The Real St. Valentines Day Massacre – Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin Tyskland står i brand

On the night of February 13th and Valentines Day February 14th the city of Dresden in Sachsen, Deutschland was devastated in the worlds worst war crime ever committed in history by far. Seven hundred seventy two British and three hundred eleven American planes dropped three thousand five hundred tons of bombs onto more than one million civilians who had fled the rapist red army of Bolshevik ideology derived from the jewish rapist thought process still plaguing us…

“Generalfeldmarschall Keitel said 600,000 were killed in Dresden.” – Randulf Johan Hansen¨

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Leif Olsen – 1945 by Fyrdung (Army of the People in Sachsen)


Lemlästade kroppar i en pöl av blod, ingen hann reagera;
Kroppsdelar utspridda över vår fosterjord, kvinnor och barn, civila…
Ett brutet löfte ett oförlåtligt svek, när ni lät bomberna falla;
Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin, utplåna alla…

Ett rituellt mord på kvinnor och barn; ett dåd som aldrig får glömmas
Ljusskygga krafter med en makt så total att de aldrig kommer att dömas
Men hur kan vi förlåta dessa vidriga dåd mot det tyska folkets själ
En ofattbar massaker; det fanns inga skäl

1945 – Tyskland står i brand
Riket är skändat, ett våldtaget land
1945 – Tyskland står i brand
Svinen har fullbordat våldtäkten…på ännu ett land

Brinnande barn skrikandes av smärta, begravda under stenar och eld
Krossade drömmar, städer i ruiner; civilisationen står i brand
Likt ett offerbål av gigantiska mått
I ett hav av lågor stod Tyskland förrått


Svenska Motståndsrörelsen – The Swedish Resistance Movement – Pan European Nationalist’s who grasp the genius of advocating a greater European alliance to defend and eventually remove all hostile agents from our nations.

Svenskar give honor to the German dead but the Germans are not allowed… Its time to get off your knees Germany and right the Flag of your country


Hellstorm – the Dresden holocaust


The first wave of bombs struck at 10 PM on February 13, 1945, dropping high explosive bombs on the Old Town to blast the roofs off buildings in preparation for incendiary devices. It knocked out the air raid warning system and caused massive destruction and death. It also destroyed the fire halls and water mains.

The next wave brought the fire. It turned the Altstadt into a howling ocean of fire – 3 miles long and 2 miles wide. Air temperatures rose to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Winds up to 100 mph sucked all oxygen into the center of the storm. Hundreds of thousands of people were burned alive or otherwise fell victim to this second carpet bombing, followed quickly by a third.

Thousands suffocated in cellars as the oxygen was sucked out of the bunkers and pulled toward the blaze to feed the flames. Thousands more were hurled into the air like rag dogs and sucked by the ferocious winds right into the inferno. The air suction of the fire was so strong that it uprooted trees and lifted roofs from houses miles away.

Utter panic struck the people. Horses reared and ran into the crowds. Wild animals such as lions and tigers escaped from the broken enclosures of the zoo and ran into the terrified crowds. Huge snakes slithered between the feet of the fleeing. Hospital trains, still filled with wounded soldiers from the front, were burning and tried to pull out, in the process severing limps from young children who had sought cover from the bombs underneath. Those few who managed to escape the air attack were hounded later from the air by diving planes to kill off any fleeing survivors.

This was described in one account of the bombing aftermath as

“. . . scores of Mustang fighters diving low over the bodies, huddled on the banks of the Elbe, as well as on the larger lawns of the Grosse Garden, in order to shoot them up.”

When all was said and done, the column of smoke could be seen 50 miles away and stood 15,000 feet high. More than three-fifths of Dresden was destroyed by bombing raids lasting more than 14 hours. This Allied air raid left 24,866 homes destroyed, eleven square miles of prime real estate and irreplaceable cultural treasures devastated, 35,000 recognizable corpses available to be identified, and hundreds of thousands of unrecognizable ones.

How many? Nobody knows for sure. Most honest estimates range from 350,000 to 500,000 dead – many of whom were liquefied into a yellied mass that melted into the asphalt of the roads or were left in piles of ashes amid a city almost totally in ashes and ruins.

One newspaper account published in a German paper, Eidgenosse, (1-3-86) lists 480,000 dead. That count looks like this:

37,000 babies and toddlers
46,000 school age children
55,000 wounded and sick in the hospitals, including their doctors,
nurses and other personnel
12,000 rescue personnel
330,000 dead simply described as “men and women.”

