The American Defense Party on Ferguson MO

In an interview with Press TV last night my friend J Bruce Campbell gave these very real statements on the Bolshevik revolution being planned for America just as it has been planned and implemented in Ukraine with American taxpayer money via the CIA. These current riots could end in 2 ways – The Rhodesia and South Afrika experience or the 1917 Russian experience. Some of you may say that the CIA is an extension of the israeli mossad, I prefer to consider both organizations an extension of the jewish bolshevik fake republic known as America. Free masonic jewry guided us into the “constitution” which is absolutely anathema to the declaration of independence. A total model for the USSR Bolshevik government described by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, in my estimation, was the United States Constitution. This centralized “blueprint for empire” – Patrick Henry – has much in common with the politburo of the USSR.

J Bruce Campbell

“America has a couple of serious problems:  The most serious problem is that we are run by jews.  And because of that, the police are out of control, so far.  Some of us haven’t yet realized that the police are traitors and have betrayed us all.  All police – federal, state and local.

We are witnessing the result of the judaization of the American police.

The source of the evil is not israel, it is judaism itself.  israel is what you get when jews are in charge of society, with all means of self-defense removed from the victims.

Today we are confronted with our police departments, large and small, receiving training in brutal and merciless tactics by israeli instructors both in israel and here. In addition, the cops are brainwashed by jews from the Anti-Defamation League. They are brainwashed to protect jewish interests and to destroy the enemies of the jews.

This is in addition to the fact that all police are licensed to kill, for any reason or for no reason at all. America is controlled by jews. But the natives are getting restless and the jews know it.

Awareness has led to hatred of jews, which is always simmering when predatory judaism destroys a country, as Wall Street and the Federal Reserve have destroyed us.  So the jews are exhorting the cops to get tougher against normal people, people who can’t help but resent jewish Rule.  And Ferguson is what we get, for openers.” JB Campbell

In a later conversation Campbell explained to me the blacks current behavior in a way that made absolute and total sense if you are aware enough of history to grasp the jews most favorite method of destruction which also keeps them safe hiding behind conflicts they have created and perpetrating there putrid Talmudic beliefs in secrecy… class conflict

“I came to realize that they behave badly because whites behave badly.  They copy.  Before WWII, whites had more self-respect and the blacks tried to copy that.  The war ruined everything.  The jews and Libs want them to behave badly and supply them with crap music to reinforce it.” JB Campbell

After reading and pondering that statement it made absolute sense… We are in fact – all of us – collectively the bastard children of the Frankfurt school. The way that ww2 produced bad behavior amongst Europeans due to “the fear” the wrongful constant fear of Nationalism – the erroneous belief that the war was actually the fault of Nationalism. People “not in the know” attempted to eradicate Nationalistic ideology and implement extreme liberalism and backwardness out of “the fear.” In so doing they created us – the Radical Nationalists and their – the liberals – own worst nightmare and assured violent end. They will one day face the sheer violence of Radical Nationalism for destroying the  moral nationalists who only wanted to be left alone to build a great social state. Ironic that extreme liberalism out of fear of Nationalism produced the Radical Nationalist’s…

My thoughts – Mike Strobach

Fake revolutions through class conflict

I really cant say for sure if the guy was trying to take the cops gun or if the whole things is a media hoax? I will say that gangster types and the rest of us working men will never get along. Its a very sad fact that black vs white class conflict is still a problem here in the US. This should have been solved a long time ago by deportation. Any form of class conflict is not productive and is not in our best interest. Refusing to allow the jewish hollywood black gangster image to be superimposed on our children is a fight worth dying for as long as I have a breath of life. Allowing our children to become alien to our great Eropean culture is synonymous with surrendering and this isn’t possible for the sons of Europa – ever. As for the police – if you feel the need for power over other individuals than you have a problem that can only be solved the old fashioned way – Americans don’t take orders from little men with big guns…

The complete willingness of jewish hollywood indoctrinated gangster idiots to betray the soil they reside on isn’t just evidence that they do not belong on this soil – it is evidence that they work for the enemy knowingly or unknowingly – either way they must be stopped!

Why are open carry armed citizen groups – AMERICAN DEFENSE PARTIES – not out in the thick of such incidents taking care of the problem immediately? If a showdown erupts than so be it – allowing riots is un American – I for one would rather die amongst my brothers or perhaps win great glory. In any case we simply cant allow Ferguson part 2 to happen – let me show you what I mean. If these people are genuine black people or not doesn’t matter a bit – we know way to many blacks agree with these statements than is healthy for us sons of Europa to tolerate – my race is an extension of my family and American policies on immigration and wrongful entitlement are basically a war against my family. I don’t pay taxes for non European entitlement or for wars against my culture.


Svartingars come to my neighborhood its victory or death for me.

The bigger and more important issue that needs immediate attention is this – this is a Bolshevik attempt at either a fake revolution like Ukraine or a total crackdown on gun owning citizens. We have no reason to allow this type of behavior to even begin occurring!

How about all these reports of militarized police and actual military readying for a showdown with us – the American citizen class? This excludes foreign invaders known as naturalized Mexicans of course – they are first class and can be counted on to help the government or to sit by idly – unlike us 2nd class sons of Europa who will wade into the thick of the fighting out of a sense of honor and duty.

A 132-page document titled U.S. Army Techniques Publication 3-39.33: Civil Disturbances was written in April 2014.

The document even describes the deployment of “lethal response” directed against “unarmed civilians” including “sniper response” and “small arms direct fire.”

Under “sniper response” these disgusting Bolshevik Soviet like remarks state clearly “Ensure that leaders or troublemakers are targeted” in addition to “Exploit the psychological effect of an attack.” Check out the nice pictures that accompany it.

