced to five years imprisonment, but was released after less than one year. During his captivity he wrote, with the assistance of Rudolf Hess, Mein Kampf which, with the exception of the Bible, had the largest edition of any book previously printed. Unfortunately, as with the Bible, too few of its purchasers read it, but considering the present disastrous worldwide conditions this might yet be remedied in the not too distant future. Hitler had decided to attempt his quest for power by totally legal means, a decision from which he never wavered and which in the end lead him to success, all negative propaganda to the contrary. Starting with the year 1924 a slow but steady recovery began. During 1926 the last French troops left the Ruhr Valley region, but occupation of the Rhineland lasted until June 1930.

During the Weimar years many outstanding performers in concerts and theater as well as scientists were Jewish, but they never dominated and were more than balanced by Germans of equal or superior stature. In literature, however, in the arts as well as in the left-leaning part of the press their influence became all encompassing and pernicious. With it, the deterioration of civility, speech and social behavior became endemic. Nothing, of course, compared with what we are witnessing today, but one must remember that seventy years ago the standards of propriety were vastly different when compared with the present. The constant assault on the sensibilities and moral values which were held dear by the majority of patriotic Germans created a backlash within the parties from the center to the radical right. “Anti-Semitism” was again on the rise.

After the 1929 crash of the New York stock exchange most of the credits to Germany were called in and a world-wide depression began. Millions of Germans lost their jobs, the payments to the enemy countries had to continue and the political situation became progressively chaotic. By the end of 1932 Germany counted over six and a half million unemployed, about one third of the total workforce! The Communist Party, over three million strong including an armed organization, thought its day had come and began frequent attacks on rightist groups which developed into regular street battles. Together with the Social Democrats, who also commanded a large quasi-military organization, they had still 37.8% of the voters behind them, but the National Socialists, with 33.6%, had become by far the largest party of the Reich.

On January 31, 1933, with a Bolshevik uprising only weeks, perhaps days, away, Hitler, as leader of the largest party, was constitutionally named Reichs Chancellor. The most remarkable part about the following national “revolution” is the fact that it was totally orderly and bloodless. A few especially obnoxious leaders of the extreme left were locked up and perhaps got a well earned beating from overly enthusiastic storm troopers, who remembered their murdered comrades. If I am wrong about this, please name me one prominent victim of this “terror.” When on February 27, 1933 a Communist succeeded in setting fire to the Reichstag building in Berlin, the Communist Party was outlawed and the top leaders were arrested. Any claim that the National Socialists set the fire is typical lying propaganda. Today this is even admitted in Jewish-ruled Germany! During the following fall a trial was held in Germany’s highest court against the admitted arsonist and the Communist hierarchy. One Bulgarian Communist, Dimitroff, of postwar fame, had a field day in court by insulting Hermann Göring, but in the end all of them were acquitted except the arsonist. The highest court in National Socialist Germany could not produce sufficient evidence to tie the Communist élite to the crime which was certainly committed in their name. Compare this with the Jewish-run show trials in Moscow, the lynchfest in Nuremberg and the Jerusalem lynching of Eichmann (who did not heed the warnings about his impending abduction, because “the Jews will not do anything against me, after what I have done for them during the war”). The above story about the acquitted Communists has an ironic ending: They all took off for Moscow, being afraid that some of the stalwart storm troopers might not be too happy with the result of the trial and take matters into their own hands to amend the judgment in a way more suitable to their ideas. In Moscow they found several things not quite to their taste and, in typical German fashion, they did not keep their mouths shut and voiced some criticisms. In typical Russian fashion they were put into the slammer. After the end of the Polish war, when the Russian and German armies met, still cordially, they were unceremoniously handed over to the Gestapo. What happened thereafter, I do not know.

What was the situation of the German Jews at that point? The first blow came from abroad. World Jewry declared war on Germany. This was no idle threat. It is true that the Jews at that time did not control the most powerful army in the world as in our day when they exert nearly total domination over the deployment of forces of the United States. But neither did the Germans possess an army which could become a threat to anybody somewhat larger than Grenada or maybe Panama. Germany faced the most disastrous economical condition in its history and was completely dependent on foreign trade in order just to feed the population. Any successful boycott of its foreign trade would greatly exacerbate this already dangerous situation and could even lead to widespread starvation. At first the German reaction to riotous, Jewish-led, anti-German demonstrations abroad was a government-decreed one day (!) boycott of Jewish stores which had been marked overnight with stars of David. Never at any time, neither then nor today, did National Socialists mark Jewish properties of any kind with swastikas, because this would be considered a desecration of their revered symbol. The most astonishing result of this boycott was the revelation of the unbelievably large number of big and small businesses in Jewish hands. Had the German-Jewish community voiced a unanimous and vociferous protest against the action of their co-religionists throughout the world, they would have avoided, in my opinion, some of the harsher measures soon to come. It must, however, be understood and firmly remembered, that Jews with regard to one characteristic are and act vastly superior when compared with most other white populations. It is their unflinching racial cohesion, which makes them Jews first and anything else second. This leads them to actions which might be at first thought detrimental to their interests, but which have resulted over more than two thousand years in their survival in a largely hostile world.

The next anti-Jewish measure was the Arierparagraph, which eliminated non-Aryans from all government positions. Everybody with one quarter or more Jewish background was considered non-Aryan. Exempt from this law were all Jews who had fought for Germany in the World War or had lost sons during that war or who already held government positions before that war. Certain exemptions for meritorious individuals could be granted. All non-Aryans in government positions had to be retired (not fired!) with their pensions forthcoming. Businesses, large or small, were not affected; doctors could continue their practices but were not compensated for treating patients insured under the government-run health plan. Many, many–including high party officials–stayed with their Jewish family doctors who had treated them for a long time. The number of university students of three-quarters or all-Jewish ancestry were limited to the percentage of their numbers in the populace. Still pretty good, when compared with the experience of deserving whites under our Jewish-imposed affirmative action. Students with one-half or less Jewish ancestry were under no restrictions at all, and even had, at a later date, to join the nationalist student organization. They were not permitted to join the SA or SS. Joining a national organization became, in effect, obligatory for all Aryan students.

The immediate effect on the private lives of most Jews was in the beginning only minimal. Some personal experiences will show this. Since my early teens I had been an avid gun lover. In Austria, where we lived at the time, there were in effect no restrictions on the possession of handguns or rifles. If there were, they certainly were not enforced. At the age of fifteen I could walk into one of the finest gun shops in Vienna and purchase any weapon in the store, as long as I had the necessary money. Unfortunately I didn’t, but after some time I had scraped together a sufficient amount to start my modest collection by acquiring three low-priced handguns. Shortly thereafter, in 1929, we moved to Berlin. In Germany, under the Weimar Republic, one had to register each gun with the police. There were no restrictions on the possession except if you wanted to carry them. In this case you had to have a hunting license which required a lengthy course in gun handling, marksmanship, game laws and handling of bagged game. The police had absolutely no say or power to refuse you the ownership of your guns when you came to register. It was a purely bureaucratic measure which enabled the police to trace a gun involved in a criminal action.

My guns were registered in the name of my (Jewish) mother, who had contributed the money for their original purchase, because I was only fifteen years old and could not own firearms until I reached maturity (21 yrs). After Hitler came to power, nothing was changed in the existing gun regulations; nobody had to turn in the registered guns–period. My mother still had them on the day of her immigration to the US (May 1941) and gave them to a friend of mine because importation of firearms was prohibited under US law.

The laxness with which the existing firearm laws were enforced was clearly demonstrated in the days after the Reichstag fire, when most people feared an imminent Communist uprising. Suddenly untold numbers of veterans or members of patriotic organizations were seen walking around, proudly displaying their wartime military Mausers or Parabellums strapped to their sometimes paunchy bellies. After a while, after the Communist threat had been eliminated, they were politely reminded that carrying of firearms in public was against the law and the guns were put back into drawers at home. The sale of ammunition was never restricted.

Suddenly a longtime dream of mine seemed to come true: the ownership of a genuine Parabellum in good condition. One of my friends had heard of a deal where members of the many existing nationalistic party organizations could purchase retired army pistols in lots of one hundred at a price of fifteen marks per gun. The price of a new Parabellum was one hundred and fifty marks in those days, which was about the monthly income of a lowly worker, if he had a job. My search for prospective customers was frantic. By charging an extra mark for my services I had to sell only fifteen guns to earn sufficient money for the purchase of a gun for myself! Alas, the dream was of short duration. Some envious or overzealous citizen felt obliged to inform the authorities of my dreamy deal. It was followed by the famous knock on the door, and on opening I faced three agents of the secret police (Gestapo). No hands in the pockets groping for hidden arms, no shouted orders or threats, only showing of identifications and the polite question if I had any firearms at home and if they could see them. I asked them in, got my guns and asked my mother to show the registration receipts. The disappointment of the rather mild-mannered gentlemen at the measly display was obvious and they asked about the whereabouts of one hundred Parabellums which I was suspected to harbor. My heart sank and I told them about my, now surely aborted, hoped-for big deal, which as yet had not been consummated. They looked greatly relieved and the man in charge said that a perfunctory search of our premises was in order. No drawers were ripped out and emptied, nothing was displaced or damaged–only a short look under beds into armoires and storage cabinets. When they were ready to leave the man in charge spotted a letter on the table with a Jewish-sounding name of the sender and being obviously informed about my mother’s racial background he very kindly admonished her that because of the new conditions prevalent to be especially careful and not to break any of the existing laws. With that they apologized for the inconvenience they had caused and left. My loaded guns remained on the table.

In order fully to appreciate this story you must remember that the Parabellum was at the time still the most powerful and sophisticated military handgun on the European market. Today’s equivalent would be a fully automatic MP5 or Ingram. Just imagine somebody informing our democratic government that I was stocking one hundred of those, possibly intending to sell them to some shady characters harboring racist or otherwise non-PC views. Can’t you just hear Janet Reno screaming and ordering her trigger-happy minions into action. The roar of armored trucks loaded with SWAT teams in full battle dress would be deafening and reinforced by the clatter of helicopter-gunships hovering overhead, in case any difficulties should develop. The headlines would shout: Gun Crazy Rightist Has Arsenal Endangering His Neighborhood! Governor Might Call In National Guard!

Remember the recent actions of our government in the case of a man who sold a shotgun, allegedly one quarter inch shorter than the law permits, to an undercover agent, which resulted in the deaths of a mother holding a baby in her arms, one un-armed child, the family dog and a marshal. Or the one involving a religious nut who could have been arrested any day by a single cop while the former attended to his shopping in the local supermarket. Result: about eighty people, mostly women and children, incinerated alive. I think my imagined scenario above is an understatement.

My next run-in with the authorities of the Third Reich happened about three years later and was a bit more ominous. I had just received the notification that my application for voluntary service in the newly-recruited army had been definitely denied and I was understandably very bitter because service in the armed forces was considered an honor and privilege, not an onerous duty. Instead of swallowing my badly injured pride I complained to everybody who would listen to me, ending my complaints with the caustic question: Why me, when even the top general of the Luftwaffe, Erhard Milch, had a Jewish father? Well it didn’t take very long for the knock at the door. This time I faced three members of the Algemeine-SS. The situation was made more serious by my little Dachshund. She had a dislike for tall men in black uniform and immediately attacked the intruders, loudly barking and snapping. The SS retreated a few steps until I had taken control of the objecting animal. Precautionary shooting of pet animals was definitely not PC in Hitler’s Germany. Besides, no member of a uniformed organization, except army and police, was ever permitted to carry firearms publicly in order to emphasize their non-military character. After the three men had entered our apartment, I was severely admonished for spreading insulting rumors about high-level army officers. All I could say was that I was absolutely sure that the father of General Erhard Milch was buried in the Jewish cemetery in Dessau, home of the famous Junkers aircraft works. I will never forget the stunned expressions on the faces of the three as they left, this time without apologies, in a huff. I did not hear from them again. Of course I knew that the statement to which they objected was true.

Another little story which characterizes the official attitude for behavior towards Jews was told to me by a very good friend. As a member of the storm troops, he had to attend weekly meetings of his troop for political indoctrination and other matters. In Germany, as well as in most European countries, it was the custom that children and young men ceded their seats in crowded trains when a lady or elderly adult entered and could not find a seat. During one meeting of the troop the members were reminded to adhere to this rule and a wise guy asked the tricky question of what to do if the lady or elderly adult was obviously Jewish? After a short silence for reflection, the (pardon the expression) solomonic judgment was forthcoming: “Storm troopers, in order to avoid this embarrassing situation, remain standing in trains which were apt to be crowded!” To some nice old Jewish lady I strongly recommend a ride on the New York subway or any other public conveyance.

Next, consider the listening to foreign radio stations. In Europe, there were fewer transmitting stations than here in America, but they were much more powerful and in centrally located Germany you could always listen to the transmissions from Austria, Switzerland, France, England, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Poland and Hungary. They all disseminated programs in German language and most of them contained vicious anti-German and specially anti-Hitler propaganda as well as outright lies about the terrible conditions in Germany under “Nazi terror.” You were not supposed to listen to these radio transmissions but most people did and it was technically not feasible to jam the powerful foreign long- and middle-wave transmitters without causing disturbing interferences of your own radio programs. One evening, while listening to radio Moscow, the bell was ringing and there stood the lady living in the apartment below us. Her husband was the Blockward of our building and responsible to take care of all problems of or with the tenants and to make sure that everybody behaved nicely and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the new era. How did she phrase her demands and threats? “Dear Mr. Weichardt, if you have to listen to radio Moscow, wouldn’t you be so kind and turn the volume down a bit in order to avoid possible trouble for you or us.” In today’s Germany, under the most democratic government in the country’s history, if you are found to possess two or more copies of this letter you could wind up in jail up to five years for making light of “Nazi crimes” and inciting race hatred. House searches without warrant are the order of the day, confiscation of “incriminating” printed material and privately-owned office equipment are rampant and if you are lucky (and well insured), your insurance company will be stuck with the ensuing expenses if a bunch of paid ruffians burns down your place of business.

Let’s go back to Nazi terrorism. There were, as everybody knows, concentration camps. Who were the inmates? Mostly vagrants, bums and, yes, some obnoxious politicians of the leftist variety (come to think of it, not a bad idea at all) who had previously caused the ire of the new rulers. Strangely enough–hardly any Jews, who after all, according to Hitler, where at the root of most of the country’s troubles. According to a typically nasty postwar British anti-German propaganda movie (HISTORY OF THE SS), the pre-war population of the concentration camps never exceeded ten thousand inmates, out of a population of nearly seventy million! I should say this is pretty good, when compared with the twenty thousand penal institutions and camps (Solzhenitsyn, Gulag Archipelago) in Soviet Russia, which at the same time had–quoting President Roosevelt–the most progressive government in Europe. While confined in a camp the inmates had to perform labor, I am sure sometimes hard labor, which was tough on the mostly overweight politicians. They learned new skills, were well fed and had excellent medical facilities available in case of illness or injury. After their release some actually became useful citizens.

Here I must state categorically that during my nearly six years under the Hitler regime, living at the center of power in Berlin with my father, as a journalist in constant touch with the authorities (he had, e.g., to attend, together with other journalists, confidential monthly meetings with Propaganda Minister Goebbels to obtain political directives and listen to pep talks) and aware of all nasty anti-government rumors, I had neither a single personal contact with anybody who had suffered physical harm from the authorities of the Third Reich, nor did I hear from anybody among my rather extended acquaintances that they knew of somebody who had. Yes, yes, I know there was the nasty Röhm affair, which I shall discuss a little later, and which was an interparty affair. The exodus of Jews began immediately, principally of the well-to-do and the prominent, some of whom felt that they had exposed themselves politically. They could leave with all their property but had to pay a tax of ten percent on their liquid assets according to a law already enacted under the Weimar government. This caused a major hemorrhage of German foreign exchange reserves and forced a change in the law after which, a year later, emigrants had to pay a ninety percent tax on their liquid assets and were forced to sell all their real estate.

Emigrants to Palestine were eventually exempted from all taxes. The not so well-to-do, while never hindered by the German government, were not so lucky, because no country was willing to receive them if they did not bring along sufficient capital to sustain themselves over an indefinite period. The remaining Jews also had to suffer from the vicious propaganda which was launched abroad by the Jewish-controlled press and by some of the émigrés.

Toward the end of 1933 Hitler took the first major step towards the resurrection of the Reich’s authority and independence. He demanded from the League of Nations, that club of vacationing parasites on the shores of Lake Geneva, that after Germany had fulfilled all the onerous conditions imposed on her by the dictate of Versailles, including essentially total disarmament, the other signatories should now adhere to the agreed upon condition and begin with their much talked about disarmament. This was an absolutely fair demand, since Germany was surrounded by her former enemies possessing large and superbly equipped armies. Of course this is denied today, but France had the largest air force in the world, England the largest fleet, Russia the largest number of active soldiers and tanks, Poland heavily armed and sounding as aggressive as ever, the Czech army probably the most efficient of the lot and Italy, under Mussolini, was at that time still hostile towards Germany. The silence answering Hitler’s demand was deafening, whereupon Germany left the League and suspended all future tribute payments coming due.

To survive economically Germany was forced to conduct most of her foreign trade on the basis of exchange and went off the gold standard. The last measure was probably the real beginning of World War II. The world’s banking system simply could not permit that this upstart free his nation from their shackles. If his bold try became a success their whole empire would begin to crumble because others might be emboldened to try the same gambit. Horrors over horrors, it did become a success. Germany’s economic recovery became meteoric, unemployment disappeared rapidly while the rest of the world was floundering in an ever-worsening depression. It would take a major volume to describe the details of changes which took place in the first year of the Third Reich and the enthusiasm with which the vast majority of the people greeted the new system. When, at the end of 1933, after leaving the League of Nations, elections were called for the approval of the new and forceful foreign policy, 92.5% of the eligible voters backed the new government. Since I voted in several elections, together with my mother (!), until the fall of 1938, when I left for the US, I can assure everybody that there was never any coercion or fraud involved in these elections. The only serious crisis developed during the spring of 1934, when Hitler had to make the surely agonizing decision to liquidate his close friend, Röhm. By then the SA ranks had swollen by millions, many of them former Communists.

So many people wanted to become registered party members that during the previous year a moratorium had to be declared on all further applications for membership. Röhm, as the chief of the SA, was a major power factor and had greatly assisted the rise of Hitler by supplying arms and funds from the army and securing the safety of the streets from the attacks of the Bolshevik assassins with his storm troops. Because of the incessant hate campaign of such professional haters as Roosevelt, Churchill, Vansittart, etc. (“Germany is getting too strong, we have to destroy her again.” “We will force a war on Hitler, if he likes it or not.” “The coming war is not a war against the German people, but against Hitler and his Nazis;” and ad nauseam), it became obvious that Germany had to create an army which would be adequate to protect the Reich against her belligerent opponents. This was impossible without the complete collaboration of the small but very professional Reichswehr and its generals. Röhm wanted his SA incorporated into the new army and also eyed the position of minister of defense, which he considered due to him. This was anathema to the very conservative general staff. Among the SA there were many to whom the utterly peaceful takeover was distasteful and who would have liked a little more ruckus to get even with some of their former enemies. There also was a large segment among them which was left-leaning and desired a more “socialistic” approach to the country’s problems. Hitler knew, of course, that, if he decided for Röhm and against the Reichswehr, he would face a major upheaval and possible destruction of all his hard-won gains. He was therefore forced to acquiesce in the generals’ demands and liquidate Röhm. To avoid any revolt within the SA, this had to be done with surgical precision and cost the lives of eighty-eight men. Please compare this number with those of Stalin’s contemporary purging of his army. [The homosexuality of the Röhm camorra had been reported to Hitler but the latter had been unwilling to believe it. When he learned that the clique planned to overthrow him he went personally to their den of iniquity that night and, armed with a pistol, arrested Röhm and others.]

Here is a little story about a Jewish lady victimized by the Röhm affair. Among the victims of the purge was a certain Dr. Schmidt. His was a case of mistaken identity. Not a too surprising occurrence with a name like Schmidt in Germany. His Jewish wife was understandably upset about this and went in a rage directly to Hitler’s office. Greatly embarrassed by the lady’s rightful complaint, he not only offered all kinds of compensations but also to make her an honorary Aryan with all the ensuing privileges. She took the compensations but declined the honorary Aryan and left for the US. When she told me the story she had become the wife of a colleague of mine at the company I worked for in Binghamton, NY.

In the meantime, back in the good old USA, Mr. Roosevelt’s hatred of everything German in general and Hitler specifically, became pathological. To understand his rage one must compare the rapid recovery of small resourceless country which had been held down and ransacked by its enemies with the meager results of his policies as president of the then still richest nation in the world, which was suffering under a seemingly never ending depression. While Hitler was able to raise capital through loans from the top industrialists–they must have been sitting on it during the largely distrusted Weimar regime–by giving them ironclad guaranties for repayment, Roosevelt was unsuccessful in obtaining them from the powerful capitalists in his country, who were more interested in maximum returns for their investments than in the well-being of their nation.

This situation could only be remedied by stirring up a little war which would guarantee huge profits in a revitalized heavy industry and loosen the money in the pockets of the recalcitrant bankers and industrialists. It is therefore understandable that already as early as 1934–one year before the first soldier was enlisted into Germany’s new Wehrmacht–plans were laid for the creation of a strategic bomber force which could only be used in the brutal extermination of the civilians of any nation trying to defend herself against an attempt to subject her to the imperialistic rule of bankers or Bolsheviks, both striving for world domination. England followed with the building of a fleet of heavily armed, long-range bombers but Germany never even anticipated the development of planes solely to be used against civilians. In a recent biography written by Germany’s most prominent aircraft designer, Messerschmidt, the decision to rely primarily on tactical airplanes was pushed through by the above-mentioned General Erhard Milch. It proved to be fatal during the coming war imposed on Germany by Roosevelt and his Kehilla of advisers. In March of 1935 the new Wehrmacht was established and every young German had to serve in the army for one year. The time of service in the French army was three years, as it had been for over sixty years!

In June of 1935 the famous Nuremberg laws were issued which laid down the condition of Jews and those of partially Jewish descent within the Reich. From that date on Jews were considered members of the Reich, enjoying the protection of the law but not full citizenship. To be a one-hundred percent Aryan, one had to prove that there were no Jewish ancestors in the family as far back as 1800. That this was possible at all shows to what length the Germans went in the effort to keep orderly records of vital data. (I mention this to show how ridiculous it is to assume that during the war there was no orderly record kept of the people sent to labor camps. Today we know, as a fact, that all data were kept to the bitter end. They are available today and show that in case of death of an inmate, the family of the deceased was notified and the ashes returned to them whenever possible.)

At the time these laws seemed to be extraordinarily harsh, especially to those with only partially Jewish background, who had been brought up, like myself, as Christians and patriotic citizens who loved their “fatherland” unconditionally. Personally I was devastated. I could not marry the Aryan woman I loved and my application for voluntary service in the Wehrmacht was denied, probably because I was of slight build and had brown eyes and hair. This was most embittering, considering the military history of both my paternal and maternal ancestors. Today, sixty years later and observing the precipitous decline of a typical multiracial and multicultural society, I am forced to conclude that it was exactly the racial and cultural unity of the Third Reich which enabled its people to survive the monstrous assault of their enemies and to arise again from the ashes of their nation. The present effort to destroy by all means this unity through the planned influx of millions of the unwashed garbage of the Third World and systematic destruction of all traditions in the mind of the present generation shows that Germany’s eternal enemies fully agree with me on this point. That this destruction proceeds under the direction of a Jewish dictator (Ignaz Bubis, head of the thirty to forty thousand strong Jewish community among eighty million Germans), who rules Germany solely through the strength of American bayonets, bodes ill for the future of that nation, if he should succeed in his nefarious plans. It is high time that Americans realize that they have been reduced to the unbecoming status of executioners for the all-powerful state of Israel.

It must be mentioned, that the Nuremberg laws only applied to German non-Aryans and never to Jewish visitors traveling under foreign passports, for whom there existed no restrictions whatsoever. The Jews were permitted their own organizations in sports, culture, medicine, schools and they even had their own department at Gestapo headquarters which was staffed by Zionists who welcomed the government’s anti-Jewish measures because they promoted their wished-for emigration of Jews to Palestine. There were a total of sixty training camps run by the Zionists under German sponsorship. However at this point the British objected and demanded that every Jewish immigrant must bring one thousand pounds sterling in gold (today equivalent to at least $50,000) in order to be permitted permanent residence in Palestine. The German government concluded the so-called “Transfer Agreement” with the Zionists and supplied the required funds from its scarce foreign exchange reserves to help young Jews emigrating to Palestine. About fifty thousand young Jews received this assistance which represented an outlay of $50,000,000 of pre-war dollars to the exchange-starved Reich. So much for the “planned destruction” of the Jews!

The international Olympics of 1936 presented a high point in the unrelenting rise of Germany. One had to be there to marvel at the expressions of astonishment on the faces of the guests from all over the world who had been prepared to expect a quite different appearance of a people “groaning under the yoke of Nazi tyranny.” The joy at the festivities and the show of solidarity and comradeship among the youth from everywhere in the world seemed to herald the coming of a new and peaceful future. Yet, until this day, the Jewish controlled journaille repeats the stupid story that Hitler left the games in order to avoid shaking hands with America’s top gold medal winner, Jesse Owens, a Negro. They conveniently forget to mention that Owens, like all the other medalists, was invited to a festive dinner at Hitler’s chancellery. This included, of course, also the Jewish girl, Helene Mayer, who won the silver medal in fencing for Germany. They also forget the remarks of another American Negro athlete, who, on his return was asked by a reporter: “Did you meet any nasty Nazis in Germany?” Answer: “No, I only met nice Germans and I didn’t have to ride in the back of the bus, either.”

Hitler’s unprecedented diplomatic successes, which, without exception, were achieved by peaceful negotiation, only increased the relentless propaganda war against Germany. This was primarily conducted by the Jewish-controlled foreign press and hostile emigrants. The Nuremberg Laws contained a specific clause, that in case of continuing Jewish attacks through propaganda or any other means, further restrictions of Jews in Germany would follow. And so they did. Most of the Jews wanted to emigrate but this was nearly impossible because no country was willing to receive them. Switzerland went so far that it asked the German government that all Jewish passports should be recognizable as such. Thereafter all Jewish passports had the additional first names “Israel” and “Sarah” added, for males and females respectively. These were names which no German Jew would have given his children. Also, a large letter “J” had to be imprinted on the first page of their passports. The murder of a very prominent National Socialist, Wilhelm Gustloff, in Switzerland by a Jewish assassin and another assassination by a Jew (the circumstances and name of the victim have slipped my mind) exacerbated anti-Jewish sentiments in Germany. Only the USA allowed a modest amount of immigrants, if the emigrating person had a relative in the States, who was an American citizen and would supply an affidavit stating that he was willing fully to support the immigrant as long as necessary, or if the latter could bring along adequate financial means to support himself for several years. Walking across the Rio Grande at night was definitely not considered an alternative in those days. Endless lines were forming around the block in Berlin which housed the US consulate by Jews hoping to get on the waiting list which would permit them to apply for an immigration visa after several months or even years of waiting time.

Austria finally united with the Reich amid the jubilant approval of practically the whole population. On his entrance into Austria, Hitler, the country’s most famous son, could barely proceed through the throngs of flower-throwing people. These were the same people whose Socialist parliament had nineteen years earlier voted unanimously to join the Reich but were then prevented by the Allied powers to do so under the threat of refusing the signing of a peace treaty. After the Anschluss the Austrian Jews faired much worse than those in Germany because the local population harbored much stronger anti-Jewish sentiments than in Germany. This was largely due to the fact that in predominantly Catholic countries there is always more religious bias against Jews, but in addition great resentment was caused by the influx of more than one hundred thousand Galician Jews into the starving capital Vienna after the war and by the creation of an independent Poland. Yet, when the previously mentioned cousin of my mother left the country for Brazil, the SS officer who inspected his baggage at the Swiss border saw in the first trunk the uniform of the former officer of one of the emperor’s exclusive guard regiments, he stepped back, gave the appropriate military salute and refrained from any further inspection.

Because of the great pressure exerted on the Austrian Jews President Roosevelt conceived the brilliant idea to convene an international conference at the lovely French resort at Evian (reads “naive” backwards) on the shores of Lake Geneva. The purpose of the meeting was to persuade every country present to lower its stringent immigration requirements and permit the remaining three hundred thousand Jews remaining in Germany to emigrate. It was July 1938, the weather in Evian was glorious and a good time was had by everybody. The results were according. Not one of the thirty-three nations present, including the USA, was willing to change its immigration laws! Dr. Goebbels was in sheer ecstasy. The display of hypocrisy was plenty of water on his propaganda mills. (“Doesn’t anyone want our geniuses?”) One German newspaper commented: “We see that one likes to pity the Jews, as long as one can use this pity for a wicked agitation against Germany, but that no state is prepared to fight the ‘cultural disgrace’ of central Europe by accepting a few thousand Jews. Thus the conference serves to justify Germany’s policy against Jewry.”

During the fall of 1938 Hitler achieved one of his greatest political triumphs. The return of the predominantly German Sudetenland was achieved without war. The anxiety of the people in Berlin during the Munich Conference was extremely high because the arrival of the Czech air force was expected at any minute. Their flying time to Berlin was less than half an hour and Germany was, at that time, totally unprepared for any major military confrontation. I shall never forget the evening Hitler returned from Munich. The relief and jubilation were without bounds. The anti-aircraft batteries in and around Berlin, some eighty guns, had been lined up along Hitler’s route from the railroad station to the chancellery and I was standing behind a good friend of mine who fired the electrically connected guns simultaneously with the push of one button. The roar of that salute was indescribable.

Part II

My stay in Germany came to an unexpectedly early end on November 5, 1938. I had received my diploma of engineering (MS) during April of that year but my efforts to obtain an adequate position in the German industry had been unsuccessful because of the ever-stricter application of the Nuremberg Laws. My father had a good and very influential friend, Dr. Hugo Eckener, who was president of the world famous Zeppelin and Maybach Motor Works. He was best known as the commander of the pioneering, world encircling flights of the Zeppelins during the Twenties and Thirties. He was also at the time the best known and most respected German in the United States. Upon his strong recommendation I decided to emigrate to the US, where he had influential connections and assured me that, despite an again deepening depression and rising unemployment, I should be able to find gainful employment. He arranged my personal introduction to the Consul General of the US, Mr. Raymond H. Geist. The latter was most cordial but regretted that he could not overrule the existing restrictions on immigration into the US.

This decision held even after I showed an affidavit of Eckener’s representative in the US, a vice-president of his own company, which guaranteed that I would be supported indefinitely after my arrival. The affidavit had to be ruled insufficient because the guarantor was no relative of mine. Even if adequate, it merely would put me on a waiting list for up to several years until my application could be acted upon. The only possible way to obtain an immigration visa in short order was to deposit a large sum into an American bank, which would enable me to immigrate as a capitalist. Dr. Eckener would have made the deposit for me, but under existing German laws one could not export more than ten marks ($4.00) at a time. This would have been the end of my efforts had not, by accident, a friend of Eckener, who was a vice-president of National City Bank of New York, been on a visit in Berlin. Upon my introduction to him he sat down and wrote a note to the Consul General in which he advised the Consulate that a sum of $10,000 (1938! when the price of a brand new Cadillac sedan was $1,650) has been deposited in my name at his bank in New York. With this note in my hands I returned to the US Consulate where I received my immigration visa in a couple of hours, accompanied by the personal good wishes of Mr. Geist.

Within less than two weeks, on November 4, 1938 at about 10 pm, I boarded the evening express in Berlin and went to sleep in my first class compartment. The train was to arrive the next morning in Flushing, Holland, where the good ship Ilsenstein was to take me aboard at 9 am. The small freighter, which had comfortable accommodations for about two dozen passengers, belonged to the Jewish-owned Bernstein Line, but was flying the German swastika. Just before the train arrived at the Dutch border, at 3 am, I was awakened by the appearance of three SS men in full regalia, who grabbed my voluminous baggage and ordered me off the train together with about a dozen of other emigrants. We were standing on an inhospitable railroad platform watching sadly the disappearing taillights of our comfortable express train. All I could think about at that moment was the part of my baggage which had been sent ahead to the steamer and was surely soon to disappear beyond the horizon. We were ordered into separate rooms for women and men, our baggage was thoroughly scrutinized and we had to take off our clothes, which were X-rayed to detect hidden documents. The SS men were in not too good a mood, which was understandable for men who had to get up at three o’clock in the morning to search the baggage of a bunch of emigrants. I was carrying my brand new expensive camera, my hundred year old violin, some of my mother’s jewelry and, besides the suitcases with my clothing and personal belongings, a special case loaded with our family silver consisting of about hundred pieces in nearly new condition. In addition, I was carrying my 9 mm Parabellum, which was ignored. My forebodings proved to be unfounded. We were ordered to dress, no questions were asked, our baggage was re-packed in good order and we could rejoin the ladies in the waiting room. One of the young Jewish ladies began to cry because of the nervous strain she had undergone. This changed the stern expression on the faces of the SS men into one of obvious concern and two of them tried to comfort her by buying her coffee and giving assurances that everything was going to be all right. Nothing was confiscated, nobody was detained! Two hours had passed and with it any hope that we were going to reach our ship before its departure. After boarding a slow train which carried us across the border, we were to make three changes to other slow trains before reaching Flushing with only minutes available for each change. The good Dutch must have been used to this routine and were well prepared.

