Are there any muslim terrorists that are not jews pretending to be muslims?

What is the deal with these insane jews pretending to be muslims in order to convince all the morons in America watching the jewish toilet – television – to drop bombs on muslims? This is absolutely ridiculous, and let me guess, none of these jews are in jail or gitmo are they? We have got to get real here and do something about these insane bastards! They are poisoning the youth from jewollywood, corrupting politicians from jew York and all their other pedophile centers of control… Its time for the RAVEN to fly once more! these people only understand one language and Europeans used to be the masters of this language, we must be once more in order to survive!

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2 Responses to Are there any muslim terrorists that are not jews pretending to be muslims?

  1. paulvonharnish says:

    Hey Mike,
    Thanks for the video. If you’ve ever read the Old Testament the Hebrew god is a total control freak. He leads the Hebrew nation through a bizarre hall of mirrors for hundreds of years. They keep demanding to be released form bondage to Babylon or Egypt, when the true history often claims they were thrown out or displaced from those territories due to national famine or cases of political insurrection. No one seems to notice this inconvenient dichotomy in the present history lesson.
    The Hebrew god as depicted in the Bible, reads like a psychopath and a liar. He leads entire peoples into double blinds, promises a reward, and then turns the whole thing into a divine disaster. War is one of his specialties. If the tribes complain, he arrogantly tells them it was because they didn’t follow some obscure rule he just made up. As I once said to a good friend in reference to the Zion cause:

    “Creating a war to inspire peace, is like fucking a whore to inspire virginity”

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