Golden Dawn Nationalist Party in Greece

The Golden Dawn Nationalist party in Greece appears to be doing all the things that promote a healthy State. They are obviously irritating the hell out of International jewish Finance and that’s always good. They have the people behind them because of the weapon we have and the jews don’t. Truth! These Parasitic Banking Institutions thought they could just force austerity measure’s on the people and get away with it. The Golden Dawn isn’t in a powerful enough position to put a stop to it yet but with their continued activism winning the hearts and minds perhaps they will lead the way for the revolution against International jewish Finance/Speculators. One thing is for sure, they have the National Cohesion that jews fear!

If anyone knows much about Greece in WW2 than here is something interesting. In the book After Daybreak by Ben Shephard there is a reference to OXFAM, Oxford Famine Relief. It says: in the mistaken opinion that deliberate starvation of Europe would weaken the German war effort a blockade was instituted which killed 500,000 Greeks. Here is a screen shot of the page I’m talking about, another atrocity blamed on Germany but perpetrated by England and America… We have also the Bengal famine that nobody even cared to document, you can’t even find pictures just sketches… The British Government didn’t care to starve people to death but were very willing to point their finger at Germany for things the Germans didn’t even do…


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