At each station a large crew of baggage carriers descended on us, grabbed all of our baggage and without saying a word dumped us on the next train. The last one arrived in the nick of time in Flushing and discharged us at the side of the steamer which was ready to leave shortly.
The crossing of the Atlantic began more like a pleasure cruise than a flight. The accommodations were good, the food was outstanding and so plentiful, that I gained ten pounds during the trip. The all-German crew made every effort to make our presence on board as pleasant as possible and some of the young officers had a very good time with two attractive ladies among the passengers. It seemed that six years of incessant “racist hate propaganda” had not quite taken hold in the minds of the young Germans. On the fifth day out, however, the news of the anti-Jewish riots in Germany were received and somber thoughts about the future overshadowed the festive mood.

What had been the cause of the “Kristallnacht,” which resulted in damage to or destruction of 180 synagogues among the existing 14,000 and an equal percentage of Jewish businesses? A seventeen year old Polish Jew, Hershel Gruenspan, residing in Paris, had become so upset about the fate of his father in Germany that he armed himself with a pistol, walked into the German embassy and, not being able to see the ambassador, shot the first secretary, vom Rath. This being the third German official fatally assassinated by a Jew, the storm troopers were supposedly ordered out to take revenge on the Jewish population. This story is about as ridiculous as the by now discredited myth about the six million gassed Jews or the one about the slaughter of the Polish officers in Katyn by the Germans. The troubles of Gruenspan Sr. did not originate in Germany but in his native Poland, where the rampant anti-Judaism had caused the flight of tens of thousands of Jews into neighboring countries, mainly Germany, where they were treated as foreign visitors. In the beginning of 1938 the Polish government suddenly declared that it was going to invalidate all passports of citizens residing abroad if they did not return home to have them renewed. About 70,000 Jews with Polish passports were at the time residing in Germany, and the German government became worried that it might eventually become stuck with them. It ordered them rounded up and transported to the Polish border in regular trains, not cattle cars as it was claimed, with all the necessary supplies including medical personnel if needs should arise. Among them [was] Gruenspan Sr. The Poles refused to accept the deportees and the planned deportations were stopped for the time. Gruenspan’s son, Herschel, had been staying for two years with an uncle in Paris, who, after the Polish government’s revocation of Herschel’s passport and the French government’s refusal to renew his residence permit, asked him to leave in order to avoid problems with the French authorities. The uncle also refused him any further support. The supposedly penniless Jewish boy moved into a decent hotel in February and on November 7th he purchased a gun for 250 francs in a regular gun shop, with which, an hour later, he murdered the first secretary of the German embassy.

Interestingly enough, the hotel in which Herschel resided for over nine months without any visible means of support was situated right around the corner from LICA (International League Against Anti-Semitism, today called LICRA), whose legal representative was one of France’s most famous lawyers, Moro Giafferi. In 1936 he had defended David Frankfurter, the murderer of Wilhelm Gustloff, in Switzerland. That crime had obviously been engineered by LICA. Only a few hours after Gruenspan’s arrest at the German embassy, Ernst vom Rath was still alive and no news of the shooting could have been made public. Giafferi appeared at the police station which held Gruenspan and announced that he was representing the assassin. Who paid him? Why his interest in an unknown foreign criminal who was illegally residing in France?
Nothing ever happened to Gruenspan. After the fall of France the French authorities handed him over to the Gestapo, which detained him hale and healthy during the whole war without bringing him to trial. After the war he was not tried by the French but was permitted to emigrate to Palestine, where he was reunited with his family. They had been deported from Germany to Poland whence they emigrated to Palestine. Where did Gruenspan Sr., a poor tailor, obtain the four thousand pounds sterling required by the British to permit his family of four entrance into Palestine? The solution to these puzzling questions is revealed in Flashpoint, a book by Ingrid Weckert. On the fateful day of November 9th the whole hierarchy of the National Socialist party was assembled in Munich to commemorate the fallen of the Hitler putsch on the same day in 1923. When the first news of the riots hit the assembly, everybody was aghast and immediate orders went out to the SA and SS to suppress all attempts of doing damage to Jewish properties. The German government was extremely concerned about its image abroad which was constantly smeared by hostile propaganda and it is inconceivable that the riots were ordered at a high level. It has been established that any orders given were issued by telephone through agents provocateur, who followed a well thought-out plan doing the maximum damage to the German government and people. Through personal contacts I was well aware fifty-five years ago that the version of the whole affair, as given by the foreign press, was obviously wrong. The president of the company I eventually worked for happened to be a Herr vom Rath, the uncle of the murdered embassy secretary, from whom I got a more detailed description of what went on in Paris after the assassination. Dr. Eckener was in constant personal contact with Hermann Göring concerning air force matters and the building of a new airship, and he wrote to me that the air marshal was in a state of shock because of the irreparable damage done to the German reputation abroad.

Our journey continued through very stormy weather and on the 16th of November we disembarked in Hoboken. The reception was not too friendly because the customs inspection lasted for hours and turned out to be a disaster for a few. Some young Polish Jews were hit especially hard. They were trained craftsmen and not being able to export any sizable amount of money from either Germany or Poland, they had invested all they had in tools of their trade. They had no money to pay the required duty for their brand new equipment, which was simply confiscated. I wonder if they remembered their treatment at the Dutch border, where nothing was taken from the harshly persecuted ones.

When the surly customs inspector laid eyes on my brand new camera, my sterling silver flatware and my thirty year old, but still like-new looking microscope (but not my disassembled and concealed Luger) he literally began to salivate and declared everything for brand new and subject to duty payments. He had, however, not reckoned with the presence of my sponsor, Mr. Wilhelm von Meister, an imposing figure of nearly seven feet in height and capable of an impressive and demanding bearing. Already annoyed for having to come to Hoboken instead to one of the fancier shipping lines docking on the New York side, to which he was accustomed, he was visibly irritated by the slowness of the proceedings. He told the customs inspector in an inimitable British accent to repack everything because his time was too valuable to be wasted on such trivia. He further demanded that everything was to be kept under lock until the arrival of his lawyer, who would take care of the necessary formalities. The startled inspector retreated immediately to the office of his superior and reappeared shortly to tell us that everything was okay and that we could leave with all of my belongings. This showed me for the first time that even in a much-vaunted democracy some people are more equal than others.

Thereafter I was driven to New York City and installed at a very comfortable hotel in downtown Manhattan. This was followed by a sumptuous lunch at an exclusive club. Things were beginning to look up. My sponsor gave me $25 every week, which I was to repay after having obtained a job and getting settled. The weekly bill at the hotel amounted to $12 and a good dinner at that time was obtainable for less than $1.00. After three days at the hotel I got bored and called an acquaintance of mine who was residing at the International House of Columbia University. He immediately arranged for me to move uptown into a room at the House with a splendid view of the Hudson river and the George Washington bridge. The weekly cost of my new accommodation came to $9.00 and the food at the in-house cafeteria was even cheaper than in the downtown restaurants. I was beginning to feel affluent. The atmosphere at the house was most encouraging for a lonely stranger in a new country with a very limited knowledge of the then still prevailing language. The best I could do in English was to recite Marc Antonio’s funeral oration from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, which together with Hamlet’s “To be or not to be,” had to be learned by heart during my high school years in Berlin. This did not get me very far when trying to order a hot dog, a cheeseburger or asking a gruff-looking policemen for some direction in downtown Manhattan. His curt but easily understandable answer: “Why the hell don’t you learn first some English before asking stupid questions?” I must confess to some nostalgic thoughts at the time about the policemen in Berlin, placed at major intersections and carrying armbands designating the foreign languages they were speaking, who would accompany a stranger to the place he wanted to go, if they felt he didn’t understand their verbal directions.

At the House things were very different because quite a few people did speak German, including a number of acquaintances from Berlin and Vienna, whom I had not seen in years and who had arrived earlier. There was also a great number of very attractive girl students who, after proper introduction, were kind enough to help me in improving my knowledge of basic English. After celebrating my first Thanksgiving among the students of the House I had to give some serious thoughts to the finding of a job. I had good credentials and personal recommendations to top executives at General Electric, Allied Chemical, Hanovia and RCA, whose world famous director of research, Vladimir Zworykin, was a good friend of my thesis-father in Berlin, Max Knoll, the original inventor of the magnetic electron microscope. In the latter’s laboratory I had studied the then still very new and advanced field of electron-optics which became of fundamental importance to the development of TV picture- and camera-tubes. The course and the results of all these interviews with bigwigs of the American industry were of discouraging sameness.

Before each meeting I was picked up by a chauffeured limousine and a company representative who took me to lunch at an exclusive restaurant and, after consuming some fine food and a couple of soothing drinks, I was driven to a grimy looking factory in New Jersey where I was introduced to the top executive to whom I was recommended. After listening to a friendly and reassuring pep talk I was interviewed by several department heads, each of them offering me his best wishes for a successful future but regretting that at the time there were no openings in their departments. Thereafter I was driven to my temporary abode at the International House, again by chauffeured limousine but this time without accompanying company representative.

Christmas was approaching and I became increasingly pessimistic about my chances of finding employment in my chosen field or otherwise. The country was in a deepening recession and the glowing stories which I had heard during the listening to foreign broadcasts while still in Berlin, of how the friendly genius Roosevelt was leading his country to new economic heights, lost some of their luster. I was walking up and down the endless avenues of New York to catch the flavor of The City but only developed a bitter taste, which has remained ever since. Yet, I do not want to be totally negative, because if I compare the New York of 1938 with the one I last visited in 1982, it seemed like paradise lost! To someone having been primarily raised in the two cleanest places of the world south of Scandinavia, namely Berlin and Switzerland, the first impressions were devastating. The streets were far from clean and the wintry winds blew the dust through the canyons between the skyscrapers resulting in sore eyes. The subways were incredibly noisy and grimy. Millions of people with strangely expressionless faces were constantly rushing around, seemingly from nowhere to nowhere. The show windows appeared dull and their displays were lacking taste but sometimes showed refreshing humor. I fondly remember a department store displaying ladies’ unmentionables with a sign from a service station among them announcing: “We Are Fixing Flats.” The best and cheapest diversions were a ride on the Staten Island ferry, which cost only one nickel, and a visit to gorgeous Radio City Music Hall which cost only 44 cents, if you were in time for the first show which started at 11 am and lasted four hours. Even in those days, there was a noticeable hostility among all those different kinds of people who were thrown together into this gigantic heap which belonged to nobody and did not own anybody but only consumed its inhabitants.

Most of the once stately mid-town brownstones had been converted into multiple apartments consisting of a rather small living room, an even smaller bedroom and an improvised kitchenette-bathroom arrangement separated by a thin wall which only reached halfway to the ceiling. Many of the recently arrived immigrants wound up in these depressing places but soon moved up to Washington Heights located at the northern tip of Manhattan Island. There the apartments ranged from adequately roomy and airy to exclusively modern and beautiful with views of the Hudson River. A couple of years later this area was to be known as “Prussian Palestine,” where the obligatory Dachshunds spoke German only.

A few days after Christmas I was called to the office of my sponsor, Mr. von Meister, and was told that my hopeless search for employment had come to an end, because he had made arrangements for me to start work at the camera plant of Agfa-Ansco Corporation in Binghamton, NY. To understand how he was able to perform this seemingly impossible feat I must digress and relate some of his background as well as some of the history of the company where I was to start my career on the second day of the approaching New Year. Von Meister was, as previously mentioned, the son of a British mother. He was born and educated in England and therefore a British subject. His father was the president of the government of the Prussian state, Hesse-Nassau, and a prominent industrialist as well as one of the three founders of the giant German chemical trust known as IG-Farben. The trust consisted of six major combines, one of which was Agfa-Berlin, the number one supplier of photographic materials and equipment throughout Europe. The American subsidiary of IG-Farben was General Aniline and Film Corporation, which had purchased the venerable photographic firm of Anthony and Scovill in Binghamton, from then on called Agfa-Ansco. There they produced all types of photographic films, papers and chemicals as well as low priced cameras in competition with Kodak and DuPont. Because of the high quality of their products, especially the photographic papers, they became very successful. Von Meister had come to the US in the Twenties where he became, only twenty-some years old, the sales representative of Luerssen Yachts, a German manufacturer of large and luxurious motor yachts. They must have sold very well during the Roaring Twenties, because after the Depression hit the country in the early Thirties, von Meister was able to found his own company which produced reproduction papers for engineering drawings. The new product, he introduced, known as Diazo-Print, was the property of IG-Farben and therefore easily available to von Meister. Eventually Diazo-Print replaced blueprinting in the US as it had done previously in Germany and most of Europe. His company, Ozalid Corp., was located in Johnson City, NY, a small town situated between its two sister cities, Binghamton and Endicott. The latter was the home of IBM. Johnson City was hometown to the Endicott-Johnson shoe factory. Binghamton had, in addition to Agfa-Ansco, the Link Aviation Corporation and later a large division of Remington-Rand Corp. The whole area of the “Triple Cities” called itself the “Valley of Opportunity.” Shortly before my arrival Ozalid had fused with General Aniline and Film Corp. and von Meister became thereby a vice president in this large combine. The financial relations with IG-Farben were severed for political reasons and their interest in General Aniline, today known as GAF, was taken over by Swiss Interhandel, a financial institution of Switzerland. These details are important to appreciate the actions of the US Government a few years later.

On December 30, 1939 I arrived by bus in Binghamton and settled temporarily in von Meister’s beautiful little summer house in Johnson City. The following week I was introduced to the management of Agfa-Ansco where I found to my great surprise that nearly everybody from the president down to the chief engineer was a recently arrived Jewish émigré from Germany. As everybody knows today, IG-Farben was the terrible outfit which mistreated Jewish deportees in their large Buna (artificial rubber) Works located in Auschwitz. Of course their management was tried after the war and many of them severely punished for their alleged misdeeds. Anyway, during the late Thirties Agfa-Berlin was pressured by the German government to get rid of its high-level Jewish staff members and arrived at the heinous solution of deporting them to the wild west in Binghamton, NY, where they languished at salaries from fifteen to fifty thousand dollars per annum. These salaries were published by the local press at the end of each year and should be compared with my starting salary of $1,300 ($25 per week) and the then-existing minimum wage of $0.45 per hour for a factory worker. But even with my modest income I was able to scrape together the $50 down payment for a four year old Pontiac in less than eight weeks. In prosperous Germany I would have to work several years before I could think about the purchase of an automobile.

The first eight months of the year were mostly enjoyable. The work at the newly created research department was easy, the American people were very friendly and quite different from the types encountered in New York. The streets were clean and safe and the entrances to the houses were left unlocked during the night. There was some resentment because a greenhorn such as I had what was then considered a well paying job, while many locals were unemployed during the still-unrelieved Depression.

The personal difficulties I had were mainly with ethnic Germans who had immigrated into the US in the Twenties. They resented my efforts of setting them straight with respect to their distorted views of the Third Reich, which had been infected with anti-German media propaganda. My efforts to give them a more balanced view of the new Germany were usually given the pat admonishment: “Vee are Americans and venn in America you have to do as ze Americans do.” This attitude, shared by the vast majority of ethnic Germans, comprising about twenty percent of the total population, is actually quite laudable and could, if practiced by the numerous and more vociferous minorities, would make life in our times much more agreeable. For the German-Americans it has led to a situation were they have, despite their not inconsiderable contributions to the progress and well-being of this country, become the politically most impotent group in the US. Compare this with the influence and power of American Jewry, whose supposedly two percent of the population occupies nearly fifty percent of the seats of the upper echelons of our government, and exerts an iron grip over the remainder. There is not a single German-sounding name in the ranks of our present administration! A more active participation in American politics by the large German minority would certainly have prevented the idiotic and disastrous participation of the US in a war in Europe which was instigated by the imperialistic ambitions of Russia, France and England. (For the best researched background to that conflagration, make sure to read Degrelle’s Hitler: Born at Versailles). It also would probably have nullified the sinister plans of Roosevelt which caused the outbreak of the war in Poland and dragged the American people into it through his lying and the cynical sacrifice of nearly three thousand sailors and soldiers at Pearl Harbor.

The spring of 1939 saw Hitler’s last effort to solve the problems of the German Jews in a civilized manner. He sent Hjalmar Schacht, the president of the Reichsbank and architect of of the German recovery, to England for the purpose of negotiating a large loan which would enable Germany to let the remaining 250,000 Jews emigrate with their belongings and the necessary financial means to assure the required immigration visas. The governor of the Bank of England, Montagu Norman, along with many members of parliament, were agreeable to this scheme but it was immediately torpedoed by Chaim Weitzmann and the warmongers around Churchill, who had become a faithful servant of the Jewish banking hierarchy after they had saved him from bankruptcy from the loss of his fortunes in the crash of 1929. In earlier times he had been an outspoken anti-Jew. The Polish dictator Pilsudski had concluded a friendship and non-aggression treaty with Hitler but after his death the brainless chauvinistic successor, Colonel Beck, became a willing victim of Anglo-American intrigues. When Hitler advanced the incredibly generous offer to Poland which let her keep the totally undeserved spoils from World War I, and only asked permission to build an autobahn through the former German lands making up the “Korridor” to connect East Prussia with the Reich, and asked for the return of the predominantly German city Danzig, he was rebuffed. Danzig was a free city under the protectorate of the League of Nations. Roosevelt’s traveling emissary, William Bullit, had completed his assignment well in Warsaw and London. England concluded a treaty with Poland promising instant help in case of war with Germany. Careful and treacherous as usual! For the still large German minority in Poland an incredible rule of terror ensued immediately. It resulted in 58,000 gruesomely mutilated German corpses, victims of murderous, thieving Polish mobs. The events and political machinations during the final days of August and the beginning of September are meticulously reported and referenced in the book, The Forced War, by the eminent American historian David Hoggan. The assumption of any guilt of Hitler in the outbreak of the war is simply ludicrous. Hitler, who had by then concluded the famous non-aggression pact with Stalin, reacted swiftly to the excesses of the Poles against the helpless German minorities in their midst and their multiple border violations.

During two month-long visits to Warsaw, where my mother’s cousin (the one who survived seven years of captivity in Siberia during the first war) was manager of the largest and most exclusive nightclub in all of eastern Europe, I had plenty of opportunity to observe the large amount of Polish officers swaggering through the streets in their impressive uniforms and boasting about how they would get to Berlin in less than two weeks and ride triumphantly through the Brandenburg Gate. They had been persuaded by their leaders that the new German army was badly equipped and poorly trained and would revolt as soon as Hitler sent them to war. Well, they had to revise their travel plans a bit. The outmoded Polish air force was smashed in the first few hours of the conflict before it even could take to the air. Thereafter their army was driven eastwards into the loving embrace of the Russians, which had in the meantime advanced to the demarcation line previously agreed upon between Hitler and Stalin. The good friends of the Polish people in London and Paris declared war on Germany but did not send a single round of rifle ammunition to help them in their distress. Neither did they order a few regiments to distract the Germans in their endeavor to resolve the Polish question once and forever. Maybe I am wrong about that, because there is a story floating about that a couple of French regiments advanced a mile across the border into the Saarland but beat a hasty retreat after sighting a few German uniforms. The brutal but cautious Asiatic tyrant, ruling in Russia, immediately solved the problem of a possible organized resistance in Poland by ordering fourteen thousand of their officers and intelligentsia to be liquidated by the simple expedient of a single shot in the back of the head. This exemplary display of efficiency and frugality should be a valuable lesson to our money-squandering military establishment. The supposedly even more brutal Germans sent many of the captured Polish officers to schools were they could study fields of their choice, hoping that they would become useful members of the human society. This was possibly a mistake.

After the successful completion of the Polish campaign Hitler began the demobilization of his army, because he was convinced that the British were sufficiently reasonable to discontinue a war which by now had become utterly senseless. Most of the British were possibly agreeable to this, as were the French. Not so Mr. Roosevelt, who ordered his ambassador, Joe Kennedy, to “put some iron up the British backsides.” Kennedy was reluctant to do it, was recalled and went home fearing for his life, according to his own remarks. The war continued; Hitler sent his soldiers to the recently constructed West wall and the warring armies were staring at each other for several months. The “phony war!”

After several unsuccessful tries to persuade the stubborn English to make peace, Hitler finally decided to end this nonsense and went to the attack. The invincible French army as well as their British allies and even the impenetrable Maginot Line collapsed within a few weeks under the rapid advance of Guderian’s panzers and the relentless pounding of the Stukas. The British retreated to Dunkerque, Hitler ordered his victorious panzers to stop and let the expeditionary force escape to England. This was a very bad mistake which none of his enemies would have made. But then he was after all a sort of idealist who simply could not comprehend that his racial brothers across the sea would not finally see the light and agree to make peace. They didn’t, which eventually cost them their empire and reduced them to the status of a small secondary power. Their megalomaniacal, alcoholic leader was from now on merely a lieutenant to our “great” president.

The French were ordered to sign the armistice in the same railroad car in which the Germans were previously forced to sign the armistice after the First War. In typical brutal Hitlerian fashion he ordered a German army band to strike up the French national anthem at the arrival of the emissaries and opened his speech by paying homage to his brave enemies who had fallen in the defense of their country. Compare this with the humiliating behavior of the “gentlemen” of the British army who, after the final defeat of Germany, arrested the only legal post-Hitlerian German government of Admiral Doenitz. They stormed into the room where the Germans had been waiting for them, shouting: “Hands up, pants down!” and proceeded to steal all their personal items including the fountain pens. For me, having grown up in post-Versailles Germany, the day of the signing of the French surrender was one of the happiest of my life. Justice had finally been done!

Back in Binghamton my life became less carefree because of the incessant anti-German propaganda which was to push the reluctant American people into joining the homicide far beyond their shores. Theodore Kaufmann was laboring on his infamous opus, Germany Must Perish, which demanded that all Germans of reproductive age should be sterilized, a book which was highly recommended by Roosevelt, especially for recruits of the newly drafted army. It was said that the Germans, who were not even able to cross the English Channel in force, were going to invade Brazil and proceed their march northwards to attack the US. The highly-paid Jewish managers of Agfa-Ansco suddenly became suspected of being secret Nazi agents and as for me personally, most people were sure of it because not only was I not Jewish but I had also previously defended Germany and worst of all I had required a secondhand Buick for the princely sum of $750 as early as November 1939. Since this seemed to be impossible, considering my still low-level position, I must surely have received remunerations for my activities in service of the Third Reich. In addition, some observant neighbor had seen me at night carrying a suspicious looking briefcase, probably containing contraband of some sort. Actually I was attending an evening course in order to improve my still very limited English and carried my writing papers in the briefcase. I was reported to the local District Attorney and called on the carpet for this deviation. It took the chief of the Binghamton FBI office to supply me with a clean bill of health. [Try that today!]

With the beginning of 1941 I also had some problems in connection with my mother. She was still living by herself in Berlin, since my parents had been divorced back in 1919. The nightly attacks of the RAF on the city were becoming a real nuisance and she put great pressure on me to facilitate her immigration. This was again very difficult to achieve. My affidavit for her was rated as insufficient, because of my limited income and also I had as yet not become a full citizen. My first papers of citizenship were already issued during 1939. The American Consul General, Mr. Geist, had shortly after my leaving Germany become acting ambassador because Ambassador Dodd was recalled by Roosevelt. In the spring of 1940 Geist was also returning to America to be put in charge of commercial affairs in the department of state in Washington. I visited him shortly after his return in the DOS and at his home in Georgetown, where he assured me that Roosevelt was getting into this war come hell or high water. (“I say it now and again and again, that your sons will never be sent to fight on foreign soil, etc. etc…..”) I therefore knew already then that the war was lost for Germany and felt that I owed it to my mother to spare her the inevitably approaching catastrophe. Geist advised me that my mother could only hope to come here by way of a capitalist immigration visa. My by-then good friend and mentor von Meister took it upon himself to deposit $3,500 into a bank account for my mother, who then received her immigration visa for the US without any further delay. The next problem was how to get her out of Germany and Europe. With the air war raging over Germany, civilian transportation was sharply restricted, especially for totally unessential emigrants to the US, which was by now considered enemy territory because of Roosevelt’s loaning fifty destroyers to Britain and his surreptitiously ordered attacks on German submarines in the Atlantic. This time Dr. Eckener solved our problem by a personal call to Air Marshal Göring, who at that time was already plagued by more pressing problems than the transportation of my mother. Nevertheless, he immediately ordered that she be put on a diplomatic flight to Lisbon, which took her there two days later. After a wait of two weeks she was able to board a freighter which brought her to America. Only two weeks after her arrival, Hitler was forced to start the preventive war against the Soviet Union, after Stalin had assembled 140 divisions, and a larger and more modern tank force than Germany could muster at the time, at the eastern border of the Reich. Stalin was ready to start his dreamed-of conquest of Europe.

Surprisingly, the German army beat the Russians to the gates of Moscow, despite its lower numbers and inferior tanks. They did, however, have much better trained soldiers and far superior leadership. The advance of the Germans was stopped by the onset of an abnormally harsh winter for which they lacked the appropriate clothing. Stalin’s breathing spell was used to re-equip his forces, thanks to a massive influx of American war matériel of all kinds. Stalin could also shift his large Siberian armies to the west, having concluded a non-aggression pact with Japan, which made the fatal mistake to fall into the trap Roosevelt had set for them at Pearl Harbor. Had they attacked Russia instead, to help their ally Germany, Stalin could not have recovered from his defeat and Roosevelt would not have been able to drag this country into the war by the back door.

My situation in Binghamton became now quite precarious. After Pearl Harbor all German emigrants who had as yet not acquired full citizenship (it took a minimum of five years of continuous residence in the US to receive the second and final papers) had to leave Agfa-Ansco, which by now was named simply Ansco Corp. This included the Jewish top managers. The Swiss-owned General Aniline was illegally disowned and put under the totally inept management of the Enemy Alien Property Custodian. In addition, the top management of the corporation was sued for infringement of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

It was a totally ridiculous, trumped-up charge and the government indirectly admitted as much by thwarting every effort to let it come to a trial. Von Meister was able to switch me to his Ozalid Corp., but a few days later the axe fell on him, too. A born Britisher who had years ago become an American citizen was now considered suspect because his late father had been a prominent figure in imperial Germany. The well laid plans of my becoming the future director of research at the camera plant were thereby shattered. One afternoon three agents of the FBI showed up and confiscated my camera (it was returned in good condition after the war) as well as those of my two roommates. I showed them the shortwave coils, which I had removed from my radio set, as required by the law, which prohibited the possession of shortwave radios by enemy aliens. One of the agents turned on the radio and, believe it or not, the booming voice of Der Führer filled the room, giving a major pep talk to the German nation. Short waves are very tricky. Everybody had a good laugh but the radio was taken anyhow. The next day a front page photo appeared in the local blat showing all the contraband taken from the enemies and, of course, all their names given. As it turned out I stayed at Ozalid another eight months, but then I had to leave because their copy papers were considered essential to the war effort.

In four years my career had now advanced from an unwanted non-Aryan in Germany to an unemployed enemy alien in the US. Because I had to eat and to support my mother, I was desperately looking for a job until the kind hearted owner of a German-American bakeshop hired me to drive his delivery truck, which brought bread and rolls to most of the restaurants in and around Binghamton. This job actually paid as well as my former engineering position, but when the owner found out about my professional background he immediately pulled me off the truck and wanted me to look after the machinery in his largely automated bakery. First I had to learn everything about baking bread, which paid much less than driving a truck, but to keep me he gave me a raise every week. The working hours were brutal. I had to be at the shop at 3 am and left around 2 pm. Being already used to a more leisurely approach to making a living, I got on the phone to call Mr. Geist at the department of state and let him have my tale of woe. Within a few days I held in my hands the papers, which stated that I could be hired for war-work up to the classification of “Confidential.” I was now on my own and luckily another German-American, who was director of research at the Tung-Sol Lamp works in Newark hired me over the telephone. Newark not being a very attractive place, I rented a nice little apartment in a high-rise on Manhattan’s West Side. Everything went well for about nine months, when I was called in to my boss, who sadly told me, that “Washington” had revoked my working permit. No reasons given. Some dimwitted official probably had to show that he was doing his job, watching diligently that no dangerous alien impaired the safety of the war effort. I was told that I would be paid an additional two weeks and that I could return as soon as I straightened things out with Washington. In a similar case affecting a German-American colleague of mine who was already a full citizen, the “straightening-out” process had taken six months. Sitting with my mother in a, for me rather costly, apartment, recently furnished on credit, the situation was depressing to say the least. And now, on my way home, I experienced one of those little episodes which assured me that there is something basically all right with the American people and gives hope, even in the present desperate times, that things eventually can be turned around. In passing a small shop selling electrical appliances and radios I noticed a sign in the window: “Radio Repair-Man Wanted!” I had absolutely no experience in radio repair, but being at least theoretically quite familiar with the functioning of a radio set and having built some primitive sets by myself, when I was still a kid about fifteen years earlier, I decided to try this “opportunity.”

The little old lady who owned the shop asked me about my radio know-how and I told her that I was a graduated engineer and an expert in the design of radio tubes. Hearing my very heavy accent she then asked where I had come from. I could have told her that I was Swiss or Austrian, which would have been at least partially true, but in my somewhat bitter mood I blurted out, “I am German!” and got ready to leave. Then something happened, which could not have happened in any other country under similar circumstances. She simply said, “Oh! If you are German, you must be a good repairman and you can start work immediately.” She was definitely not of German extraction. In my weakened condition, I was ready to burst into tears. With all the propaganda constantly telling how dangerous these wicked Germans were, she must have actually retained some common sense and refused to believe that vicious nonsense.
My career as a radio repair man was only short-lived. As usual, I had called Mr. Geist at the department of state and told him of my problems. He said that he was going to look into what could be done in my behalf. It was two weeks later that I was just removing an electrocuted and partially decomposed mouse from a bad-smelling, inoperative radio set, when I got a call from my boss at Tung-Sol. “Heinz,” he said, “a miracle has happened. The United States Government has moved within less than two weeks in your case and you can come back immediately to your old job.”

The remaining two years of the war were personally rather uneventful. Shortly before the surrender of Germany I was called to a final interview about my upcoming citizenship. The interviewer, a very unpleasant Jewish lady, started by asking if I was not ashamed for holding on to my German name, to which I angrily replied that I saw no reason not to be proud of my German heritage. This about ended the interview and I was convinced that I had failed in my efforts to become an American citizen. To my great surprise a couple of days later, I received notice to appear in court to be sworn in as a new citizen and to pick up my final papers. My first act, after being sworn in, was to take a subway train to a downtown gun shop were I purchased a Springfield rifle, caliber .30-’06, in perfect condition. At the time, non-citizens were still prohibited from possessing any kind of firearm and when I walked home with my new acquisition proudly slung across my back, I began to realize that I finally had become an American.

During the postwar years we have experienced an ever-increasing propaganda effort denigrating everything German, including a vicious campaign aimed at the poisoning of the minds of generations of German youths, unfortunately with great success. Nothing of the kind was ever done to the Japanese, who after all did attack the US, even if it was in desperate self defense against being choked by economic strictures enforced by our government. There never has been an established act of enmity by Germany against the US before the former was attacked by the latter in the First or Second World Wars. But then, the Japanese did not persecute Jews. They did not have to, because there was no Jewish presence in Japan.
The complete lack of veracity in reporting anything about Germany and the outbreak of the war became obvious to me shortly after I arrived in this country and my conviction that a colossal fraud was imposed on the American people by the Jewish-controlled media has been reinforced ever since. I like to relate a few personal experiences which started me on the road of becoming a one hundred percent supporter of historical revisionism.

Already at a very early age I became aware of the fact that my mother was received with open arms into the family of my father, while a great number of her own family never forgave her for marrying a “goy.” In later years I found that this is the rule rather than an exception. In case of mixed marriages it is nearly always the Jewish part of the family which shows resentment and only very rarely the non-Jewish. This racist attitude found its most concrete expression in the Israeli law forbidding its citizen the marriage with non-Jews. Only very recently was this law repealed.

