Anyone opposing International Finance Capital is labeled a nazi by the culprits – jews

Anyone opposing International Finance Capital is labeled a nazi by the culprits - jews

I found this strange photo, the larger context of which Ill just ignore for the moment. Anyone have any idea what this signifies? What we are looking at is the depiction of an American president as an evil Nazi… That actually happened? I don’t recall any such thing, does anybody else? What president could possibly have been called an evil Nazi? Let’s think about this. We had a president that opposed the money powers and a propaganda campaign was unleashed against him using the template of ww2 and Hitler’s demonization. This sheds some light on the FACT that this whole evil Nazi thing is 100% pure BS! It also sheds light on the FACT that International Finance Capital is 100% jewish! Who in the hell could this be that was demonized as an evil Nazi? It must have been a guy who tried to make the jewish lobby register as a foreign institution, thereby stripping their campaign corruption powers. I would assume he also opposed Israel acquiring nuclear weapons. He must also have attempted to abolish the CIA and their practice of starting wars all over. Probably printed currency that wasn’t under the control of the federal reserve as well…


Guess who this is?

John F Kennedy as depicted in anti Kennedy propaganda throughout Cuba in 1963! Now I think it is safe to say that Fidel Castro was jewish, after all, he was put into power by America. He was communist and he was ordered to start the anti Kennedy evil Nazi campaign by his jewish masters, except the morons decided to associate Kennedy with the symbol of opposition to jewish finance – hakenkreuz aka the swastika… Is it time to wake up and realize that opposition to jewish control is the only resistance movement worth fighting for? – ABSOLUTELY! As already demonstrated in my previous article United States Note from 1963, Kennedy was trying to root out jewish control of our national finance – the federal reserve – by replacing private bank notes requiring interest with United States Notes requiring no interest. Our entire National Debt is fraudulent and some people need to be punished for suggesting that it isn’t!

Some lesser known facts about the Kennedy brothers glorious war against jewish control of American Institutions.

J Bruce Campbell – The American Defense Party

November 23, 2013 by J Bruce Campbell

The following demonstrates why there is no legal method in America to overthrow the alien control of the US government by the Zionists (American and Israeli Jews and their Gentile fronts).

    During the last year of his life, John Kennedy told his brother, Robert, to force the Zionist lobbyists to register as foreign agents of Israel.  He told the attorney general to order the Zionist propagandists to conform to the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938 (FARA).  The purpose of FARA is to insure that the U.S. government and the people of the United States are informed of the source of information (propaganda) and the identity of persons attempting to influence U.S. public opinion, policy, and laws. In 1938, FARA was Congress’ response to the large number of German propaganda agents in the pre-WWII U.S.

    The principal Israeli agency at the time was the American Zionist Council, formed by Isaiah Kenen in 1951.  Here is the timeline of the Kennedy effort to register the AZC:

    October, 1962:  Assistant Attorney General and Director of the Internal Security Division J. Walter Yeagley notifies Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy “…we are soliciting next week the registration of the American Zionist Council under the Foreign Agents Registration Act…You may be aware that the American Zionist Council is composed of representatives of the various Zionist organizations in the United States including the Zionist Organization of America.”

    November, 1962:  Nathan B. Lenvin, head of the FARA section, memo to central files, about a meeting with Jewish Agency representative Maurice M. Boukstein who asks about FARA applicability to AZC.  “…in his view it was doubtful that any great protest would be made since in the discussions he has had with various officials connected both with the Zionist Council and the Jewish Agency he had made it clear in his view an agency relationship would result which may require registration.'”

    Edwin Guthman letter to Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach about future AZC FARA registration order.  “I doubt very much there will be any fuss.  I don’t think the American Zionist Council is in any position to do so…the Council has compromised its position.”  OK’d by Robert F. Kennedy.

    DOJ orders AZC to register under FARA “…receipt of such funds from the American Section of the Jewish Agency for Israel constitutes the Council an agent of a foreign principal…the Council’s registration is requested.”

