Latvijan Hero Erik Eriksons refuses to allow the denigration of the Latvijan Legion


We win or fall – honor to you brothers in arms, we failed you and we failed our own families… We fought past the very end but we still failed…


Latvija honor’s its fallen heroes. In Riga on Match 16th of every year Latvijan Veterans of the Waffen SS Latvijan Legion and their supporters honor the fallen heroes who fought against judeo bolshevism in WW2. In the above video from March 16th 2012 a brave young man from Latvija who, if he happens to see this post my congratulations go to him personally and I would stress that he contact me, had no problem ensuring that the despicable anti fascist jews would not be allowed to display a disgusting flag which reiterates the completely false claim that the Waffen SS were guilty of atrocities. In the above video this young man, Erik Eriksons, refuses to allow the jews to show up at a ceremony for Veterans and disgrace it with complete bs statements and unproven accusations. Also in the video, a disgusting jew named joel rubinfeld thinks he can order Latvijan officials around, a fuller video on youtube shows him telling these officials to allow jews to denigrate this ceremony. This idiot rubinfeld actually syays he is a European! No jew can ever be a European! The young Latvijan Hero, Erik Eriksons, doesn’t give up and the flag is not displayed. In fact in another video below some old women remove a similar flag. These pedophile jews continuously think they can show up at any ceremony and display their propaganda and filth as if its more important. People must recognize the evil among us that is judaism. It must be rooted out entirely. There has never been any evidence of any of these false claims of atrocities nor any public attention focused on the actual atrocities of WW2(jewish bolshevism and gulag death camps), only propaganda.

It is true that there exists fooage of Germans executing Partisans, so what? Every Army of every Nation has done this and America does it now. The annex to the 4th hague convention clearly states:


Articles 1 and 2 prohibit guerrilla warfare, stating that belligerents [sic] must be “commanded by a person responsible for his subordinates… have a fixed distinctive emblem recognizable at a distance… carry arms openly… and conduct their operations in accordance with the laws and customs of war.

The supposed Einsatzgruppen executing partisans has never been proven to be fact. The Latvijan’s and Lithuanian’s reasons become apparent if you have looked into what the jewish partisans did in WW2 on the Eastern Front and what the jews in Latvija and Lithuania did during the Soviet occupation from 1939 to 1941. There are well documented atrocities such as castrating priests and burning German Soldiers alive… Leon Degrelle in the book Campaign in Russia recounted how the Soviet’s would pour water on captured men until they froze to death with agonizing stares left on their faces. I do not wish to go into too much detail on the atrocities of partisans but lets make it clear that these people did not identify themselves, carry arms openly or respect any kind of human treatment of people. As far as the atrocities that were carried out on the Latvijan, Lithuanian and Estonian civilian populations… its almost indescribable. Of course these people carried out justice on the jews who collaborated with such uncivilized behavior… Its clear that the Germans put a stop to it upon arriving and we don’t know what happened afterwords – we don’t know who did what as far as violence between sadistic jewish partisans and Geneva convention following Waffen SS soldiers. We do know however that the Soviet Union and the jewish partisans didn’t sign the Geneva convention and did carry out inhuman tortures and executions indescribable in the cultures of modern western civilization…

A small excerpt of the jewish tortures of Eastern Europeans:


Carlos W Porter has also translated the book

(vol 1.)

Read this historical document and than ask yourself if you would have shot these assholes like the Einsatzgruppen did on a small scale, if you ask me, they should have done a lot more!,d.aWc

A great site which has all kinds of useful information as well as the true ideology behind National Socialism is:

In the article Wayne makes it absolutely clear that the atrocities committed by these partisans was horrible and well documented.

There are several video’s showing how the entire country of Latvija honor’s the Waffen SS Latvijan Legion. Even government officials are not afraid to tell the truth. They will not go along to get along. This must be the ideology of all of us Nationalists!


If anyone happened to grasp this, in the first video, the jews will simply not allow you to have any national cohesion or pride in yourself and nation. It’s like a religion for these parasites, they have to try and parade their importance in the face of every single pro European or pro Nationalist ceremony. If Monica Lowenberg happens to see this article, you are an idiot and must be arrested for being an Anti Nationalist! The great crime of my people, the Germans, was that they recognized theft from the Nation and Working Class Citizens and punished it with forced labor!

The following video made by some idiot still demonstrates the intense loyalty of Latvija to us Germans to this day – heil to you brothers!


For the fucking moron reporter in the beginning of the video – these guys are not Nazi sympathizers – Nazis are a fabrication of the jewish mind – its how jews deal with being fucking morons – they totally invent these ideas and stories that some people were exterminated during ww2  and that the people exterminated were themselves rather than the Eastern Europeans and Germans and that the murderers were not the jewish bolsheviks – about 30,000 from America were documented including Leiba Bronstein aka Leon Trotsky and the moronic statement of the idiot RT reporter/narrator that the nsDAP was the most murderous in history I would only say that according to the jews who take an oath every year to break all oaths did this ridiculousness happen – in reality they murdered a shit ton of people because they are sick and still doing it today – so the 42 million people totally executed or worked to death for no reason by Josef Stalin – that wasn’t murder? I suppose the jews wouldn’t call that murder its just “following their religion…”

The 2 women who finally get rid of that idiotic scarfe or whatever the hell those pedophiles wear – great job – what truly beautiful women who care enough about there national identity… What great women can be found when jewish influence is absent…

I would like to point out that on March 16 2013 Joel Rubinfeld – the irritating jew was removed from the Riga celebration by police and a disgusting jewish woman from Russia – Marina Slodkin – died in her hotel room although she seemed totally healthy… They were there attempting to bring bad Karma to Latvija and received it in instead!

Does anyone consider what 2 years under the jewish bolsheviks was like? How many people were straight up tortured to death just to amuse jews? This is totaly not a joke and once again we have no evidence any Germans were involved. In this documentary we have a jew who is in charge of jewish propaganda spreading in Latvija admitting that no Germans were even in Latvija when the few jews who were killed for there crimes by the Latvijans were killed… Thats the problem – only courts and governments corrupted by jewish finance are allowed to find one guilty of criminal offences?  NO – we must reassert our authority – we simply decide on a course of action and pursue it – we are the authority – there is nobody above the people.

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