I mentioned above that my mother had a cousin who spent seven years as a prisoner of war in Siberia and had become the manager of a very exclusive nightclub in Warsaw. During my visits in 1934 and 1936, I had become friendly with the two bandleaders, a pair of Jewish brothers, who conducted the two excellent orchestras on the premises, which were kept open twenty-four hours every day. Later, in 1939, the great World’s Fair opened in New York. Symbolically the most impressive structure, at least on the outside, was the Soviet Russian pavilion. Thanks to the machinations of New York’s mayor, LaGuardia, Germany was not permitted to build an exhibit, a decision made more than a year before the outbreak of hostilities in Europe. During the second year of the fair in the summer of 1940 I again visited the mostly exquisite exhibits. While standing in front of the Polish pavilion, who should walk up to me but my Warsawian acquaintance, one of the bandleaders from my cousin’s nightclub. Upon my question as to how he was able to get out of Poland, he told me that he, his brother and their family had been very lucky. When the German armies were approaching Warsaw, they packed up and started to flee eastwards. After hearing that the Russians were invading Poland from the east, they immediately and luckily decided to put their fate into the hands of the rapidly advancing Germans. Shortly after turning around they fell into the hands of the SS. Being able to produce their valid immigration visas for the US, they were treated with the utmost consideration by the SS, which immediately made arrangements for their safe transportation through war-torn Poland and from there to Turkey from where they secured passage to the US.

Sometime during the year 1946 I attended a party in New York where many Jews were present. One of the young fellows spoke fluent German and during a conversation he told me that he had spent many months as an internee at the Buchenwald-Belsen concentration camp. Immediately I asked him about the Beast of Belsen, Ilse Koch (Lampshades of specially picked human skins, etc., etc.). “Oh, those are just stories,” he said. “I know for certain, because for several months I was assigned the duty to be her chamber boy who had to clean her premises. She acted absolutely normal and correctly and was never abusive. Only after what happened to her husband, the camp commander, she came close to a nervous breakdown.” He had embezzled funds which were part of the money designated to purchase the necessary supplies for the inmates of the camp, was prosecuted of his crime by an SS court, sentenced to die and summarily shot. To anybody familiar with the extremely strict rules of conduct for the German armed forces, especially in occupied enemy territory, this story is not very surprising. For example, any German soldier caught raping a woman faced a firing squad shortly thereafter. Compare this with the announcement of the Russian commanders to their forces invading Germany at a later date, that all enemy females were their property, or the recommendation of President Roosevelt that our troops should study Kaufmann’s tract, Germany Must Perish, which recommended that all Germans of reproductive age be sterilized. The case of Ilse Koch went eventually before the American High Commissioner of occupied Germany, Mark Clark, by whom she was exonerated of all pending charges and freed. Several years later the German authorities were pressured into re-arresting her (Never forget, never forgive!) and [she] allegedly committed suicide in her cell.

A very substantial boost to my revisionist thinking was received during my first of several business trips to Israel. Like every other visitor I was subjected to an obligatory visit of the holocaust museum, Yad Vashem. On entering I observed a small (8 by 10) framed note hung up on the wall facing the entering visitor but easily overlooked because of its diminutive size. It stated that there were never any extermination camps within the borders of the Reich. Only in occupied Poland were the murderous gassings performed. I was thunderstruck by this revelation right from the horse’s mouth! It was July 1978 and I had never heard through our “official” media that all of the stories about exterminations in German camps were obvious lies. Not even to this day is this public knowledge. To the contrary, not a day passes that the newspapers do not refer, either directly or through letter writers calling themselves eye witnesses, to the victims of mass-murder in the German camps. The, by now admitted, mass murder of 560 mostly invalid Waffen-SS front fighters at Dachau by the American “liberators” is discretely never mentioned (see: Buechner, Dachau, The Day of the Avenger). Another revealing piece of information, on the same 8 by 10 inch announcement, informs the astonished reader that on the 5th November, 1938 (which accidentally happens to be the day on which I emigrated) only 250,000 Jews were left in all of Germany. Of those, it says, about 100,000 survived the war in Germany while about 150,000 cannot be accounted for. The remaining 450,000 of the prewar Jewish population of Greater Germany, about 700,000, had thereby already safely emigrated before the above mentioned date. Not mentioned was how many of the missing 150,000 emigrated between the fall of 1938 and the summer of 1941, when the forced deportation of the remaining German Jews began, or how many perished during the genocidal Allied attacks on the German civilian population. The first or second room displayed a wall-sized mural of the famous picture of the little Jewish boy followed by his family, hands raised in front of a German soldier with rifle lowered at the pathetic group.

Of course everybody knows that these people were being marched off to the gas chambers to meet their doom. At the moment of this writing I am holding in my hands a large book, entitled Adolph (sic) Hitler–A Photographic Documentary, by Ivor Mantanle, 1983, Crescent Books, Crown Publishers. It is opened to a double-spread copy of the famous picture. The title says: “The image of this little boy in Warsaw shocked the world and became a wartime symbol of the horrors of Nazi persecution of the Jews. Amazingly he survived and is today a prosperous London businessman. He has never forgotten his ordeal in spring 1943.” In the meantime there have spoken up one or two more men in New York and England, who vie for the fame of being the miraculously surviving little boy. The pictures of thousands of burst pregnant women, burnt children and partially molten corpses, the leftovers of the firestorm in Dresden, have not made it, as yet, to any public showing. Nor those of the German soldiers who had surrendered in Prague and were strung up by their feet, alive, soaked with gasoline and lit to illuminate the triumphal return of Mr. Benes.

Since there seems to be no shortage of “Holocaust” survivors around the world, I should like at this point to mention some more revealing statistics. According to a carefully conducted population study by Sanning (The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry), which takes into account the flight of Jews from these areas before the war as well as the evacuation of more than two million Jews by the Soviets in the areas soon to be occupied by the advancing German armies (they were dropped somewhere in Siberia and left to shift for themselves), there were about 3.5 million Jews who were left in the domain occupied and controlled by Germany, which reached from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea. As, of course, everybody knows, six million of them were murdered by the vicious Nazis. Yet only a few years ago I read in the German-language, Jewish weekly “Aufbau” from New York the proud announcement, that already more than four million “Holocaust” survivors have received financial restitutions from Germany! To comprehend these numbers to be simultaneously as correct must take a mathematical genius of Einsteinian dimensions. Looking into my latest World Almanac (1989) I also discover some astounding facts. Remembering the Jewish declaration of war against Germany–not against the Nazis!–in the London Daily Telegraph of March 1933, it said that fourteen million Jews worldwide stood behind this declaration. Subtract six million, which leaves eight million.

According to my World Almanac, which bases its numbers on Jewish sources, there were 18,075,400 Jews worldwide (pg. 591). For reasons unbeknownst to me the breakdown of this number by geographical regions totally suppresses the roughly four million Jews in Israel! In a recent book by the Russian-Jewish author Sonya Sallmann (?), which exposes the true extent of Jewish control in Soviet Russia, it is claimed that the present count of about four million Jews in Russia is simply ludicrous and a number of ten million would be by far more realistic. This would leave the worldwide Jewish population at well above twenty-five million! A remarkable recovery by a people whose leadership constantly bemoans the frightfully low birthrate of Jewry. I should also like to mention that the recent reduction of more than two and a half million from the roster of supposed victims in Auschwitz has not even made a dent in the six million trumpeted on a daily basis by our “free democratic” media. Finally I want to state my firm conviction, being thoroughly familiar with German efficiency as well as the attitude of eastern Europeans towards their Jewish host populations, that, if it was decided by the Germans to exterminate the Jews, they would have solved this problem promptly and without encountering any gigantic logistic problems, by simply putting up posters announcing to the indigenous populations that from now on there was open season on all Jews. The Jewish problem would have disappeared permanently within a few weeks or maybe months.

The sickening continuation of the war by other means is the main reason for my writing these compressed memoirs of mine, hoping that some people, by reading them, might change their minds about Germans and their National Socialist government. I have always regretted that I was not permitted to serve Germany in its time of great need and feel absolutely no resentment because of Hitler’s racial policies. To the contrary, I am convinced that the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 were an absolute necessity and if they could be enforced throughout that part of the world which still considers itself white they would prevent a coming disaster of unimaginable dimensions. Only a highly disciplined, racially and culturally homogeneous nation, like Hitler’s Germany, could have achieved the unprecedented recovery from nearly total destruction and loss of practically all resources and one-third of her territory to her sadistically vengeful, victorious assassins. The systematic effort to convert the world into a racial cesspool will lead to a condition which was predicted by Hitler seventy years ago in his fundamental work, Mein Kampf. These are his words: “If ever the Jew succeeds in conquering the people of this world by means of his Marxist ideology, his crowning achievement will be the dance of death of humanity. The planet will then move through space without a human being, like millions of years ago.”

With my very best wishes for you and your wife, I am always yours.

Heinz H. Weichardt

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Children of the Black Sun

Children of the black Sun by Fyrung



Barn av den Svarta Solen

Födda ibland skuggor
Reducerade till trälar
Förpassade till mörkret
Dock med glödande själar
Ty en tid av hämnd skall komma
För rättvisa att skipas
Då kämpaglöd åter skall tändas
Och Nordens svärd slipas

Vandrats av de våra
Har självbedrägeriets stig
Men åter skall vi samlas
Och ge oss ut i krig
Må krigets larm ljuda
Må dödsstjärnan gnistra
Och kasta ljus över vår stig
Som är den sinistra

Barn av den svarta solen
Komma åter skall er tid
En gyllene gryning
Skall så slutligen taga vid
Vi inväntar signalen
Ödeskampen för vår sort
Gjallarhornets larm
Låt oss storma fiendens fort

Slutstriden nalkas
Pionjärerna förbrödras
En cirkel att sluta
Vårt folk skall återfödas
En cykel att fullborda
Tvivel skall försvinna
Förtryckarnas tempel
Skall i vredens eldar brinna

Renande lågor skall
Sträcka sig mot himmelen
Nordens barn
Skall resa sig igen
Hyperboreas söner
Komma åter skall er tid
Satya Yuga
Skall så slutligen taga vid

Barn av den svarta solen
Komma åter skall er tid
En gyllene gryning
Skall så slutligen taga vid
Vi inväntar signalen
Ödeskampen för vår sort
Gjallarhornets larm
Låt oss storma fiendens fort



Kinder der Schwarze Sonne

Unter Schatten geboren
Reduzierte Sklaven
Zum die Dunkelheit Absteiger
Obwohl mit glühenden Seelen zu allen
Eine Zeit der Rache wird kommen
Für Gerechtigkeit zu tun
Wenn Kampfgeist wieder Soll entzündet werden
Und die nordischen Schwerter geschärft werden vereint

Gemacht Wanderern durch eigene
Auf einem selbst trügerisch Pfad
Aber werden wir wieder sich vereinigen
So gehen Sie mit Zuversicht in den Krieg
Möge der Krieg die Warnung klingen
Möge der Todesstern schein
Um werfen Licht auf unserem Weg
Das ist sinister
Sinister !!

Kinder der Schwarze Sonne
Wieder wird Ihre Zeit kommen
Eine goldene Dämmerung
Wird letztlich ankommen
Wir warten auf das Signal
Die verhängnisvollen Kampf für unsere Volk
Gjallarhorn Warnung
Lassen Sie uns Sturm
Die feindliche Festung

Die letzte Schlacht Ansätze
Visionäre verbrüdern
Zu Einem Zyklus abzuschließen
Unser Volk wird aus der Asche steigen
Ein Zyklus abzuschließen
Alle zweifel verschwinden
Tempel von den Unterdrückern
Wird verbrennen im Feuer des Zorns

Reinigung lodert verlängern
Nach das Himmel
Nordisch Kinder
Sollen wieder steigen
Hyperborea Söhne
Aufs Neue Ihre Zeit soll Kommen
Ära der Wahrheit
Soll übernehmen schließlich

Kinder der Schwarze Sonne
Wieder wird Ihre Zeit kommen
Eine goldene Dämmerung
Wird letztlich ankommen
Wir warten auf das Signal
Die verhängnisvollen Kampf für unsere Volk
Gjallarhorn Warnung
Lassen Sie uns Sturm
Die feindliche Festung



Children of the Black Sun

Born among shadows
Reduced to thralls
Banished to the dark
Though with glowing souls to all
For a time of revenge shall come
For justice to be done
When fighting spirit again shall be ignited
And the Noridc swords sharpened are united

Made wanderers by our own
On a self deceptive path
But again shall we assemble
To go with confience to war
May the war sound the alarm
May the death star glimmer
To cast light on our path
That is sinister

Children of the black sun
Again shall your time come
A golden dawn
Shall come ultimately
We await the signal
The fatefull battle for our kind
Alarm of the gjallarhorn
Let us storm
Our enemy’s fort

The final battle approaches
Visionaries fraternize
A circle to shut
Our people shall rise from the ashes
A cycle to complete
Doubts shall disappear
Temple of the oppressors
Shall burn in fires of wrath

Purifying blazes shall extend
To the heavens
Nordic children
Shall rise again
Sons of hyperborea
Your time shall come anew you’ll see
Era of truth
Shall take over eventually

Children of the black sun
Again shall your time come
A golden dawn
Shall come ultimately
We await the signal
The fatefull battle for our kind
Alarm of the gjallarhorn
Let us storm
The enemy’s fort

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Europa – Deiwūts Gīmsenjas Dēinā Adolf Hitler! der Visionär financed by jewish behaviour

Deiwūts Gīmsenjas Dēinā Adolf Hitler!

Höchste erleuchteten geistliche Übermensch von Nietzsche, Unsere Heilige Adolf Hitler, Siegreicher Heil unsere heiligen Führer, Europäische Blutzeuge aus Deutschland, Hoch Irminsulältester von Wotanismus und Märtyrer des Reiches!

88 konig hitler

Sie sind nur in der Lage, das deutsche Volk wegen der Tatsache zu führen, dass sie von dem deutschen Volk geführt werden.

Kinder der Schwarze Sonne

heil euch

Barn av den Svarta Solen


jewish behaviour, it’s so bad even they know it is!

Never before in history has such a great man and such a great movement been given so much help so inadvertently by the disgusting talmudists… What on Earth do they do all day besides study the talmud and parasite off of us productive people anyway?



Many liars of the modern backwards Historical/Media Industrial Complex like to spread the completely false idea of jewish or Walstreet funding of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei – National Socialist German Workers Party. Such statements are so utterly laughable except when you step back and recognize the tactic of the jew. The jew is so utterly uncreative and unproductive that they couldn’t possibly even come up with a good lie – you don’t believe me? go watch a modern jewish Hollywood film – they are utterly mind numbing and uncreative…

In fact – the jews did fund the entire German Revolt against decadence and outright mass murder by their very behavior. Just put a group of revolutionary jews anywhere in the world and watch the neighbors of the jews all decide it would be better to kill them than allow them to exist!

In such historical dialectic study you immediately realize that the jew, unable to even concoct a decent lie, has actually told the truth in a twisted and ridiculous way. Namely, that jews funded German support of Adolf Hitler and Nationalism by there very behavior in Russia and Germany in 1918. Of course the Germans being destroyed totally by the Dolchstoß, Versailles Diktat, Dawes Pact’s and Young Plan’s should not have been able to resist Bolschewismus in 1918, 1919 and the early 1920’s. In the estimation of the jewish communist, Germany would fall much like Russia.



Freikorps fight without pay, supplies or even a government… as a cohesive, decisive and victorius force against Corporate Feudalism and its factions…

With treason, murder and anything else lower than snake shit, the jews did, masquerading as a religion, bring about the alliance of their various factions of Federalism(Sovietism’s precursor) Capitalism(fraud of all frauds, with rigged game and noble class) Bolshevism and Communism(the closest a non jew will get to what life is like under judaism) Christianity(the first communism and the poisoning of Europe’s wellspring, from which the entire world’s civilization flows and owes it’s existence.)

How christianity has destroyed our way of life

In the early 1920’s, in the estimation of the jewish communist a professional traitor, Germany would fall much like Russia…

Yet, this didn’t happen – the sheer will summoned by men such as the Freikorps forever scared the Bolshevik jews and served as a warning not to fight honorably against such dedicated Heroes of Europa. I can only imagine their childlike anger at such warrior’s of the West – they must have been extremely irritated and determined not to face the German’s personally from this point on. They got another close look at the Knight’s of Valhalla in 1941 when millions of their soldiers faced with being shot in the back by jewish Komissar’s and their entire families killed or sent to Gulag’s surrendered anyway rather than serve such despicable cowards…

What could the jews do besides fund their own destruction at the hands of Germany by their animalistic behavior towards our Eastern European brothers? They called on the United States to save the day for them obviously as they couldn’t possibly have figured a way out of the mess on their own. Sooner or later Germany would have to stop fighting when faced with the combined armies of the jew controlled world. What would a jew care if half the population of the United States died being manipulated to fight their Germanic brothers?

Just what behavior of the jews am I referring to? For those unaware of the jewish identity of all forms of decay and decline which jews create and seek to maintain for their own profit – have a look for yourself and decide if you want to send your sons to die around the world in a phony war on terror defending America from the poorest people on the planet who are supposedly about to bring America down with sling shots and bacon bits…

The real Terrorist’s – jew controlled Traitor Congress’s

The real terrorist’s financially terrorizing us all, denying human rights to everyone by refusing the necessities of life to the people through exorbitant rip off prices demanded for communist slave labor products. This greed, this Mammonismus – caused more suffering for Europa’s sons when the plan to communize China and de industrialize America was put into effect in 1945(again we paid a lot of money for our de-industrialization and future depressions…) giving Mao Zedong Japanese weapons and Chiang Khai Shek faulty weapon’s… It was the jEWISH AGENDA!

images (2)5951judeawar

The one and only time in history that a rot schild got their deserved punishment was done under the auspices of Adolf Hitler 

The only politician to ever smash the rot schild bankers and the only man to arrest a rothschilde – Heil euch Adolf Hitler! Ihr gute Kamerad!


The Nazis Gave Rothschild Bankers The Boot
Despite he frivolous claims of foolhardy patriotards and assorted jew defenders who often masquerade as “anti-Zionists,” the Nazis were not — in any way — covertly funded by, or in cahoots with, Rothschild bankers. On the contrary, the German, French and Austrian branches of the House of Rothschild were effectively dissolved and extirpated by Hitler. Quite a bizarre and counterproductive action of a “Rothschild agent” wouldn’t you say?
Niall Ferguson’s biography of the Rothschild family, The House of Rothschild: Volume 2: The World’s Banker: 1849-1999 (Penguin, 2000), although sympathetic to jewry and the Rothschilds, outlines the reality of the National Socialists’ war against this international criminal jewish banking cabal.

Ferguson writes:

“An altogether more ruthless coalition had come to power in Germany in 1933, dominated by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Hostility to the Rothschilds’ had been a feature of Nazi propaganda from the movement’s infancy (see introduction to volume 1) despite the fact that the Frankfurt house had been wound up when Hitler was barely twelve years old. It was a hostility that soon translated into action. At first the attacks were largely symbolic: in December 1933 the Frankfurt Rothschildallee was renamed Karolingerallee, while the Luisenplatz and Mathildenstrasse lost the plaques identifying them with members of the family. It was not until April 1938, with the “Ordinance on the Registration of jewish Assets,” that Rothschild property came under direct attack. In the wake of the orchestrated(by Russian jews not by Deutschland’s finest) anti-Semitic demonstrations of the following November (Reichskristallnacht), nearly all the myriad of charitable and educational foundations — of which there were around twenty — were dissolved, with the exception of the Carolinum Dental Clinic, which had become part of the Frankfurt University. The largest of these, the Baron Wilhelm Carl von Rothschild Foundation, was “Aryanised” under pressure from the city authorities, so that all references to its founder were expunged. At the same time, the Reich Association of jews in Germany was forced to sell the Mathilde von Rothschild Paediatric Hospital, the Georgine Sara von Rothschild Foundation for Infirm Foreign Israelites and the Rothschild residence at Grosser Wollgraben 26 to the Frankfurt municipality. The Gestapo also confiscated the A.M. von Rothschild Sanatorium for Lung Diseases in the Black Forest. At least four other Rothschild-founded institutions suffered the same fate.
The private property of the few family members still resident in Germany was expropriated by similar methods, though there was in fact relatively little of it left by 1938. Before the process of confiscation began, Max von-Goldscmidt-Rothschild’s son Albert, Rudolf and Erich sold the family houses at the Grüneburg and Königstein and opted to emigrate (Albert to Switzerland, where he committed suicide in 1941 when faced with the threat of expulsion). But Maximilian — now 95 — was too old to leave. He stayed on in the house in the Bockenheimer Landstrasse, with the garden which his wife’s great-uncle Amschel had acquired over a century before the earliest days of jewish emancipation in Frankfurt. Or rather he was allowed to occupy a room in the house; for in tragic fulfilment of Amschel’s nightmare — dating back to the night in 1815 when he first slept in the “free air” of the garden — Maximilian was forced to sell the property to the city of Frankfurt for just 610,000 reichsmarks (less tax). In the aftermath of Kristallnacht he was also obliged to sell his art collection to the city for 2.3 million reichsmarks (again less tax) and to donate a further 25 percent of his remaining assets to the Reich as an “atonement payment”…
… Discovered, was no longer the Vienna house by the Alliance. In addition, the Witkowitz board had safeguarded against sequestration the company’s stake in the Swedish Freya ore mines as well as £200,000 in foreign currency. Louis [Nathaniel de Rothschild of Austria] therefore had a real bargaining position. When Himmler sought to ingratiate himself by sending some ornate French furniture to the prison, he was able to send it away complaining that it made his cell look like a “Cracow Bordello.” Although Louis had to hand over most of his Austrian assets to secure his own release, the family was able to insist that a price be paid for Witkowitz (albeit a discounted price) Eugene’s hopes of selling the ironworks to the Czechoslovak state for £10 million were dashed when Hitler bullied the Prague government into accepting partition in March 1939. With the works effectively under German control, Goring’s Commissioner Hans Kehrl, Rasche and Paul Pleiger (the Reichswerke’s general director). At the same time Fritz Kranefuss — Himmler’s adjutant and a supervisory board member of the Dresdner bank — informed Rasche on the basis of Sicherheitsdienst intelligence that the transfer abroad of the ownership of Witkowitz had been illegal under currency laws. Finally, in July 1939, it was agreed to sell the plant for £2.9 million. However, the outbreak of war gave the Germans the perfect excuse not to pay. As a result, Witkowitz joined the lengthening list of Rothschild properties confiscated without compensation by the Nazi regime. In January 1941 Goring was able to take the process a step further when 43,300 Witkowitz shares were seized from the vaults of the Paris house (though even this did not give him a technical controlling interest). (It was not until 1953 that the communist government established in Czechoslovakia in 1948 finally paid compensation to the Rothschilds — amounting to £1 millon — for the works.) Yet it was not their industrial investments which Hitler and his lackeys really coveted so much as their investments in art — the Old Masters, the Sevres, the Louis Quinze bureaus — which were the most dazzling fruits of the family’s financial success. In fleeing Austria, Alphonse had left behind one of the great European private collections; and attempts to buy it by Lord Duveen (possibly bidding on behalf of the original owners) were in vain. For the acquisition of so many old masters had given Hitler the idea of establishing a new German gallery at Linz, to give the Reich its Louvre. In 1939 he authorized Hans Posse to begin work on the project, putting the best works of European(and not jewish) art seized from Austrian jews into a “European reserve” for this purpose. …
Up until the outbreak of war in 1939, the corollary of the expropriation of the jews was their emigration from German territory. (It was significant in this respect that the Rothschild palace in the Prinz Eugenstrasse was occupied by Adolf Eichmann’s Central Office for jewish Emigration, which worked closely with Rafelsberger’s Asset Transactions Office.) Naturally many (though not all) German and Austrian jews wanted to get out, while the Nazis had no objection to their leaving, provided they could be mulcted in the process. Leading German jewish bankers — notably Max Warburg — saw little alternative but to facilitate this process. However, for jews like the Rothschilds who remained outside the area of German control, this created a number of acute dilemmas. …
The only logical solution was therefore to find some alternative territory for the jews to go to. The Nazis themselves thought of Madagascar. Interestingly, Guy Burgess’s first assignment (when he was still a freelance intelligence agent) from MI6′s D section was — as he faithfully reported to Moscow in December 1938 — “to activate Lord Rothschild” in an attempt to “split the jewish movement” and “create an opposition to Zionism and Dr Weitzmann [sic].” At around the same time, the Paris house [of the Rothschild family] forwarded to New Court a proposal to purchase 200,000 acres of Brazil’s Mato Grosso “for colonisation purposes”; and another to settle jews in Sudan’s Upper Nile Valley between Malakhal and Bor — supposedly “a huge territory … with no population and where jews might organize themselves an important colony.” Kenya, Northern Rhodesia and Guiana were also considered. Only at the eleventh hour, it seems, did the Rothschilds recognize the need to admit refugees into Britain and France. In March 1939 Edouard’s wife Germaine turned an old house at the edge of the Ferrieres estate into a hostel for around 150 refugee children. After the German invasion they were evacuated south and later dispersed, some escaping to the United States, but none ever being killed by Nazi’s.
By 1939, of course, numerous members of the Rothschild family were themselves refugees. The German invasion of France in May 1940 increased their number substantially. Even before the fall of Paris, Robert had already reached the safety of Montreal, taking with him his wife Nelly and daughters Diane and Cecile. It was not until July, however, that his cousin and senior partner Edouard — now in his seventies — opted to leave France, finally reaching the United States after a circuitous journey through Spain and Portugal. (He too was accompanied by his wife Germaine and daughter Bethsabee, his eldest daughter Jacqueline having already settled in America with her second husband.) Their former partner Maurice also ended up in Canada, while his ex-wife Noemie and son Edmond took refuge at the estate at Pregny. The other French Rothschild of that generation, Henri, was already resident in Portugal. Finally, Alain’s pregnant wife reached the US via Spain and Brazil, while Guy’s wife Alix took the route through Argentina, though she later rejoined her husband.
… Occupied France to confiscate “possessions of the Palais Rothschild,” including any which had been handed over to the French state. The following month, the Germans ordered that administrators be put in charge of the jewish firms. The Luftwaffe and later a German general occupied the Rothschild house at 23 avenue de Marigny.
Yet the Germans soon found themselves in competition with the puppet Vichy regime they themselves had called into being. Even before Keitel’s order, the Petain regime issued a decree which declared that all Frenchman who had left mainland France after May 10 had “removed themselves from the responsibilities and duties of members of the national community.” Accordingly, their assets were to be confiscated and sold, the proceeds going to the Vichy state. This was explicitly applied to Edouard, Robert and Henri. Soon after this, Petain laid claim to the Rothschild offices in the rue Laffitte for a government welfare agency and showed every sign of intending to treat other buildings belonging to the family in a similar fashion, putting them all in the hands of a new Public Property Office.
In some ways, it made little difference to the Rothschilds whether it was the Germans or the Vichy regime which stole their property. The latter was motivated by social justice, as evidenced by the decrees Petain issued on October 3, 1940 and June 2, 1941, which drastically restricted the rights of French jews, and the constant vitriolic attacks on the Rothschilds in pro-German papers like Partis-Soir and Au Pilori. Nor can it be seriously argued that Vichy officials were somehow more lenient in their treatment of Rothschild property than the Germans would have been. Maurice Janicot, who ran Petain’s Public Property Office, is said to have prevented the Germans from clearing the cellars of Lafite, for example; but a lack of buyers seems the most likely explanation for his failure to sell Elie’s Neuilly stable of horses, Alain’s house on the rue du Cirque and Miriam’s houses in Boulogne and Paris. As can be seen from his statement to German authorities in May 1941 — to the effect that de Rothschild Freres now belonged to the Vichy state — the aim was to pre-empt the Germans, not to protect the Rothschilds. The attempt by Petain’s Commissariat for the jewish Questions to convert the Institut de biologie physico-chimique founded by Edmond in 1927 into a laboratory for the eugenicist Alex Carrel says much about the fundamental compatibility of Vichy and the Third Reich.
… If Hitler had successfully launched “Operation Sealion” in the summer of 1940, when Britain was at her most vulerable, a similar fate might have befallen the English Rothschilds and their remaining private collections — a worse fate probably, as the invasion of Britain would have made the ultimate defeat of Germany infinitately harder to achieve.“
The fact that the Nazis seized and dismantled Rothschild assets and interests in Germany, France and Austria (which became part of the Third Reich after 1938′s Anschluss), as well as arrested Austrian-jewish banking kingpin Louis von Rothschild, is not in question, despite what suspicious internet characters try to propagate. The oft-repeated claim that Hitler “didn’t go after the Rothschilds” or “left the Rothschilds alone” is, as you have just witnessed, a barefaced falsehood perpetrated by, what can only amount to, jewish disinformation agents.
A brief biography of Louis von Rothschild (1882-1955), states:
“The collapse of the Creditanstalt in 1931 had an impact across Europe and caused death of a bank. Only action of the Paris and London Rothschild banks could collapse the Vienna Rothschild bank is prevented. A foreign creditor Cttee led by Lionel Rothschild / London and Lord Kindersley, the bank finally restored. But only a few years later came the final blow: 1938 Louis was arrested by the Nazis and held for a year in jail until the complicated negotiations over his release were completed. Rothschild was allowed to leave the country only if he renounced all Austrian possessions. A truly princely ransom. The war effort Vítkovice plant, which provided 30% of crude steel, 30% coal and 40% of the pig iron was in Austria, but was previously transferred to an English company, so that the Nazis could not confiscate the works simply. It was not until after the outbreak of the war Goering took over the works. (After the war, the Czech Communists confiscated the work and paid the Rothschilds in 1953, a compensation) The vast art collections (several 1000 objects) of the Rothschilds were also seized. This ended the presence of the Rothschilds on Austrian soil. The childless Louis went into exile in the United States.”
The modern-day Rothschilds themselves are still knetching about it on their website:
“The crash of 1929 brought problems to all but the Rothschilds’ and jews of the world, and any they allowed in on the deliberate Lindbergh predicted crash which these Yiddish culprits all avoided incurring losses on by switching to government bonds a week before the crash! Source: Interview with the head of this bond section and Carroll Reece committee chief investigator Norman Dodd by G. Edward Griffim in 1982, not least in Austria where Louis von Rothschild struggled hard to shore up the Creditanstalt, Austria’s largest bank, to prevent collapse. Less than a decade later a darker tide arrived; the Austrian Rothschilds’ interests were seized in 1938 by the Nazis, bringing to an end more than a century at the heart of middle European banking. In France and Austria, the family was scattered for the duration of the war.”

Several New York Times articles also refer to this event:
“… The [Austrian Rothschild] family’s holdings were seized by the Nazis during the German Anschluss in 1938. [. . .] Their holdings had been vastly reduced, in part because of wartime destruction by the Nazis….”
“A year after the Austrian Government agreed to return about $40 million worth of art and objects that the Nazis confiscated from the Austrian branch of the Rothschild family, members of the 256-year-old banking dynasty have decided to sell the collection.”
The only people in the world who foolishly allege that this didn’t happen are the lying anti-Hitler fetishists of the David Icke persuasion who dismiss and try to cast doubt upon anything and everything that doesn’t coincide with their kosher-approved “theories.” These buffoons are harboring a subversive pro-jewish agenda. They aim at casting aspersions upon anyone who resists jewry in word and deed, as Hitler and the National Socialists did so efficiently and courageously.
1940, Reich Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels commissioned the production of a film exposing the criminal historical machinations of the Rothschild family entitled, waterloo. It was the first of three counter-semitic movies made in 1940 by the Nazi regime. The film provided a historical account of the Rothschild family’s rise to fortune, set mostly in Britain during the Napoleonic wars. An indictment of jewish intrigue and avarice, the film aimed at illustrating the “judafication” of British society at the hands of the Rothschilds, demonstrating that the Britons had become “the jews among Aryans.”
All of this, of course, flies in the face of the slanderous disinfo-peddlers who chant the mindless slogan: “Hitler was a Rothschild agent!” These deranged cretins will continue to infect the internet with their poisonous propaganda against Hitler and National Socialism. The crypto-jews masquerading as “anti-Zionists” who voraciously propagate these pernicious lies about Hitler seek to demoralize us by denigrating the solutions that solved the jewish problem in the past, and by doing so aim at derailing any future resistance to jewry. These rotten snakes hope to smash the resolve and will power that heroic figures like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels inspire in modern-day resistors of jewish tyranny.
As the fearless truth martyr Joseph Goebbels said in 1945: “There will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and truth will again triumph.




