Criminals in Uniforms – Ricky Taylor shot – Cop awarded for murder – county receives APC to kill citizens and protect foreign invaders

Ricky Taylor, age 23, of Neillsville, WI, formerly of Elizabeth, IL died Friday, December 13, 2013. Ricky Austin Taylor was born on August 1, 1990


Ricky was shot and killed by a soviet police officer – Aaron Bembnister, who received the valor award incidentally. Aaron, being a product of Federal Bolshevism did what he was unconsciously programed to do, unnecessarily create a problem situation and escalate it to violence and produce a murder.

There is no difference between the New York sponsored 30,000 bolshevik jewish invasion of Russia and mass murder fest supported by the US state department(communism) which resulted in over 40 million deaths in 20 years and what police are doing here right now. The only difference is our police don’t march under the hammer and sickle openly, but a guy named Norman Dodd uncovered in the 1950’s that the tax exempt foundations control and issue the curriculums which the Federal Treasonists adopt and mandate. Norman Dodd working under Carol Reece(Reece Committee) proved that there was a deliberate agenda of the tax exempt foundations to alter the education system in the United States until it could be comfortably merged with the soviet union and that these policies “emanated directly from the white house.”

So we see the source of everything we have been conditioned to accept but yet still have eyes that see but see nothing at all and ears that hear but yet don’t recall… Sometimes all of us get out of control and act stupid – every politician does this everyday while committing treason yet they remain unpunished. Ricky got shot and the local police pretend it isn’t deliberate policy to demand unimaginable power over us and shoot us if we resist…

Why in the hell should we be harassed for ridiculous things when government sponsored illegal invaders and big city crack dealers never are? When was the last time a cop arrested an actual criminal like the ones setting themselves up as a noble class beyond reproach and in the process stealing and privatizing our wealth and natural resources. These people are the biggest criminals on the planet and they are called politicians and corporations – selling out the working class for international Bolshevik Capitalism is a requirement of aipac apparently.

aipac – American israeli Political Advocacy of Corruption – No Shit! corrupting all politicians and running any honest ones out of office by de-funding them – time to de-fund the funders isn’t it?

Killing actual citizens who resist authority is Federally approved just as trying like hell to replace us with foreigners. Federal is a synonym for treason and everything is under Federalist/Treasonist control for the total destruction of National Consciousness and National Unity. Slave training is what Federalism and their mandated curriculum’s in schools produce. The slave training doesn’t end there, it continues your whole life with enemy police continuously harassing you for anything imaginable in order to bring in “protection money” just like the mafia used to do. The parallels with Christianity and its descendant; communism are striking. We are conditioned to accept the most ridiculous attacks, thefts and harassment of our persons until we think backwards like slaves rather than forward like free men.

In Wisconsin with the importing of illegal idiots and gang banger crack dealers we have police saying they need to shoot young men who won’t immediately grovel and lick their boots? They create the problem – justify draconian behavior and use it on the law-abiding citizens – never on the criminals whose government sponsored citizen payed for presence inspired(supposedly) the bullshit laws. We went soviet it seems…

Wisconsin is a nice place and most of us being of Nordisk heritage need to go on the defense to keep it that way. Refusing to be attacked by someone and stopping them is defending ones self. The corporation known as USA or even “state of Wisconsin” is attacking us not just with soviet police but also by transferring our wealth and prosperity to foreign individuals or non productive criminals. Defending ones self from this is a must. I recall an incident in Abbotsford where a drunk illegal immigrant aka invader struck a police car. We payed for the car and for the invader’s translator in court but with sanctuary laws he was not allowed to be charged for a crime and only given a flat $200 fine. He still had to go to court so worthless court officials can pretend they deserve a paycheck. This invader is probably selling coke to 14 year old girls as we speak – all liberal leftists must be severely punished by those they created – their worst nightmare – us!

The coward Aaron Bembnister received the valor award for killing Ricky Taylor. Perhaps Ricky had a few to drink and thought what the hell is this idiot cop doing on my porch? I know I would be irritated in the same way but I have learned to deal with these soviet police – not everyone has. This is the main goal of Federalizing and Militarizing the police. Free thinking men are the enemy of the Corporation of actors calling themselves the United States Government. Police have a license to kill citizens period – for any reason or for no reason at all.