Just think of Hiroshima. That city’s atom casualties were 71,879.

During the entire war, England suffered less than 50,000 casualties from bombings.

380 persons died in bombing raids on the British munitions and aircraft producing town of Coventry, England – a raid which was declared a “German war crime”.

The clean-up crews flowing in after the Allied murderers were gone could not bury all of the dead. So they took railroad ties, made an emergency grid, piled the dead on top of each other and burned them in the open air: soldiers, young and old women, boys in short pants, girls with long braids, Red Cross nurses, babies. While all of Germany shivered for lack of fuel, these pyres burned day and night. Even concentration camp inmates helped in this macabre ritual for weeks.

The documentation of this war crime committed by the Allies, commissioned by the Hitler government in the aftermath of the Dresden holocaust, fell into Allied hands. These mountains of dead captured in the filmed footage were later edited and spliced into Allied propaganda films about “concentration camp atrocities” and were shown to the world at large as “evidence” of jewish dead.

Next time you see one of those pictures, think hard about the source. Remember also that those who planned and ordered these raids – and, yes, the crews who carried out these raids – were and are war criminals by anyone’s definition!

Many still walk the streets of England, Canada and the United States with impunity. They have boasted about their deeds for fifty years in your press and in their “Veterans for Foreign Wars” get-togethers.

While the governments and the successors of these war-time governments are still combing the geriatric wards of the Allied countries for German soldiers and their comrades-in-arms who might or might not have shot some jewish Marxist saboteur fleeing a concentration camp, or returning fire against those who attacked them from behind bushes, rocks and bridge embankments wearing civilian clothes, think about the crime of Dresden.

“Those innocents who lost their lives in Dresden were killed – not because of something they had done, but because of an accident of birth. Those who died in the Dresden Holocaust on February 13-14, 1945 were simply Germans.” –Ingrid Rimland

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Dresden what the jews have done – this film offers a large backdrop of important information such as two jews in the united states writing anti German hate ideology well before the start of the war itself.


The rapist ferocity of the Russians is partly due to the jewish sovietization of the people and encouragement of class contention principles, unhealthy in any state…


A Memorial for the Millions of German Women and Girls Who Were Raped and Pillaged by the WWII Allied “liberators”


Tweede Vryheidsoorlog “Second Freedom War” October 11 1899 – May 31 1902

The courageous individualistic and not to be fucked with Boer Transvaal and Orange Free State Afrikaaner’s fought the British to a standstill with only 25,000? 30,000 max to the British 250,000 that would fight in the war. Magnificent example…

The Boer War as backdrop to the British behavioural problem/pattern in ww2 and particularly after May 8th 1945 when most of the murders took place against unarmed prisoner’s.

Dresden of course was already full of it’s own inhabitants and so to the disgusting coward bomber Harris, this was his kind of target, a particularly weaker element that could not by any means harm him. Harris was part of the British school of thought from South Afrika which reasoned that if you couldn’t defeat an outnumbered pissed off Germanic enemy you simply killed off or raped and tortured his women and children. A fair fight these cowardly Britzi jewzi’s couldnt handle… they couldnt handle an unfair in there favor fight either… true women not men

Britzi jewzi concentration camps in South Afrika 1899 – 1902 as disgusting as there Polish brothers camps a few decades later – until we knocked there face to the ground. Outnumbered and outgunned an no – polish cavalry never charged tanks… poles are story tellers claiming to be just as holocausted as the jews… go figure

imagesCAMG8FCHimages (4)imagesCAH1LV75imagesCA3CYY10imagesCA5QWMC6

This was what the British did with such success to the Transvaal Boer Afrikaaners… The British love unarmed enemies at a distance unlike the sons of Odin who like to get nice and close to armed men and fight the real fight with honor. The greater the honor the greater the glory – to a true son of Europa anyway.


Miserable cowards the British – Absolutely! Starving the Boer’s children wasnt beneath the British either – I dont think anything really is beneath a people’s mentality once they have accepted a jewish royal family of utter cowards and pencil necks to rule over them corruptly as gods = )

images (10)images (6)

A true British coward of Epic Proportions – Winston Churchill – nobility as such always goes to Morocco for young boys as Churchill himself spent a great deal of time doing exactly that – this alone is proof of the jewishness of the British Nobility…

Reflecting back on World War I (1914-1918), he wrote a book in 1932. The title of the book was ‘Thoughts and Adventures’ and he stated: “Everything that happened in the four years of World War I was only a prelude to what the fifth year would have brought. The war of 1919 we never fought, but the ideas live on. Death stands at the ready, it only waits the word. Next time perhaps, it may be a matter of killing women and children, or the entire population.” ~ Winston Spencer Churchill

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Dresden1001 (2)Dresden10001 (2)Dresden9001 (2)

We can clearly see that Churchill  was immediately interested in this development – finally he would get a chance to kill some children – he could only molest children in Morocco. Finally he would issue orders to b0mb these civilians.