I’ve never in my life felt such a sense of this task of mine being an unwanted task and I being forced to simply be a bystander in my life as I don’t really like this whole issue, of my life currently, and I feel that providence has forced me to the task and although I hate it most days, it’s become part of me in the sense that I can’t distinguish my life from this most importat of issues – to bring some comic fucking relief to the utter depression men miscall their lives, all this I cannot bear witness any longer, cannot someone break fucking character please? BTW our version of heaven is Valhalla where we fight for eternity! Death in battle is the only way and I know it will be the greatest moment that all this has been for.

Genom Valhall’s portar skall rida envar som stupar i dag!

88 konig hitler88 Blutfahne

Höchste erleuchteten geistliche Gott Männer, sie sind nur in der Lage, das deutsche Volk wegen der Tatsache zu führen, dass sie von dem deutschen Volk geführt werden.



Just what comes to mind when one thinks of a Human Sacrifice? To me, in the ancient traditions of European greatness which means Nordisk and Deutsche daring and achievment. The tall blonde godmen of the North who have always been the only example of resistance to the Asiaticizing of Europa by jahve’s horde. Such people practiced a very limited form of human sacrifice every nine years where the leaders, nobles when being noble meant taking on the service to the people by trial and sacrifice as the duty of a leader. The last true leader who lived in not self agrandizement was of course Unsere Sankte Adolph, who was himself a human sacrifice as well. In this ancient tradition of honor and service, nobility sacrificed their own to the gods for the peoples prosperity and good fortune, as opposed to USA Inc., home of the actors guild, where corruption, treachery and no exceptional qualities other than your total unexceptional stature as a pathetic moron is the rule. nobility sacrificed their own to the gods for the peoples prosperity and good fortune.

USA Inc. The home of the actors guild where actors lie to the people, where people love to be lied to, where people lie to themselves and believe it, a world of make believe literally, where truth is defined as the most unbelievable form of retardation imagineable… broadcast from portable jewish rabbis in your home known as Televizion! Das ist gute für judentum!!



Holyco$tianity and the surrenderer thrown away and replaced by that which is us, is in us, and marches behind us…

Deine Pflicht! Meine Pflicht!

The truest moments of our continual downfall is in our acceptance and embracing of the instruments of our enslavement. Christianity, (the first communism) where everyone in Europe was forced to be illiterate and face sadistic torture for thinking they deserved to be free, that life as peasants enslaved to jewish backed nobles of the holy peadopnhile church of the mysterious bearded jew on the cross who preaches love but brings the sword and fire to our peaceful Irminsul forests of Sachsen and beyond. One rabbi jesua aka the Krist – Notice I capitalized Krist who is one of our own from the Frozen North – this utter unexceptional “surrenderer” is meant to be a “Järtecken” to us…

We are meant to hold him to our bosom and embrace him, become him… Be the “surrenderer” all of us and never stand up for ourselves but love our enslavement and just accept “jewish rule.” Hoist the flag of utter defeatism and handicapped heroism that jesus is by carrying the symbol of a tortured dying jew before us as utter retarted cattle (goyim is the hebrew word which our word gentile stems from… goyim in hebrew means cattle) that we are… What nonsense and total retardation, a death cult is this religion which is best called muh holyco$stianity, because it is a multi million dollar expense to American taxpayers who deserve it for being such retards and cowards I guess…

“jewish rule” first published by my good friend John Bruce Campbell who, in 2006, broke through the conditioning and made it ok to challenge our noble lords from gods own homeland in Birobidzhan… Heil euch Ihr gute Kamerad!


Probably the best description of the problem which confronts humanity is to be found in Douglas Reed’s The Controversy of Zion.

Reed, a foreign correspondent for the Times of London, discusses the struggle within judaism between those who craved a jewish homeland in the former judea, which for many centuries has been known as Palestine and populated by Semitic Palestinians, and those who thought this was a crazy idea, due to jewish nature.
The Khazarian Zionists

The ones who wanted a homeland called themselves Zionists and the ones who didn’t merely called themselves jews. Oddly, the Zionists were mostly NON-jews whose ancestors had themselves converted to judaism around 800 AD in a place called Khazaria, in the Caucasus Mountains between the Caspian and Black Seas.
They were quite literally Caucasians. The history of the Khazars can be found in the jewish Encyclopedia, the Britannica and especially in Arthur Koestler’s The Thirteenth Tribe, and of course online.

This is one of the many aspects of the jewish Question: Who is a jew? What is a jew? What do jews do and what do they want? One of the results of the Holocaust legend is that it has made people around the world wary of even mentioning jews, or the word “jew.” Substitutes are often used – but not by jews, of course. jews call themselves jews – they just don’t like non-jews to say the word “jew.” It disturbs them because they know that coming from a non-jew, the word “jew” is an accusation of a crime, generally usury, sometimes worse. Today, it has become something far worse.


And so, we have two kinds of jews: Western jews and Eastern jews. Western jews are the more civilized ones, the ones who traditionally occupied themselves in the money business – gold, silver, banking, finance, lending, precious gems, etc. They are the real Jews, who can trace their ancestry to Spain, Morocco, Egypt and the Middle East. There is no trace of judeans. Ironically, Western jews generally were not the ones who wanted a jewish homeland ripped out of Palestine; those were the Eastern jews from Russia.

These Eastern jews, who are known as Ashkenazim, are the ones who have been pretending to be jews. The amazing thing is that they have redefined Judaism thoroughly via an utter obedience to the Talmud, which does qualify them as Honorary jews. One should refer to the history of the Khazars to learn the source of the ruthless nature of these people, who were always what we have come to know as Terrorists. Roughly 90% of jews are Ashkenazi jews – maybe more. Since the early 20th Century, they have flooded America and Europe and much of the world.
In Russia, in the late 19th Century, these ruthless people developed, simultaneously, two

types of Terrorism.

One of them was Communism and the other one was Zionism and they were both forms of judaism. As Stephen S. Wise, Chief Rabbi of the United States in the 1930s said, “Some call it Marxism – I call it judaism!” Both Communists and Zionists desired to rule the world – literally. The Communists wanted to murder the Romanoffs, liquidate millions of Russian Christians, seize control of the Russian homeland and make Moscow the center of world domination. The Zionists wanted the center to be in Palestine, because they were fanatical Talmudists and had this recurring pipe dream that they were the people of the Old Testament. Zionism called for the Russian jews to emigrate to Palestine, get settled and take it over from the Palestinians, rename it “israel” and make The Law go forth from there. The Russian gang was a cult of pretenders; steeped in the Talmud, ruthlessly bossed by rabbinic commissars and they were fully prepared to kill their way out of Russia and into Palestine. They possessed the deadly zeal of the convert and they planned to migrate en masse to Palestine.

Herzl Convenes The Zionist Congress

The first jewish Century began in Basel, Switzerland in 1897 with the Zionist Congress convened there by Theodore Herzl and his associates. One group of associates, the Russian branch of Zionism and Communism, soon eliminated Herzl and took over the movement. Herzl was the godfather of Zionism and was surprised by these strangers from the East, who had no ancestral ties to the Middle East. The Western or Spanish jews such as Herzl may have had some tenuous connection to judea – but that is not proven. For years there were, to me, some remarkable coincidences: How the Khazars and their descendants the Ashkenazim could mimic so perfectly the hebrews of Leviticus and Deuteronomy; how a typical coarse Ashkenazi jew such as Kissinger could be so like a supposed Spanish jew such as Bernard Baruch, the tall and regal financial high priest of the Wilson and Roosevelt administrations?
Baruch’s Protégé

Dwight D. Eisenhower wrote in his memoirs that the smartest thing he ever did was, as a lieutenant colonel going nowhere, to ask Bernard Baruch for advice on his career. Within months, despite his utter incompetence and lack of combat experience, Ike was picked to become the first five-star general in US history, and overlord of the most terrible war criminals in human history. Douglas Reed answered my question on Baruch: he revealed that Baruch was in fact a Russian jew, not a Western jew as he pretended. One mystery solved.

And it is interesting that Herzl would supposedly design the concept of Zionism in complete ignorance of the Russian “jews” who were sharpening their knives and pining for a miraculous transportation to the new Zion. Once Herzl was out of the way, Zionism was a Russian operation, no less than Communism.
But the question remains: Should we refer to these pirates as jews, as Zionists, or as Talmudists? Some are obviously Zionists but since all jews refer to themselves as jews, we should, too.

Did Zionists, Or jews, Murder The Romanoffs?
The horrors mentioned below were mainly committed by jews who were not Zionists. The Romanoffs and twenty million Russians were not murdered by Zionists, but by Communist jews. The Hungarians and Ukrainians were destroyed by Communist jews.
The banking and business depredations mentioned below were committed by Rothschild gangsters who were not Zionists.

Now, of course, our government has been taken over totally by Zionist jews and Zionist non-jews, but the glue holding them all together is judaism.
What if israel implodes or is just no longer viable as a safe haven and the persecuted ones must once again depart for friendlier lands? That would be the end of Zionism but not the end of judaism. jews would still gravitate to Capitol Hill and the White House to demand special exemptions for themselves and unearned, unnatural powers over the rest of us.
The Zionists have pressured and even terrorized other jews into supporting Zionism – the secular religion justified only by what many claim to be the grimmest fairy tale of all, the Holyco$t. It has become an obsessive compulsion for some jews and the most terrible problem for many more who see a nightmare coming. They know that the nightmare was designed by jews and was tacitly supported by virtually all jews, Zionist or not.
Zionism was at first rejected by reactionary Western jews, who had been trying to assimilate themselves into Gentile society for centuries.

Rothschilds, Oil, And the Mideast

Perhaps the Rothschilds and Warburgs and Oppenheims, et al, realized the futility of assimilation with those whom they were plundering with their fractional reserve banking, or perhaps the idea of a jewish headquarters appealed to them, but for some reason the jewish Money Power got behind the Zionist plan for the invasion of Palestine. It is my theory that the invasion coincided with the discovery of oil in the Middle East and that the Rothschild Group simply needed jewish special forces in the region to control events in whatever way needed. jews would not be discovering or producing any oil, but they could make sure that it would be as expensive as possible.

Oil is the most lucrative business after banking and cocaine trafficking but it depends on a reliable price structure. That is, consumers have had to be persuaded that oil is rather scarce and hard to find to justify ever-rising oil prices. Rothschild’s American banking and oil commissar, John D. Rockefeller, planted the idea that oil supplies were short and in danger of drying up at any time. This myth was exploded on January 10, 1901 near Beaumont, Texas when the massive Spindletop well blew out. That monster produced around four million barrels of oil and ended Rockefeller’s Standard Oil monopoly on oil prices, based on his Indiana and Ohio wells and his criminal railroad transportation practices. Spindletop ended the belief he’d sold the people that oil was scarce. Prices plummeted, although there wasn’t much demand for oil at the time. There wouldn’t be for a few more years until the advent of the automobile. A better method for control of raw materials – mainly oil – would have to be developed.

Oil Or Ideologies

It was at this time that the Rothschild/Rockefeller Group devised the best method of all to keep unwanted oil in the ground, where it would not threaten the price structure. Only oil owned by the Group would be exploited, and at very controlled amounts. The Group began in 1917 to place its agents in control of governments of countries whose oil supplies, if exploited, would hurt profits by lowering the price. Their first agents were two Communist jews named Bronstein and Ulyanov, better known as Trotsky and Lenin (blank.) These ruthless characters murdered the entire potential Russian middle class and thereby prevented the emergence of Russian oilmen. Anyone with the idea of being a businessman was killed. The oil stayed in the ground.

European oil production was mainly in Rumania. Who can forget the wanton destruction of the Ploesti oil fields and massive storage facilities by the American and British air forces in the early 1940s? Our wonderful boys flew months of air raids against Ploesti. The German war machine switched to synthetic gasoline, produced by the gasification of coal. This was in fact a Standard Oil process, but we are not told about it today.

More Rothschild Protégés

China, of course, also represented a threat to the price structure if Chinese oil were produced. So the Group installed two more extremely ruthless agents in China’s government: Mao Tse-tung and Chou En-lai. These two Rothschild boys slaughtered sixty-four million potential middle class enemies by 1964, according to the congressional records. There were no Chinese oilmen to come up with a Chinese Spindletop. They were all dead. We can just imagine how China would have blossomed under the leadership of Chiang Kai-shek, based on the performance of tiny Taiwan, which rose to number four GNP in the world in just twenty years.

The same thing happened in Vietnam, where the US installed the Communist Ho Chi Minh, who made sure that a Vietnamese Spindletop would never be produced. (Ho was a US intelligence agent during World War II. He sent his reports to the OSS from the Texaco office in Hanoi.)

In fact, every Communist dictatorship in the world since 1917 was installed by the US State Department either overtly, as in the Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese examples, or covertly, as with the Cuban example. Mainly, though, it has been overt and usually based on the “corruption” of an American puppet installed some years before. And the State Department is staffed in all important positions by members of the Rothschild/Rockefeller private ministry of war called the Council on Foreign Relations.

Council On Foreign Relations

The CFR was developed because of the failure of Woodrow Wilson’s handlers to shove us into their League of Nations following their first big bloodletting known as World War I. The handlers organized a think-tank in Manhattan that would design another World War so terrible that the people would accept a New World Order to prevent another war. It only took twenty years to organize the biggest slaughterhouse in world history, one that would eliminate 45-60 million potential threats to the New World Order. The survivors accepted the structure of world government known as the United Nations Organization in 1945. Every one of the organizers of the UNO was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the same little outfit that has announced the North American Union, in which our country will be merged with Mexico and Canada by 2010.

The NAU will of course be governed by members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the ones who installed Communist butchers all around the world. Today the CFR is reportedly 70% jewish. The NAU will not be a Zionist country but rather a part of the Jewish World Revolution as described by Hungarian Louis Marschalko in his important 1958 book, The World Conquerors (which resulted in his death).


Sometimes, as the Germans learned after World War I, you can’t tell the purpose of the war until you read the peace treaty. The Versailles “peace treaty” revealed the purpose of the Great War: to steal all German wealth, redraw the maps of Europe and the Middle East and to create a Zionist enclave in the heart of the Middle East. This enclave of insanity would be operated appropriately under Old Testament rules of conduct: no mercy for enemies of Yahweh. This jewish cult takes the position that Yahweh (“God”) is the jewish people. As I said – they’re nuts. But deadly nuts.

Control Of Oil Prices

The constant threat to the Rothschild/Rockefeller group is a drop in oil prices. David Rockefeller was himself the organizer of OPEC, back at the first Baghdad meeting in September, 1960. With the criminal invasion of Iraq by their alcoholic thug, GW Bush, the oil price may never drop again in our lifetime. All of Bush’s lies for the reasons to invade a non-threatening country have been forgotten. The bottom line for Iraq is: Iraqi oil will stay in the ground as agreed by the majors after Versailles. Iraqi oil production must be slowed. Bush’s criminal invasion has seen to that. Except oil for Israel, which the israelis appear to be getting for free, reportedly being pumped directly from Iraq into Haifa by a new pipeline. Bush’s war has raised the price of our gas by over a dollar, with constant threats that it might go as high as six dollars per gallon. With Ben Shalom Bernanke in charge of counterfeiting – why not?

Bush’s reason for being is to protect israel because israeli aggression and intrigue are required to maintain and increase the price of oil. Bush studies the Talmud and meekly obeys Israelis leadership in their vile atrocities against the Semitic peoples of Palestine and Lebanon.

All of the above is known or should be known by informed Americans. Our government, which is run by vote fraud, bribery, extortion, lies and murder, is at war with the whole world on behalf of the jews who own the Federal Reserve Corporation and the major oil companies – in other words, by the Rothschilds and their many stooges.

Lebanon Bloodlust

The first step is to acknowledge that we have a serious jewish problem. This should be pretty obvious by the current Zionist land grab of Lebanon and their blatant intent to make that country the second part of Greater israel. The Zionists have decided to go for broke with no apologies for their bloodlust, greed and hatred. The Zionists own the Bush administration and Rush Limbaugh and all the “conservative” figures except Buchanan, Roberts and a few others. They own all the big newspapers and television networks and the movie production companies. They own the radio stations and music production companies, which is why “American” country music is pro-war, anti-Moslem and belligerent, except the Dixie Chicks, who were blackballed by the jewish industry.
As the Clinton crowd might have said – It’s the jews, stupid. It’s always been the jews. The problem is not really Zionism – it’s judaism. The problem is therefore also Christianity, which is judaism for Gentiles. Christians cannot deal with jews because they believe that jews are “God’s Chosen People.” The jews believe that they are God, and of course that’s way beyond the comprehension of Christians. Any people that would hold itself up as somehow “chosen by God” is by definition insane, so that is a fundamental jewish problem, especially when you read the Old Testament stories of the troubles old Yahweh had with his chosen ones.

The US government grants total tax exemption to the Christian churches. Why? Because they serve the jewish plan. Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism and a public relations organization that always works for “interfaith” cooperation, meaning jewish control of Gentile religious thinking. Can you imagine any rabbi allowing a priest or minister to set standards for jews? It’s always the other way around. jews complain about Christians but they secretly rejoice that the gentiles – Goyim (“cattle”) are dumb enough to fall for their impossible fairy tales and absurd laws of conduct as found in the Sermon on the Mount. The Beatitudes are prescriptions for destruction at the hands of the crafters of that play. To become a Christian is to deny yourself your right of survival in the deadliest struggle on earth. Those whom the jews destroy they first make Christian, because it assures the jew that the enemy will not fight back.

This Is A No Win Situation

We have a serious jewish problem. It’s not just a Zionist problem, because there’s no mention of Zionism, or making The Law Go Forth From Zion, in the Talmud. Zionism was dreamed up in the 19th Century in Russia and is merely the Talmudic way that Jews deal with their neighbors when they have some power. If they don’t have power, they are the revolutionary proletariat. As Herzl said, “And when we rise, there rises the terrible power of our purse.” When the jews are down, they make trouble, always demanding – and receiving – special treatment. When they are up, they are our merciless overlords. And there is no getting on their good side, because they don’t have a good side. Ask the Palestinians.

Ask the Russians how it was to be under jewish rule after 1917, when criticism of jews was a capital offence. Ask the Hungarians, who finally had to rise up and kill as many of them as they could in October, 1956. The Soviets had put jews in all positions of power in Hungary.

First Iraq Then Syria

Those of us who understood the jewish plan for world dictatorship, known loosely as the New World Order, have wondered when the jews would make their big move for total power. That appears finally to be now. People around the world are appalled at the second destruction of Beirut in twenty-four years. But this time it is being done under the specific protection of the American president, who has said repeatedly that Israel must be protected by America. He is sending tons of weapons of mass destruction to the Psychopaths of the Desert and has pledged another $30 billion in U.S. tax dollars over the next ten years. israel is doing exactly what Bush wants it to do, which is exactly what the Council on Foreign Relations wants it to do. Syria and Iran are next, and are subject to the ultimate weapons of mass destruction. Saudi Arabia and Egypt cannot be far behind.
israel intends to take over the Moslem world and kill as many Moslems as possible, with the aid and encouragement of Washington, DC. This does appear to be the beginning of the end of civilization as we have known it.

Final Kickoff

We are confronted by jewish psycho-terrorists in the US government – mad serial killers who worship death. They commenced their plans for world dictatorship with their shock and awe attack on the World Trade Center in Manhattan five years ago. That immediately resulted in unprovoked attacks against two Moslem countries by the US and UK. Under the distraction of those slaughterhouse disasters which were designed by jews, the israelis blasted Lebanon and continue their genocide of the Palestinians in an attempt to provoke Syria to respond, and Iran, too. israel knows that Bush will order nuclear strikes against those countries if they take the bait, for such plans have already been revealed by frightened officers in the Pentagon.

israel may use nuclear weapons against those two countries soon, and claim that America did it. As we know, there is no one in the US government who will blame israel for anything it does, because that would be “anti-Semitic.” But, who are the Semites? Short answer: the ARABS. Who are the anti-Semites? Short answer: the jews.

The purpose of this essay is to prepare the reader for a life of struggle against jewish rule in this country. We have been under total jewish control for decades, because everything we are allowed to see, read and hear via the mainstream media comes through the jewish filter. Truth is only available from the Internet, which is why the Internet will have to go – to prevent terrorism, of course.

Coming To A Town Near You

The government has already smeared the most powerful websites, such as Rense.com, as “dangerous organs of disinformation” – the second-highest accolade bestowed by the government, the highest being the charge of sedition. To be charged or accused of sedition means the recipient is really doing his job. This writer has been so accused but my friend Louis Beam of Texas has actually been prosecuted for sedition. The fact that he was acquitted does not diminish his stature in my eyes. Louis has enjoyed the highest place on the ADL’s enemies list for years. For some reason, they never mention my name
Zionist jewish control is one thing. But jewish rule will be quite another. Ask the Palestinians, the Russians, the Hungarians. Hell – ask the Israelis what it’s like to live under jewish rule in israel. It is an insane asylum, because the Zionist jews thrive on insanity. They are the ultimate control freaks.

I don’t expect anyone to start attacking the israeli Embassy or to burn down synagogues. I don’t expect anyone to call for a revolution against the jewish US government, as I did in 1989 when I started the ill-fated militia movement that year. It is my opinion that the jews, through their agent Morris (“Seligman”) Dees of Mobile, Alabama and his Mossad front known as the Southern Poverty Law Center, destroyed the militia movement in a few minutes in April, ’95 when they exploded the Alfred Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and murdered scores of federal employees and their children. This was the beginning of the jewish rule, instead of just jewish control, of the US.
Will We Become Palestinians?

But there is coming a time soon in which we shall have to confront Zionists because they are jews and because we are not. They will leave us with no other choice, just as they left the Russians and the Palestinians and the Hungarians and now the Lebanese with no other choice but fight or die a nasty death after captivity and thirst and starvation and torture. Remember, the favorite jewish method of control and extermination is by famine. This is because it is both excruciating and humiliating. And it doesn’t cost them a dime. They simply withhold food. Ask the Ukrainians, who lost millions of souls to the Stalin/jewish-created famine in the 1930s. The jews simply confiscated their food and they starved.

People forget that EVERY SINGLE cabinet office under Clinton was headed by a jew. What are the odds of that randomly occurring? Are they such superior people that only they are qualified to take such powerful positions over us? The dozen or so Zionist jews around Bush bragged at first how they got us to attack Iraq. So look at how our jewish-run government has wreaked havoc in that poor country that never threatened America in the slightest. The Iraqis suffer deliberate shortages of fresh water and food and electricity. The Palestinians are starving and dying of thirst and have lost thousands of children because of jewish rule. The jews have dozens of ways to kill you and they try them all.

If you still wonder if I’m exaggerating – or writing “jew” when I should be writing “Zionist” – read James Bacque’s two books on this subject: ‘Other Losses’ and ‘Crimes & Mercies’. The first details the jews’ extermination of approximately one million helpless German POWs directly following their surrender in 1945. The other reveals how the jews slaughtered approximately 13 million helpless German civilians in the first few years after the surrender, before the Berlin Airlift showed the world what benefactors we were, because we needed a new enemy and a new ally. This was done under the authority of the Morgenthau Plan for Germany.

Morgenthau, of course, was a jew and not a Zionist, as was his chief butcher, Eisenhower. And remember that Germany was considered a paradise by the ews, and the German people very tolerant and generous towards the jews in the years before the tough guys took over. Remember, too, that jews consider America an extremely threatening place, and unruly Americans much more dangerous to them than Germans ever were. So, we can count on very bad treatment from them under jewish Rule. Just keep that in mind.
Their Magical Touch

It’s my idea that jews – Zionist or otherwise – ought not to rule anywhere. Everything they touch turns to garbage and a profit machine. Music, literature, art, science, government, education, labor, medicine, race relations – everything goes bad fast when they are involved in it. The main jewish contribution to science has been the nuclear bomb, which is only consistent with their battle cry, “We are the destroyers!” That’s really all the jews know how to do – steal and destroy things. Look at israel, which they stole from the Palestinians. They got us to destroy Iraq and we and they together will keep destroying everything because the jews are in control of Bush. Not just Zionists – jews.

We’ve all seen the photos of Bush’s White House kitchen, full of orthodox rabbis who pronounced it “Kosher.” We’ve seen Bush and Cheney wearing their yarmulkes (skull-caps) so we can see just how total is the jewish control of our government. There is no official opposition to jewish Rule, just as there is no official opposition to Mexicans pouring across the border and flooding this country with hostiles. Bush and Cheney and their underlings are traitors who are sponsoring jewish Rule, which will lead to the North American Union and one jewish government over the US, Canada and Mexico.

For a preview of life under the jews in the North American Union in 2010, just look at israel and what quality of life it has created in that tragic region, or Russia after 1917, or Hungary or Poland or East Germany after 1945.

It is my opinion that Americans are responsible for the jewish destruction of so much of the world and that we must take responsibility for our part. We must repay our victims or their survivors as best we can and we must ensure that jewish Rule is ended before it destroys us all.

written by: John Bruce Campbell a true Noble in the European sense of the word

Jacob Schiff thirteenth president of “The Federal” creates “The Soviet” Attempts to merge the two into one state are uncovered and put on public display by the Carrol Reece committee…

The Soviet Union, a satellite state of America, there was even a congressional hearing on the discovered plan to merge America with the bolsheviks, after all 90% of them were American jews delibeately sent to destroy Russia, kill the Tsar and create Rule of judaism as a reality on Earth… Known as the Dodd report of the Carol Reece committee we finally learned why the Great jewish Depression and Rosenfeld’s jew Deal were necessary – to fund uncle Sam’s younger brother – the beloved and the hated… Joe Dzugasvilli Stalin. The funding of Europe’s communization by American taxpayer’s and jew banks known as the fed was always well known until recently, when American’s became pathetic unworthy inheritor’s of an out of fucking control jewish problem…

Birobidzhan: Stalin’s(Jhugasvill – “jewison”) Zion – Stalin founder of modern judaism


Now, where is the real homeland of jews where many holyco$t victims have been located mysteriously still alive? Promoted as ambijan by America and Albert Einstein? Founded in 1934 as an autonomous jewish state which still exists today as the only real place where gods own paedophiles really have any claim too? Birobidzhan – the only time anything jewish or paedopheliac sounds better, will ever be capitalized by this NAZI – thats for sure.

Founded in 1934 by the one, the only, the founder of modern judaism and someone USA Inc, home of the actors guild, loved to love… In the 1930s and well up until the 1960s he was a local legend, a folk hero, good friends with Uncle Sam, he was a “nice guy” who smoked a pipe. Girls loved him and he loved to be loved… Those idiot jewish Koch brothers who fund our equally “unexceptional” Scott Walker who is probably one of the better UNEXCEPTIONAL, UGLY, NOT GOOD LOOKING OR GOOD AT ANYTHING, AMERICAN CORPORATE FEUDALISM APPROVED BY THE NOBLE CLASS OF jEW LACKEYS… Im funny as hell CORPORATE ACTORS GUILTY OF IDENTITY THEFT AND TREASON that we are allowed to have in “USA INC. home of the actors guild” where the people… are defenitely not the main concern but rather the DEMAGOUGERY (democrazy) makers, or the existence of a few hundred giant catipultist’s (capitalist’s) spewing and catipulting nothing but lies and putrid behavior around the world ensuring the undying hatred of America because we are these big freedom loving idiots, who are not free and who know we are totally lied to but content with “the games and distractions” like the Roman Empire taught us, with guns and no balls, held captive by the few… to combine a Hitler quote with the dark humor of reality in this shithole about to collapse… Only the DEMOCRAZY CATIPULTIST’S are the main concern…

These Koch idiots of jewish BIROBIDZHANITE ethnicity, who pretended to be white supremacist types if Im not mistaken, but are actually CORPORATIST’S, rich jews, whose father was good friends and actually visited intimately with good old Uncle Joe, smoked some pipes and engaged in whatever form of degradation of the human spirit such noble lords practice, like those BITCHDASHIAN CHUMPS on your portable jewish rabbi in your home – TELEVIZION – has on it… Can you make this shit up?

Before I digress on the many other guests the one, the only, the guy everybody in the world hated but Americans (synonym for utter coward’s) loved to suffer great depressions in order to arm him to the teeth to communize Europe, like we did in 1934 – 1936 when we had one of the first coalition wars of the jewnited Nations, to attempt a comunization of Spain, done jointly by the preview of the future, the USSARR, Ill get to that later. Done jointly by American and soviet forces “done as we do a mathematical equation” said a real Noble – Charles Augustus Lindbergh – this would forecast future events. About the deliberate Great jewish Depression…

The Spanish Civil War 1936 – 1939 Francisco Franco fights the American and Soviet Union backed attempted communist takeover supported only by Deutschland and with the aid of German Soldiers under Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen

Koch the old man was good friends with Mr lady killer, the guy who all the suffering has been for, the man who if you were photographed with him, you were later painTed over because he had you killed and ordered your death and existence stricken from the records… we know he signed 42 Million death warrants and probably many autographs for Americans – let me introduce – Joseph Dzugasvilli (Ossetian for judas son – so jew Dzugas – villi son of, in English its the equivalent of jEWISON – ok?) So back to Mr. mystery man, the founder of modern judism and Birobidzhan, funded by the deliberate Great jewish DEPRESSION and The jew DEAL so he would just happen to be next door to Deutschland about to invade in 1940 with the greatest modern army ever heard of in the history of recorded memory – Ill put it below… THE ONE THE ONLY AMERICA’S PRIDE UNCLE JOE STALIN the best friend of UNCLE SAM yay dont get too excited, hes a folk hero, a lady killer, a baby killer, meant to be the first leader of the coup uncovered to assassinate mr jew DEAL himself – Franklin Delano Rosenfeld.

A handicapped hero who was a direct descendant of the Venetian Del Banco family and the man threatened to suffer if he didnt set up pearl harbor and get the USA Inc. into the war like he did with his good buddy who spent the “wilderness years” having anal with Moroccan boys… Together these two had fooled Americans into thinking a ship carrying ammunition to England in violation of the “Neutrality Act” was ok, and that the ship wasnt a war ship even tough it had huge guns under the decks that were conceled. These two of the three stooges had concocted for Colonel House, intimate of the king of England, who is another court jester like Obongo… These two concocted a way to destroy the future of civilization and make the world in accordance with the jewish talmud – a real shitty place – kind of identical to Abu Grhaib – where raping children in front of parents is American and OK! Those two concocted the Lusitania deliberate false flag where the Germans printed at cost advertizements and warnings to stop Americans from believing the insanity and becoming human sacrifices… all to no avail… Their second venture – strip Pearl Harbor of defense, code machines, radars, park the whole American fleet their too so jews can make more money like they did in WW1, you got it Rosenfeld?

Franklin Delbanco Rosenfeld and his jEW DEAL

All the money in the world to arm Stalin jewison but not a penny for “dying of starvation” Americans during the Great jewish depression. Proof that Rosenfeld was the worst president in history except LBJ and George Washington himself… LBJ made us an israeli welfare state and Washington… he gave us the Federal – the model for the Soviet… Patrick Henry himself said it after taking one look at the constitution(7 part document on how to run a tyrannical Federal Government) “This is a blueprint for Empire, this isn’t what we fought for” Allowing Alexander Lavien aka Hamilton to kill tax protestors in the Shayes and Whiskey rebellions was all the proof needed…

Smedly Darlington Buttler the only American who ever won the medal of honr twice, wrote the book – WAR IS A RACKET – he also testified at senate hearings on the plot uncovered to assassinate or scare Rosenfeld into agreeing to play along with the setting up of the USSARR, later uncovered by the Reece committees own chief investigator another true Noble Norman Dodd KAMERADEN!

The use of the word Goyim, hebrew for catttle, as Gentile… In the jewish Soviet the more than 300 jewish Kommissars (more than 250 recent arrivals from USA Incorporated like Leiba Bronstein aka Leon Trotskey – out of 384 Kommissars, proving the jewish soviet was an American satellite corporation) used the hebrew word “soviet” along with the secret police named “cheka” hebrew for SLAUGHTER CATTLE… The Europeans, who call themselves with pride by the Europeanized form of “goyim” cattle – gentile… You cant make this shit up its so outrageously fucking ridiculous… All this information is from World War I military intelligence of the American expeditionary force, and also from Britain and Switzerland…

Before we introduce the Krist or Saviour properly let me just say this, unlike rabbi jesua the surrenderer, our saviour preached fight and kill your enemies! rabbi jesua who was for usury against non jews but not against jews flipped over a money lender table in the temple that probably never really was a temple… That must have been more work than he did his whoe life for sure, since jews don’t work he couldn’t have been a carpenter, he defenitely said “give to Ceaser what is Ceaser’s” or DO NOT CHARGE OTHER KIKES INTEREST ONLY NON KIKES OK! fuck you jesua! Id kick your face in if you came before me but Ill be sure and think of you when I RISTA BLODÖRN your traitorous follower’s anywhere we find them!


