War For Territory!

israel has raged a relentless war for territory against the Palestinian people. They have turned Palestine into giant concentration camps with jew only roads and territories in the Palestinians own homeland. Rich jews have come from across the sea where they own several luxurious houses in several countries, only to take from the Palestinians the small worthless homes and land they had. Palestinians reside in giant concentration camps as the worlds largest refugee population since 1948 and the world could care less. They can sometimes see their old homes from the new outdoor prison camp that is now their home. The Palestinians have in effect become the new Germans – the worlds most evil terrorist people… This is the image of decent peaceful people such as Nationalist Germans and Palestinians from the enemy traitor jewish media.

Only the “movement” of angry youth nationalists will change our ever destroyed and morally decadent world of consumerism from a jewish horror story to a nationalist paradise where all receivers of unearned income are punished and forced to do community service in order to repay the working class they have stolen from. The movement will start from the poisoned youth who are pissed off and tired of believing the great capitalist lie. Some people of notoriety are in a position to speed up the revolt of radical nationalism.

One of the perfect breeding grounds of aggression and anger is the heavy metal music scene weather in Germany, Brazil or America. These types of large gatherings of the youth need to be geared more towards focusing their anger into constructive unity opposing such violence and degradation of our Nationalist spirit. We must utilize every opportunity to create the resistance and take back our world! We must stop the Slave New World!

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