Europa – Léon Degrelle “The rest of us we have dreamed of something marvellous” part 1


What was this great idea that European men joined together to fight for in the Waffen SS? A great anti bolschewismus crusading army of European’s that included 30 Nations of volunteers all fighting for honor and homeland. What compelled men from vast and different backgrounds to join together in the first truly European Army. Social Justice. The idea that the jewish wave of Corporatizing all wealth of Nation States and individual citizens into private jewish hands could be averted – this is National Socialism or Social Nationalization if you prefer. Names do not matter – it is the actual machinery of the system which defies all other so called socialists and their Privatization Attempts to control wealth of Nations and of people. What men like Adolf Hitler and Léon Degrelle called protection of the race could easily be called National Identity. It is the words used by those who have stranglehold’s on the flow of information that have manipulated us against ourselves.

The Great Flame of the Ideal that animated us

This Ideal being referred to is becoming more and more impossible to explain to ever more destroyed people. The idea that all of us can seek to serve something honest for the betterment and prosperity of us all is something many people can not comprehend or even imagine or believe as a real possibility. We have been so betrayed and stabbed in the back by the Corporate Societal Traitors that we have ceased to Believe. The great task confronting us as perhaps “the most important issue of our lives that towers above all other issues” is re animating this ideal. Unification. The Unification of people into a single driving force with selfless sacrifice for eachother to the end and beyond – of saving ourselves and creating something great – is the weapon that these Corporate Parasites fear most. The great Revival of the spirit and Social Harmony is the enemy of the destroyers. We in turn must create a different kind of destroyer and destroy them to the very last man for what they have done to Europa and to this Ideal.

The Great Marxist Manipulation of this Idea

The channeling of Hate against the problem – Traitor Corporate Actors claiming to be Governments – and not on the symptoms of the problem is essential. Hate must be reserved for those among us who have betrayed us and attempted to replace us with foreigners. jews have realized Europeans will fight – so jews have subverted Nationalism to mean – fighting foreign invaders rather than fighting Corporate Enslavement of our Nation to International Finance Capital. The jews hate European unity. They have imported people for us to focus on rather than focusing on them. We must not fall victim to their trap of focusing on secondary issues.

Immigration is designed to prevent unity. Hatred of abstract ideas and processes is a sign of intellect. Animals can not hate but humans do. Without hatred of injustice there can be no justice. Without hatred of enslavement you can not break your shackles. The Marxist destruction of Hatred is dangerous – how many Europeans who hate non Europeans have considered hating the Traitor Corporate Political Actors that created this problem rather than focusing on the symptoms? Allowing hate to be channeled anywhere else other than on those who have betrayed us is what they want in order to keep us enslaved. Hatred is for Traitors! Hate is good!

This idea of the men of the 1930’s having been motivated by race or hatred is the most absurd accusation of the Lying Corporate jewish Media I have heard of yet. Love for your Race and People is like love for your parents and family. It couldn’t possibly be racist. There was no need to be motivated by race – we were not under invasion promoted by jews at this time. Perhaps now it is necessary to be motivated by race as things have changed and we are under an invasion of foreigners promoted by jews. Those motivated by race are misunderstood – we should neither begin a crusade based on race nor alienate those fighting back against foreign invasion. Rather, we should accept that this fight is about protecting National Identity and that it must be brought to the very doorsteps of the traitors. We could not possibly be racist by seeking to preserve ourselves and those seeking to call it a racist ideology are in fact anti Europa and seeking to bring about the genocide of the European Peoples by destroying Unity. Unity is the key principle here. What good does focusing on the foreigners do? It will not stop them or get rid of them – only focusing on the Corporate Traitors who have imported them can possibly achieve anything.

This is the problem today – that people have allowed the jews to make the rules – we make the rules – we will eliminate foreign invasion forces so completely it might be called a slaughter and we will call it anti racism. To allow the destruction of Europa would be true racism – to annihilate completely the invasion of non Europeans would be real humanitarianism. You see how this works – we refuse to use the anti European words in their deliberately backwards context but rather use them in their correct context or not use them at all.

The difference between Nationalism and Corporatization

The main points to be refuted between the systems of Nationalism and Communism or National Socialism and Internationally controlled Social Privatization of Individual/National Wealth are obvious. That this is so poorly misunderstood is a travesty of the greatest order.

Communsim, jewish bolshevism, International Finance Capital, or Internationally controlled Social Privatization of Wealth is all the same jewish divide and conquer tactics cloaked as non jewish Social Programs. To identify and oppose all such tactics is of immense importance for the Radical European Nationalist. the destruction of the system beyond repair is but one step in achieving this Great Rebirth.

Some but by no means all of these telltale red flags – literally – are the following:

1. Class War Principles

2. Internationally controlled Social Privatization of Individual/National Wealth

3. Monopolization of the necessities of Life

4. Enslavement of Productive Labor to debt based capital

5. Waging war on Private Property

6. Waging war on the Family and National Identity

7. The exportation of jobs and industry and importation of foreign laborers

8. Disproportionate control of institutions by political/ethnic aka religious groups thereby stripping the people of their voice or ability to control politics and policies

9. The attempt to set up any form of Slave Labor or Mass Imprisonment/Arrests of citizens

10. The attempt to promote social conditions inducing crime to justify larger police forces in law abiding areas

The People’s lost Prosperity

The Economic Program of National Socialism is the idea that the wealth of the Nation can belong to the people of the National Blood alone. This idea requires an honorable and loyal to the citizens type of government. A true government of the people – something the founders of America found subverted from them by jewish capitalism. Speculation and Unearned Income are the enemy of the working class, as they should be, as the tennets of parasitism be it capitalism or communism. The same subversion was also forced onto Europeans – who didn’t believe it for a second – with violent jewish Bolshevik terror. This was altogether worse than parasitism as it was an outright Slave Labor State. America and Europe are moving perilously in this direction day after day as can be seen in every institution of government, commerce or industry. The people are being lulled into an Internationally controlled Social Privatization of Wealth which is but a stepping stone to a Slave Labor State.