Höchste erleuchteten geistliche Gott Männer



Hitler Democrat book 2 of the fourteen book “Hitler Century” written by Leon Degrelle the Wallonien Belgian SS Volunteer of the 28th Volunteer Grenadier Division, a politician who fought on the front lines from Private to General in over 75 hand to hand combat engagemennts, recipient of the Ritterkreuz and General of the Waffen SS, published by one of my personal heroes – Willis Carto. This book for one was like the other 13 boks of the Hitler century series, stolen from Degrelle by Mark Weber who was under agreement to publish them, but refused and kept the manuscripts, caausing an old Degrelle to become ill and die on March 31st 1994. Only because of the greatness of Willis Carto has this book “Hitler Democrat” been ressurected for us today. We find that in it are details important to discover truth, for only by discovering truth will we ever discover ourselves. The current social construction is this great thing that is alien and hostile to us, absolutely. Only through embracing this eternal battle of what is good and true can we ever find rest. Im sure in death, as in life, both men will find the European halls of Valhalla, after all, both men surely chose a hard life of struggle, why would they not wish to go to the paradise for European’s. The place where we fight for eternity!

From “Hitler Democrat”

Aug 13th, 1920 Hitler speaks on the jewish problem: The poster’s read “Why are we against the jews?”

Hitler was adroit and he did not answer the question with the violence of a Luther who called the israelites “a pestilence, a calamity, an epidemic and a curse for Europe.” In his speech, Hitler demonstrated that he was a genius in blending past and current events…

let me interrupt

into an organic whole, as it should be, in order to understand what went wrong and who is behind the wrong doing, which naturally is immediatelly followed by the punishment and preventive measure’s necessary in the case of a unified group like the jew’s, a defenite organized mafia, working endless hours of Talmud studying to bring us death, Corporate Feudalism and Social Retardation… After all, the jew who refuses to work must promote all types of vile moral degeneracy and suffering of the people for their only income is that of a dishonest charlatan…

It was the call for a crusade: a crusade, however, that was strictly limited to the “entfernung”(removal) of the jews that Hitler had already spoken of in his report to the Reichswehr in 1919. Hitler had been engaged by the German army not to spy on the nsDAP party as modern propaganda tells us but in reality to engage in intelligence reports on the jewish communist parties and also in the capacity to rehabilitate German soldiers who were straying from nationalism to communism, once again the jews through propaganda have reversed the true roles and events of history – hitlers solution was to remove the jews from the levers of power in germany and thus keep them from dominating the destiny of the Germans. Endlösung translates to “removal of jewish influence.”

This was not a new concept.
For more than a thousand years Europeans had sought to keep the jews from dominating their various countries. Hitler would never tolerate the control of Germany by non German aliens (as we do today in the us), if the jews did not like a Germany for the Germans they could simply leave. This was the jist and sum of Hitler’s famous speech of august 13th, 1920 on how to deal with the jewish problem, nothing further than that. > > However thanks to post world war 2 propaganda, the word entfernung was deliberately mistranslated in the myriad anti-German books as meaning “liquidation” or “annihilation.” British books were the first to produce this fabricated meaning which was than translated into French and all other languages. Ironically, these propaganda books were than translated into German, so the Germans would have to read a total mistranslation of a German word as gospel.

Since draconian “anti nationalist” laws imposed by the allies after ww2 made it a crime to quote “nationalist” writings, it has not been possible to rectify publicly the mistranslation. Thus the “final solution” so often quoted from Hitler’s 1920 speech has been one more hoax perpetrated on the public by political “historians.” Unlike Hitler, who wished only for the jews to go away, the average German in 1920 felt much less kindly. Hitler’s moderation was in marched contrast to the popular wrath of the time, and it is an irony of history that it was this moderation that was used in attempts to discredit Hitler in the eyes of the German people as himself being a jew. This thesis was taken up in hundreds of books by jewish and non jewish writers.

On October 14th, 1933 the British daily mirror, owned by jewish press magnate lord Beaverbrook, published the photograph of a jewish tombstone of one abraham eyliyohn, a bucharest jew whom the mirror claimed to be Hitler’s grandfather. This claim received wide acceptance throughout the English speaking world and had to wait for historian Werner Maser to expose it as an absurdity. Eyliyohn’s birth certificate preceded by five years the birth certificate of Hitler’s father Alois! So are we to believe that a 5 year old fathered a child? I think not! Then a “confession” was wrenched from the tortured Nürnberg prisoner Hans Frank that a jew had made Hitler’s grandmother pregnant. An American officer by the name of sixtus o’connor was the recipient of this amazing confession, which named the jew in question as a certain frankeireither from Graz in Austria. This assertion was supposedly corroborated by an article written by some distant relative of Hitler’s and published in the august 5, 1939 edition of paris soir.

Again Werner Maser pointed out that neither the name frankeireither nor the name frankenberger, as it had also been quoted, appeared in any records of graz. Furthermore, not a single jew had lived in graz from the time of the fifteenth century until ten years after the death of Hitler’s grandmother. When Maser then checked the paris soir article, he was surprised to find that the name frankeireither or frankenberger was never mentioned.
Thus another piece of Nürnberg “evidence” was based on torture and fabrication.

Another fantasy of the allies was Hitler’s alleged destruction of Dollersheim, an Austrian village that was his fathers birthplace. This charge came from a defrocked priest callled Jetzinger, who claimed that in 1937 Hitler had ordered the village destroyed because there were compromising records there pertaining to his origins. “Dollersheim and the neighboring villages no longer exist” Jetzinger wrote. “The whole region once fertile and thriving is nothing but desolation now. Death lies in wait for you everywhere in the shape of unexploded bombs. The former villagers have been dispersed throughout the country. For some years Hitler had savored his triumph in having blown up and bulldozed flat his fathers birthplace and his grandmothers grave. Everything indicates that Dollersheim’s death sentence came from Hitler himself and was inspired by his implacable hatred of his father who’s own father may have been jewish…” It made good freudian copy, but again it was a fabrication.

Historian Werner Maser set the record straight. “Jetzinger’s statements are patently absurd. After the Anschluss, a commemorative stone was placed near the tomb of Maria Anna Schicklgruber, engraved with a cross and the words “here lies the fuhrers grandmother, Maria A. Hitler, born Schicklgruber. Schoolchildren and members of the Hitler youth would often come there to pay their respect, and the grave was always very well maintained.” Werner maser. Just before ww2 the Wehrmacht set up a training field in the region. A few isolated farmhouses were slightly damaged, but none of the church and government records were ever destroyed, nor was the village of Dollersheim. The destruction of the entire Dollersheim region occurred between 1945 and 1955 and was brought about by the Soviet occupation forces, a fact well known but unpublicized by establishment historians. All the fabrications about Hitler from self-hating jew to jew-hating gentile to enraged and hysterical loudmouth were completely and utterly false.

Now how many people know that the jewish Weimar Republic gvernment of idiot’s with no plan or goals found the more than a dozen lawsuits of Hitler against jewish newspaper’s that falsely printed the lie that Hitler might have been jewish… Everyone of Hitler’s lawsuits was granted by a jewish Weimar government at a time when Hitler had no money or power and wasn’t important, obviously it was utter retardation of the caliber that only the super idiot’s of the world would believe, or poles and American’s.

In German the t is often pronounced as a z, as well as the c and s… hence Nationalist as Nazi and Socialist as Sozi…

Following World War I, Germany was in political chaos, especially in Munich, the political center of Bavaria. Several political parties were active in the 1920s in Munich, where this virtual political chaos left the different parties all against each other. Some active and popular parties included the Social Democrats, known as the SPD, the Bavarian People’s Party, the BVP, and the Communist Party, the KPD. The National Socialist party, Hitler’s future Nazi party, abbreviated NSDAP, made “its appearance in the already crowded and confused political scene in Munich, the capital of Bavaria.

The Munich Post was filled with attacks on Hitler and reports of his and the NSDAP’s actions. In November 1921, at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, Hitler spoke to a crowd filled with opposition, including Majority-Socialist Party and “circles connected with their newspaper the Munich Post” (the Majority-Socialist party was the early name for the Social Democrats, the SPD). A fight broke out over the issue of an assassination attempt on Erhard Auer, a Munich Post writer and SPD spokesperson. A full-scale brawl followed. The socialists in the audience attacked the present SA men with beer mugs they had hidden under the tables as ammunition.

Hitler later idealized this scene in Mein Kampf as the “baptism of fire” of his SA men, who were triumphant in the fight despite their comparatively low number of fighters. Hitler recognizing this fight, against the socialists over a Munich Post issue, as the baptism of his SA men, again demonstrates Hitler’s consideration of the SPD party and the Munich Post as his first and foremost enemies.

In August 1921, the Munich Post obtained the text of an attack on Hitler made by internal Nazi factions. Once the Post gained hold of this text, they printed it immediately. Entitled “Adolf Hitler, Traitor,” this pamphlet questioned Hitler’s mysterious sources for financial support, asking the question “just what does he do for a living?” His official line for his financial situation had been declared previously in the Volkischer Beobachter, stating his help in the movement was self-sacrificial, and he received no money from the party. He made his income purely from fees he received for speeches. After the Munich Post published these questioning remarks, focusing on how Hitler got the money to ride around in these luxury cars with women and expensive cigarettes, yet Hitler never smoked a cigarette in his life!Hitler went to court in a libel case against the Post. Hitler did eventually admit to being “supported in a modest way” by NSDAP supporters. So what look at the Actor’s Guild USA Inc with court jester Bary Soetoro and president Janet Yellen… Still, the verdict went against the Munich Post, as the pattern would proceed, charging the paper a fine of 600 marks.

This type of pursuit against the Munich Post and other newspaper slanderers was typical. Hitler sued them for libel and fraud again and again, specifically taking advantage of the right-wing nationalist ideals of the Bavarian judiciary branch in cases against the Munich Post. In a similar suit, Hitler was awarded 6000000 marks for slander when the Socialist Berlin organ, the Vorwarts, charged that Hitler was being financed by “American Semitic and Bolshevist funds.” Sure he was… That is why he succeeded in overthrowing the “bank of Germany law” and outlawing the charging of interest by bank’s.


Other incriminating information printed in the leaflet “Adolf Hitler, Traitor” coming from Strasser brother traitors who acepted jewish written propaganda pieces and put their names to it taking credit… raised questions that the extremely pathetic attempts of the post to discredit the man. The Munich Post had been addressing retarded details of total fabrication regarding Hitler too, like his alieness and his strangeness, both of origin and personality. Especially pathetic was the question of his possible jewishness or of some subterranean relationship to jews. The pamphlet argued that, with Hitler’s sudden grab for dictatorial power of the NSDAP, Hitler was not only serving “jewish interests” but also acting “like a real jew himself.” Despite the fact that German jews were never arrested or put into concentration camps! OVER 250,000 jewish Nazi’s served in the Wehrmacht against jewish mass murder or Bolschewismus. These decent German jews were slaughtered with the Germans, no jewish Nazis could survive but some few did anway…

Aug 13 1920 “Why we are anti semites” or refuse to show favoritism to the jews! speech by Adolf Hitler