‘The attack on the Ruhr was therefore an informal invitation to the Luftwaffe to bomb London. The primary purpose of these raids was to goad the Germans into undertaking reprisal raids of a similar character on Britain. Such raids would arouse intense indignation in Britain against Germany and so create a war psychosis without which it would be impossible to carry on a modern war.’ The Royal Air Force, 1939-1945, The Fight at Odds, p. 122. Dennis Richards, Her Majesty’s Stationery Office.

More people were killed in the bombing of Dresden – Niederschlesien than were killed in both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings… It is said that 150,000 Japanese were killed in these 2 bombings. “Generalfeldmarschall Keitel said 600,000 were killed in Dresden.” – Randulf Johan Hansen¨ Not to mention the 17 million East Germans and Prussians who were evicted from:

  1. Ostpreußen 1945
  2. Westpreußen 1919 + 1945
  3. Posen 1919 + 1945
  4. Oberschlesien 1920s + 1945
  5. Niederschlesien 1945
  6. Pommern 1945
  7. Ostbrandenburg 1945
  8. Sudetenland 1919 + 1945

More bombs were dropped on the city of Berlin by the British traitors than were dropped by the Germans on the entire country of England.

Berlin 5Berlin 14Berlin 115Berlin 57

Lets not forget the Morgenthau and Germany must perish – extermination of Germans plans that existed before ww2 started. Kaufmann even wanted to sterilize American soldiers before he wrote “Germany must perish”

kike kaufmannmorgenthau fuck

morgenthaumorgenthau kikemorgenthau prick

I would insult these 2 morons but I think revenge is better handled in person on all of there kinfolk when we finally come to a solution to jewish influence – Endlösung

In honor of may 1st 1945 and all Europeans who fought with us to the death!


From the album “Hyperborea” – 2007

“Great Eagle, fold your wings awhile and turn away your eyes; in smoke and thunder, flame and blood your Best and Highest dies; and all His happy Land, his great emprise, a shattered wreck of ugly ruin lies.

Great Eagle, flee a little while to some far lonely height. There shall you watch and wait… your land is sunk in night: and all those cities bright in ruins far and wide torment the night.

Oh, Eagle, did you hear that shout, that thundered triple roar? Its clamourous echoes smote the earth and rolled from shore to shore; and all those glorious Dead, who fealty swore,
received him hime: his earthly flight is over.

His flight, that made the nations shake, and hearts and pulses leap, is over… now he rests, but we are sunk in anguish deep, he rests at last, no dreams torture his sleep. While grave-eyed Angel-guards their watches keep.

Great Eagle, that He worked to save, and fought to guard, and died, flee from this piteous German wreck, in some far corner hide, until the land is free and far and wide. Throughout the world His name is glorified.

Meanwhile, we hold the heights He won and keep his torch aflame; no slothful ease for us who bear the honours of His name, to do his work we count higher than fame, indifferent to earthly praise or blame.”

Berlin 95adolf_hitler_unpublished_640_38

by Leif Olsen

Lets not forget that the real holocaust of ww2 didnt end with civilian targeting in bombing raids – it continued to deliberate starvation of the Wehrmacht’s soldiers after May 8th 1945 – and with even the German civilians themselves…


Radio Interview: Eisenhower’s Rhine-Meadows Death Camps: A Deliberate Policy of Extermination

Even the American Soldiers, acting under orders from Ike the Kike, were capable of starving German Soldiers to death and denying them sanitation enough to survive… Dont believe the assurances from guys at the upper echelons of today’s military that the US “wasn’t at Dresden” or that “we didnt do that”

Post Script: FUCK YOU Joe Cortina!

by Mike Strobach

Winston Churchill: “You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless of whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.”

