SS Charlemagne


This was the last SS unit to surrender in Berlin, from what I have read, a great majority of these French SS volunteers fought to the death rather than surrender. We hear in the testimony that his only regret was that he didn’t join the fight earlier. Leon Degrelle when asked if he had any regrets about ww2 would routinely reply “only that we lost!” I cant expect most people to understand, either you feel it in your very soul when you watch this or you don’t, but one thing for sure is these Great Crusaders Against jewish Bolshevism were people of respect and not what we would today call Nazis, the term Nazi is entirely made up and stupid. I think jewish media actually took the way they themselves, jews, think and act and tried to apply it to Nationalists using this made up word Nazi. The jews collectively wish to forever discredit Moral Nationalists and anti judeo Marxists as something evil because Nationalism represents and end to the Unearned Income of World jewish Finance and all the rest of the jewish way of making money like Hollywood Filth, Corporations and Lobbyist Groups. The end of jewish International Corruption means that the jews may have to perform manual labour for the first time since ww2 and the very idea of Productive Labor is unacceptable to them.

In any case, this is a most excellent video which vindicates the Third Reich. How could Hitler have gotten so many Foreign Volunteers to fight against judeo-Communism unless he was truly the Great Nationalist Hero that all of Europe believed him to be? How can we believe the most ridiculous stories told about the German people and than see endless video’s and testimonies of Non German Volunteers in the German Army and still believe Hitler and Germany was anything but the Great National Revivalist’s of Europe! Do you think for a second that our countries would be in the shape they are today if Germany had won WW2?

A common quote of British Veterans of WW2 is “This isn’t what we fought for!” referring to today’s jewish Decadence and Moral Decay of a society…

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8 Responses to SS Charlemagne

  1. pattamus says:

    Nice video and write up, Mike. I’ve been reading the site more lately, some good work you’ve been doing.

  2. sophiah8says says:

    ” I think jewish media actually took the way they themselves, jews, think and act and tried to apply it to Nationalists using this made up word Nazi.”

    You have struck a core trick of those juice. They are experts at projection accusing any other of what they are doing or thinking of doing. Its a sign of a borderline personality but add to most juice more nasty character flaws and eventually we reach the pyschotic stage.

    Projections do many things most immediate is distracting the other, throwing them off balance mentally and emotionally by way of being ACCUSED of something that never entered their minds. While the other is attempting to absorb and understand this gut punch the jue is running more mental and emotional games until the other is confused and unsure of himself and concedes what ever the argument was to the jeu.

    Slimy tricks to win any argument and get a contract under pressure but he wont honor that contract if a better one shows up while he will vehemently hold the other ( Gentile) to that same contract. Slimy doesnt really define their practices
    Have to look up what Empress Maria Therese said about them, something like ‘they are a plague…?’
    She was Archduchess of Austria but was born German. She saw clearly, lolz !

  3. sophiah8says says:

    my comment wont post here

  4. sophiah8says says:

    will post this comment under another article to see if its allowed

  5. sophiah8says says:

    posted it in pieces on another thread
    each time removing some til I found the offending words
    ‘those dark ones ‘


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