This idea national conscience is meant to be an ideological thought process/movement of people. Any idea’s or information is welcome. Eventually there will need to be groups of like minded individuals in every city of the country until we have enough people to become the majority. Youth groups, student groups and workers groups are the essence of the great national revival. It is of paramount importance that we begin to push back on every issue and in every place possible to make our voice heard! We must begin the counter society of all out revolt and refusal to go along anymore. The complete opposition to the establishment until it is brought up on high treason against the nation/people charges and convicted/sentenced and sentence carried out. Eventually we will become the new majority. We must get people thinking past the distractions and in new ways. In ways that have been discouraged amongst the once free thinking populace through the rabbi box television and controlled media. We are the many, alone we are nothing but together we are crushing, and its time we make our voice heard!

enlighten me

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