Emrys Hughes, Winston Churchill – His Career in War and Peace, p. 145

The following interview with Wayne – justice4germans is full of that which I always try to stir up in any topic – EMOTION


Here is yet another of the great contributions of Wayne, a warrior for the German people and creator of this short film depicting the disgusting atrocities committed by the “liberation” of the prosperity given to the people by Adolph the savior. Dresden was a truly beautiful city, but it was also considered a safe haven for over a million refuges from East Germany and Prussia. The city was mostly filled with woman, children and elderly…


VIDEO: The Dresden Inferno – An Allied War Crime

The rest of the article I excerpted from Wayne’s research on the allied genocide of Germany which I have always called – The second thirty years war 1914 – 1948, with the far majority of deaths occurring between the years 1945 – 1948 during the liberation of our lives as we were liberated from life by pure living trash.

High Street, Düren, June 1946. Shown is Victor Gollancz

The Most Uncivilized Form of Warfare

The eminent British war historian and strategist Captain Sir Basil Liddell Hart declared that by this strategy victory had been achieved “through practising the most uncivilised means of warfare that the world had known since the Mongol invasions” (The Evolution of Warfare. 1946, p. 75).It was “absolutely contrary to international law” (Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain).

‘The inhabitants of Coventry, for example, continued to imagine that their sufferings were due to the innate villainy of Adolf Hitler without a suspicion that a decision, splendid or otherwise, of the British War Cabinet, was the decisive factor in the case.’ F.J.P. Veale, Advance to Barbarism, p. 169.

Düren, 1946

Slaying in the Name of the Lord

‘I am in full agreement [with terror bombing]. I am all for the bombing of working class areas in German cities. I am a Cromwellian ­ I believe in “slaying in the name of the Lord!”‘ Sir Archibald Sinclair, Secretary for Air.

Hamburg, 1946

Industrial Workers, Wives and Children targeted

‘They [the British Air Chiefs] argued that the desired result, of reducing German industrial production, would be more readily achieved if the homes of the workers in the factories were destroyed; if the workers were kept busy arranging for the burial of their wives and children, output might reasonably be expected to fall… It was concentrated on working class houses because, asProfessor Lindemann maintained, a higher percentage of bloodshed per ton of explosives dropped could be expected from bombing houses built close together, rather than by bombing higher class houses surrounded by gardens.’ Advance to Barbarism, F.J.P. Veale.

Hamburg, 1946

So cowardly it had to be hidden

‘One of the most unhealthy features of the bombing offensive was that the War Cabinet ­ and in particular the Secretary for Air, Archibald Sinclair (now Lord Thurso), felt it necessary to repudiate publicly the orders which they themselves had given to Bomber Command.’ R.H.S. Crossman, MP, Labour Minister of Housing. Sunday Telegraph, 1 October 1961.

By weight, more bombs were dropped on the city of Berlin than were released on the whole of Great Britain during the entire war.

All German towns and cities above 50,000 population were from 50% to 80% destroyed. Hamburg was totally destroyed and 70,000 civilians died in the most appalling circumstances whilst Cologne was likewise turned into a moon-scape. As Hamburg burned the winds feeding the three mile high flames reached twice hurricane speed to exceed 150 miles per hour. Trees three feet in diameter on the outskirts of the city were sucked from the ground by the supernatural forces of these winds and hurled miles into the city-inferno, as were vehicles, men, women and children.

‘What we want to do in addition to the horrors of fire is to bring the masonry crashing down on the Boche, to kill Boche and to terrify Boche’ ‘Bomber’ Butch Harris, quoted in the Sunday Times, 10 January 1993.

Hamburg, 1946

Dresden: Children machine-gunned

The strafing of columns of refugees by both American and British fighter planes was par for the course: “it is said that these [zoo] animals and terrified groups of refugees were machine-gunned as they tried to escape across the Grosser Garten by low-flying planes and that many bodies riddled by bullets were found later in this park” (Der Tod von Dresden, Axel Rodenberger, 25 February 1951). In Dresden, “even the huddled remnants of a children’s’ choir were machine-gunned in a street bordering a park” (David Irving, The Destruction of Dresden). “I think we shall live to rue the day we did this, and that it [the bombing of Dresden] will stand for all time as a blot on our escutcheon” (Richard Stokes, M.P.).

‘… the long suppressed story of the worst massacre in the history of the world. The devastation of Dresden in February, 1945, was one of those crimes against humanity whose authors would have been arraigned at Nuremberg if that court had not been perverted. Rt. Hon. Richard. H.S. Crossman, MP, Labour Government Minister.