    December, 1962:  AZC President Rabbi Irving Miller response to DOJ “The request for registration contained in your letter raises many questions of fact and of relationships which first must be resolved by us before compliance can be made.  Therefore, it is requested that you be good enough to grant us a delay of 120 days…”

    January, 1963:  Isaiah L. Kenen incorporates the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington, DC.

    DOJ draft file memo about 01/23/1963 DOJ meeting with AZC head legal counsel Simon H. Rifkind “…he had advised his client to discontinue completely the agency relationship and cut off the receipt of any additional funds…Mr. Lenvin pointed out specifically that the termination of the ‘activities’ on the part of AZC did not absolve it of its obligation to register…”

    Article in the National Jewish Post, filed in FARA Section – “AZC Gives Up $ to Avoid Foreign Agent Registration.”

    February, 1963:  DOJ Executive Assistant Thomas Hall memo to Nathan Lenvin updating meeting notes “Mr. Hall emphasized that a contrary conclusion would not of course be reached during the course of this meeting and suggested that the subject submit a detailed argument as to why it was of the opinion it should not be required to register….”

    DOJ AZC January 23, 1963 meeting notes by Nathan Lenvin filed “discontinuance of receipt of such funds thus terminating the agency relationship did not absolve the Council of its obligation to register.”

    American Council for Judaism (AJC) newsletter.  “The American Zionist Council (coordinating political action arm of all U.S. Zionist organizations) was asked last month by the Justice Department to register as a ‘foreign agent’ of the State of Israel.”

    March, 1963:  New York Times reporter Tony Lewis calls FARA section to verify AZC foreign agent order state AJC press release.

    AZC Counsel “Memorandum of Law in support of our position that the American Zionist Council is not required to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938.”

    April, 1963:  Nathan Lenvin file memo of DOJ AZC meeting on  April 1, 1963- AZC Memorandum of Law rejected.  “…if necessary I would be willing to recommend, if the representatives of the Council insisted upon these points, that the matter be litigated.”

    Thomas Hall memo with J. Walter Yeagley notes “Okay, but let’s get it concluded.  Have we sent them J.A. reg[istration] statement?”

    May, 1963:  Nathan Lenvin file memo of DOJ AZC meeting on  May 2, 1963 “Finally, Judge Rifkind raised the point…that the vast number of Jews who adhered to the principles of Zionism could not understand how ‘our administration’ could do such harm to the Zionist movement and impair the effectiveness of the Council by insistence on registration.  He appealed to the discretionary power of the Department…Mr. Katzenbach then noted that if the Council made a full disclosure of the receipt and expenditure of the funds it had received from the Jewish Agency so that such information would then be available for public inspection the purposes and objectives of the Registration Act might well be accomplished and very likely there would be nothing further for the Government to do…”

    First Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings on Israeli foreign agents.

    June, 1963:  Wall Street Journal article, “Federal lawyers near decision on whether to require the American Zionist Council to register as an agent of the Israeli government.  High Justice Department officials weigh the risk of offending Jewish opinion in the U.S.   Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Fulbright also eyes the council’s activities.” 

    July, 1963:  Irene Bowman FARA section file memo on a June 28, 1963 DOJ AZC meeting, “Mr. Adrian W. DeWind and a Mr. Kahn (ph) of the law firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison …for the purpose of submitting for the Department’s examination a stack of publications and several books prepared by the American Zionist Council….Prior to Mr. DeWind’s departure he said he was disturbed by what he described as the speed with which the American Council on Judaism learned that the Department had solicited the registration of the American Zionist Council.  He wondered whether there was a leak in the Department.”

    Congressman Donald Rumsfeld letter to Robert F. Kennedy about status of AZC FARA registration:  “Dear Mr. Kennedy, Several thoughtful and valued constituents have expressed their concern to me over a report in the June 28 issue of the Chicago edition of the Wall Street Journal which indicated that the determination by the Justice Department of the question of the registration of the American Zionist Council as an agent of the Israeli government will depend upon the “risk of offending Jewish opinion in the United States.”  I would greatly appreciate your comments on this statement and also a report as to the policy of the Department of Justice will follow in determining this question.  Thank you.  Sincerely yours, Donald Rumsfeld.”