Positive reinforcement to the cowardly son of a bitch who shot a fellow citizen instead of a murder conviction is the response of the establishment. An establishment corrupted by its own struggle to justify their ridiculous position and unearned income. We are paying politicians to conspire against the productive members of society – the working class and farmers. We pay them to send our jobs to china and what money we have left they give to foreign invaders protected by sanctuary laws. We allow them to rob us blind and shoot us with guns we paid for if they don’t like our attitude. Ricky Taylor’s family and the rest of us paid for the guns, bullets, cars and uniforms of this Secret Police force and we can take them away as well.

In some local communist propaganda forum Neillsville residents groveled to these “enemies of the people” like the good Christian Defeatists most of them probably are – turn the other cheek and love your oppressor…,d.aWw

I even saw a comment from a government agent trying to justify execution for being over the legal limit of BAC for operating a motor vehicle, even though Ricky wasn’t operating a motor vehicle. Leftist ideology like this only gets millions of people killed as we saw in Russia and China – both communized by the US state department. Attorney General Eric Holder supplies military grade machine guns to head chopping Mexican Drug gangs but any citizen with a butter knife should be shot right? Not only shot but probably assaulted with an Armored Personnel Carrier?


The tribune phonograph for Wednesday June 18th 2014 covered this story of an APC for use in government standoff’s – obviously with us, the guys who pay the bills and want our guns and ammunition back from the Federalists. The following is the caption under the picture:

JUST IN CASE – Chief Deputy Jim Hirsch and Sheriff Greg Herrick stand next to the Clark County Sheriff’s Department’s new armored vehicle for use in armed standoff’s”

The Sheriff’s last name is Hirsch – a well known jewish communist name in Germany in the 1920’s as well as a jewish banker family… Bankers – privatizing the wealth of the people and denying the necessities of life to us all with their corporations.

The article goes on to say:

“The Clark County Sheriff’s Department recently took delivery of a six wheeled MRAP(mine-resistant ambush protection) vehicle no longer needed by the US military as wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have ended or will soon.”

continued on page 20:

“the Wisconsin 1033 program – that program works under Section 1033 of the National Defense act of 1997 which authorizes the Department of Defense to give excess military property to state and local law enforcement agencies. ”

Herrick said “The purpose of it is to prevent officers going to high-risk calls” he said. “Its a very valuable tool to help us aid and keeping my deputies safe. anytime there is a man with a gun call and they’re making statements that would put my deputies at high risk, we’re going to use it. You could call it safe haven for deputies.”

“We were fortunate to basically be given this vehicle for free,” Hirsch said.

“We’ll get all the officers in the vehicle and drive right up to the front door,” Herrick said.

most important meaning most alarming:

“Clark County can call in an armored vehicle from Eua Claire or Marathon County if a situation arises , but having one at its disposal at any time will increase officer safety.”

End quotes

I say having these vehicles will increase FATALITIES of the working class law abiding citizens refusing to be harassed – and that is the purpose of acquiring them PERIOD!

Paying Protection Money to the Bolshevik State

Why would one of Wisconsin’s poorest counties need an APC? Are local Police actually protecting the people and getting the illegal foreign invaders out or perhaps the big city drug dealers brought here on our tax dollars to “find jobs”? Absolutely not – more crime means more Federal Funding for more Police to pull over more decent working class guys and give out more fines backed up by the threat of violence utilizing guns we fucking paid for! This travesty of the first order is easily dismantled by going on the defense against Federal Aggression.

The “war of terror” comes home to roost

America has terrorized the people of foreign countries ever since ww1 as a deliberate world agenda of the International Bolshevik Capitalist Weltanschauung. To these purveyors of illusion and fake prosperity the agenda of inflation and deflation aka Fractional Reserve Banking are synonymous with Moral Decay and Cultural Decline/backwardness. The absolute and total destruction of National Consciousness is the goal of these purveyors of pornography who corrupt Politicians with there fake money and Hollywood Ideology

Now that foreign wars have produced a number of killers without PTSD – why not integrate them into local police and bring the machinery of war to small town America right? Guys with PTSD realize that something is wrong, have a conscience and feel bad about things they saw. Its the guys who do not have PTSD that you need to worry about, guys who think killing is ok and wouldn’t hesitate to shoot you for not groveling fast enough. That’s the Federalizing Agenda we face now.

Militarizing Police against Citizens

It is obvious that Police are being totally militarized for gun confiscation and riots/revolts. The stockpiling of Armored Personnel Carriers and ammunition by DHS and by local police forces is alarming. We see more and more cops without badge numbers wearing black masks. If a cop is wearing a black mask than he is obviously getting ready to do something he doesn’t want to be identified for doing. The fact that this is being promoted as OK sends a message. The skyrocketing guns and ammunition sales confirms receipt of the message – now men await the will…

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