Firestorm of Hamburg

‘Its horror is revealed in the howling and raging of the firestorms, the hellish noise of exploding bombs and the death cries of martyred human beings as well as the big silence after the raids. Speech is impotent to portray the measure of the horror, which shook the people for ten days and nights and the traces of which were written indelibly on the face of the city and its inhabitants. No flight of imagination will ever succeed in measuring and describing the gruesome scenes of horror in the many buried air shelters. Posterity can only bow its head in honour of the fate of these innocents, sacrificed by the murderous lust of a sadistic enemy.’ The Police President of Hamburg.

Hamburg, 1946

Hamburg, 1946

‘Three-hundred times as many people died in Hamburg during the ten-day blitz as died in Coventry during the entire course of the war… Not even Hiroshima and Nagasaki, suffering the smashing blows of nuclear explosions, could match the utter hell of Hamburg.’ Martin Caidin, The Night Hamburg Died, Ballantyne Books, NY, 1960.

The Children

‘Of the children these dreadful nights, what can be said? Their fright became horror and then panic when their tiny minds became capable of grasping the fact that their parents could no longer help them in their distress. They lost their reason and an overwhelming terror took over. Their world had become the shrieking centre of an erupting volcano from which there could be no physical escape. Nothing that hell offered could be feared more. ‘By the hand of man they became creatures, human in form but not in mind. Strangled noises hissed from them as they staggered pitifully through the streets in which tar and asphalt ran as streams. Some of these tiny creatures ran several hundred feet. Others managed only twenty, maybe ten feet. Their shoes caught fire and then their feet. The lower parts of their legs became flickering sticks of flame. Here were Joans of Arcs… thousands of them. All who had perished unjustly on the fires of the Middle Ages were as nothing when compared with what was happening that night. ‘The sounds of many were unintelligible and undoubtedly many more called for their parents from whom they were parted by death or by accident. They grasped their tortured limbs, their tiny burning legs until they were no longer able to stand or run. And then they would crash to the ground where they would writhe in the bubbling tar until death released them from their physical misery.’ Martin Caidin.

Phosphorous, Used Contrary to “International Law”

‘Men, women and children too, ran hysterically, falling and stumbling, getting up, tripping and falling again, rolling over and over. Most of them managed to regain their feet and made it to the water. But many of them never made it and were left behind, their feet drumming in blinding pain on the overheated pavements amidst the rubble, until there came one last convulsing shudder from the smoking “thing” on the ground, and then no further movement.’ Martin Caidin, The Night Hamburg Died.

‘Phosphorous burns were not infrequent.’ U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey.

‘Phosphorous was used “because of its demonstrated ability to depress the morale of the Germans.”‘ Official British source.

‘Even the senseless and highly culture-destroying terror acts, against for example, Lubeck and Dresden, carried out by the Allied pilots, should have been investigated and brought before a proper court of justice.’ Major General H. Bratt, Royal Swedish Army.*

‘A nation which spreads over another a sheet of inevitably deadly gases or eradicates entire cities from the earth by the explosion of atomic bombs, does not have the right to judge anyone for war crimes; it has already committed the greatest atrocity equal to no other atrocity; it has killed ­ amidst unspeakable torments ­ hundreds of thousands of innocent people.’ Hon. Lydio Machado Bandeira de Mello, Professor of Criminal Law; author of more than 40 works on law/philosophy.*

‘As for crimes against humanity, those governments which ordered the destruction of German cities, thereby destroying irreplaceable cultural values and making burning torches out of women and children, should also have stood before the bar of justice.’ Hon. Jaan Lattik. Estonian statesman, diplomat and historian.*

Hamburg, 1946




The following is an older German documentary, probably from the 1990s, about the Dresden Firebombing which was translated into English. It is 1:15 in length. The first 25 minutes details the history of the city with pre-1945 film footage. It also includes quite a few eyewitness statements from survivors, as well as, a speech by Historian David Irving (speaking German, translated into English) about this heinous and deliberate British War Crime.


David Irving called out the War Criminal Churchill, pointing to his policy of deliberately targeted civilians, quoting from Churchill’s own document archives, asking Bomber Command…

Churchill - Roast the Germans

Irving also stated that bomber crews were later interviewed and asked about what they had been told about the mission. They said “they were made aware of the refugees but were told that Dresden was and arsenal; a city of munitions factories,  railway lines, armament factories, and that the Party Headquarters had been moved to Dresden”. Irving called that “utter nonsense!” He then quoted from a military directive from the British archives sent via Telex to all airfields giving instruction to the crews “the aim is to hit the enemy where it will hurt most” and also “to warn the Russians” by example of British bomber capabilities. Bomber Harris carried out the order.

