Anti Europa



Europeans have been under deliberate invasion by foreign hordes of people who should not have entered our lands without a battle. A first in history! This is because the real battle is with our traitor governments under the control of jewish International Finance Capital. There is a huge anti – European/Western Civilization plot being nourished by our traitor governments. If you are going to solve a problem you don’t attack the symptoms – you attack the source and the symptoms after destroying the source. We have been fooled quite easily into even accepting any of these foreign invaders into our society’s. This has got to stop – what the fuck did we think the purpose was other than to pre occupy us with combating the secondary enemy rather than the primary enemy – traitors and jewish corporate control of our fucking lives! The replacement of us – the European People – by foreigners more likely to submit to judeo communism is also a huge part of this plan. Those of us in America are in a unique position of being heavily armed hunters so this will be the main theatre of the war against corporatism and parasitism of our lives.

The clear purpose of immigration and multi-culturalism is to pre occupy us. I say ignore all this and start with the institutions getting away with this. We can always deal with foreign enemies after we deal with the traitors! Unless you would rather allow the problem to continue while trying to solve it. Enemy jews have been pulling this shit for one hundred years and we have not gotten smart have we? In the US the clear intention of the 1924 immigration act – Johnson–Reed Act, including the National Origins Act, and the Asian Exclusion act Public Law 68-139, 43 staute 153 enacted may 26th 1924 was to preserve our National Identity. This limited the annual number of immigrants who could be admitted from any country to 2% of the number of people from that country who were already living in the United States. The Immigration Restriction Act of 1921 – was to slow the immigration of jews from Eastern Europe as well as non whites from wherever and to encourage Nordic European immigration as very compatible with that already residing here.

Anti European ideology has one main goal – to stifle the historic resistors of any and all tyranny and oppression of any kind. We men of the North have long resisted absolutely anything we do not like. The sad part is we forgot how to make sure our resistance counted – in bodies. If you are at war with whatever group you wipe them out – period! You don’t have a tea party with them and allow them to bring in foreigners against you and only later oppose the foreigners – you oppose the traitors – immediately and to the death. There are several other incentives for jewish International Finance Capital and their corporations like downgrading living standards and providing cheaper labor all while destroying the element most likely to resist jewish rule. This is classic textbook fueling of the Marxist class war principle as well, that jews have historically used to great effect in order to get their enemies to destroy eachother or somebody to destroy Europeans – heroic and fanatical defenders of freedom.

This isn’t all either – who the hell do you think promoted the 1965 immigration act?


Fuck Ted Kennedy!

Why did the US feel the need to restrict jewish immigration? Lets ask Captain John B Trevor.

May 22 1919 Captain Trevor sends an urgent request to the director of military intelligence in Washington under the title “Plans for the protection of New York in case of local disturbances.” To make clear the gravity of the situation he followed up with a telephone call from his military intelligence office at 302 Broadway. In the atmosphere of the Red Scare spreading across America and Europe Trevor witnessed the source of Bolshevism in his home town of New York. At this time military intelligence advised immediate aid to the White Russian Patriots against the Red Bolshevik jews. these guys were not stupid they had witnessed extremist jews they had tried to keep out of America lobby for Bolshevism continuously with the help of jewish bankers like Jacob Schiff. Trevor said “The possibility of a Bolshevik takeover of New York is imminent and the forces available are inadequate to meet an uprising in the congested district” This would be Manhattans lower East side where jewish extremists howled for the blood of the Russian Czar Nicholos 2.

Fearing local troops would be “overwhelmed by a great superiorty of numbers” Trevor sought “prompt action” from headquarters. The expedited response from Washington – 6000 Springfield Rifles alleviated some of his tension but Trevor wanted machine guns which he intended to organize into “machine gun battalions of motor trucks capable of carrying eight guns and crews” which he intended to take into the heart of his secret map of New York to the areas permeated with Bolshevik jews. What an American – no fucking around – go for the kill. Many millions of Russians would have thanked him for saving them from Gulags which Alexander Solzhenitsyn risked his life to tell us about. We now are in that position – we can make the decision NOW which we will regret not making later under enslavement…

Trevor’s agents had surveilled the mass meetings on Bolshevism and confirmed they were 90% Russian jews. His plan was to enclose the area and localize the outbreak. This was not just one US army intelligence officers view – it was shaped by them all such as guys like Colonel William Godson military attaché in Switzerland. Godson had sent similar warnings on the dangers posed by jewish Bolsheviks in Europe. Godson one of the most trusted intelligence officers of his day wrote from Poland:

“The connection between the jews and the Bolsheviks at Vilna is without a shadow of a doubt. When the Bolsheviks entered the city they were taken to the houses of the wealthy by jews who had arranged this matter beforehand.” William Godson

Even more horrifying than the seizure and destruction of property were the barbarism and butchery of these Bolshevik jews. “A man and woman on one estate overtaken by these jews were frightfully mutilated with the woman’s head being cut off and the man’s eyes gouged out and ears and nose cut off.” William Godson

Accompanying photographs depicted jew Bolshevik mutilation of two captured Polish soldiers. Here were naked bodies with butchered flesh hanging upside down from trees “while the jewish Bolshevik soldiers were laughing and grinning standing about” William Godson

“I am so convinced of the reality of a jewish movement to dominate the world that I will leave no stone unturned.” William Godson

Many more intelligence officers voiced the same sentiment but these files were later confiscated from the public for over 70 years – the jewish files – and of course called hoaxes and anti semetic… This is the problem of allowing jews to corporatize your institutions against you and rewrite history.

How do jews act today? Do they still have such animalistic and barbarous hatred of non jews? ABSOLUTEL – its part of their Talmudic religious upbringing.


Same old disgusting jews – lets make life imitate art! Many Europeans are sick of holocaust movies burned into the memory of the weak minded as if it actually happened to the jewish communists and not to their victims – Eastern Slavic Europeans. This is well documented in many places as well as by myself.


Many of us yearn for life to imitate art and for a day of reckoning – this is the result of such barbarity and nature demands just return to those who have offered the European people such barbarity.

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