World Wide Rise In Nationalism

Recht auf Zukunft – Right to Future – Germany, Front Comtois French Nationalists from Franche-Comté Svenska Arbetare Swedish Workers from Sweden

Svoboda-Freedom Ukranian Nationalists from Ukraine who either were CIA financed from the beginning or have been hijacked by the financiers because Ukraine right now is bolshevism in action. Ukraine instead of saying fuck you to jew USA jew EU and jew Russia is instead installing jewish central bankers as politicians…

International jewish Finance Capital must be Stopped!

All problems we experience in our lives are merely symptoms of one problem – a jewish Problem! The complete entfernung – removal of jew’s from political corruption, financial control, media manipulation and The Poisoning of the Youth is essential. All other problems stem from this one BIG problem!

Nationalism in America is quite a ways behind European Nationalism, precisely because many of the resistors here in America are content to attack their fellow Nationalist brothers. America suffers from a very deep rooted “jewish disease”. The laziness and unproductiveness of the jew’s has been transferred to the people. Everyone who watches the rabbi box thinks that they are going to be the next movie star or rock star. Manual labor is despised as something alien, while the completely decadent and bankrupt lie of Cultural Marxism flourishes. The Class Struggle of judeo-bolshevism is very much alive and well. The acceptance of an alien culture superimposed on the fabric of society is alarming to say the least. I see on multiple occasions young men with the stupid looking African tribal earing’s that make their earlobes stretch out. Why in the hell would a young man want to look so stupid is beyond me. A large segment of the population has completely adapted a strange, alien and ridiculous Anti-Nationalist Worldview.

Internal strife is absolutely destroying us. So-called Nationalists go no farther than attacking anyone who is contributing anything of value to the Movement. I’m not sure if its idiocy or outright jealousy but it’s definitely crippling any chance we have of creating National Cohesion. People are so apt to attack each other and yet they will not lift a finger to put together a community based rally, get together or an all out Nationalist protest-march. Not that I think protesting will get us anywhere but the idea of community or the National Community before self!

The only way that we are going to get anywhere is to join together for our common interest and start opposing our common enemy. As I am fond of continuously recounting, we must Break Our Shackles of Interest Enslavement of the Nation to International jewish Finance. This is the fundamental issue that towers over all other issues of the day. Any other considerations fall back to the question of our debt enslavement. We simply can not achieve anything until we have control once more of our destiny The only way to becoming a free and independent Nation is to regain control of our money.

Die Brechung der Zinsknechtschaft bedeutet die Wiederherstellung der freien Persönlichkeit, die Erlösung des Menschen aus der Versklavung, aus dem Zauberbanne, in die seine Seele von Mammonismus verstrickt wurde. Wer den Kapitalismus bekämpfen will, muß die Zinsknechtschaft brechen.

The interruption of Economic Servitude is a restoration of the free and independent Working Class, the peoples redemption from the enslavement, from the magic spell, in which the soul was caught by the greed of money rule. He who wants to fight against Finance Capital, must Break the Enslavement of Interest Servitude.

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8 Responses to World Wide Rise In Nationalism

  1. sophiah8says says:

    here is post I tried under the Charlemagne thread

  2. sophiah8says says:

    it wont post here either !

  3. sophiah8says says:

    Yes swearing to forgive self for any evils to be committed in the year AHEAD

    Also I am a radical WHITE woman of European descent and follow the Old Ways
    so believe we were on this planet for 500k years given Diving right right to caretake and righteously manage our existence here always abiding by the laws of Nature

  4. sophiah8says says:

    the next three words get the text rejected

    there is NO mention of the juice in those three words
    amazing what gets stuck in the sensors these days

  5. sophiah8says says:

    after those three words it goes on here:
    Check out the ORIGINS of the juice.

    As long as I am still in corporeal form I will stand for our right to rule in our own lands
    without being forced to take part in the agendas invented to destroy us.

  6. sophiah8says says:

    it was those three words
    that are NOT in the forbidden lists of the ADL
    whats up with this BS

    anyway the point has been shown

    we were warned


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