Later Irving answered the question “who started the aerial warfare campaign?” He said, ‘it is proven beyond doubt that Churchill unleashed the aerial warfare on German cities in the Summer of 1940. Churchill had just become Prime Minister and at that time, the desire for peace was becoming vocal. There were even rallies in the street in front of the PM’s residence as people could no longer see any sense in the war. Poland no longer existed,  France had been conquered and the Germans had already offered peace conditions which were quite acceptable. But these offers of peace were never published!”

Irving then went into detail about Churchill’s deliberate policy of bombing Berlin repeatedly to elicit an German response, and thereby, draw the ire of the British people, to incite them to all out war. In the film, Bomber Harris is also quoted as always having targeted the civilians. “All else was a bonus!”

Finally, David Irving stated:

“Dresden ruined my life! It showed me that you cannot even trust your own government, when the government is responsible for recording its own history. You have to search further yourself. You have to find out for yourself. You have to not believe, but go on searching. And this continuous searching is what helped me to find out the truth!

Amen! And not only regarding Dresden, but indeed the ENTIRE history which you have been sold regarding Hitler, National Socialism and World War II, from start to finish! Then keep going, right to the present day, because it affects all, here and now. Wake up!

Dresden - pre-war postcard

The WWII Dresden Holocaust – ‘A Single Column Of Flame’,, 2.6.2002 – Author Unknown

“You guys burnt the place down, turned it into a single column of flame. More people died there in the firestorm, in that one big flame, than died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.” –Kurt Vonnegut, Jr

On the evening of February 13, 1945, an orgy of genocide and barbarism began against a defenseless German city, one of the greatest cultural centers of northern Europe. Within less than 14 hours not only was it reduced to flaming ruins, but an estimated one-third of its inhabitants, possibly as many as a half a million, had perished in what was the worst single event massacre of all time.

Toward the end of World War II, as Allied planes rained death and destruction over Germany, the old Saxon city of Dresden lay like an island of tranquility amid desolation. Famous as a cultural center and possessing no military value, Dresden had been spared the terror that descended from the skies over the rest of the country.

In fact, little had been done to provide the ancient city of artists and craftsmen with anti-aircraft defenses. One squadron of planes had been stationed in Dresden for awhile, but the Luftwaffe decided to move the aircraft to another area where they would be of use. A gentlemen’s agreement seemed to prevail, designating Dresden an “open city.”

February 13/14 1945: Holocaust over Dresden, known as the Florence of the North. Dresden was a hospital city for wounded soldiers. Not one military unit, not one anti-aircraft battery was deployed in the city. Together with the 600,000 refugees from Breslau, Dresden was filled with nearly 1.2 million people. Churchill had asked for “suggestions how to blaze 600,000 refugees”. He wasn’t interested how to target military installations 60 miles outside of Dresden. More than 700,000 phosphorus bombs were dropped on 1.2 million people. One bomb for every 2 people. The temperature in the centre of the city reached 1,600  Centigrade. More than 260,000 bodies and residues of bodies were counted. But those who perished in the centre of the city can’t be traced. Approximately 500,000 children, women, the elderly, wounded soldiers and the animals of the zoo were slaughtered in one night.

On Shrove Tuesday, February 13, 1945, a flood of refugees fleeing the Red Army 60 miles away had swollen the city’s population to well over a million. Each new refugee brought fearful accounts of Soviet atrocities. Little did those refugees retreating from the Red terror imagine that they were about to die in a horror worse than anything Stalin could devise.

Normally, a carnival atmosphere prevailed in Dresden on Shrove Tuesday. In 1945, however, the outlook was rather dismal. Houses everywhere overflowed with refugees, and thousands were forced to camp out in the streets shivering in the bitter cold.

However, the people felt relatively safe; and although the mood was grim, the circus played to a full house that night as thousands came to forget for a moment the horrors of war. Bands of little girls paraded about in carnival dress in an effort to bolster warning spirits. Half-sad smiles greeted the laughing girls, but spirits were lifted.

No one realized that in less than 24 hours those same innocent children would die screaming in Churchill’s firestorms. But, of course, no one could know that then. The Russians, to be sure, were savages, but at least the Americans and British were “honorable.”

