Labor Camps – forcing non productive people to contribute – the Glory of the Third Reich


What was it really like in the arbeitslager?


Absolutely faked evidence


The Glory of Germany

Exactly what is wrong with forcing non productive people to contribute? Are not the productive members of society forced to carry those who refuse to work through ever increasing welfare and fraudulent theft of our earnings? Why would this program which obviously fails be continued? Is it to destroy the working class backbone of the country and its potential resistors to the world communist agenda, not by shooting them in the back of the head as the jews did to the Russians and other Eastern Europeans who “existed” behind the Iron Curtain, but to kill us economically so we can not resist? Why should we continue to carry those who parasite on the backs of the working class? I’m not referring as much to illegals and others on welfare as much as I am to their jewish masters and benefactors who absolutely refuse to work. I’m talking about wallstreet, hollywood, big banking and finance, political corruption, the traitor news media etc… Why in the hell are we the working people of the world allowing this?

J Bruce Campbell has a saying, the boss pays the bills right? That’s how it works where ever you work, the boss is in charge, makes the decisions and pays the bills. Well working class people of the world, you pay the bills! That means that we are the boss and from now on we need to make the decisions right? You’re damn right, that’s exactly what it means. That goes for police driving around in fancy cars with lots of guns harassing the working man and trying to generate revenue while protecting the criminals and never arresting them. Brutalizing Citizens… We paid for the cars, the guns, the uniforms and everything else and we will make the decisions from now on.

The idea of concentration camps is a very old idea originated by the British in South Africa (probably at jewish instigation considering they controlled the empire completely) where they used them to kill off and control the Dutch Farmers, the Boers. Their genocide is still going on in that part of the world. That’s totally ok with the world though, European people don’t matter…,d.aWc

That’s the website of Monica Stone, you can find out about what you are not being told by your jewish controlled traitor media and why it isn’t on the rabbi box that you’ve been watching in vain all these years…

The Germans, being bombarded by jews entering Germany illegally did the honorable thing and placed them in camps where they could be treated decently, in fact better than they lived in their 1,000 year old ghetto’s, another lie, now that these jews have inserted themselves into our society they are ashamed at how they lived and want to blame that on Germans as well. All one has to do is read George S Patton’s diary published as The Patton Papers for descriptions of these people who ravaged Germany again after 1945 like the parasitic people they are.

The idea of concentration camps to protect society from the criminal element was something that makes absolute sense. That’s why we try to pass it off as horrible that Germany did it while never mentioning that the british Empire did it to the Boers in order to steal the gold and diamond mines from them. Doing it to steal from the people is OK but doing it to protect the people, as the Third Reich did, that’s not ok. America also did it to the Japanese but apparently that was ok, even though they didn’t have heat or running water like the German camps had. Are you getting the agenda yet? You have some insane bastards who are killing off Russians and Ukranians and the other unfortunate victims of judeo soviet aggression in the tens of millions. What do you do? just allow them to move right in? If you are an American Politician, every one of them who is on board with the world jewish communist agenda, than that’s exactly what you do. After all, you despise the American people and are right now trying to replace them through immigration (hoping the illegals and radical black street gangs will kill us off) and destroy them (sending all the jobs to China when the jew Henry Kissinger announced – Ok guys its time to send all the jobs to China and kill the American Worker economicaly)!

If you are Adolf Hitler and the glorious government of the Third Reich, the government that brought Germany out of the Versailles Diktat deliberate Economic Destruction and also out of the Stock Market Crash in 2 years putting six million unemployed back to work, than you actually care about the people and you protect them. You arrest the communists and put them where they belong, along with all the speculators and money men who parasite off of the worker and the farmer. you stop the destruction and unleash a social revolution that puts the worker as the head of state.

Forcing non productive members of society to contribute is the most glorious idea and deserves our admiration for its merit. Many of the communists were rehabilitated rapidly and released into society remaining devoted nationalists. That is a testament to the greatness of our idea, no government in history has done anything productive on such a scale that turned out so successful. Adolf Hitler took a huge risk sending armies of men who could have turned on him had the judeo bolshevik communist idea really been for the people. Leon Degrelle a non German Belgian Volunteer in the Waffen SS describes in great detail in his book Campaign in Russia how dangerous it was. In the end, when the multi national European Crusading Army reached Russia and saw the horrendous conditions of the poor people under judeo communism it only re affirmed that our ideal is the most righteous and glorious idea.