The communistic lie perhaps never properly exposed is that the wealth being confiscated from the people is being done by the state for the people. Nothing could be further from the truth. None of the people living under communism ever saw anything of the sort occur. Only a slave labor state of terror and disposable human beings ever came out of jewish communism. The same can be said of jewish capitalism – different methods of achieving privatization but the same end results – unending enslavement of people to capital which in the case of America lingers slowly toward cultural retardation and gun confiscation. The end results will be the same – America is right now a Nation of willfull slaves to Cultural Destruction, Consumerism and Private Corporations.

Imagine a people who had all there manufacturing sent to a country that was communized with their tax dollars and military’s aid. Imagine further that the same people would be forced into brutal Consumerism in which they would pay Private Corporations huge sums of money for their practical necessities, now being made of very low quality and being produced in a foreign country by Corporations which also had collected bailouts of TAX MONEY in order to move jobs out of the country further destroying the wealth of individuals. I cant even begin to explain the ludicrousness of such a practice and yet it has pervaded the life’s and very mindsets of so many…

National Protection of our wealth and prosperity is as natural as protecting your own child from harm. We might as well call it Natural Socialism or even nothing at all. Confusing the issue with endless words and labels is but another distraction and Marxist conflict/sidestepping issue delaying the Great Rebirth of Europa.

The Social Revolution

This revolution must be one of productive members of society doing that which is imminently required for survival of the Nation which is comprised of the National Blood not of foreigners or recently naturalized invaders. On a level of common sense there is absolutely no reason to accept any of the people who have entered our countries under the “government’s of actors” as strike forces against us. If we accept any of these people our National Family dies – there is no more America or Europa. Our culture dies. So with that in mind why not fight to the last man?

This will hardly be the case for us though – it will be the case for them. We have been unknowingly preparing for this for our whole lives. The more bad and calamitous things that happen only drive’s others who had previously been unsure to join us – in this sense worse is better. Every stupid act of the government only makes our number grow. The current situation only brings promise of righteous anger from more of the working class day by day. the only important issue where we find ourselves lost is turning that anger on the right people. Turning that anger against the symptom of the problem rather than the problem itself is what they – the jewish controlled actors – want.

The righteous anger must be turned against those who have betrayed us and attempted to impoverish us into enslavement and replace us through immigration. How is it the fault of the foreigner that our governments of lying Corporate Actors have taken the class war principle of jewish communism to heart in order to eventually enslave us completely. All who have attempted and succeeded in abusing power even at the smallest local level must be punished. All who have decided to make themselves our enemies by even the slightest provocations must be annihilated so completely that the example of “punish all who abuse power” lasts for 1000 years! The fear of traitors that they will be punished so completely must become absolute, so absolute that such traitors dive out of office buildings to certain death rather than face our wrath! Children must revolt in school and tell their teachers that they are liars and traitors and will be punished.

A Counter Society of “Destroyers of Marxism” must be born. No longer will people tolerate the cultural norms of Industrialized Media juddaization of our Minds. All news anchors and politicians who supported any and all illegal wars – such as in Iraq or Afghanistan or any of the other ones must be punished under the 1996 War Crimes Act to the chanting of “For Julius Streicher!”

Liars and Manipulators are the same as murderers or perhaps worse – there were no WMD’s in Iraq – it was Corporate Conquest and it brought draconian Anti Citizen and Anti Freedom laws into place such as the Patriot Acts and the National Defence Authorization Acts. These are acts of treason just as Federalism itself is TREASON! Federalism is Corporatism of National Wealth.

The Revolution of Justice

You can be stopped – harassed and threatened with false imprisonment for not wearing a fucking seatbelt – well what should we do to those not protecting National Boundaries? What punishment do the “False Government’s Corporate Actors” deserve for betraying us – the guys who pay the bills – by giving Our Guns to psychotic maniacs in uniforms we paid for in order to harass protection money out of us with guns WE PAID FOR!

The so called supreme court of corporate actors said they would never pass “Corporatecare” which is Corporatized Insurance. Its not socialized medicine its Corporatized Medicine. What punishment for guys who lied through their teeth to the people all the while everyone with a brain knew they were going to pass Corporatecare. Its a tax so its constitutional… was that the excuse? I don’t even know or care – what I know and care about is that these traitors are not only not being punished, they are being paid by the people to be TRAITORS!  This isn’t the travesty – the travesty is that we have accepted such conditions with a “that’s just the way it is” defeatist statement. If I came to your house and stole everything everyday would you say “that’s just the way it is?”

What about excessive attempts to get the people to pay for things that they already paid for by paying taxes? Schools want you to pay for lunches that YOU ALREADY PAID FOR. If you go to the police station to get a record you are charged a fee for something YOU ALREADY PAID FOR! I could list a thousand such instances of you being forced to pay for the same thing several times… The sucking up of all your wealth is what the many Chinese made American Flag’s waving around actually stand for – and mass murder of the enemies of jewish corporatism. People who are or were the backbone and the Working Class of America are living ever more destitute because they have attempted to negotiate rather than adopting the Absolutely No Compromise Attitude! They have allowed themselves to be replaced. The replacing that’s needs to be done is replacing the Corporate Lying Government Actors with some for real honest working class non jewish or corporately controlled Citizens. How in the hell did anyone think a group of corporate actors would protect the interest of the working class?

Mike Strobach – The National Conscience

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