My dear countrymen and women! We are quite used to being generally referred to as monsters. And we are considered particularly monstrous because, in a question that certain gentlemen in Germany are nervous about, we are marching at the head – namely in the question of the opposition to the jews. Our people understand many things but this one problem nobody wants to understand, and in particular because, as a worker explained: “What connection is there at all between the workers and the jewish Problem, when in reality most of the people have no idea what this problem means.” Most people let themselves be guided by feelings and say: “I have seen good and bad people among them, just like among ourselves.” Very few have learned to view the problem free of emotion, in its clean form. I will at once begin with the word “work”. What does it mean – work? Work is an activity performed not of one’s free will, but for the sake of one’s fellowmen. If there is a difference between man and animals, so it is particularly regarding work, which does not originate in an instinct but comes from an understanding of a necessity. Hardly any revolution had so deep an effect as the slow one which gradually transformed the lazy man of primeval time into the man who works. Talking of work, we can assume that this activity followed these three phases: First, it was an effect of a simple instinct of self-preservation which we also see in animals. Later, it developed into the second form of work – the one from pure egoism. Also this form became gradually replaced by the third: Work out of ethical sense of duty, where an individual does not work because he is forced to it. We see it at every turn. Millions of people work without being constantly forced to it. Thousands of intellectuals are sometimes bound to their studies for whole nights on end, day after day, although they may not do it for material gains. The hundreds of thousands of German workers after the end of their work tend their gardens. And, generally, we see today that millions of people cannot imagine living without some sort of occupation. When I said that this process represents a slow but perhaps also the greatest of all revolutions in human history, then one must assume that also this revolution had to have a cause, and this cause was the greatest Goddess of this Earth, the one who is able to whip men to the uttermost – the Goddess of Hardship. We can see this hardship in early prehistory, above all in the northern part of the world, in those enormous ice deserts where only the meagrest existence was possible. Here, men were forced to fight for their existence, for things which were, in the smiling South, available without work, and in abundance. In those times man made perhaps his first groundbreaking discovery: In those cold stretches man was forced to find a substitute for the only gift of Heaven which makes life possible – the Sun. And the man who produced the first artificial sparks later appeared to Humanity as a god – Prometheus, the fire-bringer. The North forced men to further activity – production of clothes, building of abodes. First, it was simple caves, later huts and houses. In short, he created a principle, the principle of work. Life would not have been possible without it. Although work was still simple, it had already to be planned beforehand and each individual knew that if he has not done his part, he will die of hunger in the coming winter. At the same time another development followed – the terrible hardship became a means for breeding of a race. Whoever was weak or sickly could not survive the terrible winter period and died prematurely. What remained was a race of strong and healthy giants. Yet another trait of this race was born. Where man is externally muzzled, where his radius of action is limited, he begins to develop internally. Externally limited, internally he becomes unlimited. The more man, due to external forces, must depend on himself, the deeper internal life he develops and the more he turns inward. These three achievements: The recognized principle of work as a duty, the necessity, not only out
of egoism but for preservation of the whole group of people – a small clan; second – the necessity of bodily health and thereby also of normal mental health; and third – the deep spiritual life. All these gave the northern races the ability to go to the world and build states. If this power could not find its full expression in the high North, it became apparent when the ice shackles fell and man turned south to the happier, freer nature. We know that all these northern peoples had one symbol in common – the symbol of the Sun. They created cults of Light and they’ve created the symbols of the tools for making fire – the drill and the cross. You will find this cross as a Hakenkreuz as far as India and Japan, carved in the temple pillars. It is the Swastika, which was once a sign of established communities of Aryan Culture. Those races, today called Aryans, created all the great cultures of the ancient world. We know that Egypt was brought upon its high cultural level by Aryan immigrants. Similarly, Persia and Greece; the immigrants were blond, blue eyed Aryans. And we know that outside of these Aryan states no civilized states have been founded. There emerged mixed races between the black, dark eyed and dark colored, southern races and the immigrants, but they failed to create any large, creative culture states. Why is it that only Aryans possessed the ability to create states? It was due, almost exclusively, to their attitude toward work. Those races which, as the first, stopped seeing work as the result of coercion and saw it rather as a necessity born out of hundreds of thousands of years of hardship, had to become superior to other people. And, besides, it was work that made people come together and divide the work among them. We know that the moment the individual work to sustain oneself turned into work within communities, the community tended to assign a particular work to those particularly talented, and with increasing division of work it became necessary for still greater joining together into still bigger groups. So, it is work which created kinships at first, later tribes, and still later, led to the creation of states. If we see, as the first prerequisite for creating states, the conception of work as social duty, so the second necessary ingredient is racial health and purity. And nothing helped the northern conquerors more against the lazy and rotten southern races than the refined strength of their race. States would remain an empty vessel if not decorated with that which we normally call culture. If we removed everything and kept just railways, ships, etc.; if we removed everything we consider art and sciences, such a state would in reality become empty and we would understand the creative power of the northern tribes. The moment their great, inborn imagination could act in great, free areas, it created everywhere immortal works. We see this process repeated continuously even in the smallest scale. Similarly, we know that great minds are often born at the bottom of society, unable to develop there but, given an opportunity, they begin to grow and become leaders in arts, sciences, and also in politics. We know today that there are extensive interrelations between the state, nation, culture, art and work and it would be madness to think that any of them could exist independently of the others. Let us take art – considered as an international domain – and we shall see that it is unconditionally dependent on the state. Art blossomed in those areas where the political development made it possible. The art of Greece reached its highest level when the young state had triumphed over invading Persian armies. Construction of the Acropolis began at that time. Rome became the city of art after the end of the Punic Wars, and Germany built her cathedrals, as in Worms, Speyer and Limburg, when the German Empire under Salians had achieved its greatest triumphs. We can follow this connection to our time. We know that art, for example the beauty of German towns, always depended on political development of these towns; that it was political considerations which moved Napoleon III to regulating of the Boulevards and Friedrich the Great to establishing Unter den Linden. Similarly in Munich where it was obvious that the city could not become an industrial center and so art was chosen to elevate the rank of the city, which now everyone who wants to get to know Germany must visit. Similar were the origins of today’s Wien (Vienna). The case was similar with other arts. The moment the small, powerless statelets began to unite into one state, then also one German art, proud of itself, began to grow. The works of Richard Wagner appeared in the period when shame and powerlessness were replaced by a unified, great German Reich. And so, not just art is dependent on the state, on the politics of the state; the same is the case with work itself because only a sound state is in the position to give the opportunity of working to its citizens and let them use their talents. The opposite is the case with the race in relation to everything else. A state with a rotten, sick and unsound race will never produce great works of art or make great politics, or at least bask in abundance. Each of these factors depends on the others. And only when all of them complement each other, can we say: There is harmony in the state, the way we Germanics understand it. Can the jew build a state? Now we have to ask ourselves the question: How about the jew as a state builder? Does the jew possess the power to create a state? First we must examine his attitude to work, find out how he perceives the principle of work, and excuse me if I now take a book called The Bible. I am not claiming that all its contents are necessarily true, as we know that jewry was very liberal in writing it. One thing, however, is certain: it has not been written by an antisemite. (Laughter) It is very important because no antisemite would have been able to write a more terrible indictment against the jewish race than the Bible, the Old Testament. Let us take a look at a sentence: “By the sweat of thy brow shalt thou eat bread.” And it says that it was to be a punishment for the Fall of Man. Ladies and Gentlemen! Already here we see that the whole world lies between us; we could never conceive of work as a punishment – otherwise we would all have been convicts. We do not want to conceive of work as punishment. I must confess: I would not have been able to exist without work, and hundreds of thousands and millions would have been able to withstand perhaps 3 or 5 days, maybe even 10, but not 90 or 100 days without any activity. If Paradise really existed, the Land of Plenty, then our people would have been unhappy in it. (Calls: Hear, hear.) We Germans seek constantly a possibility to do something and if we cannot find anything, at least from time to time we hit one another in the face. (Laughter) We are unable to bear absolute rest. Thus we see, already here, a big difference. Because a jew has written this, true or not is unimportant because it still reflects the opinion which jewry has about work. For them work is not an obvious ethical duty but at most a means to sustenance. In our eyes, this is not work because in this case any activity serving self-preservation, without regard to fellow men, might be called work. And we know that this work, in the past, consisted of plundering of caravans, and today in planned plundering of indebted farmers, industrialists and workers. The form has changed but the principle is the same. We do not call it work, but robbery. (Calls: Hear, hear.) When already such a basic notion separates us, here comes another. I have already explained that in the long period in the North the races became purified. This means that all the inferior and weak gradually died out and only the soundest remained. Also, here the Jew differs from us because he has not become purified but instead practiced inbreeding; he multiplied greatly but only in narrow circles, and without selection. And therefore we see a generation which is plagued by defects caused by inbreeding. Finally, the jew does not possess the third factor: The inner spiritual life. I do not need to explain here what a jew generally looks like. You all know him. (Laughter) You know his constant restlessness that never gives him a possibility to concentrate and have a spiritual experience. In the most solemn moments he flickers his eyes and one can see that even during the most beautiful opera he is calculating dividends. (Laughter) The jew has never had his own art. (Hear, hear.) His own temple has been built by foreign builders: The first was the Assyrians, and for the building of the second – the Roman artists. He has not left anything which might be called art, no buildings, nothing. In music, we know that he is only able to skillfully copy the others’ art. We shall not conceal that today he has many famous conductors whose fame he can thank the well-organized jewish Press for. (Laughter) When a nation does not possess these three traits, it is not able to create states. And that is true because throughout centuries the jew was always a nomad. He has never had what we might call a state. It’s a mistake which is spreading widely today to say that Jerusalem was a capital of a jewish state of a jewish nation. On the one side, there was always a great chasm between the tribes of judah and Caleb and the northern Israeli tribes, and only David, for the first time, succeeded in gradually bridging the chasm through the unitary cult of Yahweh. We know precisely that this cult has at a very late time chosen for itself Jerusalem as its sole seat. Only from that moment have the jewish people gotten a center, like Berlin or New York or Warsaw today. (Hear, hear.) This was a town in which the jew, thanks to his talents and traits, gradually achieved predominance, partly through the force of arms, partly through the “power of trombones.” Besides, the jews, already in those times, lived as a parasite in the body of other peoples and it had to be so. Because a people which does not want to work – the often hard work of building and maintaining a state – to work in mines, factories, in construction etc.; all this was unpleasant to the Hebrew. Such a people will never establish a state but prefers to live in some other state where others work and he acts as an intermediary in business, a dealer in the best case, or in good German – a robber, a nomad who undertakes robbing raids just like in ancient times. (Lively bravo! and hand clapping) And so we can now understand why the whole Zionist state and its establishing is nothing but a comedy. Herr Chief Rabbi has now said in jerusalem: “Establishment of this state is not the most important; it is far from certain if it will at all be possible.” However, it is necessary that Jewry has this city as its spiritual headquarters because jewry “materially and in fact are the masters of several states; we control them financially, economically and politically.” And so the Zionist state is going to be a harmless corn of sand in the eye. Efforts are made to explain that so and so many jews have been found that want to go there as farmers, workers, even soldiers. (Laughter) If these people really have this urge in themselves, Germany today needs these ideal men as turf cutters and coal miners; they could take part in building our water power plants, our lakes etc. but it does not occur to them. The whole Zionist state will be nothing else than the perfect high school for their international criminals, and from there they will be directed. And every Jew will, of course, have immunity as a citizen of the Palestinian state (Laughter) and he will of course keep our citizenship. But when caught red-handed, he will not be a German jew any longer but a citizen of Palestine. (Laughter) One can almost say that the jew cannot help it because everything stems from his race. He cannot do anything about it and, besides, it doesn’t matter whether he is good or bad for he must act according to the laws of his race, just as do members of our people. A Jew is everywhere a Jew; consciously or unconsciously, he resolutely represents the interests of his race. Thus we can see the two great differences between races: Aryanism means ethical perception of work and that which we today so often hear – socialism, community spirit, common good before own good. Jewry means egoistic attitude to work and thereby Mammonism and materialism, the opposite of socialism. (Hear, hear.) And due to these traits, which he cannot ‘step over’ as they are in his blood and, as he himself admits, in these traits alone lays the necessity for the jew to behave unconditionally as a destroyer of states. He cannot do otherwise, whether he wants to or not. And thereby he is unable to create his own state because it requires a lot of social sense. He is only able to live as a parasite in the states of others. He lives as a race amongst other races, in a state within others states. And we can see very precisely that when a race does not possess certain traits which must be hereditary, it not only cannot create a state but must act as a destroyer, no matter if a given individual is good or evil. The jewish path of destruction We can follow this fate of jewry from the earliest prehistory. It is not important if there is truth in every word of the Bible. In general, it gives us at least an extract of the history of jewry. We see
how the jews present themselves because the jew wrote these words quite innocuously. It did not appear to him as outrageous when a race, through cunning and deceit, invaded and despoiled other races, was always finally expelled and, unoffended, sought to repeat the same elsewhere. They pimped and haggled even when it came to their ideals, always ready to offer even their own families. We know that not long ago a gentleman was staying here, Sigmund Fraenkel, who has just written that it is quite unjust to accuse jews of a materialistic spirit. One should only look at their sunny family life. However, this intimate family life did not prevent Grandfather Abraham from pimping off his own wife to the Pharaoh of Egypt in order to be able to do business. (Laughter) As was the grandfather, so was the father and so were the sons who never neglected their business. And you can be sure that they are not neglecting the business even as we speak. Who among you was a soldier, he will remember Galicia or Poland: There, at the train stations, these Abraham were everywhere. (Laughter and hand clapping) They penetrated into other races for millennia. And we know very well that wherever they stayed long enough symptoms of decay appeared and the peoples could do nothing else than to liberate themselves from the uninvited guest or to disappear themselves. Heavy plagues came over the nations, no less then ten in Egypt – the same plague we experience today firsthand – and finally the Egyptians lost their patience. When the chronicler describes that the jews were suffering when they finally left, we know differently, for as soon as they were out, they began to long after coming back. (Laughter) It seems that they did not have it so badly. On the other hand, if it’s true they had been forced to help build pyramids, it would mean today forcing them to earn their bread by working in our mines, stone quarries etc. And just as you are not going to see this race voluntarily do it, so there was nothing left to the Egyptians but to force them. What hundreds of thousands of others do as a matter of course, means for the jew another chapter of suffering and persecution. Still later, the jew was able to infiltrate the then soaring Roman Empire. We can still see his traces in southern Italy. Already 250 years before Christ he was there in all places, and people began to avoid them. Already, then and there, he made the most important decision and became a trader. From numerous Roman texts we know that he traded, like today, with everything from shoelaces to girls. (Hear, hear.) And we know that the danger grew, and that the insurrection after the murder of Julius Caesar was mainly fomented by the jews. The jew knew even then how to make friends with the masters of the Earth. Only when they became shaky in their rule, he suddenly became a populist and discovered his wide open heart for the needs of the broad masses. So it was in Rome, as we know. We know that the jew used Christianity, not out of love for Christ, but partly because he knew that this new religion questioned all earthly power and so it became an axe at the root of the Roman state, the state which was built on the authority of the public servant. And he became its chief bearer and propagator, without becoming a Christian – he couldn’t, he remained a jew, precisely as today when he, never stooping to the level of worker, remains a master pretending to be a socialist. (Bravo!) He did the same 2000 years ago, and we know that this new Teaching was nothing else than a resurrection of the old truism that people in a state should have legal rights and, above all, that equal duties should give equal rights. This obvious Teaching was gradually turned against the jew himself, as the similar Teaching of socialism has to turn on the hebrew race today, its distorters and corrupters. We know that throughout the middle Ages the jew infiltrated all European states, behaving like a parasite, using new principles and ways which the people did not know then. And from a nomad he became a greedy and bloodthirsty robber of our time. And he went so far that people after people rebelled and attempted to shake him off. We know it is untrue when people say that the jew was forced to this activity; he could easily acquire land. And he did acquire land but not to work it but in order to use it as a trade object, just as he does today. Our forefathers were wiser; they knew that land was holy and they excluded the jew from it, (Lively ovation) and if the Jew ever had the intention to tend the land and build a state, he could easily have done so at the time when whole new continents were discovered. He could easily have done it if only he used a small part of his power, craftiness, cunning, brutality and ruthlessness, as well as some of his financial resources. Because if this power was sufficient to subdue whole peoples, it would have been more than sufficient to build their own state. If only he had had the basic condition for this, which is a will to work, but not in the sense of usurious trade but in the sense in which millions work in order to keep a state going. Instead, we see him also today as a destroyer. In these days we see a great transformation: the jew was once a Court jew, submissive to his master he knew how to make the master pliable in order to dominate his subjects. For this purpose he whetted the appetites of these great men for unattainable things, extended the credit and soon turned them into debtors. In this way he himself got power over peoples. And he played this game with the same cruelty as, a few years later, the humanistic and philanthropic Jew whose wealth did not suffer at all when he showed his humanitarianism and his spirit of sacrifice to our people. (Big laughter) I said that he transformed from Court jew (Hofjude) to Populist jew (Volksjude). Why? Because he felt that the ground began to burn under his feet. The ethical duty to work Gradually, he also had to lead an existential struggle against the growing awakening and anger of the people. This forced him to lay his hands on the inner structure of the states if he wanted to remain the master of the peoples.We see the resulting destruction in three areas, namely those same three areas which were preserving and developing the states. The first area was the fight against the principle of the ethical duty to work. The jew had found another kind of work for himself where he could earn gold without practically moving a finger. He developed a principle which, throughout millennia, made it possible for him to amass fortunes without sweat and toil, unlike all other mortals, and above all – without taking risk. What does the word “industrial capital” really mean? Ladies and Gentlemen! People often accuse us, particularly in the factories: “You don’t fight against the industrial capital, just against finance and loan capital.” And most people don’t understand that one must not fight against industrial capital. What is industrial capital? It is a constantly changing factor, a relative concept. Once it was a needle and thread, a workshop and a couple of cents in ready money which a tailor in Nurnberg possessed in the 13th century. It was a sum that made work possible, that is: tools, workshops and a certain amount of money in order to survive for a period of time. Gradually, this small workshop became a big factory. But workshops and tools, machines and factories have, per se, no value able to produce value but are a means to an end. What produces value is work, and the few cents which made it possible to survive difficult times and buy some fabrics, multiplied through time, stand before us today – we call it Capital for continued operation in bad times, that is Working Capital. Here I want to emphasize one thing: Tools, workshop, machine, factory – or working capital, that is, industrial capital – against this you cannot fight at all. You can perhaps make sure that it is not abused but you cannot fight against it. This is the first major scam that one makes to our people, and they make it to distract us from the real fight, to pull it off from the capital which should and must be fought – from the loan and financial capital. (Stormy bravo! and applause). This capital arises in a very different way. The smallest master craftsman was dependent on the fate that might affect him every day, on the general situation in the middle Ages, perhaps on the size of his city and its prosperity, the security in this city. Also today is this capital, that is, the industrial capital tied to the state and to the people, depending on the will of the people to work, but depending also on the possibility to procure raw materials in order to be able to offer work and find buyers who will really buy the product. And we know that a collapse of the state, under certain circumstances, renders the greatest values worthless, devalues them, as distinguished from the other capital, the finance and loan capital, which accrues interest very evenly without any regard to whether the owner, for example, of these 10,000 Mark himself passes away or not. The debt remains on the estate. We experience that a state has debts, for example, the German Reich’s bonds for Alsace-Lorraine railways; these bonds must bear interest although the railways are no longer in our possession. We know that this railway fortunately has now a 20 billion deficit but their bonds must bear interest, and even though they were sold, in part, more than 60 years ago and have already been repaid four times, the debt, the interest, runs further, and while a great nation gains nothing on this company, it still must bleed; the loan capital continues to grow completely irrespective of any outside disturbance. Here we already see the first possibility, namely that this kind of money-making, which is independent of all the events and incidents of daily life, must necessarily, because it is never hindered and always runs evenly, gradually lead to huge capitals which are so enormous that they ultimately have only one fault, namely the difficulty of their further accommodation.To accommodate this capital, you have to proceed to destroying whole states, to destroy entire cultures, to abolish national industries – not to socialize, but to throw all into the jaws of this international capital – because this capital is international, as the only thing on this Earth that is truly international. It is international because its carrier, the jews, are international through their distribution across the world. (Consent.) And already here one should knock oneself on the head and say: if this capital is international because its carrier is distributed internationally, it must be madness to think that this capital can be fought internationally with the help of the members of the same race which possesses it. (Hear, hear.) Fire is not extinguished by fire but by water and the international capital belonging to the international jew can only be broken by a national force. (Bravo and applause!) So, this capital has grown to incredibly large proportions and today virtually rules the Earth, still eerily growing and – the worst! – is completely corrupting all honest work. For it is appalling that the common man who has to bear the burden in order to return the capital sees that, despite his hard work, diligence, thrift and in spite of the real work, he is hardly able to nourish himself and still less to dress, while this international capital devours billions just in interest, which he also must supply, and at the same time a whole racial stratum which does no other work than collect interest and cut coupons, spreads in the state. This is a degradation of any honest work, for every honestly working man must ask today: Does it have a purpose at all that I work? I will really never accomplish anything, and there are people who, practically without work, can not only live, but in practice even dominate us, and that’s their goal. Yes, one of the foundations of our strength is being destroyed, namely the ethical concept of work, and that was the brilliant idea of Karl Marx to falsify the ethical concept of work, and the whole mass of the people who groan under the Capital are to be organized for the destruction of the national economy and for the protection of international finance-and-loan capital. (Stormy applause) We know that today 15 billion of industry capital is facing 500 billion of loan capital. These 15 billion of industry capital is invested in creative values, while this 500 billion loan capital, which we always get in spoonful rates of 6 and 7 billion and which we use in periods of 1 to 2 months to supplement our rations a little, these 6 to 7 billion today which are decreed almost worthless scraps of paper, at a later date, should we ever recover, will have to be repaid in high quality money i.e. in a money behind which lies practical work. This is not only the destruction of a state, but already the application of a chain, of a neck collar for later times. National purity as a source of strength The second pillar against which the jew as a parasite turns, and must turn, is the national purity as a source of the strength of a nation. The jew, who is himself a nationalist more than any other nation, who through millennia did not mix with any other race, uses intermingling just for others to degenerate them in the best case; this same jew preaches every day with thousands of tongues, from 19,000 papers in Germany alone, that all nations on Earth are equal, that international solidarity should bind all the peoples, that no people can lay a claim to a special status etc., and, above all, that no nation has a reason to be proud of anything that is called or is national. What a nation means, he, who himself never dreams of climbing down to those to whom he preaches internationalism, knows well. First a race must be denationalized. First it must unlearn that its power is in its blood, and when it has reached the level where it has no more pride, the result is a product, a second race, which is lower than the previous one and the jew needs the lower one in order to organize his final world domination. In order to build it and keep it, he lowers the racial level of the other peoples, so that only he is racially pure and able to eventually rule over all the others. That’s race degradation, the effects of which we can see today in a number of peoples of the world. We know that the Hindus in India are a mixed people, stemming from the high Aryan immigrants and from the dark aborigines. And this nation bears the consequences, for it is a slave nation of a race that may seem in many ways almost as a second jewry. Another problem is the problem of physical decomposition of races. The jew is trying to eliminate all of which he knows that is somehow strengthening, muscle-steeling, and eliminate above all everything of that which he knows may keep a race so healthy that it will remain determined not to tolerate among themselves national criminals, pests to the national community, but under some circumstances, punish them with death. And that is his great fear and worry; for even the heaviest latches of the safest prison are not so tough, and the prison is not so safe that a few million could not open it eventually. Only one lock is permanent, and that is death, and in front of it he has the most awe. And therefore he seeks to abolish this barbaric punishment everywhere where he lives as a parasite. But wherever he already is, Lord, it is used ruthlessly. (Loud applause) And, for the breaking of physical strength, he has excellent means at hand. First of all, he has the trade that should be nothing more than distribution of foodstuffs and other necessary items for daily use. He uses it to withdraw these articles of daily life, when necessary, in order to raise the price on the one hand, but also to withdraw in order to create the conditions for physical weakening which have always worked best: hunger. Thus we see them brilliantly organize, from a Joseph in Egypt up to a Rathenau* today. Everywhere, what we see behind these organizations is not the desire to make a shining organization for food supply, but through them gradually to create hunger. We know that as a politician he never had reason and cause to shun the hunger, on the contrary, wherever the jew appeared in political parties, hunger and misery was the only soil in which he could grow. He desires it, and therefore he does not even think of easing social misery. That’s the bed in which it thrives.*Walther Rathenau’s mother was jewish. He became Foreign Minister of Germany during the Weimar Republic, was assassinated on June 24, 1922, two months after signing the Rappalo Treaty. He was a leading proponent of a policy of assimilation for German jews ] Hand in hand with this goes a battle against the health of the people. He knows how to turn all the healthy normal manners, the obvious hygienic rules of a race on its head, from night he makes day; he creates the notorious nightlife and knows exactly that it works slowly but surely, gradually destroying the healthy strength of a race, making it soft; the one is destroyed physically, the other spiritually, and into the heart of the third it puts the hatred as he has to see the others feast. And finally, as a last resort, he destroys the productive capacity, and if necessary, in connection with it, the productive resources of a nation. That is the great mystery of Russia. They have destroyed factories, not because they knew they would no longer be needed, but because they knew that the people would be forced, with enormous hardships, to replace what had been destroyed. So the jew succeeds in harnessing the people, instead of the former 9 and 10 hours, for 12 hours. For at the moment when the jew becomes Lord, he knows no 8-hour day, he recognizes his Sabbath for his cattle, but not for the Goyim, for the Akum [words for non-jews]. The destruction of culture Finally, he reaches for the last method: The destruction of all culture, of all that we consider as belonging in a state which we consider civilized. Here is his work perhaps most difficult to recognize, but here the actual effect is the most terrible. We are familiar with his activity in the arts, like today’s paintings which became a caricature of all that we call true inner perception. (Prolonged applause) They always explain that you don’t understand the inner experience of the artist. Don’t you think that also a Moritz Schwind and Ludwig Richter experienced internally when they
created? (Stormy bravo! and applause) Don’t you, finally, believe that, for example, Beethoven’s chords also came from inner experience and feeling and that a Beethoven symphony reflects his inner experience? This is true inner experience, unlike the other ones, which are only superficial swindle (Applause), set in the world with an intent to gradually destroy in the people any healthy idea and to whip the people into a state in which no one can understand whether the times are crazy, or whether he himself is mad. (Big laughter and applause.) Just as he works in painting, sculpture and music, so he does in poetry and especially in literature. Here he has a great advantage. He is the editor and, above all, publisher of more than 95% of all newspapers. He uses this power, and he who has become such a brutal antisemite as myself (Laughter) smells out, even as he takes the paper in his hand, where the jew begins; (Laughter) he knows already from the title page that it is again not one of us, but one of the “folks behind.” (Laughter) We know full well that all his contortions and wordplays only serve to conceal the inner emptiness of his mind and hide the fact that the man has no real spiritual life, and what he lacks in true spirit he replaces with bombast phrases, word twists and turns that seem unreasonable, but he cautiously explains from the outset that he who does not understand them is not sufficiently mentally developed. (Laughter) When we talk about literature, we also need to jump straight to another chapter where we can admire in excess Moritz and Salomon Wolf and Bear: Our theater, the places which a Richard Wagner wanted once to have darkened to create the highest degree of consecration and seriousness, in which he wanted to perform works which it would be shameful to call shows, so he named them “consecration plays;” the place where there should be nothing else but the highest elevation, a detachment of the individual from all the grief and misery, but also from all the rot which surrounds us in life, to lift the individual into a purer air. What has become of it? A place which today you are ashamed to enter unless someone might notice you the moment you go in. (Hear, hear.) We see that although a Friedrich Schiller received just 346 thalers for “Mary Stuart,” for “Merry Widow”* people today receive 5 1/2 million, that the greatest kitsch today makes millions for which an author in ancient Greece would probably have been expelled from the state by ostracism. (Loud applause.) *Hitler later changed his mind about “The Merry Widow” (composed by fellow Austrian Franz Lehár) and endorsed it, along with Operetta in general. And if theater has become a hotbed of vice and shamelessness, then a thousand times more so that new invention which perhaps comes from genial inspiration, but which the jew understood right away to remodel into the filthiest business that you can imagine: the cinema. (Thunderous applause and clapping.) At first people attached greatest hopes to this brilliant invention. It could become an easy mediator of profound knowledge for the entire people of the world. And what has become of it? It became the mediator of the greatest and the most shameless filth. The jew works on. For him there is no spiritual sensitivity, and just as his forefather Abraham was selling his wife, he finds nothing special about the fact that today he sells girls, and through the centuries we find him everywhere, in North America as in Germany, Austria-Hungary and all over the East, as the merchant of the human commodity and it can not be denied away; even the greatest jew defender cannot deny that all of these girl-dealers are hebrews. This subject is atrocious. According to Germanic sentiment there would be only one punishment for this: death. For people that play fast and loose, regarding as a business, as a commodity, what for millions of others means greatest happiness or greatest misfortune. For them love is nothing more than business in which they make money. They are always ready to tear apart the happiness of any marriage, if only 30 pieces of silver can be made. (Stormy bravo! and applause) They tell us today that all that which was known as family life is a completely outlived notion, and who only saw the play “Castle Wetterstein”* could see how the holiest that still remained to the people was shamelessly called “brothel”. *An anti-bourgeoise play written in 1912 by Frank Wedekind, pre-figuring the “new realism,” in which a young woman is corrupted. It was played up
by the jews and became very popular. So we should not be surprised when he also attacks what many people even today are not indifferent to, and what to many at least can give inner peace – religion. Also here we see the same jew who himself has enough religious customs which others could easily mock, but no one does, as we, in principle, never ridicule religion because it is sacred to us. But he tries to destroy everything without offering a substitute. Who today, in this age of the vilest deceit and swindle, is detached from it; for him there are just two more possibilities, either he hangs himself in despair or becomes a crook. The “authority of the majority” When the jew has destroyed the state according to these three major aspects, when he has undermined the state-forming and sustaining power, the ethical conception of work, the racial purity of a people and its spiritual life, he puts to the ax the authority of reason in the state and puts in its place the so-called authority of the majority of the crowd, and he knows that this majority will dance as he whistles because he has the means to direct it: He has the Press, not perhaps for registering of public opinion, but for forgery of it, and he knows how to harness public opinion through the Press in order to dominate the state. Instead of the authority of reason, there enters the authority of the great spongy majority led by the jew, because the Jew is always going through three periods. First, autocratically-minded, ready to serve any prince, he then descends to the people, fighting for democracy, of which he knows that it will be in his hand, and steered by him; he owns it, he becomes a dictator. (Hear, hear) And we see this today in Russia, where a Lenin has just assured that the councils are already outlived, and that now it is not absolutely necessary that a proletarian state be led through one council or parliament, that it is sufficient that 2 or 3 proletarian-minded people govern this country. These proletarian-minded persons are some jewish billionaires, and we know very well that behind 2 or 3 proletarians ultimately stands another organization which is outside of the state: the Alliance Israelite and their grandiose propaganda organization and the organization of Freemasonry. (Loud applause and clapping of hands) And in all these things we must understand that there are no good or evil jews. Here everyone works exactly according to the instincts of his race, because the race, or should we say, the nation and its character, as the jew himself explains, lies in blood, and this blood is forcing everyone to act according to these principles, whether he is the leading mind in a party that calls itself democratic, or calls itself socialist, or a man of science, literature, or just an ordinary exploiter. He is a jew; he works aglow with one thought: How do I get my people to become the Master Race. The political organization And when we see, for example, in these jewish magazines, that it is specified that every jew everywhere is obligated to fight against any antisemite, wherever and whoever he is, then it follows by deduction that every German, wherever and whoever he is, will become an antisemite. (Stormy bravo! and prolonged applause) For if the jew has a racial determination, so have we, and we are also obliged to act accordingly. Because it seems inseparable from the social idea and we do not believe that there could ever exist a state with lasting inner health if it is not built on internal social justice, and so we have joined forces with this knowledge and when we finally united, there was only one big question: How should we actually baptize ourselves? A party? A bad name! Notorious, discredited in the mouth of everyone, and hundreds told us, “Why have you called yourselves a party? When I hear that word I go mad.” And others told us, “It’s not necessary for us to organize ourselves more closely, it is sufficient that the scientific knowledge of the danger of Jewry gradually deepens and the individual, on the basis of this knowledge, begins to remove the jews from himself.” But I very much fear that this whole beautiful line of thought was designed by none other than a Jew himself. (Laughter.) Then we were told further, “It is not necessary that you are politically organized, it is sufficient to take away from the jews their economic power. Economic organizing only – here lies the salvation
and the future.” Here, too, I have the same suspicion that a jew sowed this idea the first time because one thing has become clear: In order to liberate our economy from this fix it is necessary to combat the pathogen, the politically organized struggle of the masses against their oppressors. (Stormy applause) Since it is clear that scientific knowledge is worthless as long as this knowledge is not a basis for an organization of the masses for the implementation of what we consider necessary, and it is further clear that for this organization only the broad masses of our people can be considered. Because it sets us apart from all those who today are ‘saviors of Germany,’ whether Bothmer or Ballerstedt*, that we believe that the future strength of our people is not to be found in Odeon bar or Bonbonniére** but in the countless workshops, in which they work every day – that here we find the millions of hardworking, healthy people whose lives are the only hope of our people for the future. (Loud applaus.) *Opponents of Hitler ** Places of frivolity in Munich Furthermore, we realized that if this movement does not penetrate into the masses, to organize them, then everything will be in vain; then we will never be able to liberate our people and we will never be able to think of rebuilding our country. The salvation can never come from above, it can and will only come from the masses, from the bottom up. (Applause) And as we came to this realization and decided to form a party, a political party that wants to enter into the ruthless political struggle for the future, then we heard a voice: Do you believe that you few can do it, do you really believe that a couple of guys can do it? Because we understood that we had an immense battle ahead of us but also that anything created by men can be destroyed by other men. And another conviction has arisen within us, that this can not be a matter of whether we think we can do it, but only a question of whether we believe that it is right and that it is necessary, and if it is right and necessary, then it is no longer a question of whether we want to, but rather it is our duty to do what we feel is necessary. (Stormy bravo!) We did not ask after money and supporters, but we decided to go forth. And while others are working a whole generation, perhaps in order to get a small house or to have a carefree retirement, we put our lives at stake and have begun this difficult struggle. If we win, and we are convinced we will, though we may die penniless we will have helped create the biggest movement which will now extend over all Europe and the whole world. (Loud applause) The first three principles were clear, and they are inseparable from each other. Socialism as the final concept of duty, the ethical duty of work, not just for oneself but also for one’s fellow man’s sake, and above all the principle: Common good before own good, a struggle against all parasitism and especially against easy and unearned income. And we were aware that in this fight we can rely on no one but our own people. We are convinced that socialism in the right sense will only be possible in nations and races that are Aryan, and there in the first place we hope for our own people and are convinced that socialism is inseparable from nationalism. (Loud applause) To be nationalist does not mean for us to belong to one party or another, but to show with every action that one benefits the people; it means love for all the people without exception. From this point of view we will realize that it is necessary to preserve the most precious thing a people has, the sum of all active creative powers of its workers, to keep it healthy in body and soul.(Cheers) And this view of nationalism compels us to immediately form a front against its opposite, the Semitic conception of the idea of people (Volk), and especially against the Semitic concept of work. Since we are socialists, we must necessarily also be antisemites because we want to fight against the very opposite of materialism and mammonism. (Lively bravo!) And when today the jew still runs into our factories and says: How can you be a socialist antisemite? Are not you ashamed? – there comes a time in which we will ask: How can you not be an antisemite, being a socialist! (Hear, hear) There comes a time when it will be obvious that socialism can only be carried out accompanied by nationalism and antisemitism. The three concepts are inseparably connected. They are the foundations of our program and therefore we call ourselves National Socialists. (Cheers) How to proceed Finally, we know how great the social reforms must be so that Germany may recover. If it doesn’t happen, perhaps the only reason will be too modest efforts. We know that one will have to cut deep. We will not be able to come around the national problem and the issue of land reform, and the problem of care for all those who, day after day, are working for the community and in their old age this care must not be a pittance, but they have a right to have their old days be still worth living. If we wish to make these social reforms, this must go hand in hand with the fight against the enemy of every social institution: jewry. Here too we know that scientific knowledge can only be the groundwork, but that behind this knowledge must stand an organization which one day will be able to go over into action. And in this action we will remain adamant, which means: removal of jews from amongst our people (Loud and long sustained applause and clapping), not because we begrudge them their existence – we congratulate the rest of the world on account of their visits (great hilarity) – but because we value the existence of our own people a thousand times higher than that of an alien race. (Bravo!) And since we are convinced that this scientific antisemitism that clearly recognizes the terrible danger of this race for any people can only be a guide, and the masses will always perceive them emotionally – for they know the jew first and foremost as the man in daily life who always and everywhere sticks out – our concern must be to arouse in our people the instinct against jewry and whip it up and stir, until they come to the decision to join the movement which is willing to take the consequences. (Bravo and applause.) Some people tell us: Whether you succeed depends eventually on whether you have the sufficient money and so on. To this, I think I can say the following: Even the power of money is somehow limited; there is a certain limit beyond which, eventually, not the money rules but the truth. And we are all aware that, once the millions of our workers realize who are the leaders who now promise them a blissful future kingdom, when they recognize that everywhere gold is at play, they will throw the gold in their face and declare: Keep your gold and don’t think that you can buy us. (Bravo!) And we do not despair if we maybe still stand alone, if we today, wherever we go, do see potential supporters but nowhere the courage to join the organization. That should not lead us astray; we have accepted the fight and we must win it. I have assured you before the election that this election would not decide Germany’s fate, that after this election no recovery would come and, already today, I think most of you will agree with me. I could predict it back then because I knew that the courage and the will to act were absent everywhere. We have proclaimed as our election platform only one thing: Let the others go to the polls today, to the Reichstag, to the parliaments and loll in their club chairs; we want to climb up the beer tables and pull the masses with us. We’ve kept this promise and will keep it in the future. Tirelessly and constantly, as long as we have a spark of strength and a breath in the lungs, we will come out and call all our people; and always tell the truth until we can begin to hope that this truth will prevail. Till the day finally comes when our words fall silent and action begins. (Stormy bravo! and long- lasting applause.) (Pause and discussion) Closing remarks of the speaker Hitler: Ladies and gentlemen! We are not as dreadful as our primary enemy and we cannot shatter jewry by ourselves; we do not imagine it is so easy. However, we have decided not to come with any buts and ifs. But once the matter comes to the solution, it will be done, and done thoroughly. What the gentleman said, that for him it doesn’t matter – any person is a human being – I agree, as long as that person does not get in the way. But when a great race systematically destroys the life conditions of my race, I say no, no matter where they ‘belong.’ In that case, I say that I am one of
those who, when they get a blow on the left cheek, they return two or three. (Bravo!) Then a gentleman said that our movement would mean a battle into which the working class would be drawn. Yes, and we (the social democrats and communists?) will promise our people Heaven on Earth, and after the fools have fought for forty years, then instead of the Heaven they’ll have nothing but a pile of rubble and misery. That mistake we will not make. (Bravo!) We do not promise any Heaven but the one thing, that if you are determined to carry out this program in Germany, maybe once again the time will come in which you will be able to have a life. If you carry out the glorious reform which these gentlemen here wish, you will in an even shorter time face the need to embellish this life with the very same decrees which their leaders Trotsky and Lenin issue now: Those who are not willing to fight for the blessings of that State, die. Finally, he said that they opposed any capitalism. My esteemed audience! The communists have so far merely been fighting industrial capital and have only hung industrial capitalists. But name me one Jewish capitalist whom they have hung. (That’s right! says the crowd) 300,000 Russians have been murdered in Russia. The Soviet Government itself admits this now. Among those 300,000 is not a single jew! But in the leadership more than 90% are jews. Is that persecution of jews or rather, in the truest sense of the word, persecution of Christians? (Hear, hear) Then you said you fought against both the loan capital and industrial capital. But you have so far combated neither the one nor the other. You cannot fight the industrial capital, at most destroy it, and then you must again start with a 12-hour working day to rebuild it. (Hear, hear) And the other you’ve so far never fought! This one is paying you. (Thunderous applause and clapping of hands) Then the second speaker stated the cause of the revolution should be looked for in poverty. We prefer to put it this way: Poverty has made Germany ripe for those who wanted the revolution. You can read the piece written by their Lord and Master who was then ruling Germany, Rathenau, where he explained precisely that the revolution had a real and deliberate purpose: Displacement of the feudal system and its replacement by plutocracy. These men have been the financiersof this glorious movement. If their revolution would have been even the slightest threat to Capital, then the Frankfurter Zeitung would not have triumphantly announced on the 9th November: “The German people have made a revolution.” When we make our revolution, the Frankfurter Zeitung will whistle a very different tune. (Loud applause) Then you said further: Before the war one has not heard anything of jews. That is a sad fact that we have heard so little. This does not mean, however, that he was not there. But above all, it is not true, because this movement did not begin after the war but has been there just as long as there are jews. If you go back and read in jewish history, the Jews gradually exterminated the original tribes in Palestine by the sword, so you can imagine that there has been antisemitism as a logical reaction. And it existed the whole time till this day, and the pharaohs in Egypt were probably just as antisemitic as we are today. If you had, before the war, not only read their famous writers Moritz, Salomon, and others – I do not even mention newspapers which, a priori, carry the stamp of approval of the Alliance israelite- you would have heard that in Austria there was a huge anti- Semitic movement, but also the Russia people constantly attempted to rise up against the jewish bloodsuckers. That in Galicia, the Poles groaned and no longer worked, and sometimes rose in despair against those crazy idealists who were hell-bound to send the people to their early graves. Unfortunately, too late we have begun to understand this there, but you say: Before the war, one has not heard of it. But really deplorable are only those who hear it now and still cannot get the courage to answer our call. (Stormy bravo! and applause) Then you declare further that Lenin made some mistakes. We are grateful that at least you admit that your pope has made mistakes. (Laughter) But then you declare you would not make these mistakes. For one thing, when 300,000 people are hanged in Germany and when our whole economy is shattered after their pattern, then your statement that you would not make the same mistakes is not enough. You seem to have a poor idea of what the Bolshevik system really means. It will not improve the situation, but it is put there in order to destroy the races with these errors. (Hear, hear) When you declare today that one did so in Russia up until now, this is a sorry excuse; when you first exterminate a race, first totally ruin a national economy; and finally this state lives practically only by the mercy of Tsarist officers who, driven by force make conquests for it, then, in my opinion, it’s a strange policy. (Hear, hear.) One thing I know is that if we do not have the iron will to stop war madness – that mutual tearing one another to pieces – we’ll perish. Finally, you explain, since the loan capital is international, we cannot fight it nationally, otherwise the international world will shut us off. These are the consequences of relying on international solidarity! (Loud applause.) Had you not made us so powerless, we could not have cared less if the other world is happy with us or not. But when you yourself admit that this International, which practically dominates Britain, France and North America, is able to shut us off, do you believe then that the fight against Capital is being fought over there? So long as this Earth exists, nations have never been freed by the will and the deed of other nations, but either by their own force or they remained in bondage. (Cheers) And then, finally, you also turn to the Bible, and that’s, after all, a good sign in a Communist. (Laughter) And you explain that, because of a peculiar conformity of Bible and our Party program, I am a Communist. What you are telling me here, Dr. Gerlich has already said, and Mr. Hohmann has called me too: If you stand up for what you have in the program, you are a communist. On the other hand, the “Post” says all the time, I am an arch-reactionary, a completely diseased, militaristic reactionary. (Interruption: The “Post” is itself reactionary.) Would you please confront the chief editor with this and allow me to listen? (Big laughter and applause) Also, the “Kampf” emphasizes again and again that we are the bastion of the counter- reaction. So I recommend that you first go to the “Post ” and to “Kampf” and tell them that we are Communists because I myself couldn’t care less how I am called, whether reactionary, Pan-German, a Junker, big industrialist or a communist – I am and will remain a German national socialist. I have my program in front of me and, as I said earlier, I will pursue it to the last spark of my strength and the last breath in my lungs. (Long sustained stormy bravo! and applause) The Chairman thanks for the numerous attendance and closes the meeting.

jEWISH HOLYCO$T $tm$ – 27,130 deaths 1933 – 1945

Holyco$t Storytime telling FRAUDSTERS

Official German Record of Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp, May 1940 through December 1944

Dr. Germar Rudolf

These statistics concerning prisoners in Auschwitz camp purport to be taken directly from Soviet archive material, now available on microfilm from the former Soviet Central Archives. Also, a good deal of corroborative material from the German Archives concerning the German State Railways has been located in the German State Archives (Bundesarchiv) and utilized. The railroad was responsible for the transportation of inmates to and from concentration camps and these figures from the Russian files are accurately reflected in the Reichsbahn documents.
Another avenue for confirmation exists in the wartime radio intercepts which are known to have been made. British wartime intelligence was eavesdropping on the radio traffic as Auschwitz (and other camps) sent regular reports to the relevant government department in Berlin. These messages were either in plain text or a low-level encrypt and consisted of lists of numbers corresponding to the various prisoner categories.
The following derives from the prisoner records of Auschwitz camp from May 1940 through December 1944 in the Glücks complete Concentration Camp microfilm records now located in the Russian Central Archives, Central State Archives No. 187603, Rolls 281-286, as follows:
Roll 281, 1940: Frames 107-869
Roll 282, 1940-41: Frames 001-875
Roll 283, 1941-42: Frames 001-872
Roll 284 1942-43: Frames 003-862
Roll 285, 1943-44: Frames 019-852
Roll 286, 1945: Frames 001-329.
The Russian microfilms cover all of the concentration camp records from 1935-1945 and the Auschwitz records were compiled from these. Note, however, that each months reportage covers all the camps and there is no such thing as an “Auschwitz file” or a “Bergen-Belsen” or “Mauthausen file.” The Auschwitz material is included in, let us say, the July 1942 file along with other camp entries and compilations.
Table 1: Non-jewish Prisoners Entering Auschwitz
1940 1941 1942 1943 1944
January – 1691 843 9474 1767
February – 1339 1508 4065 1052
March – 221 1071 15618 573
April – 4051 1817 7346 5971
May 70 1793 1881 4868 2097
June 1225 731 2583 3368 1412
July 147 1925 3493 4942 1368
August 1156 473 3106 5282 6890
September 1873 785 1628 4531 4604
October 471 7191 2952 8179 674
November 637 1215 2507 3676 1854
December 1190 1217 3172 4961 1251
TOTALS 6769 22632 26561 76310 29513
Total non-jews in Auschwitz, 1940-1944: 161,785
Table 2: jewish Prisoners Entering Auschwitz 1941-1944
1941 1942 1943 1944
January – 1166 6076 1445
February – 6762 2507 1299
March – 1000 9037 1178
April – 3004 5054 3175
May – 9736 2453 18927
June – 3518 2520 8438
July 171 3419 4201 12924
August – 5990 13382 12705
September – 4146 7990 2126
October – 4742 1624 1177
November 1 – 3921 –
December 6 – 7180 –
TOTALS 178 43483 65945 63394
Total jews in Auschwitz, 1941-1944: 173,000
Total number of inmates in Auschwitz, 1940-1944: 334,785
Table 3: Total Typhus Deaths in Auschwitz, 1941-1944
1941 1942 1943 1944
January – 1776 2123 2801
February – 1515 2979 1933
March – 3018 4604 2321
April – 1392 2835 1771
May – 2911 2378 981
June – 3688 2980 1575
July – 4124 3438 1121
August – 4968 2633 1847
September – 1497 2901 3313
October 2128 6092 3549 3095
November 5084 103 4621 927
December 2585 1023 4679 120
TOTALS 9797 32107 39720 21805
Total deaths by typhus in Auschwitz, 1941-1944: 103,429
Table 4: jewish Typhus Deaths in Auschwitz, 1942-1944
1942 1943 1944
January 875 1502 1429
February 906 1729 876
March 1789 3981 1312
April 875 895 632
May 1991 1721 407
June 2406 1990 884
July 3090 2017 455
August 3271 968 1129
September 919 1803 1871
October 4789 2705 1294
November 29 3219 927
December 621 2842 91
TOTALS 21561 25372 11307
Total jewish deaths by typhus in Auschwitz, 1942-1944: 58,240
Total non-jewish deaths by typhus in Auschwitz, 1941-1944: 45,189
Table 5: Deaths by natural causes (other than typhus) in Auschwitz, 1940-1944
1940 1941 1942 1943 1944
January – 142 120 103 120
February – 175 77 221 191
March – 165 42 198 178
April – 9 39 89 167
May 6 47 23 62 155
June 23 19 21 56 151
July 15 5 16 31 98
August 35 11 5 38 65
September 9 23 19 96 54
October 21 2 25 102 67
November 34 39 49 235 94
December 30 48 61 197 17
TOTALS 173 685 497 1428 1357
Deaths by natural causes (other than typhus), 1940-1944: 4,140
Table 6: Deaths by natural causes (other than typhus), jews, Auschwitz, 1941-1944
1941 1942 1943 1944
January – 62 62 98
February – 39 117 127
March – 32 120 111
April – 26 43 140
May – 11 37 90
June – 5 41 107
July – 9 16 49
August – 1 24 32
September – 11 61 41
October – 19 81 39
November – 37 104 81
December 7 48 130 6
TOTALS 7 300 836 921
Total jewish deaths by natural causes (other than typhus), 1941-1944: 2,064
Table 7: Transfers from Auschwitz, 1940-1944
1940 1941 1942 1943 1944
January – 657 – – 612
February – 8 196 – 2060
March – – 275 3001 881
April – 1002 158 1024 2500
May – 36 423 – 7923
June – 4 1845 – 9228
July – – 753 – 15628
August – – – 3195 8957
September – – – 600 9091
October 11 – – 4544 33244
November – – – 3500 8309
December – – – 333 1455
TOTALS 11 1707 3650 16197 99888
Total transferred from Auschwitz, 1940-1944: 121,453
Table 8: Transfers of jews from Auschwitz, 1941-1944
1941 1942 1943 1944
January 271 – – 409
February – 120 – 1843
March – 37 1572 410
April 459 30 630 1927
May 17 112 – 7540
June – 873 – 8109
July – 120 – 13765
August – – 2871 7501
September – – 395 8502
October – – 3201 28509
November – – 3264 7322
December – – 173 761
TOTALS 747 1292 12106 86598
Total number of jews transferred from Auschwitz, 1941-1944: 100,743
Table 9: Administrative Executions at Auschwitz, 1940-1944
1940 1941 1942 1941 1944
Nov 22 40 Poles Jan 3 1 Pole
July 3 80 Poles
Aug 1 1 jew
Nov 14 151 Poles
Dec 1 1 Pole
Dec 20 5 Poles
Jan 24 1 Russian
Apr 3 11 Poles
May 27 150 Poles
May 28 1 jew
June 4 3 jews
June 9 3 jews
June 10 13 Poles
June 11 3 jews
June 12 60 Poles, 2 jews
June 13 6 jews
June 15 200 Poles
June 16 2 Poles, 2 jews
June 18 8 jews
June 19 50 Poles, 4 jews
June 20 4 Czechs
June 22 4 jews
June 23 3 jews
June 25 3 jews
June 26 40 Poles, 1 jew
June 27 4 jews
June 29 2 Poles, 3 jews
July 1 15 jews
July 2 9 jews
July 14 10 Poles, 2 jews
July 16 9 Poles
July 20 50 Poles
July 23 2 jews
July 29 14 Poles
Aug 11 11 jews
Aug 13 1 Pole
Aug 18 60 Poles
Aug 21 57 Poles
Sept 5 1 jew
Sept 25 3 Poles
Nov 9 3 Poles
Nov 14 1 Pole
Nov 17 1 Pole
Dec 4 9 Poles, 2 Russians
Jan 6 9 Poles, 5 jews
Jan 14 6 Poles
Jan 25 22 Poles
Jan 26 7 Poles, 2 jews
Feb 7 2 Poles
Feb 9 2 Poles, 1 jew
Feb 13 16 Poles
Feb 19 11 Poles, 3 jews
Mar 17 1 Pole
Apr 3 26 Poles
Apr 13 2 Gypsies
May 22 13 Poles, 6 jews, 5 Gypsies
May 31 1 Gypsy
June 10 20 Poles
June 25 68 Poles
June 28 30 Poles
July 24 1 Pole
July 28 4 Poles
Aug 20 38 Poles
Sept 4 45 Poles, 8 Russians
Sept 21 2 Poles
Sept 28 9 Poles, 6 jews, 12 Gypsies, 1 Czech
Oct 11 54 Poles
Nov 9 50 Poles
Feb 1 19 Poles, 8 Russians
Mar 24 4 Poles, 3 jews
Sept 15 2 Poles
40 Poles 238 Poles, 1 jew 746 Poles, 90 jews, 3 Russians, 4 Czechs 436 Poles, 23 jews, 8 Russians, 1 Czech, 20 Gypsies 25 Poles, 3 Jews, 8 Russians
Total Poles executed: 1,485
Total jews executed: 117
Total Russians executed: 19
Total Czechs executed: 5
Total Gypsies executed: 20
Total number of inmates executed: 1,646
Table 10: Hungarian jews sent to, and transferred from, Auschwitz, May-October 1944
May 8548 2963
June 3981 5934
July 6543 9630
August 3881 1500
September 163 1300
October 1 200
TOTALS 23117 21527
Hungarian jews remaining in Auschwitz after October 1944: 1,590
Note: The number of Hungarian jews claimed sent to Auschwitz during May-October 1944 in Lucy Dawidowicz, The War Against the jews, New York (1975) is 450,000; in Raul Hilberg, The Destruction of the European jews, New York (1985) it is 180,000.
Summary of jewish prisoners in the Auschwitz camp system, 1941-1944
jewish prisoners entering the Auschwitz camp system 173000
jewish prisoners who died of typhus 58240
jewish prisoners who died of natural causes 2064
jewish prisoners executed 117
jewish prisoners transferred to other camps 100743
TOTALS 173000 161164

Number of jewish prisoners remaining at end of 1944: 11,836 plus admissions during November and December 1944

These statistics have been collected and compiled by several people, based on microfilm copies of the original records supplied by Germar Rudolf before his arrest in America and extradition to Germany. There he will face trial for challenging the State’s Holocaust dogma. The contributors to this page have agreed that credit should be given to Rudolf who, however, is not responsible for any errors in transcription or interpretation.
Figures for some months are unavailable and the summaries given include only the known numbers. In particular, it is not known whether the ” – ” entries represent zero or the statistic is missing.

