Hungary pays off National Debt

It Seems that Hungary has also found the importance of issuing debt free currency and breaking their “bonds” of interest servitude! The Hungarians have been issuing debt free currency and paid off their fake IMF debt with the Hungarian equivalent of 2.2 billion euros! Of course you heard nothing of this on mainstream media. Why you might ask is this so ignored by the world press? The only mention of it in the mainstream would probably be some attempt to say how bad it is for the global economy to issue debt free currency etc… So what exactly was behind the Hungarian ideology to issue debt free currency you might ask?

The idea is  to issue Debt Free Currency and bypass Predatory Loans from Private Institutions whose sole motivation is only profit. This profit is based on debt and the continuous flow of money and assets due to exorbitant interest rates. I have covered some of the process which is in place in these United States of America pertaining to endless Financial Enslavement which results from using Debt Based Currency in my article: United States Note from 1963.

To clarify another issue regarding the enslavement of many of the Nations to International Finance Capital, we must also take a look into just how huge amounts of debt are incurred by governments. When the huge finance houses of the world provide anywhere from 50% – 90% of politician’ s campaign contribution’s it is easy to understand why politicians would sign their country’s on to un payable loans without the knowledge of the people. It reminds me of Nancy Pelosi suggesting that we pass Obama Care in order to find out what was in it. Listing even some of the bill’s that were rammed through congress in such a despicable fashion is an article on it’s own but another one that really sticks out was the Banker Bailout Act. The former Goldman Sach’s employee and avowed communist Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Obama was instrumental in this sort of betrayal of the Nation by politicians entirely in the pocket of Economic Terrorists.

Hungary decides to try something different. Hungary repaid ahead of schedule all of its outstanding debt, 2.2 billion Euros owed to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) from a 2008 emergency loan. Hungary took a 20 billion Euro aid deal to avoid an economic crash when its markets were gripped with crisis in 2008. The details appear to suggest yet another loan taken out from International Finance which perhaps may have been unnecessary. Under the current government of Viktor Orbán(which came to power in 2010) the county of Hungary has been at odds with the fund. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government has sought to end what it has called: Undue foreign influence over Hungary’s economic policies. The last installment of the loan was due in the 3rd quarter of 2014 and the early repayment saved 3.5 billion forints(10 million pounds) in interest expenses.

Viktor Orbán

In 2011 Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán claimed his preceding government had sold the Hungarian Nation into Interest Servitude to the IMF and the Terrorist State of israel. His predecessor’s had consisted of many israeli’s who the Hungarian people became so infuriated with, they elected Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party. The last installment of the loan which the Hungarians were at odds with wasn’t due until the 3rd quarter 2014. Orbán saved 3.5 billion forints(10 million pounds) in fraudulent interest charges.

Orbán announced “Hungary enjoys the trust of investors” this is meant to symbolize the people of a nation pulling together as a cohesive group. Orbán’s investors are Hungarians  who produce something for the Hungarians , business men who have re invested their profit’s in order to rejuvenate the Nation in the face of bank gangsters. Orbán than proceeded to tell the IMF that Hungary neither wants nor needs further “assistance” from that proxy of the Rothschild-owned Federal Reserve Bank. No longer will Hungarians be forced to pay usurious interest to private, unaccountable central bankers.

Hungary is completely free from Interest Servitude to International Financiers. The president of the Hungarian Central Bank, operated for the people unlike the FED in America which operates entirely for private enrichment, has demanded that the IMF close its offices in Hungary. In addition, the state attorney general, echoing Iceland’s efforts, has brought charges against the last three previous prime ministers because of the criminal amount of debt into which they plunged the nation deliberately.  Now if Hungary were to join BRICS and implement a barter system for foreign exchange, this could begin some serious damage to International Finance. America could follow the lead of these other country’s and begin to take back the National Sovereignty in a major way that we have not witnessed for some time. To become free from the greed of money rule means a return to peaceful prosperity.

Hungary and their refusal to show favoritism to jews or Semitism!

According to a report on the German-language website “National Journal,” Orbán has now moved to unseat the usurers from their throne. In an unprecedented step not seen in Europe since Germany declared the Great National Revival, Hungary and other Nations are in a unique position to oppose this great anti European conspiracy that is judaism. Dual citizen israeli’s are a problem all over Europe, we see in the hit piece below produced by anti Nationalist jewish media, that another Hungarian political figure has come out and stated that dual citizen israeli’s and just israeli’s in general are National Security Threats due to their 24 hour a day violation of Palestinian Human Rights as gauranteed to all people by the Hague and Geneva conventions.

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