180814sam1 180814sam2

This is total Cheka Nkvd style…

The people of America need to realize that we pay the bills and therefore we are the boss – we will make the decisions from now on. Riots simply can not be allowed to continue and neither can police brutality. Most important of all is the gangster problem. This ideology emanating from jewish hollywood must be stamped out with the ferocity of anti terrorist einsatzgruppe like organizations replacing local football games as the community event of supreme importance. The people of Ferguson should have been in the streets immediately with German like discipline stopping the whole incident before it ever started.

I can not stress enough the need for immediate community defense groups – American Defense Parties – to start springing up everywhere. Nobody stands for the Defense of real Americans. The jewish hollywood black gangster entitlement myth doesn’t represent Americans AT ALL. If you don’t believe that our government could be in on such an audacious fake revolution than explain this Ukraine piece of shit jewish Nazi revolution. jewish Nazis actually makes sense as no German or for that matter even Russian ever called a German in ww2 a Nazi. A Nazi is actually a made up jewish idea that really refers more to the non productive deceitful jews than to us normal working class guys.

In the following video Sergei Glazyev tells us what we all knew already. In Russia when the word Nazi is used it means a jew pretending to be a European in order to destroy society further – at least to anyone honest – so when Glazyev says “Nazi” he means “Bolshevik jew trying to blame his activities on his enemies”

To trust Russia or any modern government under jewish control is also a mistake unless it is Iceland and Hungary, the only 2 fighting jewish control and actually winning.

Marton Gyongyosi from Hungary’s Jobbik Party

Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson – Say no to jewish financial control!

Vladimir Putin passes laws making holocaust denial a crime and also making criticism of soviet jewish bolshevism a crime as well.,d.aWw

The comparison in the media of National Moralist class co operating Germany with Ukraine jews pretending they are Nazis is pathetic. The Ukraine jewish Nazis are the enemy. Putin is the enemy as well – a corrupt politician in the pocket of world jewry. The Russian youth who believe in Nationalism and abhor jewish bolshevism of the soviet – they are like us – people who just want to be independent rather than controlled.


Russian youth in jail for opposing jew putin and his cheka NKVD style of government

The EU and American CIA Ukrainian fake revolution – definitely the enemy. Fredrik Hagberg from Nordisk Ungdom says it best.

In the final video we see the correct ideology and approach to all of this madness – be sure to witness the pictures at 2:32  which depict what black entitlement will get Europeans if the svartingars are allowed to continue there usual idiocy – these pictures are from South Africa under the piece of shit terrorist murderer Nelson Mandela. Shame to all Europeans for not killing this man before he finally died – FUCK NELSON MANDELA!

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2 Responses to The American Defense Party on Ferguson MO

  1. Frank Lee says:

    Hi Mike,

    My own take on the destiny of mankind? As long as women keep squeezing out dumb fucking thugs who later become uniformed police or military assholes, the situation will continue to deteriorate. Society keeps coddling stupid overgrown morons. As if large stupid assholes deserve respect because they’re large stupid assholes. Most are such intellectual failures, they have to join the military to make a living. Too bad we pay them. It would be better to just shoot the stupid fuckers before they grow up.

    Let’s face it: Military types are the absolute lowest class of idiot child. “Society” has been propagandized into allowing these worthless pieces of shit to exist for thousands of years. What the fuck good are military types anyway? All they do is march around in expensive costumes, and will suck any dick who will pay them to go pester someone. They’re usually hired to slaughter and rape unarmed civilians in some other country. Hey. Really big men, eh? Fuck you, you pricks.

    Most wouldn’t have the balls to fight another man hand to hand, because they’re fucking little pissants who can’t fight without massive armaments and circle jerk support. They’re so gleefully stupid, they’ll suck the cocks of bankers, criminal governments, and fraudulent presidents. They don’t even know the difference. It all tastes the same. In fact, they’ll suck the cock of anyone who will paint a large bull’s-eye on their back, so they can march their sorry ass off to another worthless war. Any dumb fuckers that happen to survive, come back whining about their big ouchy. Why should anyone give a damn about veterans? You are assholes. Go fuck yourselves.

    It’s the banker class and jewish mafia funding every mercenary army in every filthy corner of the planet, and the lower classes keep producing idiot children. War is not complicated. It’s just stupid.

    • my computer has been down for over a week… so – military guys are exactly the guys we need to bring over to our side don’t you think? the guys with PTSD – they have a conscience and know something is wrong – its the guys that don’t have PTSD who are being brought into police departments… how many suicides a day are there from vets? over 20? Operation Vigilant Eagle is being used to monitor them… the time is ripe for them to stand up and say “hey guys its time to use our skills for real peace and democracy by ending the corrupted system at home” we need to approach these guys and let them know that there is a proper way to end this thing and it isn’t killing yourself – we need military guys to wake up and turn on those civilian so called leaders until they are ready to surrender to us – all the politicians and especially the new york scumbag cartel must surrender to us – when we are satisfied with their information they will receive the same treatment they gave their loyal minion in Iraq…

      I don’t know about you but I think a lot of decent military guys are ready for this type of action – total revolt from the chicken hawks – you know a lot of the best of Europe were military all the way jochen peiper and hyazinth strachwitz just to name a few… military in the US may be a total disgrace compared to the Waffen SS but I wouldn’t give up on them yet – I think you are referring to the officers and generals more than the enlisted men and NCO’s – I don’t have much use for the officers but Ill take the NCO’s anyday along with the men themselves and give them an honorable struggle rather than that which disgraces them – they are ready for a real fight that they truly believe in – don’t you think?

enlighten me

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