When the SS evacuated the Auschwitz work camp complex on 15 January 1945, they left a large number of prisoners behind. Many of these were too old or too sick to travel and they were left in their barracks, guarded by a Polish militia that had been raised earlier by Hans Frank. With the approach of the Soviet army in early 1945, these Polish guards indiscriminately attacked the barracks, with the prisoners inside, using hand grenades and machine guns.

The violent animosity of the Catholic Poles to their huge jewish community is well known as a fabrication. Polish historian Andrzej Kapiszewski confirms that the “great anti-jewish pogroms of Poland” which American Diplomat Hugh Gibson investigated produced 0 jewish deaths! Later, in anger, a jew Henry Morgenthau changed  that to 280 deaths! When the Russians invaded Poland, one of the greatest fears of the Polish leadership and the government was that the 500,000 Jewish residents of Warsaw’s Nalevski district would rise up against them in support of the advancing Bolshevik armies. Many Polish jews fled after the failure of the Russian attack and a number of those left behind were promptly slaughtered by Poles when the central government collapsed after the German invasion of 1939, supposedly but in reality there was no killing of jews by P0les EVER as they are jews and there first King Wladislaw loved jews inviting them to Poland as all Polish King’s would do as Europe exiled them!

Although exact figures of the dead among the remaining Auschwitz inmates in 1945 are not available, several existing Soviet military reports put the death toll between 7,000 and 10,000. Former members of the Polish militia have subsequently claimed that many of the dead were shot down by Russian troops as they attempted to leave the liberated camp. The Russians did not like jews either but surely the Poles did. Russians even tried protecting German women from the jewish 3rd waves… The Poles are responsible for and have yet to answer for the Ostdeutsche 8 million killed in 1945 during the expulsion of Germans from the East in order to pay Poland what jews loved Poland to do, rape and kill defenseless unarmed German Frau und Kinder like the putrid worse than Snake Shit parasits all Poles were and are still. FUCK POLAND!

The truth of the matter will probably never be known but at least this atrocity cannot be blamed on the Germans, who were hundreds of miles away at the time.
Reading Irving’s Churchill’s War it becomes clear just what a trump-card WSC possessed in the Enigma decrypt technology which had broken US, German, and even Japanese codes.

Coupled with Butz’s Hoax Of The Century revelations re-Auschwitz’s key role in the German war effort and the fact that this led to the Allies taking an extraordinary interest in monitoring the camp’s activities one wonders just how WSC could fail to have been aware of the “Holocaust” that was supposedly being perpetrated at Auschwitz.
WSC was not alone. Neither FDR nor De Gaulle mentioned any death camps in any of the thousands of pages of biography they wrote either.

Once we become enlightened enough to see the light we understand that the holyco$t protects corrupt jewish banking practices which are the equivalent of theft and mafia type criminal nefarious activities, which must be viewed and treated as treasonous activities against all citizens of the Nation.


Sealed and guarded since the end of WWII at Arolsen, Germany, the Official IRC records reveal the actual Concentration Camp total death toll was 271,301

For years, people around the world – “the West” in particular – have been told that “six million jews were systematically murdered by Germans in ‘Concentration Camps’ during World War 2.”

Thousands of honest people disputing this claim have been viciously smeared as a hateful anti-Semite. Several countries around the world have jailed and heavily fined people for disputing the claim that “6 Million” jews were killed.

Provided here is a scanned image of an Official International Red Cross document, proving the so-called “Holocaust” [the long-and-often-claimed-6-million jews] is just plain wrong. jews around the world have intentionally exaggerated and perpetually lied for the purpose of gaining political, emotional and business advantages for themselves.

They committed willful, criminal FRAUD upon millions of trusting people around the world!

Please NOTE that the truth has been known since long before 1979!!! The above compiler, replying to a letter, had to rely on information that was already in existence!!!

Tax-payers of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Latvia, Poland and other nations have had multiple Millions of dollars taken from their wages to be paid out to “holocaust survivors” and their descendants for something that DID NOT HAPPEN.

The tax-payers of these United States of America spend Billion$ each year in direct, indirect and military support of the State of israel (which is not Biblical israel).

This is intentional, criminal fraud on a scale so massive as to be almost incomprehensible.

Red Cross and East German government figures put the total deaths at every camp as 272.000, and 282,000 respectively which includes homosexuals, communists, gypsies, murderers, paedophiles etc. The 6 Million figure is a Kabbalist number, a magickal figure which featured in news papers in the early 1900′s

Where do Europeans and others get justice? By making the first and hopefully last real Holyco$t by arresting them all, arming them with medievil weapons, arming our youth groups also with Norsk axes and filming the combat to the death, which is also a sacrifice to Wotan – Votive Offering! 1420!

I call for the punishing of all who abuse power, I call for the sentence to the crime of treason against the people to be carried out on all guilty parties!

Two of the most important surveys of the jewish question in Europe during World War II are David Irvings examination of the Russian archives after the wall came down. Irving published his findings in his book, “Hitler’s War” and said not one word about gas chambers.

When question about this omission he said that there was no reference to gas chambers in the archives and therefore he did not discuss the question of gas chambers. Irving was arrested in several countries for hate speech for his scholarly omission.

The International Red Cross published their analysis in a three volume “Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War” published in Geneva in 1948. This analysis expanded findings of two previous publications: “Sur L’activite’ du CICR en faveur des civils detencus dans les camps de concentration en Allemagne 1939-1945 (Geneva, 1946) and “Inter Arma Caritas: The Work of the ICRF during the Second World War” (Geneva, 1947).

In 1949 the International Red Cross interviewed prisoners in the German camps. They were not allowed to interview prisoners in the Russian camps which were far more harsh.

The German camps held both political prisoners (Schutzhaflinge) and those convicted of crimes. The Germans allowed the Red Cross to distribute food, medicine and clothing to the prisoners.

Grateful prisoners sent letters of thanks from Dachau, Buchenwalk, Sangerhausen, Sachsenhausen, Oranienburg, Flossenburg, Landsberg-am-Lech, Fibha, Ravensbruck, Hamburg-Neuengamme, Mauthausen, Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and others.

“The principal recipients were Belgians, Dutch, French, Greeks, Italians, Norwegians, Poles and stateless Jews” (Vol. III, p. 83).

Regarding Theresienstadt, the Red Cross said, “”where there were about 40,000 Jews deported from various countries, was a relatively privileged ghetto” (Vol. III, p. 75).

“The Committee’s delegates were able to visit the camp at Theresienstadt (Terezin) which was used exclusively for Jews and was governed by special conditions … From information gathered by the Commmee, this camp had been started as an experiment by certain leaders of the Reich … These men wished to give the Jews the means of setting up a communal life in a town under their own administration and possessing almost complete autonomy … two delegates were able to visit the camp on April 6, 1945.

They confirmed the favourable impression gained on the first visit” (Vol. I, p. 642).

The ICRC also had praise for the regime of Ion Antonescu of Fascist Rumania where the Committee was able to extend special relief to 183,000 Rumanian Jews until the time of the Soviet occupation.

The aid then ceased and the ICRC complained bitterly that it never succeeded “in sending anything whatsoever to Russia” (Vol. II, p. 62). The same situation applied to many of the German camps after their “liberation” by the Russians.

The ICRC received a voluminous flow of mail from Auschwitz until the period of the Soviet occupation, when many of the internees were evacuated westward. But the efforts of the Red Cross to send relief to internees remaining at Auschwitz under Soviet control were futile.

However. food parcels continued to be sent to former Auschwitz inmates transferred west to such camps as Buchenwald and Oranienburg.


One of the most important aspects of the Report of the ICRC is that it clarifies the true cause of those deaths that undoubtedly occurred in the camps towards the end of the war.

Says the Report: “in the chaotic condition of Germany after the invasion during the final months of the war, the camps received no food supplies at all and starvation claimed an increasing number of victims.

Itself alarmed by this situation, the German Government at last informed the ICRC on February 1, 1945 … In March 1945, discussions between the President of the ICRC and General of the S.S. Kaltenbrunner gave even more decisive results.

Relief could henceforth be distributed by the ICRC and one delegate was authorised to stay in each camp .I.” (Vol. III, p.83).
Clearly, the German authorities were at pains to relieve the dire situation as far as they were able.

The Red Cross are quite explicit in stating that food supplies ceased at this time due to the Allied bombing of German transportation, and in the interests of interned jews they had protested on March 15, 1944 against “the barbarous aerial warfare of the Allies” (Inter Armet Caritns, p. 78). B

By October 2, 1944, the ICRC had warned the German Foreign Office of the impending collapse of the German transportation system, declaring that starvation conditions for people throughout Germany were becoming inevitable.

In dealing with this comprehensive, three-volume Report, it is important to stress that the delegates of the International Red Cross found no evidence whatsoever of ‘gas chambers’.

The original 1946 edition did not even talk of ‘extermination’ or ‘death camps’ but after the emotional impact of the Nuremberg trials the Red Cross felt compelled to introduce into the expanded 1948 Report several, very cursory references to ‘death camps’ (Vol. 1 p. 641) and ‘extermination camps’ (Vol. I p. 645).
However, no means of’extermination’ is indicated.

In all its 1,600 pages the three-volume Report does not even mention such a thing as a
‘gas chamber’. It acknowledges that jews, like many other wartime nationalities, suffered rigours and privations, but’ its complete silence
on the subject of’gassings’ is ample refutation of the ‘Holocaust’ legend.


Volume III of the Report of the ICRC, Chapter 3 (I. jewish Civilian Population) deals with the “aid given to the jewish section of the free population” and this chapter makes it quite plain that by no means all of the European jews were placed in internment camps but remained, subject to certain restrictions, as part of the free civilian population.

This conflicts directly with the “thoroughness” of the supposed “extermination programme”, and with the claim in the forged Hoess memoirs that Eichmann was obsessed with seizing every single jew he could lay his hands on,” In Slovakia, for example, where Eichmann’s assistant Dieter Wisliceny was in charge, the Report states that “A large proportian of the jewish minority had permission to stay in the country, and at certain periods Slovakia was looked upon as a comparative haven of refuge for jews, especially for those coming from Poland.

Those who remained in Slovakia seem to have been in comparative safety until the end of August 1944, when a rising against the German forces took place. While it is true that the law of May 15, 1942 had brought about the internment of several thousand jews, these people were held in camps where the conditions of food and lodging were tolerable, and where the internees were allowed to do paid work on terms almost equal to those of the free labour market” (Vol. I, p. 646).

Not only did large numbers of the three million or so European jews avoid internment altogether, but the emigration of jews continued throughout the war, generally by way of Hungary, Rumania and Turkey. Ironically, post-war jewish emigration from German-occupied territories was also facilitated by the Reich, as in the case of the Polish jews who had escaped to France before its occupation.

“The jews from Poland who, whilst in France, had obtained entrance permits to the United States were held to be American citizens by the German occupying authorities, who further agreed to recognise the validity of about three thousand passports issued to jews by the consulates of South American countries” (Vol. 1, p. 645).

As future U.S. citizens, these jews were held at the Vittel camp in southern France for American aliens. The emigration of European Jews from Hungary in particular proceeded during the war unhindered by the German authorities. “Until March 1944,” says the Red Cross Report, “jews who had the privilege of visas for Palestine were free to leave Hungary” (Vol. 1, p. 648). Even after the replacement of the Horthy Government in 1944 (following its jUDAISMauthority, the emigration of jews continued.

The Committee secured the pledges of both Britain and the United States “to give support by every means to the emigration of jews from Hungary, ” and from the U.S. Government the ICRC received a message stating that “The Government of the United States… now specifically repeats its assurance that arrangements will be made by it for the care of all jews who in the present circumstances are allowed to leave” (Vol. 1, p. 649).
Official International Red Cross Records Released
Sealed And Guarded Since The End Of WWII At Arolsen, Germany,
The Official IRC Records Reveal The Actual Concentration Camp Total Death
Toll Was 271,301

Note the following descrepancies are due to the jewish idiot’s who take 2 census’s, one of religious jews and one of ethnic jews…. jew’s masquerade as a religion, they are an ethnic group or race, they are defenitely subversibve, even a political party before being a religion… but they are and always have been a strict ethnicity/race, but they conceal this along with their paedophile tendencies and matrilineal society…

jewish World Population:
Meyers Handlexicon, 1921 — 11,600,000
World Almanac, 1925, pg. 752 — 15,630,000, “In 1925 a census of Palestine gave a total of 115,151 jews”
World Almanac, 1929, pg. 727 — 15,630,000
National Council of Churches 1930 — 15,600,000
March 24, 1933, jewish Newspaper Daily Express — 14,000,000 jews Worldwide
World Almanac, 1933, pg. 419 — 15,316,359, “The estimate for jews in the above table is for 1933, and is by the American jewish
World Almanac, 1936, pg. 748 — World jewish Population = 15,753,633
World Almanac, 1938, pg. 510 — World jewish Population = 15,748,091, with 240,000 in Germany
American jewish Committee Bureau of the Synagogue Council, 1939 — 15,600,000
World Almanac, 1940, pg. 129: World jewish Population — 15,319,359
World Almanac, 1941, pg. 510: World jewish Population — 15,748,091
World Almanac, 1942, pg. 849: World jewish Population — 15,192,089 (“jews include jews by race not necessarily by religion”)
World Almanac USA, 1947, pg. 748: World jewish Population — 15,690,000
World Almanac, 1949, pg. 289: World jewish Population — 15,713,638
Statistical Handbook of Council of Churches USA 1951 — 15,300,000
Encyclopedia Britannica’s 1955 Book of the Year — 11,627,450, “jewish figures include all jews whether members of a synagogue or not”
World Almanac, US News & World Report

Mark Twain though did claim there were 25 million jews in America alone, during his day, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out there are more jews than whites… In any case an increase of 2,000 not a drop by 6 million… Imagine that!

religion of corporate feudalism
mass murder and rape of helpless or disarmed
wealth and land siezure
you must be ugly pathetic and possess no exceptional qualities other than complete unexceptionalism

Deutsche Geiste – Höchste erleuchteten geistliche Gott Männer, sie führen das Volk gerade durch Sein führen durch das Volk!
Communism: over 100 million deaths this century all because jews are alive…
This is the problem

communism join the party


This is the Solution to the social question of questions…

Holyco$t $tm$ ianity – Fraud to the fullest

Desert Storm – Harretz Feb 1991





The horribly treated prisoner’s of Auschwitz and other camps looking happy playing soccer laughing and not starving like the over 11 million Germans who died of starvation between May 8th 1945 – 1947 known as “Liberation.” It is important to think logically here, we Germans had this great plan to save money and strike it rich by saving money due to stuffing mattresses with jewish hair! It wasn’t due to Typhus carried by lice which the jews were notorious for… No big deal there – shekels from free typhus carrying lice infested hair to stuff mattresses with – $$$$ !!!!

German prisoners held after the war compared to “starving” jewish prisoners on “Liberation”…




auschwitz 2 auschwitz 3 auschwitz 8 auschwitz 9  auschwitz 11 auschwitz 12 auschwitz 14 auschwitz 15 auschwitz 16 auschwitz 17 auschwitz 18 auschwitz inmates auschwitz 5951judeawar auschwitz Judea_Declares_War_on_Germany-1


Holyco$t $tm$ Denial

A thought crime to question any of the official story concerning the impossibly ridiculous as well as physicaly impossible magical stories of the NEVER VANISHED 6 million killed as far back as 1902 according to the jews!

Angela Kaczmeirczak aka “Merkel”



According to the jews there have been 4 – 5 holyco$t’s $tm$ of 6 million jews each time from 1902 – 1945, Thats almost criminal except its so hilariously pathetic and impossible. So during a world population of 15 million jews the jews lost at least 24 million in 43 years putting them at negative 9 million in 1945, but by 1947 they are already back up to 15 million again???? I guess that would explain how the jews came up with fractional (non existant) theoretical reserve banking?? They borrow you $20 and you pay back $500… jewish mathematics

The eternally holyco$ted $tm$ self declared chosenites hegemony is assured – the jew cries out with tears as he strikes you!

  1. Ukraine? & Spain? 1902?
  2. Russia 1905?
  3. Rumania 1907?
  4. Ukraine & Germany 1919?
  5. Germany 1939? – 1945


The great men who fought for a Deutschland that existed only in their hearts and minds – they succeeded, we inherit this legacy...

The men that marched under the baltic

Schwarze Sonne Heilig gebogen Sonnenkreuz


Freikorps marching song

So ziehn wir unter fremder Fahne ins weite, weite
Land daher, wir kämpfen unter Russenfahnen, wir sind
die Deutsche Legion.

Wir haben hinter uns gelassen, was andern dünket
wert und gut. Wir können lieben – und auch hassen aus
eigenem Stolz und eigenem Mut.

Das Vaterland hat uns verstoßen, wir stehn in Feind’s
Gewalt und Macht, wir sind getrennt von seinen Losen
und ziehn in unbekannte Schlacht.

Drum, Brüder, schließet dicht die Reihen, und hat die
Heimat uns verbannt, wir Baltikumer sind die Freien,
wenn Deutschland wankt, wir halten stand!

Wir sind die “Eisernen Soldaten” und stehn in Ost in
Waff’ und Wehr, wir halten hoch drum unsre Taten, das
alte Deutschland und sein Heer.
So we draw under foreign flag into the wide, wide
Country Therefore, we are fighting among Russians flags, we are
the German Legion.

We have left behind us, what think others
and good. We can love – and hate from
own pride and their own courage.

The fatherland has failed us, we stand in the enemy’s
Violence and power, we are separated from his wicked
and go out into unknown battle.

Drum, brothers, it excludes the tight rows, and has the
Home banished us, we are the Baltic troops Outdoors,
if Germany falters, we stand!

We are the “Iron soldiers” and stand in the East in
Waff ‘and defense, we hold high drum our deeds, the
old Germany and his army.

jewish November Revolution

The red terror begins…

“Then came stirring news. Mutiny in the Kaiser’s fleet! Young sons of the bourgeoisie who had been sporting sailors caps now left them at home. I saw women who laughed and wept because they had their men in the fleet. From windows and doors in the front of the food stores sounded the anxious voices: ‘Will the fleet sail out!…No, the fleet must not sail! It’s murder! Finish the war!’ youngsters in the street yelled, ‘Hurrah!'”

The mutineers at Kiel had seized the ship Thueringen, dropped the anchors and disarmed the officers. The battleship Helgoland then followed suit. The fleet began to return to port. As a result of the mutiny 580 men from both ships were arrested and jailed. Valtin continues:

“That night I saw the mutinous sailors roll in to Bremen in caravans of commandeered trucks – red flags and machine guns mounted on the trucks. Thousands milled in the streets. Often the trucks stopped and the sailors sang and roared for free passage…

“I circled toward the Brill, a square in the western centre of the town. From there on I had to push my bicycle through the throngs. The population was in the streets. From all sides masses of humanity, a sea of swinging, pushing bodies and distorted faces was moving toward the centre of the town. Many of the workers were armed with guns, with bayonets, with hammers. I felt then, and later, that the sight of armed workers sets off a roar in the blood of those who sympathise with the marchers. Singing hoarsely was a sprawling band of demonstrating convicts freed by a truckload of sailors from Oslebshausen prison most of them wore soldiers grey coats over their prison garb. But the true symbol of this revolution, which is really nought but a revolt, were neither the armed workers nor the singing convicts – but the mutineers from the fleet with their reversed headbands and carbines slung over their shoulders, butts up and barrels down…

“At the foot of the Roland statue a frightened old woman crouched. ‘Ach du liebe Gott’, she wailed piercingly ‘what is all this? What is the world coming to?’A huge-framed young worker who gave intermittent bellows of triumph and whom I had followed from the Brill, grasped the old woman’s shoulders. He laughed resoundingly. ‘Revolution’, he rumbled. ‘Revolution, Madam.'”

On 3 November the revolution had begun with the naval mutiny at Kiel. Forty thousand sailors and dockers surged through the streets and a workers’ and sailors’ council took control of the town. On 4 November the revolution spread: red flags flew over every ship. On 6 November, sailors’, soldiers’ and workers’ councils were now in power in Hamburg, Bremen and Luebeck. On 7 and 8 November Dresden, Leipzig, Chemnitz, Magdeburg, Brunswick, Frankfurt, Cologne, Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Munich all followed suit. It was not until 9 November that workers’ and soldiers’ councils were established in the capital, Berlin, the previous centre of revolution – at the supreme army headquarters!

Over the last decade or so, a new breed of careerists floated to the top of the SPD, people like Friedrich Ebert, Gustav Noske and Philipp Scheidemann. It is ironic that individuals like Eduard Bernstein had moved to the left during the war and ended up in the centrist USPD. The new Social Democratic leaders looked with contempt at the ordinary workers. Scheidemann for instance, exclaimed with absolute horror that he ‘was carried shoulder high by soldiers decorated with the Iron Cross!’ He urgently warned the Emperor’s Palace: ‘We have done all within our power to keep the masses in check,’ and urged the Kaiser to abdicate in order to quell the anger of the workers.

‘I Hate Revolution Like Sin’

Noske’s counter-revolutionary actions were clearly revealed when he was sent to Kiel to put down the naval revolt. Ebert made no secret of his undying support for the monarchy. These new leaders of the SPD clearly saw their role as doing everything in their power to hold back the revolution. Their scandalous actions were not the product of naivity but conscious treachery.

The head of the government, Prince Max von Baden approached Ebert and asked: ‘If I should succeed in persuading the Kaiser, do I have you on my side in the battle against the social revolution?’ Ebert replied: ‘If the Kaiser does not abdicate the social revolution is inevitable. I do not want it – in fact I hate it like sin.’

But the Kaiser was determined to hang on. He had completely lost touch with the situation and talked of the impertinence of his subjects towards their King and the need, if necessary, to repress them with ‘smoke-bombs, gas, bombing squadrons and flamethrowers!’ General Groener told him bluntly: ‘Sire, you no longer have an army’.

Armed soldiers were roaming the streets of Berlin but still the Kaiser dithered, and refused to abdicate. The ruling class had to act fast as the SPD, under pressure, resigned from the newly appointed government. Without delay Prince Max, anticipating the Kaiser’s reply, announced the King’s abdication. Wilhelm II was astonished to hear the news secondhand!

Long Live the Revolution!

The armed mass demonstrations that convulsed Berlin now forced the terrified Max von Baden to act over Ebert’s appointment as Chancellor (Prime Minister):

“The revolution is on the verge of winning. We cannot crush it but perhaps we can strangle it…if Ebert is presented to me from the streets as the people’s leader, then we will have a republic; if it is Liebknecht, then Bolshevism. But if the abdicating Kaiser appoints Ebert as Reich Chancellor, then there is still a little hope for the monarchy. Perhaps it will be possible to divert the revolutionary energies into the legal channels of an election campaign.”

A short time later Scheidemann was busy eating soup in the Reichstag restaurant when he heard loud cries from the crowd outside. He ran to the balcony and spontaneously announced that Ebert was now Chancellor. Then, as if in an afterthought, he shouted ‘long live the Great German Republic!’.

As soon as Ebert had heard this news he was absolutely enraged. According to Richard Watt’s history, The Kings Depart, ‘His face turned livid…he banged on the table with his fist. He was furious at Scheidemann’s presumption. “You have no right to proclaim a republic!”.’ But it was too late…

The SPD leader’s first act as Chancellor was to ask von Baden to accept the Regent’s office, hoping to restore a constitutional monarchy. Ebert’s first appeal to the masses was: ‘Fellow Citizens! I call on you all for support in the difficult work that awaits us…Fellow Citizens! I urgently appeal to you: leave the streets! Maintain law and order!’

Events moved quickly. On 10 November a joint meeting of the Berlin Workers’ and Soldiers’ Councils elected a provisional executive committee, which in the absence of an elected government took effective power into its hands by appointing a government of people’s commissars. The new government was composed exclusively of members of the SPD and USPD: three majority socialists (SPD), Ebert, Scheidemann and Landsberg; and three Independent Socialists (USPD), Haase, Dittmann and Barth. Although they rested on the workers’ councils, these leaders soon came to an accommodation with the old state bureaucracy and the German High Command.

What kind of Democrazy?

One with a jewish priveleged class as nobles for sure, these demogougery makers…

The aim of Ebert, Scheidemann, and the other social democratic leaders, was to re-establish law and order as quickly as possible, so that effective control and power could be handed back to the ruling class. Whereas the Spartacists looked to the calling of a national congress of workers’ and soldiers’ councils as the basis for a genuine socialist workers’ republic, the SPD leaders looked to the establishment of a Constituent Assembly.

As the immediate threat of revolution began to subside, the German bourgeois, who yesterday had supported the autocracy, now came forward as ardent democrats. The bourgeois parties were reorganised and renamed, and in turn put their full weight behind the call for a constituent assembly as a means of undermining the position of the workers’ councils.

The question of calling a constituent assembly gave rise to a great deal of controversy. In its struggle with the autocracy, the demand for such an assembly had long been part of the democratic demands of the SPD. Amongst the broad masses, as a reaction to the anti-democratic governments of the Kaiser, there was widespread support for this democratic demand. But the November Revolution had thrown up another power in the form of workers’ and soldiers’ councils, which in Russia had become the basis of workers’ rule. The Spartacists, who were a tiny minority of the German working class at this stage, took an ultra-left attitude towards the convening of a national assembly.

Recognising the vital importance of the workers’ councils in the revolution, the Spartacists baldly denounced all those who attempted to promote the idea of a constituent assembly. They failed to understand that while layers of workers still had illusions in parliamentary forms and in their reformist leaders, the most advanced, revolutionary wing of the proletariat would have to campaign to destroy those illusions and undermine the influence of reformism. While wide sections of the workers still looked to the constituent assembly as a way forward, and as the Spartacists had not yet gained overwhelming support, it was incorrect for the revolutionaries to reject on principle any idea of a struggle around the calling of a constituent assembly.

They denounced the leaders of the SPD and the USPD as ‘disguised agents of the bourgeoisie’ for their support of an assembly. Rosa Luxemburg called the national assembly a ‘cowardly detour’ and ‘an empty shell’. For the Spartacists the question was posed starkly and simplistically in terms of bourgeois democracy versus socialist democracy. The Spartacists had a completely ultra-left attitude, as did the Bremen Left – who even walked out of the Dresden Workers’ and Soldiers’ Council as they could not mix with SPD ‘counter-revolutionary elements’! Although they were courageous revolutionary fighters, they lacked an understanding of strategy and tactics. They were swept along by the workers’ struggles and intoxicated by the revolution.

One of their demands read: ‘Abolish all parliaments and transfer all power to the workers’ and soldiers’ councils!’ This simply played into the hands of the reformist leaders who rested on the democratic sympathies of the masses, and they were able to denounce the Spartacists as ‘terrorists’, ‘anti-democratic’ etc.

On 16 December, the National Congress of the Workers’ and Soldiers’ Councils strongly supported the National Assembly and brought forward its opening to 19 January. A month earlier, the executive committee of the Berlin Workers’ and Soldiers’ Council had taken the same position. Karl Radek recalled when he first arrived in Germany in mid-December:

“I looked the paper (Rote Fahne) over. I was seized with alarm. The tone of the paper sounded as if the final conflict were upon us. It could not be more shrill. If only they can avoid overdoing it!…

“It was the question of how to relate to the Constituent Assembly that sparked controversy…It was a very tempting idea to counterpose the slogan of the councils to that of a constituent assembly. But the congress of councils itself was in favour of the constituent assembly. You could hardly skip over that stage. Rosa and Liebknecht recognised that…But the Party youth were decidedly against it, ‘we will break it up with machine guns’.”

In Germany the call for a constituent assembly was still linked, in the eyes of advanced workers, with revolutionary aspirations; in Russia in 1918, when the soviets, the real democratic organs of the masses, had already carried through a social transformation, the constituent assembly was seized on by the landlords, capitalists, and supporters of the ‘White’ generals as a vehicle for counter-revolution. With a completely changed relationship of forces, the formal ‘democratic’ rights of a reactionary constituent assembly could not be allowed to threaten the socialist revolution, and the Assembly was therefore dispersed by the soviets. Under the conditions prevailing in Germany in 1918, where the working class had not taken power, the question of the constituent assembly was posed in a completely different way.

It was the failure of Luxemburg and Liebknecht to train the Spartacist cadres sufficiently in strategy and tactics that allowed the ultra-lefts to hold sway over the Spartacist organisation.

By 11 November, the Spartacists had formally changed their name from Internationale Group to Spartacists League and opened up negotiations with the Revolutionary Shop Stewards and the USPD. Although they had a much wider influence than their membership the Spartacists had a very limited following in the councils, which was mainly confined to Brunswick and Stuttgart – they had no one on the executive of the councils in Berlin.

Towards the end of November, the German High Command in connivance with Ebert, made plans to occupy Berlin with loyal troops to establish a strong government. ‘Ten divisions were to march into Berlin’, General Groener later explained, ‘to take power from the workers’ and soldiers’ councils. Ebert was in agreement with this…we worked out a program for cleaning up Berlin and the disarming of the Spartacists.’ An attempted military coup took place on 6 December, when troops marched on the Chancellory declaring Ebert President. Ebert prevaricated and demanded time to consult his government colleagues. Meanwhile groups of government soldiers raided the Spartacist newspaper Rote Fahne, attacked a Spartacist-led demonstration, killing 14, while another arrested the executive committee of the Berlin councils. Spontaneously a crowd of workers marched on the Reichswehr soldiers, freed the executive members and foiled the coup attempt.

The SPD leaders played down the event, blaming the Spartacists for provocation. Seizing the opportunity the Spartacist League organised mass demonstrations and even strikes against the attempted putsch. The anger of the Berlin workers was reflected in the 150,000 strong demonstration called on 8 December. The Spartacists issued an urgent appeal: ‘Workers, soldiers, comrades! The revolution is in danger! Preserve your handiwork of the 9 November!…The criminals are Wels and company, Scheidemann, Ebert, and company…throw the guilty men out of government! The revolution must be saved…forward to the task! To the fight!’

Groener’s troops began to arrive in the capital, greeted by Ebert. But within a short space of time they began to fraternise with the radicalised Berlin workers. The ruling class was forced to bide its time.

On 16 December a national congress of the workers’ and soldiers’ councils convened in Berlin. Rules for the election of delegates were left to regional bodies which resulted in a congress that was completely out of step with what was happening in the rest of Germany. Four-fifths of the 489 delegates were members or supporters of the SPD, 195 were party and trade union full-time officials – which out-numbered the 187 registered waged or salaried workers! Predictably, the vast bulk of the congress supported the calling of the constituent assembly, bringing it forward to January 1919.

Although the majority of the national congress supported the SPD, their politics were far from conservative. Resolutions were passed by big majorities demanding the abolition of the standing army and the establishment of a peoples’ militia. They also demanded that all badges of rank be removed and all soldiers be allowed to elect their officers with immediate right of recall. Furthermore, soldiers’ councils would be responsible for the maintenance of discipline throughout the armed forces. Later a key congress resolution on the economy demanding the immediate nationalisation of all key industries was passed by an overwhelming majority.

The SPD ministers, however – faced with an officers’ revolt – had no intention of carrying out these demands, but on the contrary they established closer links with the German High Command.

On 23 and 24 December there were clashes between the regular army and mutinous sailors in Berlin. The government had demanded that 80 per cent of the naval troops be discharged and its headquarters evacuated. Their refusal led to government troops being used against them, which resulted in 67 casualties. This was not the first time that the Reichswehr was used in this way, but it resulted in USPD ministers resigning from the government in protest and being replaced by majority socialists (SPD), including the ambitious Gustav Noske.