So, when those first alarms signaled the start of 14 hours of hell, Dresden’s people streamed dutifully into their shelters. But they did so without much enthusiasm, believing the alarms to be false, since their city had never been threatened from the air. Many would never come out alive, for that “great democratic statesman,” Winston Churchill–in collusion with that other “great democratic statesman,” Franklin Delano Roosevelt–had decided that the city of Dresden was to be obliterated by saturation bombing.

Dresden wastelandWhat where Churchill’s motives? They appear to have been political, rather than military. Historians unanimously agree that Dresden had no military value. What industry it did have produced only cigarettes and china.

But the Yalta Conference was coming up, in which the Soviets and their Western allies would sit down like ghouls to carve up the shattered corpse of Europe. Churchill wanted a trump card–a devastating “thunderclap of Anglo-American annihilation”–with which to “impress” Stalin.

That card, however, was never played at Yalta, because bad weather delayed the originally scheduled raid. Yet Churchill insisted that the raid be carried out–to “disrupt and confuse” the German civilian population behind the lines.

Dresden’s citizens barely had time to reach their shelters. The first bomb fell at 10:09 p.m. The attack lasted 24 minutes, leaving the inner city a raging sea of fire. “Precision saturation bombing” had created the desired firestorm.

A firestorm is caused when hundreds of smaller fires join in one vast conflagration. Huge masses of air are sucked in to feed the inferno, causing an artificial tornado. Those persons unlucky enough to be caught in the rush of wind are hurled down entire streets into the flames. Those who seek refuge underground often suffocate as oxygen is pulled from the air to feed the blaze, or they perish in a blast of white heat–heat intense enough to melt human flesh.

One eyewitness who survived told of seeing “young women carrying babies running up and down the streets, their dresses and hair on fire, screaming until they fell down, or the collapsing buildings fell on top of them.”

There was a three-hour pause between the first and second raids. The lull had been calculated to lure civilians from their shelters into the open again. To escape the flames, tens of thousands of civilians had crowded into the Grosser Garten, a magnificent park nearly one and a half miles square.

The second raid came at 1:22 a.m. with no warning. Twice as many bombers returned with a massive load of incendiary bombs. The second wave was designed to spread the raging firestorm into the Grosser Garten.

It was a complete “success.” Within a few minutes a sheet of flame ripped across the grass, uprooting trees and littering the branches of others with everything from bicycles to human limbs. For days afterward, they remained bizarrely strewn about as grim reminders of Allied sadism.

At the start of the second air assault, many were still huddled in tunnels and cellars, waiting for the fires of the first attack to die down. At 1:30 a.m. an ominous rumble reached the ears of the commander of a Labor Service convoy sent into the city on a rescue mission. He described it this way:

“The detonation shook the cellar walls. The sound of the explosions mingled with a new, stranger sound which seemed to come closer and closer, the sound of a thundering waterfall; it was the sound of the mighty tornado howling in the inner city.”


Others hiding below ground died. But they died painlessly–they simply glowed bright orange and blue in the darkness. As the heat intensified, they either disintegrated into cinders or melted into a thick liquid–often three or four feet deep in spots.

Shortly after 10:30 on the morning of February 14, the last raid swept over the city. American bombers pounded the rubble that had been Dresden for a steady 38 minutes. But this attack was not nearly as heavy as the first two.

However, what distinguished this raid was the cold-blooded ruthlessness with which it was carried out. U.S. Mustangs appeared low over the city, strafing anything that moved, including a column of rescue vehicles rushing to the city to evacuate survivors. One assault was aimed at the banks of the Elbe River, where refugees had huddled during the horrible night.

In the last year of the war, Dresden had become a hospital town. During the previous night’s massacre, heroic nurses had dragged thousands of crippled patients to the Elbe. The low-flying Mustangs machine-gunned those helpless patients, as well as thousands of old men, women and children who had escaped the city.

When the last plane left the sky, Dresden was a scorched ruin, its blackened streets filled with corpses. The city was spared no horror. A flock of vultures escaped from the zoo and fattened on the carnage. Rats swarmed over the piles of corpses.

A Swiss citizen described his visit to Dresden two weeks after the raid: “I could see torn-off arms and legs, mutilated torsos and heads which had been wrenched from their bodies and rolled away. In places the corpses were still lying so densely that I had to clear a path through them in order not to tread on arms and legs.”