The Hitler Youth and the arbeitsstätte were saints going around Germany helping the old and such for free. Can you imagine a greater ideal than the national unity produced in the Third Reich, in contrast we today abhor our old and wish them dead. We pay for foreign parasite’s to live free at our expense and give our old people the shaft instead of the respect they deserve. We are truly living in an Orwellian jewish nightmare and if we don’t stop this agenda by any means necessary we will end up like the Rhodesians with no home and only persecution.

jews who were placed in camps were treated much more humanely than they treated the unfortunate people who fell into their hands, believe me. All you have to do is research the jewish run Gulag Death Camps in order to find out the real truth. What else should Germany have done with such a large group of saboteurs and murders of men like Wilhelm Gustlof and Ernst Von Rath? We are talking about a group of people who openly declared war on Germany in 1933

untitled (5)untitled (6)


March 1933 worldwide declaration of war by jews on Germany

World jewry has made up its mind not to rest quiescent in
face of this revival of medieval jew-baiting.

Germany may be called on to pay a heavy price for Hitler’s
antagonism to the jews. She is faced with an international
boycott in commerce, finance, and industry.

The jewish merchant prince is leaving his counting-house,
the banker his board-room, the shopkeeper his store, and
the pedlar his humble barrow, to join together in what has
become a holy war to combat the Hitlerite enemies of the Jew.

Plans for concerted jewish action are being matured in Europe
and America to strike back in reprisal at Hitlerite Germany.

In London, New York, Paris, and Warsaw jewish merchants are
waiting for a commercial crusade.
Resolutions are being taken throughout the Jewish business…

I particularly enjoy how they describe themselves as princes of trade, bankers, shopkeepers and pedlars but never workers. They are pedlars alright, of pornography, poisoning the youth everywhere. If you happen to own a television aka rabbi box than you know what I mean.

Now a few years later check this out:

New York times October 6 1940 page 10


Its blurry but you get the idea, just look up the original.

I’m not going to get into who built the first European concentration camps or why, its too controversial and promotes endless arguing usually between Germans and Poles, who really need to drop this thing, close ranks and fight judeo communism together as brothers in arms, along with all of Europe. The judeo communist murdered us both and even got us to murder eachother like idiots, when we should have been fighting him. Something George S Patton promoted heavily before being silenced by Wild Bill J Donovan of the OSS which later evolved into the CIA… The untold communist element that was jewish and created the suffering of Germans under the Versailles Diktat also now controls most of our information. Here is a good piece of evidence for this FACT.


Now, the Dolchstoß was no myth, Ill write a separate article about this key issue that is so misunderstood but one thing is walther rathenau, a jew and armaments minister deliberately sabotaged the war effort using communist jews to stage strikes and deprive the soldiers at the front of ammunition. In a great show of justice 2 German Officers machine gunned him to death. Erwin Kern and Hermann Fischer Heroes to all Nationalists for their Selfless Sacrifice of their lives will never be forgotten as Brothers in Arms!

Here is a more accurate video, the above video while stating most of the facts, is jew propaganda that tries to spin the facts and desensitize us but even their lies betray the truth of the evil communist agenda perpetrated by these insane bastards!


Concentration Camps in Russia masterminded by jews who pervaded the communist party like parasites were set up strictly to murder Europeans. They were called Gulags and written about quite extensively by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in Gulag Archipelago. If you don’t believe this was all done by jews than just read his follow up to Gulag Archipelago – 200 Years Together the jews in the Soviet Union. He won the nobel Peace Prize and unlike the jewish finance backed communist with a jewish first name BARUCH Obama aka Barry Soetoro, Solzhenitsyn earned it!


All these years of calling Germans huns and Evil murderers and now when we are confronted with the truth suddenly we shrink away from calling the real perpetrators out, why? Have we become the traitors to ourselves? I think so. Why are people not bombarding jews everywhere and confronting them with their crimes. Before you say, its not all jews, that’s extremist, than you need to look into the jewish talmud. This filthy jewish agenda exists within every jew everywhere in the world and its instilled in them religiously! Its not just the state of israel, its jews everywhere and everyone of them, no matter how hard they pretend to be anti zionist or whatever, its just window dressing and complete BS!

So the main point is that instead of rewarding the non productive members of society by allowing them to collect un earned income lets make them contribute. Lets not allow them to parasite off of the working class, lets rehabilitate them by honest labor.

Mike Strobach – The National Conscience

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