Europa – Alles Gute zum Geburtstag mein Führer – Sie warnte uns der aktuellen Katastrophe und zeigte uns den Weg zum Heil

Happy Birthday! Adolf Hitler April 20th 1889


How many people know that Adolf Hitler was nominated early in 1939 before the outbreak of ww2 for the Nobel Peace Prize by a Swedish member of Parliament – EGC Brandt. There are ridiculous stories that this was because of his solving of the Sudetenland crisis – utter NONSENSE! It is because of his miraculous turn around of the German Economy, putting more than 6 million unemployed people back to work and turning the greatest cesspit of total corruption and economic downfall into a prosperous orderly society devoid of crime and poverty in only 18 months despite the Versaille Diktat – Young Plan/Dawes Pakt and speculative looting of Germany – ALL WITHIN 18 MONTHS! This is the greatest ECONOMIC MIRACLE OF ALL TIME and the jewish media industrial complex has conspired to keep it from us in order to hide the salvation we all seek from ever manifesting itself again. Was this the real reason for William C Bullitt and F D Rosenfeld’s (Roosevelt) successful attempt to persuade Poland to start a war with Germany? I think so! Its obvious – Hitler’s Economic Miracle had to be stopped as all of Europe was intent on also embracing the same Ideology!


It wasn’t just an economic prosperity that called men to fight with the Deutschen Nationalistischen Kameraden. It was the Social Revolution promised and delivered by Adolf Hitler, Gottfried Feder and the rest of the nsDAP Partei Kameraden. This revolution demanded that money no longer be the cruel tyrant of labor as it had been, but rather that the true “Gold” of the Volksgemeinschaft – National Community – was its people. That the sons of Germany were the greatest return on the Capital invested into the people was the Central and most ardent belief of the leadership of the nsDAP. The Labourers and Farmers(working classes) were the real profit that was reaped by the states finance. The dictatorship of Capital over Productive Labor must come to an end.

The thing that caught the world off guard – jewish banker controlled world – was that an entire movement had sprung up and siezed the hearts and minds of a people and of an entire nation complete with an economy based on the hatred of money and disdain for Excessive Privatized Profit Making in the guise of Corporate Institutions. For the first time in history an entire Social Order was established that abhorred Non Productive Parasites and profit drawn from Unearned Income! It would take no such other drastic resistance to everything that jews are, believe in and stand for to scare them into fabricating any and all propaganda for the sake of destroying Germany and raping justice!

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Germany had constructed a whole new Nation State devoid of any and all jewish decadence. The long years of struggle under the Versaille Diktat, the Dawes Pakt and the Young Plan had absolutely looted the country and filled it with speculators and pornographers. It wouldn’t be long before these parasites ran off to New York and Hollywood to destroy these other Host Nations as well, but for the time being the Germans received an education the likes of which prepared them for a concrete plan of Total Resistance to jewish decadence and parasitism. Europe would be punished with Bolshevism and as Hitler predicted – the first Nation to be destroyed by this jewish plague from the lower East side of Manhattan would be exactly that Nation which embraced it first. Russia would be absolutely destroyed, depopulated and looted. Out of this Chaos would arise the greatest European fighting force the world had ever seen as well as the greatest National Revival ever witnessed. Only the cruel ravings of psychopathic jews in America would even pose an obstacle to Herr Wolf. Meet Henry Morgenthau and Theodore Kaufmann – the real mass murderers and exterminationists…

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Adolf Hitler was the Ideological and Spiritual leader of Europe in defiance of bolshevism. He was the modern progenitor and throwback to that earlier age of greatness that we have forever lost. A world in which we the individual were the masters of our own destiny and the example to the whole world of a peaceful society of productive contributors turned upside down by the never ending parasitic poison of weltjudentum.


He who cherished the morality and tranquility of a peaceful and prosperous National Community that lived in Class Harmony and Individual Freedom remains hidden from us as we are from our true selves. What was the truth of this great leader of a United Europa that so disturbs the Corporatists that they continue to disgrace his greatness with vile and pathetic lies? From the tyrannical corruption of the modern jewish financial/media warmongering corporate pornographers who have poisoned our very souls against ourselves – we have been given this great lie of “Capitalism” and “Corporatized Moral Destruction”


The great misconception of Adolf Hitler is that the man against time was nothing more than the worlds greatest humanitarian. His continued offers for world peace, such as disarmament, in the face of the warmongering world powers of destruction which had the US, England and Russia firmly under their control show us a great man of truly peaceful intentions. The world powers had no intention of disarming and Hitler knew it – yet so great was the man that he continuously chose the high road of righteousness above Europe’s deceitful enemies – the international jews – because there simply is no alternative to the great revivalists when opposing world jewry other than refusing to act even once in their dishonorable and deceitful fashion.


Hitler was completely misunderstood in his role of transforming the great Economic Ideas of his predecessor – Gottfried Feder – into a cultural and functional reality for the people of Germany. The same way that Plato took the scientific study of animals and turned it into Philosophy – the study of human emotion and action – so did Hitler take the study of mathematical economic reality as put forward by Gottfried Feder and turn it into a functional Social Revolution of the people and working class. There was never any conflict between the ideas of Feder and of Hitler as many morons have put forward in a false and completely unsourced attempt to lull the people back into false realities. This is the great weapon of the Class War that keeps us divided and wasting our time on idiotic “stories”

220px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-R16259,_Gottfried_Feder1925 Adolf Hitler

These two great sons of Europa represent two different aspects of the same idea – both of their tremendous contributions were necessary to launch that which threatened to destroy corruption absolutely and forever. The fabricated modern view of a conflict between the two aspects of the same revivalist ideology of freedom from corruption and speculation is an absolute waste of time to even argue. There simply was no such conflict – having read both mens writing – which I am perhaps alone among so called revisionists at actually having done – I can tell you its meant to waste your time…


The true reason for continuously promoting either the imagined villainy of Hitler or the imagined conflict between the ideology of himself and Gottfried Feder is to avoid this great awakening from stopping world jewry’s endless campaign of terror and economic privatization of the working class’s wealth. The recreation of a unified front against them is what absolutely consumes there thoughts and actions every minute of every day. Speculators being forced to stop parasiting off of productive labor is as anathema to the poisoners of society as welfare is to us working men!


Adolf Hitler was in fact the man who walked in truth and the greatest leader and humanitarian who has ever lived! He who cared nothing for personal gain and walked among his people unprotected is far superior to modern politicians who are protected by bodyguards and bullet proof glass in their fear from the people they have stolen so much from! We long for the return of men like Hitler to replace the corporate liars that have been forced on us by the parasitic pushers of pornography and cultural decline!


If you do not cry when witnessing the magnanimousness of this man as compared to the lying traitors we have now been saddled with than you have no human soul!


The real truth of Adolf Hitler is that he took on the entire world in the name of justice and almost defeated its corruption which has today so overwhelmed us completely. See for yourself the truth of this in the world around you. As he said in the first video above – they have erected a world that is alien to us and is our enemy!


All of Europe followed!





And the rest of Europa! The actions of the alLIEs were horrendous


Mike Strobach – The National Conscience













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