    Thomas K. Hall Memo to Deputy AG Katzenbach and J. Walter Yeagley on Wall Street Journal Article.  Yeagley notes “I called Judge Rifkind Thursday July 18.  He said he thought the material had been submitted and was ’embarrassed.’  Fri[day] someone else from the firm called asking for still another 2 or 3 weeks as their controller or someone is in Europe.”

    J. Walter Yeagley responds to Rumsfeld “ultimate determination will be based on the law as applied to the facts…not on any consideration of its effect on the public opinion of the Jewish community…”

    American Council for Judaism Letter to RFK about AZC FARA registration “I am enclosing latest issue of our newsletter, Brief, featuring our comments on the Department of Justice investigation of the American Zionist Council…”

    Theresa Green FARA memo about AZC phone call request for two week filing deadline extension.

    Routing memo from Deputy AG Nicholas Katzenbach to J. Walter Yeagley “I guess this is the correct response.  Rifkind should be needled, but much depends on Fulbright, too.”

    August, 1963:  Second Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings on Israeli foreign agents.

    FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover offers J. Walter Yeagley FBI assistance to investigate the AZC “In view of recent public hearings…it is requested that you advise whether any investigation is desired….”

    J. Walter Yeagley response to 7/30/1963 Katzenbach routing memo (copy from above) “Mr. Hall – is it time to write Rifkind—or send memo to A.G. or send in FBI?”  

    Thomas K. Hall internal FARA memo about AZC legal counsel “stalling hoping that time will resolve the difficulties faced by the AZC…We should go on record with the AG (copy to deputy) outlining the posture of this matter and indicate the need for more drastic action…”

    Irene Bowman, FARA section analysis on alleged AZC FARA violations derived from Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings.  “…the Department should insist on the immediate registration of the American Zionist Council under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, and if such registration is not forthcoming, appropriate action should be taken to enforce such a request.”

    AZC Executive Director Rabbi Jerome Unger letter and filing to FARA Section “Enclosed wherewith are the two reports of Income and Expenditures of the American Zionist Council…”

    Nathan Lenvin query asking if Irene Bowman would accept as FARA registration, Bowman: “Absolutely not!”

    J. Walter Yeagley memo to Nicholas Katzenbach: “There is also attached a proposed letter from me to Judge Rifkind requesting a registration to be filed within ten days.”

    J. Walter Yeagley to FBI Director “..registration was originally solicited by letter dated November 21, 1962…Pending a determination as to whether further letter should be written insisting on registration no investigation will be required.  You will be kept advised of developments in this matter.”

    October, 1963:  DOJ Demand for AZC Registration “the Department expects a response from you within 72 hours with regard to this matter.”

    J. Walter Yeagley notes of DOJ AZC meeting attended by Nicholas Katzenbach.  “Judge Rifkind then made a plea for no registration, stating it was the opinion of most of the persons affiliated with the Council that such registration would be so publicized by the American Council on Judaism that it would eventually destroy the Zionist movement…he did not believe his clients would file any papers or sign any papers indicating that the organization was an agent of a foreign principal.  I told him that any such information or material that is supplied on that basis would be made part of the Department’s public files available for inspection by the public…”

    December, 1963:  [LBJ is now in office.]  AZC Counsel to DOJ “…our client is not prepared to register as an agent of a foreign government.”

    January, 1964:  Deputy AG Katzenbach asks DOJ FARA section to prepare a “reply for his signature in a friendly rather than a hostile tone…to the effect that the material he submitted is not satisfactory…”  

    Deputy AG Katzenbach letter to AZC counsel “The material you submitted is much less useful than what I had expected you were going to submit and of course there is no disclosure unless the data is available for public inspection.”