Throughout December an alliance of monarchists and counterrevolutionary elements of various descriptions (together with the SPD leaders), conducted a vicious witch-hunt against the Spartacist League. The Anti-Bolshevik League, financed with government money, plastered posters on walls in towns and villages slandering the Spartacist leaders. A murderous atmosphere was being created to instigate a pogrom against Liebknecht and Luxemburg. Giant posters appeared:

“Workers! Citizens!
The downfall of the Fatherland is imminent!
Save it!
It is not being threatened from without, but from within:
By the Spartacist Group.
Strike its leader dead!
Kill Liebknecht!
You will then have peace, work and bread!
Signed Soldiers from the Front.”

Founding of the Communist Party

The situation polarised extremely rapidly. In late December under the impact of the Bolshevik Revolution, pressure mounted within the Spartacist League to transform itself from a loose-knit federal organisation into a centralised communist party. To begin with it gave an ultimatum to the USPD, to which it was affiliated, to organise an emergency congress to discuss the new situation. With its inevitable rejection, the Spartacists went ahead on 29 December with their own conference, attended by 127 delegates, including the Free Socialist Youth, and founded the Communist Party of Germany (KPD). As with other newly formed communist parties, they were saturated with ultra-left tendencies, which was reflected in their decision, despite Rosa Luxemburg’s advice, by 62 votes to 23 to boycott the National Assembly elections due in January.

In moving the boycott resolution, Otto Ruehle bristled with hair-raising phrases: ‘We must continually stimulate the living politics of the street…it will be our task to try and break it (the National Assembly) up by force. And if this does not succeed then let it go to Schilda. Then we will establish here in Berlin a new government. We still have two weeks!’ Two further motions were debated which aimed at declaring membership of the trade unions incompatible with that of the new party. Communists were to join the workers’ councils instead, and ‘were to continue in the most determined manner the work of fighting against the trade unions!’

Many in the young German Communist Party failed to recognise the turn of the masses towards their trade union organisations. Before the November revolution there had been 1.5 million trade union members; by the end of December 1918, there were 2.2 million; by the end of 1919, 7.3 million. It was with great difficulty that the party leadership managed to prevent these resolutions being put to the vote. But within one week the KPD were to experience a baptism of fire.

Counter-Revolution Raises its Head

IN MOST REVOLUTIONS, where events are drawn out, particularly after the initial flush of victory, the masses can feel the gains of the revolution slipping from their hands. The advanced sections of the proletariat, realising the dangerous situation, begin to become impatient and attempt to recapture the initiative. Such was the situation in late December 1918 and early January 1919 in Germany.

Similar parallels can be seen in the Russian Revolution, where in June and early July 1917, advanced layers of workers, particularly in Petrograd, moved towards the overthrow of the Provisional Government. In the ‘July Days’, workers in revolutionary Petrograd organised armed mass demonstrations against Kerensky, in response to the attempt by the Provisional Government to provocatively move out the Machine Gun Regiment to the front. Lenin saw the dangers of a premature move to seize power: ‘We must be especially attentive and careful, so as not to be drawn into a provocation…one wrong move on our part can wreck everything…’

The Bolsheviks, however, did not stand aside from the revolutionary workers of Petrograd but, on the contrary, intervened at the head of the demonstrations in order to ensure their peaceful and organised character. That did not prevent reaction moving against the Bolshevik Party in July, but at least it was able to maintain intact the advance guard of the Russian proletariat. The Bolshevik Party’s actions won it enormous prestige amongst the working class, and prepared the ground for winning the majority of workers and peasants to the side of the party and preparing the ground for the success of the October Revolution.

Again similar occurrences can be seen in the Spanish Revolution during May 1937 in Barcelona. There the Republican government, under the pressure of the Stalinists who acted as a counter-revolutionary force, attempted to seize back the Barcelona telegraph exchange from the anarchists. This provocation resulted in a prolonged armed clash with the Republican government, and ended with the bloody suppression of the revolt and the banning of the workers’ organisation, the POUM. This time, because there was no strong Bolshevik Party, the defeat in May was a crushing blow to the advanced revolutionary sections of the Spanish proletariat. It was to lay the basis for the defeat of the Spanish Revolution and the final victory of Franco in 1939.

The ‘Spartacist Uprising’


In Berlin in early January, there existed a state of crisis. The three USPD ministers had just resigned from the government. Fears of a coup had begun to circulate, the campaign by the extreme right against the Spartacists was in full swing, and an anxious and frustrated mood began to develop amongst the advanced workers. After its formation, the Communist Party of Germany began to conduct a relentless campaign against the Social Democratic Government and for the need to extend and complete the socialist revolution. Reaction, in league with the right wing ministers, was preparing a bloody showdown with the Spartacists and the ranks of the Independents in order to strike a decisive blow against the revolution and prepare the way for the restoration of the old order.

In 1925 General Groener, at a trial in Munich, described the plot hatched between the general staff and Ebert and Noske: ‘On 29 December Ebert summoned Noske to lead the troops against the Spartacists. On that same day the volunteer corps assembled, and everything was now ready for the opening of hostilities.’ Again, General Georg Maercker’s memoirs recorded: ‘In the very first days of January a meeting attended by Noske, who had just returned from Kiel, took place at General Staff Headquarters in Berlin with the Freikorps leaders concerning the details of the march (into Berlin).’ Gustav Noske, who, on 6 January, had assumed the title of ‘People’s Commissar of Defence’, answered the call to deal with the Berlin workers with the words: ‘One of us has to be the bloodhound’. Noske was to relish this new-found role.

At the end of December a price of 10,000 German marks had been put on the head of Karl Radek, the Bolshevik representative in Germany, by the Anti-Bolshevik League. At the same time a campaign of denigration was carried out against Emil Eichhorn, the police president of Berlin and a member of the USPD. He had organised a new ‘left’ police force of 2000 workers and soldiers. The action against this man was to be used as the provocation to force the Spartacists, the ranks of the USPD and the Berlin workers into premature action. On 3 January, after a series of false charges, Eichhorn was called upon by the Ministry of the Interior to resign. The right-wing Social Democrat, Eugen Ernst, was to be appointed in his place. As expected, Eichhorn refused to budge.

At the time of this provocation, the Berlin Executive of the USPD, which was in discussions with the Revolutionary Shop Stewards, immediately adopted a resolution supporting Eichhorn. They then met with KPD leaders to discuss joint action. With the refusal of the government to back down, the USPD Executive in Berlin, together with the Revolutionary Shop Stewards and the KPD, called for a mass demonstration on 5 January. This resulted in hundreds of thousands of workers marching to police headquarters. A ‘Revolutionary Committee’ was established representing the Berlin USPD, the KPD and the Revolutionary Shop Stewards. They were informed that the Berlin garrison was supporting their stand and that they could rely on military assistance from Spandau and Frankfurt. The Committee therefore decided, given their apparent support, to resist the dismissal and use the opportunity to attempt the overthrow of the Ebert-Noske-Scheidemann government.

In December groups of revolutionary workers had occupied the editorial offices of Vorwaerts, the journal of the SPD. They had been persuaded to leave, but now, once again, the suggestion was made of a further occupation. After accomplishing this, other important news printing offices were also occupied. The next day, 500,000 workers took to the streets, as many large factories went on strike. Further demonstrations were called by the Revolutionary Committee, which then went into permanent session, but without plans or detailed strategy of how their aims could be met.

The workers not only occupied the Vorwaerts and the press quarters, but also the Reich printing office, the railway headquarters, food warehouses and other buildings. Even the Reichstag was occupied for a brief period. Noske later wrote:

“Great masses of workers…answered the call to struggle. Their favourite slogan ‘Down, down, down’ (with the government) resounded once more. I had to cross the procession at the Brandenburg Gate, in the Tiergarten, and again in front of general staff headquarters. Many marchers were armed. Several trucks with machine guns stood at the Siegessaule. Repeatedly, I politely asked to be allowed to pass, as I had an urgent errand. Obligingly, they allowed me to cross through. If the crowds had had determined, conscious leaders, instead of windbags, by noon that day Berlin would have been in their hands.”

The official position of the KPD at this time was against an attempt to overthrow the Social Democratic government. Given the balance of forces nationally such an action would be a pure adventure. But the general tone of the KPD newspaper Rote Fahne was full of attacks on the government and urged the workers to take action. The two KPD representatives on the committee, Karl Liebknecht and Wilhelm Pieck, without the party’s authority, backed the resolution supporting insurrection. Liebknecht was a workers’ leader, a man of action captivated by the mass movement. For him the revolution was a gut reaction. He was no theoretician, and lacked a firm understanding of the tactics and strategy that were needed to carry through a successful revolution. The ‘Revolutionary Committee’ had endless discussions, but failed to give any coherent direction to the mass movement, which began to dissipate. This prolonged vacillation and indecision had catastrophic consequences in confusing and disorientating the proletariat.

The White Terror – The pride of Germany the Freikorps

The forces of counter-revolution had prepared for a bloody confrontration with the workers of Berlin. On 10 January an attack was opened up by the Potsdam Freikorps regiment. On 11 January Noske moved in with a further contingent of troops led by monarchist officers. The government was determined to take back the Vorwaerts building by force. In the early hours, heavy artillery and mortar attack created enormous damage and many injuries. For the rebels, the situation became hopeless and the 300 workers remaining in the building were forced to surrender. Within a week, 156 people officially had been killed and hundreds wounded. In the words of Paul Froelich, ‘the White Terror had begun.’

The counter-revolution acted quickly. In a short space of time, two leading KPD members, Leo Jogiches and Hugo Eberlein, were arrested. The government minister Philipp Scheidemann had put an unofficial price of 100,000 German marks on the heads of Liebknecht and Luxemburg. A frenzy was whipped up by the bourgeois press to deal with these Bolsheviks once and for all. Even the SPD paper Vorwaerts joined in the hue and cry. On 13 January they published a poem which ended with a verse:

“Many hundred corpses in a row – Proletarians!
Karl, Radek, Rosa and Co. –
Not one of them is there, not one of them is there!

Liebknecht shot and Luxemburg beat to death in the street with rifle butts… fucking music =)

On 15 January Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg were arrested by reactionary Freikorps officers. Both were taken to the headquarters of the Cavalry Guards Division for ‘investigation’. Liebknecht was the first to be escorted out and shot, allegedly trying to escape. Then Rosa Luxemburg was led out. As she left the building an officer used his rifle butt to smash her skull. Her corpse was then thrown into the Landwehr Canal, where it was not discovered until 31 May. The officers responsible for the murders, apart from two short sentences, got away virtually scot free. The German proletariat had lost two of its most unexceptional and pathetic leaders leaders, but surely they always have and always will have pathetic idiots…

Sectarians have drawn completely erroneous conclusions from the so-called Spartacist Uprising. Of course, the existence of a mass revolutionary party on the lines of the Bolsheviks in 1918-19 could have transformed the situation completely. But the question arises of how such a party can be built. Chris Harman in his book, The Lost Revolution, takes Rosa Luxemburg to task:

“Her tactical error is not to he explained by anything that happened in December or January, but by a much earlier error – when in 1912 and 1916 she underrated the importance of building an independent revolutionary socialist Party…[in] contrast with Lenin’s repeated insistence on the political and organisational independence of revolutionaries from ‘centrists’…”

This is fundamentally false, stands Lenin on his head and repudiates the whole experience of Bolshevism. Rosa Luxemburg’s failure to build a mass revolutionary party was not due to the fact that she had not broken earlier with social democracy to form an independent sect, but to her failure to create a well-organised and homogenous tendency within the SPD at a much earlier time. The Internationale Group was not established until early 1916, and was a loose federation of groupings. In that sense she underestimated the importance of organisation.

Harman fails to recognise that Bolshevism evolved within the framework of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. Lenin’s Bolsheviks formed the revolutionary wing of social democracy and carried out a theoretical struggle, a political struggle, with the Mensheviks within the same organisation. It was not until 1912 that the Bolshevik faction constituted itself as an independent party. On the international arena Lenin considered himself a supporter of Karl Kautsky, right up until 1914. At that time, Rosa Luxemburg was far more correct in her criticisms of Kautsky than Lenin was, as she had the experience of Kautsky’s day-to-day activities. Until 1914, Lenin regarded the German SPD under the Bebel-Kautsky leadership as the model for every party of the Second International. The Bolshevik criticism of the Mensheviks was seen in the same light as Kautsky’s attacks on the revisionists around Bernstein.

When mass communist parties were formed in Germany, France, and Italy, they did not arise from small groupings or sects, isolated from the mass organisations, but emerged from enormous splits within the old social democracy – the traditional parties of the working class. Precisely the reason why the British Communist Party remained a sect was because of its failure to win over the workers in the mass organisations, particularly in the Labour Party. Even after its formation as an independent party in 1920, Lenin forcefully argued that the new British Communist Party should affiliate to the Labour Party. This, too, was the position adopted at the Second Congress of the Comintern. Why was this? It is in complete contradiction to Harman’s interpretation of Lenin. It was an attempt to create a mass British Communist Party out of the Labour Party by winning over its rank and file on the basis of events. Lenin’s approach was to combat the ideas of reformism and revisionism, but never allow the forces of Marxism to he isolated from the ranks of the working class. That would mean falling into the sterile mistakes of sectarianism.

Following the bloodletting in Berlin, new elections for the National Assembly (the Reichstag) took place on January 19. The KPD wrongly boycotted the elections. The SPD, however, polled 11.5 million votes, whereas the USPD got just under 2.5 million. Thus, the two workers’ parties, which formally stood for Marxism and socialism, polled around 45 per cent of all the votes cast. The right wing bourgeois parties managed to scrape together a mere 15 per cent of the vote.

The first action of the SPD was to approach the Independents to enter the new government. But when they refused, approaches were made to the bourgeois parties: the Democrats and the Centre Party, which agreed not only to participate but even accepted the programme of socialisation!

After the defeat of the ‘Spartacist Uprising’, counter-revolutionary forces, of the Freikorps and other ‘loyal’ divisions, took the initiative in a number of provinces to restore law and order. In February their troops had occupied Bremen and forcibly removed the Workers’ and Soldiers’ Council. Other military actions followed in Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven. In central Germany government-backed troops ousted the councils in one town after another. The workers, however, did not give up their gains without a fierce struggle in which thousands were killed during prolonged street battles.

The Freikorps – semi-fascist military formations – were set up in December 1918, led by reactionary upper-class officers. These attracted the most degenerate mercenary elements who began their post-war military careers fighting Bolshevism in the Baltic States. On their return to Germany, much of this scum, from General Ruediger von der Goltz’s ‘Iron Division’, still wore the swastika emblems of the Baltic Freikorps on their steel helmets. Noske was to rely heavily on this reactionary rabble in his attempts to restore ‘law and order’.

At the end of February 1500 delegates gathered at the general assembly of the Berlin councils to discuss solidarity action with the workers of Central Germany. The composition of these councils reflected a changed balance of forces within the working class, with supporters of the SPD now outnumbered by the Independents and KPD representatives. Further demands were put to a reconvened assembly which included the organisation of a workers’ militia, the dissolution of the Freikorps and the freeing of political prisoners. To obtain their demands, 90 per cent favoured the calling of a general strike. Within 24 hours a massive strike gripped Berlin.

Barricades were erected and fighting broke out as the Freikorps attempted to restore normality. The government acted swiftly, giving Noske dictatorial powers over all Berlin. He immediately gave orders for 30,000 Freikorps troops to enter the city. On 9 March the Workers’ and Soldiers’ Council decided to call an end to the strike, but this failed to placate Noske and the Freikorps. On the contrary, he announced ‘any person who bears arms against the government troops will be shot on the spot.’ By the time the fighting ended some 2-3000 workers were dead and at least 10,000 were wounded. On 10 March, Leo Jogiches, the chairman of the Communist Party, was murdered in a police station, ‘while trying to escape’.

The Bavarian Republic

Bavaria had been the first state in Germany to overthrow its monarch. On 7 November 1918 Kurt Eisner, a member of the USPD and recently released from jail, became the first head of the Bavarian Republic in Munich. It was an extremely unstable regime, which was reflected in Eisner and the USPD being humiliated in the Bavarian Landtag elections which gave them only three seats. For just over one month he maintained his position by manoeuvring between his own party, the SPD and the workers’ and soldiers’ councils. On 21 February, he was murdered by a right wing officer, Count Arco Valley.

The assassination provoked enormous turmoil throughout Bavaria. In Nuremburg and Munich general strikes took place, and armed workers roamed the streets. After a brief interlude, the SPD climbed into the vacuum and created a government under Johannes Hoffmann. Within a very short time this government was forced to flee Munich and seek assistance from Noske’s Freikorps.

Munich was plunged into a state of semi-anarchy. With economic conditions deteriorating rapidly the number of unemployed rose to 45,000. As soon as the news reached Munich of the establishment of a soviet republic in Hungary, Ernst Toller, a playwright and leader of the USPD, proposed the establishment of a government of workers’ and soldiers’ councils. But this eccentric government, which the KPD refused to enter, represented a comic opera rather than a serious power. The first act of the Foreign Minister, for instance, was to declare war on Switzerland because it refused to loan 60 steam-trains to Bavaria! The regime collapsed within six days.

By this time, Hoffmann had gathered 8000 troops ready to march on Munich. In Munich itself, an attempted coup by the Republican Security Force led to a mass movement of workers, ending in the defeat of the coup. The threat of counter-revolution propelled the masses to the left. In the words of Marx, ‘revolution sometimes needs the whip of counterrevolution to push it forward.’

Mass meetings throughout the city passed resolutions demanding that power be handed over to the communists. At first the KPD leaders were extremely cautious and opposed the calls for a soviet republic. But the pressure from the workers became irresistable. As with the Paris Commune of 1871, exceptional conditions gave power into the hands of the working class. As in any struggle, sometimes there are no choices, sometimes there are no perfect conditions, sometimes there is no alternative but to make a stand. The Communist leader Eugen Levin, despite his reservations about strategy and tactics, agreed to take charge of the situation. A new soviet republic was declared on 7 April based on newly elected workers’ councils in the factories, whose immediate task was to organise resistance against the imminent threat of Hoffmann’s troops.

Levin understood that the only way the soviet republic would survive would be through the spread of the revolution to other major cities of Bavaria and beyond. The workers gritted their teeth and took inspiration from the newly formed soviet republic in Hungary, the existence of powerful workers’ councils in Austria, a strike wave in the Ruhr, and a state of emergency in Stuttgart. The fear of the bourgeoise was expressed by one Colonel House, writing in his diary for 22 March 1919: ‘Bolshevism is gaining ground everywhere. Hungary has just succumbed. We are sitting upon an open powder magazine and someday a spark may ignite it.’

A few weeks earlier the new communist Third International, the World Party of Socialist Revolution, had been established in Moscow, raising hopes of a rapid revolutionary development throughout Europe. In the words of Trotsky:

“…it is unquestionable that in the year of the First Congress (1919) many of us reckoned – some more, others less – that the spontaneous onset of the workers and in part of the peasant masses would overthrow the bourgeoisie in the near future…such moods and expectations were by and large justified by the objective situation at the time.”

In any case, in Munich, there was no alternative but to fight. Better to go down fighting, and leave a communist tradition, than to capitulate without a struggle.

The Hoffmann troops quickly encircled the city robbing it of food and fuel. As suffering mounted and discontent spread the counter-revolutionary troops were reinforced by 30,000 of Noske’s Freikorps. On 1 May Munich was ‘liberated’. The final Communist declaration stated: ‘Don’t make the hangmen’s task easy. Sell your lives dearly.’ Over 1000 workers were killed during the street battles. The Communist leader Eugen Levin, before his execution, made a defiant speech against the counter-revolution which ended: ‘I have known for a long time that we Communists are but dead men on leave. It is up to you, gentlemen, to decide whether my ticket of leave will once more be extended or whether I must join Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. You may kill me – my ideas will live on.’ Scores were shot by impromptu Freikorps court-martials, others were simply beaten with rifle butts or kicked to death. Few leaders escaped the ‘White Terror’.

The Kapp Putsch

ONCE THE THREAT of revolution bad subsided, and the workers’ councils began to dissolve, the bourgeois looked for the removal of the Noske-Scheidemann-Ebert government. On 13 March 1920, 12,000 troops from the Ehrhardt Brigade and the Baltikum Brigade under General Luettwitz, entered Berlin in order to establish a military dictatorship, and declare Wolfgang Kapp, a founder of the old Fatherland Party, as the new Chancellor.

Noske, the Commander-in-Chief, called upon Reichswehr officers to put down the rebellion, which they refused point blank to do. The head of the army, General Hans von Seekt, simply announced he was going on ‘indefinite leave’. To save its skin, the government fled from Berlin, firstly to Dresden, where a Freikorps general threated to put the entire cabinet under arrest, and then to Stuttgart.

As a matter of self-preservation the SPD, USPD and trade union leaders appealed to the workers to put down this military putsch and defend the republic. A general strike was called which so paralysed Berlin that Kapp could not find a single secretary to issue the decree that he had assumed power!

In a completely ultra-left fashion the young KPD issued a statement that the workers should remain neutral as it was a fight ‘between two counter-revolutionary wings’. Within 24 hours the KPD were forced to reverse their position 180 degrees. The German workers were solid in their determination to defeat the military coup and the communists had no alternative but to participate in the struggle.

The coup electrified the whole country. From Berlin, the strike spread spontaneously through the Ruhr, Central Germany and Bavaria. Such was the counter movement that, in nearly every city and town, the military were driven out by mass demonstrations of workers and the middle class. The sheer scale of the resistance to General Luettwitz was gigantic.

In the Ruhr armed workers began to join forces in a ‘Red Army’ that put the Reichswehr to flight. They were estimated as 50,000 strong, fully equipped with modern weapons and artillery. They became, for a period, masters of the Ruhr.

Lenin had compared the Kapp putsch to the Kornilov uprising in August 1917 in Russia. In a similar way the forces of counter-revolution attempted to overthrow the Kerensky government and restore the old regime of the Tsar. Unlike the KPD, the Bolshevik Party immediately threw itself into the forefront of defending the revolution, organising a united front with the Mensheviks and Social Revolutionaries in order to defeat reaction. It was a huge blunder for the German KPD initially to advocate neutrality in such a struggle. Such ultra-leftism simply put up barriers between themselves, the social democratic workers and ordinary trade unionists.

A Swing to the Left

The consequences of the Kapp putsch brought about a great shift in the political landscape. After its failure, Noske resigned. In June 1920 the USPD became the second largest party in the Reichstag with 81 deputies; in the Landstags of Saxony, ‘I’huringia and Brunswick it became the largest party. Its membership had grown spectacularly to 800,000. It published 55 daily newspapers. In the Reichstag elections, the USPD had got 4,895,000 votes, more than double its January 1919 figure, whilst the SPD, due to the masses’ shift to the left, lost half the votes it won in January 1919, falling to 5,614,000. The SPD still, however, remained the biggest party in the Reichstag. On the other side of the spectrum, the vote for the extreme right also doubled at the expense of the liberals, indicating a growing polarisation of the situation in Germany.

In Bavaria, General von Nohl, ungrateful for past services, forced out the SPD Premier Johannes Hoffmann and established a more right wing government. In the Ruhr, however, the armed workers who had succeded in driving out the Freikorps and the Reichswehr forces now refused to lay down their arms as requested by the central government.

The new coalition government, under SPD member Hermann Mueller, decided to despatch government troops – who had previously refused to fight Kapp – to restore order in the Ruhr, which they did eagerly and with much brutality. Hundreds were killed and hundreds more executed to restore ‘normality’.

After the unification of the new party, a central committee was elected under the joint chairmanship of Ernst Daeumig and Paul Levi, who had been a close friend of Rosa Luxemburg. At Levi’s insistence, the ultra-left group was expelled from the Party, and established themselves as the short-lived German Communist Workers Party (KAPD). In February 1921, after violently disagreeing with the Comintern’s decision to split the Italian Socialist Party, Paul Levi resigned from the party leadership. In his place came Brandler, Meyer, Froelich, and Thalheimer.

To assist the KPD, the Comintern had despatched the Hungarian Communist leader Bela Kun to Berlin, after the crushing in blood of the Hungarian Soviet Republic. (The Hungarian Revolution is dealt with in Militant International Review Number 18). But as leader of the Hungarian Soviet Republic, Bela Kun had made big mistakes, and was infected by ultra-left ideas. This tendency was fed by Zinoviev, the head of the Comintern, Bukharin and Radek, who poured scorn on the defensive struggles of the SPD organisations.

The ‘March Offensive’

The situation in Germany was extremely tense after French troops had occupied Dusseldorf because of the government’s failure to pay reparations in full. The party’s central organ Rote Fahne stated: ‘The workers of central Germany are not taken in by the ‘anti-putschist’ rumours alleging that a spirit of cowardice and apathy has arisen in the German working class.’

On 27 March a decision was taken by the German leaders to launch the revolutionary offensive in support of the miners of central Germany, whose Mansfeld coalfield had been occupied by the security police to prevent ‘sabotage and attacks on managers’. This provocative occupation was conducted under the orders of the SPD President of Saxony, Otto Horsing, who attempted to pacify the area and purge it of Communist influence. The miners conducted armed resistance under the leadership of Max Hoelz, an heroic revolutionary figure, who had earlier been expelled from the KPD. The KPD called on the working class throughout Germany to arm itself in solidarity with the miners. They had completely misjudged the mood and the action remained mainly isolated to the central German area.

Out of desperation the Party attempted to provoke the workers into action. A KPD leader, Hugo Eberlein, was sent ‘to provoke an uprising in mid-Germany’, and, according to many sources, even went so far as to advocate the sham kidnapping of local KPD leaders, dynamiting a munitions depot, blowing up a workers’ co-operative in Halle, and blaming it on the police in order to fuel the anger of the workers. Fortunately, little came of these crazy plans. Groups of communist workers occupied the Leuna Works and called for support, but were driven out after a bitter confrontation. The Communist Party organised the occupation of the docks in Hamburg in support of a partial strike, but again it was soon dispersed. The workers remained passive, leaving the KPD members to fight it out alone with the police.

Heman Fischer and Erwin Kern Märtyrer des Reiches!

On 24 June 1922, the foreign minister Walter Rathenau was murdered by the extreme right wing ‘Organisation Consul’, a gang of ex-army officers. There was widespread revulsion – as with the Kapp putsch and moves towards united working class action, which the KPD used to the maximum effect. On 4 July a monster demonstration organised by all the workers’ organisations proved an outstanding success. It provided the KPD with the opportunity to prove in action the superiority of militant leadership and policies. Yet, because of this, the SPD broke off relations with the Communists four days later.

The French Occupy the Ruhr – Blutzeugen Albert Leo Schlagheter!

The reparations became an impossible burden on the economy. In January 1923 Germany defaulted on the payments. Within days, the French General Degoutte, at the head of 60,000 troops was despatched by the French Prime Minister Poincar to occupy the Ruhr. In that industrial heartland of Germany was concentrated 80 per cent of her steel and 71 per cent of her coal production.

National revulsion spread like wildfire throughout Germany at the French occupation: half a million people demonstrated in Berlin alone. The government, under pressure from below, organised a campaign of ‘passive resistance’. Workers in the Ruhr were asked not to cooperate with the French, and to make the occupation as difficult as possible. Measures of resistance, strikes, go-slows and sabotage, slowed down the French, who resorted to 10,000 expulsions in the first six month period of 1923. A wave of militancy gripped the towns of central Germany as inflation gave way to hyper-inflation. Living standards were cut to the bone, as the industrialists Thyssen, Krupp and Stinnes accrued greater and greater profits. Stinnes bought up a vast industrial empire on credit that was later repaid with worthless paper marks. Rubbing his hands, he argued forcefully that ‘the weapon of inflation would have to be used in the future too…’

The price of a single loaf of bread in Berlin escalated from 0.63 marks in 1918 to 250 marks in January 1923. Then prices rose astronomically – a loaf was now 3465 marks in July, 1.5 million in September, reaching a peak of 201,000 million marks in November 1923!

Boxfuls of worthless money were required to buy the basic necessities, as workers dashed off as soon as they were paid before their wages became worthless. Million mark notes were used to paper walls. As one commentator explained, ‘An object which had been previously worth 24 cents now cost a sum which would formally have equalled three times the entire wealth of Germany!’ By mid-1923, the Reichsbank was using 300 paper factories and 150 printing firms to supply Germany with the necessary money. Those on fixed incomes literally starved. The German petty-bourgeoisie was in absolute turmoil and looked desperately to the labour movement for a way out of the situation.

The struggle that had begun as one of national resistance against the French turned into the fiercest class struggle that Germany has ever seen. 53,000 Krupp workers at Essen, on 31 March, attempted to stop French troops requisitioning lorries carrying food supplies. The incident resulted in 13 dead and 40 wounded. On 13 April, at Mulheim, the workers seized the town hall, established a workers’ council and attempted to organise a workers’ militia.

In May a huge strike wave swept across the country demanding the overthrow of the Cuno government. More and more the German workers began to look to the Communist Party for a lead. All the conditions for revolution were now rapidly crystalising in Germany. Unfortunately the KPD lagged way behind the situation. Radek, speaking at a meeting of the German Central Committee in May stated: ‘Today we are not in a position to establish the proletarian dictatorship because the precondition is missing, the revolutionary will amongst the majority of the proletarians’!

By August, inflation accelerated to an incredible degree. Prices were now doubling every few hours. Spontaneous strike movements, numbering roughly three million, culminated in an all-out general strike which began in Berlin and spread throughout the country. Its generalised aim became the overthrow of the Cuno government which epitomised all that was rotten. Apart from the movement against the Kapp putsch, this strike was the largest and most intense ever experienced in Germany. Whereas in March 1920 the trade union leaders called for strike action, now it arose spontaneously. Out of utter desperation hundreds of thousands drifted away from the Social Democrats towards the KPD. On 12 August the Cuno government resigned. The Communist leaders could no longer ignore the political situation that was developing. By the end of the month they were summoned to Moscow to discuss the new turn in the situation. Meanwhile the party’s leading theoretician, Thaelheimer, was still talking of ‘a long road’.

Preparing for Insurrection

With the support of President Ebert, the Reichswehr stepped up their pressure against Saxony and Thuringia. General Mueller issued a direct order banning the Proletarian Hundreds in Saxony, giving them three days in which to give up their arms. The ultimatum was ignored. On 21 October Mueller’s troops entered Saxony. Everything was coming to a head. The KPD leaders acted swiftly to alert the Party and bring forward the plans for insurrection.

The Hamburg Rising

After the Chemnitz conference, and the decision to call off the uprising, KPD emissaries were despatched throughout Germany to carry the news. Unfortunately the one sent to Hamburg arrived too late and the plans for insurrection were already being carried through. On 23 October, 1300 KPD members seized 17 Hamburg police stations, and a number of barricades were erected in workers’ districts. The next day they issued a call for a general strike, which fell on deaf ears. For three days hundreds of brave Communists fought heroically against the police in the Barmbeck and Schiffbek districts of Hamburg. Eventually the insurrection collapsed.

The German Communist Party had been put to the test once more and had failed. It was a crushing defeat and a demoralising blow for the workers who looked to them for a lead. Brandler was made the scapegoat and removed from the Party leadership. In March 1924, at the Fifth Congress of the Comintern, the leaders of the KPD were blamed for the defeat in order to deflect criticism from the role of the Comintern leaders. It was years later, after his split with Zinoviev, that Stalin’s personal role in the defeat became apparent. In a letter to Zinoviev and Bukharin he wrote:

“Should the Communists strive to seize power without the Social Democrats, are they mature enough for that? If today in Germany, the power, so to speak, falls, and the Communists seize hold of it, they will fall with a crash…the bourgeoisie plus the right Social Democrats will…exterminate them. Of course the fascists are not asleep, but it is to our interest that they attack first…in my opinion, the Germans must be curbed, and not spurred on.” (My emphasis – RS)

There is no doubt that Brandler, and the rest of the KPD leaders, feared a repetition of the ultra-left mistakes of 1921, and therefore bent the stick towards the policy of the united front and the need gradually to win over the mass of the workers. But as the situation changed drastically, the KPD leaders still continued the policy of yesterday, rather than reorientating the party towards the new situation. But the leaders of the International, particularly Zinoviev, and Bukharin, had a duty to correct the mistakes of the German Communists. Instead, together with Stalin and Radek, they deliberately held back the KPD at the crucial time. Instead of drawing out all the necessary lessons, Zinoviev, Stalin and the other leaders talked of the defeat as simply an ‘episode’, and that Germany continued to march towards revolution under the leadership of the illegal KPD. Whilst blaming Brandler, they reasoned that the situation in 1923 had been ‘over-estimated’. They managed to turn everything on its head.

Oberschlesien protected for voting their destiny by the Freikorps

by Mike Strobach der Visionär

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