Eugéne Terre’Blanche – the leader – stop the Boer genocide! – Svenska Motståndsrörelsen – Pan European Nationalism part 1

The video of Eugéne Terre’Blanche and the Swedish resistance protest was created by the only guys out there with the vision of “Pan Europeanism.” My salute to both them and the Boer’s in there continuous struggle that all Europeans are confronted with daily. Many Europeans refuse to admit much less confront this fact. In the next video we see the Swedish Resistance Movement in hungary – day of glory!

The great vision of Radical Pan European Nationalism is something that we are seeing the birth of right now. All Europeans – Swedes especially – who are involved in any way with seeing the creation of such an ideology must never stop until we have wreaked vengeance on the liberals and the bi product of their anti European jewish liberal ridiculousness – the invaders. Such an invasion can not be allowed to continue. Let it never be spoken that Europeans allowed an invader to dwell amongst us unmolested – laughing at our beliefs and cowardly accepting the product of our sweat and productive labor – handed to them by the jewish governments of corporate actors who falsely claim to be democratically elected…

Modern society is the very antithesis of everything that we Europeans are and believe in. We Radical Pan European Nationalists are the antithesis of the global capitalist’s and their foreign invasion force who have attempted to steal the livelihood of the European people. The Europeans have been denied any means to defend themselves and bombarded with anti European propaganda in which our youth are taught to believe in despising our culture and practicing self hatred. The endless guilt of the European man is infinite in time and space. This conspiracy to replace the European people is ongoing and an open declaration of war has been upon us for some time. A war for the liberation of Europe seems to finally be upon us. Tolerance and moderation must disappear from the mind of the New European Man. The resurrection of Europe requires the greatest war the world has ever seen. The war for the liberation of Europeans everywhere across the globe.

Radical Pan European Nationalism is the only movement that will ensure the survival of our people. We must be an open and public conspiracy to topple the capitalist system, there must be absolutely no shrinking back from publicly stating our intentions at all times and especially to the organizations which we will destroy so ruthlessly that even grown men will buckle in tears at the sheer terror they have themselves just unleashed in the cause of our undying European spirit. It had to be this way – it is the logical conclusion of our entire past history. Everything we have previously suffered now makes sense. The Myths and the Blood are what binds us and the future myth’s of our people are about to be created. Europe will be reborn in a way that nobody thought possible and in blood as legend says. The Blood and the Myths are what creates and drives a people and we are on the thresh hold of our chance to be reborn against all odds. The modern European is excited by the thought of the greatest struggle because it promises the greatest victory! We will punish traitors amongst our people and slaughter without compunction all enemies of the European people. There is nowhere on the entire planet that our enemies can hide. We will be the new revolution like the so called cultural revolution except we will be an anti multi-cultural revolution.

The liberals have no idea of what kind of living breathing outrage they have created. They can not admit that there policies are total failure’s and so in true Frankfurt School spirit they continue the failed policy as admitting a problem would unleash a total collapse of the system. The European people must feel the struggle – they must fall in love with eachother and carry eachothers burdens and joys as well. I get so angry when I here about the rape of the Sverige girls or the rape of the Afrikaaner women that if I were that sort I would feel nautious but all I feel is complete rage – sweating with every hair standing straight up on the back of my neck – this is the movement we are looking for. Raw Emotional Commitment. The emotion is what we need more than anything. The feeling of absolute outrage over any affront’s to any brother people even those who we have never met – especially those we have never met. Raw Emotional Commitment. Once this feeling of outrage is more widely felt the Europeans will finally be in a state of mind to drop there petty differences and unite as one group.

Youth from all over Europe will travel and bond with other European youth. Young warriors as far apart as Sweden and Spain will travel to Greece to free the Golden Dawn leadership from prison. Men from Latvija will go to France to stop the muslim tide from overtaking our people. Warriors of Hungary travel to Sweden to slaughter the rapists of our young women there without any moral compromise at all. In fact not slaughtering the disgusting rapists of our women is the real moral compromise. All of us will one day kill and be killed in South Afrika releasing our collective rage as Europeans on the ANC.

War clouds are gathering and the complete collapse of the economy, continued immigration or any other affront only serves the further welding together of the Europeans into the new movement of Pan Europeanism.

The implementation of Para-Military Violence is the key. The standard bearers of the movement who, on there way to becoming legitimate, will bear the full burden of the movement on there shoulders until the rest of the people are ready – will execute the first waves of such violence in self defense. Self defense once begun with violence will be legitimized through the revolution into Legitimate Violence – Sanctioned Violence. Para Military Violence can bring us to the point where a cultural revolution in violence occurs. Currently many people feel that slaughtering the invaders is somehow “morally wrong.” As if the only morals that count are the well being state of the invaders – ludicrous! To me this type of belief is text book treason. Not coming into immediate and violent conflict with the invaders is what is morally wrong. Not opposing them is criminal and treasonous.

Our only hope is to become the creation of the liberal leftist Frankfurt school of moral destroyers. Just as they have spent there whole lives trying to eliminate people like us from even thinking these thoughts – so have they also unknowingly created their own worst nightmare and assured destruction. They will tell tales about the brutality and sheer violence of what cruelties will occur under Nationalism and of course they are 100% correct. When we summon up the darker side of our existence out of sheer desperation than will the liberals realize what sheer anger and outrage they have created by there idiotic practices and ideologies… It will be too late and the biggest slaughter of history will be upon them…

by Mike Strobach – The National Conscience




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