    AZC counsel Rifkind to Katzenbach “I shall try to accommodate my trip to Washington to some occasion when I am there on other business..”

    February, 1964:  Nathan Lenvin meetings with AZC counsel Rifkind “Judge Rifkind opened the meeting by showing me a pamphlet distributed by the American Council for Judaism which contained charges that Zionists were acting as propaganda agents for the State of Israel…he was concerned that any disclosure which were being made should not be such as to substantiate these charges made by the American Council [for Judaism]… Mr. Rothenberg made one caviat, that they would have to be sure anything they submitted would not ultimately prejudice the organization in the eyes of the public.”

    May, 1965:  (This burlesque drags on for months until) 05/17/1965 New York Times article: AZC convenes a major meeting at Jewish Agency New York headquarters “revising its program to strengthen every phase of Jewish religious and cultural life in this country….there should be no appeasement at the expense of Israel.”

    November, 1967:  (Four years after the assassination, AIPAC has been substituted for the AZC) The American Israel Public Affairs Committee AIPAC applies for a federal tax exemption.  The US Treasury Department grants it—backdated to 1953.

      The actual documents making up the above timeline and more can be viewed at the Institute of Research:  Middle Eastern Policy at

    The point of this timeline is to show the Kennedy attempt to destroy the power of the Jewish lobby by forcing it to register as an agency of the Jerusalem gangsters.  As a foreign agency, there would have been no tax deductions for American donations and all monies coming from Jerusalem to bribe American politicians would have to have been disclosed, which would have led to criminal prosecutions.

    So here we are today – the timeline shows how we got here – with AIPAC demanding with its federal tax exemption that the US military again attack a Moslem country – this time with nuclear weapons.  There is no legal method to stop this criminal behavior, and planning aggressive war is the most serious crime on the books.  Planning aggressive war is a war crime and the planners are criminals under the War Crimes Act of 1996.  The penalty for war crime, if one person dies as a result, is death.  All of the Neo-Cons who maneuvered us into the Moslem wars after 9/11 are subject to the death penalty.  They know this.  Alberto Gonzales went to the Congress and begged for a law that would exempt the Bush gangsters from the War Crimes Act of 1996.  Apparently he got some sort of secret protection for them, which also demonstrates the futility of depending on the “Justice Department” to prosecute crime.  Gonzales was the attorney general – and a war criminal.

    This is the sort of crime that the American Defense Party must punish.  The Zionist power structure in America must be destroyed – physically destroyed – there is no other way to stop them and prevent more millions from being slaughtered.  The Zionist agencies are sparing no effort to force the American government to attack Iran, to sabotage the negotiations between Kerry and the Iranian representatives.  The agencies represent the most unstable, nuclear-armed psychopaths in the world.  The same Zionist liars lied America into attacking Iraq and Afghanistan – with catastrophic results in terms of millions dead and more millions condemned to death from depleted uranium munitions.  They turned Iraq into a dead zone, just as they’ve done to the Pacific Ocean.  Yesterday they refused to apologize for the destruction of Afghanistan – as if an apology would help.  They are remorseless sadists with an insatiable thirst for enemy blood.

    John Kennedy was not successful in his struggle with the Zionists.  It’s time to recognize his struggle, which contributed to his assassination, and to read the words he planned to give in Austin the evening of his death:

    “Neither the fanatics nor the faint-hearted are needed. And our duty as a party is not to our party alone, but to the nation, and, indeed, to all mankind. Our duty is not merely the preservation of political power but the preservation of peace and freedom.

  So let us not be petty when our cause is so great. Let us not quarrel amongst ourselves when our Nation’s future is at stake.

  Let us stand together with renewed confidence in our cause — united in our heritage of the past and our hopes for the future — and determined that this land we love shall lead all mankind into new frontiers of peace and abundance.”

      The Zionist agencies must be destroyed.  This apparently must be done by both civilian and military members of the American Defense Party.  The destruction of the Zionist power structure will demonstrate to the Zionists that they will never again exploit the US military to destroy the people they hate.

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