The death toll was staggering. The full extent of the Dresden Holocaust can be more readily grasped if one considers that well over 250,000 — possibly as many as a half a million — persons died within a 14-hour period, whereas estimates of those who died at Hiroshima range from 90,000 to 140,000.*

1945-Dresden pyres

Allied apologists for the massacre have often “twinned” Dresden with the English city of Coventry. But the 380 killed in Coventry during the entire war cannot begin to compare with over 1,000 times that number who were slaughtered in 14 hours at Dresden. Moreover, Coventry was a munitions center, a legitimate military target. Dresden, on the other hand, produced only china–and cups and saucers can hardly be considered military hardware!

It is interesting to further compare the respective damage to London and Dresden, especially when we recall all the Hollywood schmaltz about the “London blitz.” In one night, 1,600 acres of land were destroyed in the Dresden massacre. London escaped with damage to only 600 acres during the entire war.

In one ironic note, Dresden’s only conceivable military target — its railroad yards — was ignored by Allied bombers. They were too busy concentrating on helpless old men, women and children.

If ever there was a war crime, then certainly the Dresden Holocaust ranks as the most sordid one of all time. Yet there are no movies made today condemning this fiendish slaughter; nor did any Allied airman–or Sir Winston–sit in the dock at Nuremberg. In fact, the Dresden airmen were actually awarded medals for their role in this mass murder. But, of course, they could not have been tried, because there were “only following orders.”

This is not to say that the mountains of corpses left in Dresden were ignored by the Nuremberg Tribunal. In one final irony, the prosecution presented photographs of the Dresden dead as “evidence” of alleged National Socialist atrocities against Jewish concentration-camp inmates!

Churchill, the monster who ordered the Dresden slaughter, was knighted, and the rest is history. The cold-blooded sadism of the massacre, however, is brushed aside by his biographers, who still cannot bring themselves to tell how the desire of one madman to “impress” another one led to the mass murder of up to a half million men, women and children.

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7 Responses to The Real St. Valentines Day Massacre – Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin Tyskland står i brand

  1. John Carlson says:

    It’s time for unity among Europeans and those of that ancestry who live elsewhere. This won’t happen if the nationalities and sections of Europe keep old quarrels alive. This can be done and should be done without minimizing or excusing these crimes to any degree.

    We all should keep in mind who most benefited from these atrocities.

    On Sat, Feb 14, 2015 at 5:00 PM, The National Conscience the great National

    • Poland must be punished for being traitorous – half the poles are jews – the other half traitors – the refounding of Prussia is what will save Europa – the Poles should axe the undesireables and give Prussia to the Prussians – its totally a fact the Baltic Prussians and Germans inhabited Prussia but never any slavs or poles… They even stole there own flag I mean come on what a bunch of jews… they can avoid punishment by right action – Prussia will be returned to the Prussians _ how will Poland atone for stabbing all of Europe in the back 3 times in 30 years?

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  3. Edward's Shed says:

    Nutter. Could tell you a hundred similar stories about Hull or London.


      Well katie spitfire – NO ACTUALLY YOU CAN’T – but I sure as hell would like you to try, it would be funny to watch you lie and try to come up with similar incidents like the machine gunning of children and zoo animals by the britzi jewzi faggets from England who are on their way out being replaced by their own government with Somalians – couldnt happen to a more treasonous people – I hope some of your are around yet to be exiled by the Europeans when we finally reach the collective rage that spells the end for the jews and their collaborators – the british – polish and teschechoslwakei…

      So lets here your non existant stories you moronic waste of space…

    • read your Winston Churchill the son of Randolph “Jack the Ripper” Churchill talk about killing civilians from his 1932 book “Thoughts and Adventures”

      “Everything that happened in the four years of World War I was only a prelude to what the fifth year would have brought. The war of 1919 we never fought, but the ideas live on. Death stands at the ready, it only waits the word. Next time perhaps, it may be a matter of killing women and children, or the entire population.” ~ Winston Spencer Churchill

      Lets here an avalanche of bullshit Britzi puke;)!

      • aww Katie spit fire? No stories on the genocidal crazed German baby killers bombing England so heavily that nothing was destroyed and a whopping 6,000 British died from all German bombing for the ENTIRE WAR – contrast that to 480,000 Germans in Dresden in a few hours on February 13th – 14th 1945… Worth more than the entire British race the Ostdeutsche, Britzis with the poles and Tschechoslowakei, are representatives of the jewish thought process and great love of torturing like cowards killing unarmed women and children… Its obvious the British really are one of the long lost tribes of Israel by their treasonous thoughts of murder for the Europeans… Couldn’t the Britzis go throw their lot in with gods self declared chosenite master race(ists) and perhaps make israhell the most uncomfortable place to find one self? Go to the promised land Verräter!

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