The Bonus Army and The American Holodomor

We have been told how there was a supposed nazi coup in America by bankers trying to institute an EVIL NAZI government in 1933… They hired 2 time medal of honor winner Smedley Darlington Butler to lead it, but he informed on it (supposedly) and luckily the evil NAZIS and there economic prosperity was stopped from reaching America! jewish finance and the un-ending Great Depression would continue for a decade with the victory of jew worship over common sense! Sounds like a total bullshit Alex Jones documentary called endgame doesn’t it?

Now throw these facts in the mix:

The 2 main principles of German National Socialism
die brechung der zinsknechtschaft – the breaking of interest servitude
volksgemeinschaft vor eigennutz – the National Community before self

Does that sound like something that greedy parasitic jews would finance? I don’t think so… Lets take a closer in-depth look at what jews from new york did finance.

Dear Mr. President:
I am in sympathy with the Soviet form of government as that best suited
for the Russian people…
Letter to President Woodrow Wilson (October 17, 1918) from William
Lawrence Saunders, chairman, Ingersoll-Rand Corp.; director, American
International Corp.; and deputy chairman, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

January of 1916 Leon Trotsky aka Lev Davidovich REAL NAME Lev Bronstein of jewish descent was expelled from France and came to these united States. It seems the radical marxist jews were completely unwelcome everywhere around the world except for the jewnited States and England. While we are at it lets put Nikolai Blank aka Vladimir Ullyanov aka Vladimir Lenin’s ethnicity to rest once and for all. He was a jew the grandson of israel blank the son of moshei blank from the city of Zhitomir.

Blank’s aka Vladimir Lenin’s jewish roots confirmed!
AP May 24th 2011 Lenin’s jewish ancestry on display in Russia’s State History Museum

It has been claimed that his expenses (Bronstein aka Trotsky) were paid by Jacob Schiff. The evidence does point to a wealthy donor in New York. He remained for several months, while writing for a Russian socialist paper, the Novy Mir (New World) and giving revolutionary speeches at mass meetings in New York City. According to Trotsky himself, on many occasions a chauffeured limousine was placed at his service by a wealthy friend, Jacob Schiff, who was head of the New York investment firm Kuhn, Loeb and Co. He was one of the principal backers of the Bolshevik revolution and personally financed Trotsky’s trip from New York to Russia. He was a major contributor to Woodrow Wilson’s presidential campaign and an advocate for passage of the Federal Reserve Act. (p. 210) the creature from Jekyll island G Edward Griffin

President Woodrow Wilson was the fairy godmother who provided Trotsky with a passport to return to Russia to “carry forward” the revolution. This American passport was accompanied by a Russian entry permit and a British transit visa. Jennings C. Wise, in Woodrow Wilson: Disciple of Revolution, makes the pertinent comment, “Historians must never forget that Woodrow Wilson, despite the efforts of the British police, made it possible for Leon Trotsky to enter Russia with an American passport.”

It is now a matter of record, that Thompson syndicated the purchase on Wall Street of Russian bonds in the amount of ten million roubles. (Hagedorn, p. 192) In addition, he gave over two million roubles to Aleksandr Kerensky for propaganda purposes inside Russia and with J.P. Morgan gave the rouble equivalent of one million dollars to the Bolsheviks for the spreading of revolutionary propaganda outside of Russia, particularly in Germany and Austria. (Sutton: Revolution, pp. 83, 91.)

21 million rubles Lord Alfred Milner gave financing the Russian Revolution… The financier just mentioned was by no means alone among the British to support the Russian revolution with large financial donations.” Another name specifically mentioned by de Goulevitch was that of Sir George Buchanan, the British Ambassador to Russia. (See Arsene de Goulevitch: Czarism and Revolution, published by Omni Publications in Hawthorne, California, no date; rpt. from 1962 French edition, pp. 224, 230)

In the February 3, 1949 issue of the New York Journal American Schiff’s grandson, John, was quoted by columnist Cholly Knickerbocker as saying that his grandfather Jacob Schiff had given about $20 million for the triumph of Communism in Russia. (To appraise Schiff’s motives for supporting the Bolsheviks, we must remember, that he was a jew).

On March 23, 1917 a mass meeting at Carnegie Hall to celebrate the abdication of Nicolas II, the overthrow of Tsarist rule in Russia. Thousands of socialists, Marxists, nihilists and anarchists attended to cheer the event. The following day there was published on page two of the New York Times a telegram from Jacob Schiff. He described the Russian revolution as “…what we hoped and strove for these long years”. (Mayor Calls Pacifists Traitors, The New York Times, March 24, 1917, p. 2)


The Rockefeller’s had given their financial support after the Czar refused to give them access to the Russian oil fields, which were already being pumped by the Royal Dutch Co. (owned by the Rothschild’s and the Nobel brothers) and giving Standard Oil plenty of competition on the international market. Even though John D. Rockefeller possessed $15,000,000 in bonds from the Royal Dutch Co. and Shell, rather than purchase stock to get his foot in the door and indirectly profit they supported judeo-bolshevism.

The Rothschild’s, through Milner, planned the Russian Revolution, and along with Schiff (who gave $20 million), Sir George Buchanan, Warburg’s, Rockefeller’s, the partners of J.P. Morgan (who gave at least $1 million), Olaf Aschberg (of Nye Bank of Stockholm, Sweden), the Rhine Westphalian Syndicate, a financier Jovotovsky (whose daughter later married Leon Trotsky), William Boyce Thompson (a director Chase National Bank contributed $1 million), Albert H. Wiggin (President of Chase National Bank)

The Russian Revolution

In 1905, while Russia was engaged in the Russo-Japanese War, the Communists tried to get the farmers to revolt against the Czar, but they refused. After this aborted attempt, the Czar deposited $400,000,000 in the Chase Bank, National City Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, the Hanover Trust Bank, and Manufacturers Trust Bank, and $80,000,000 in the Rothschild Bank in Paris, because he knew who was behind the growing revolutionary movement, and hoped to end it.

It may seem incongruous, that the Morgan group would provide funding for both Kerensky and Lenin. These men may have both been socialist revolutionaries, but they were miles apart in their plans for the future and in fact were bitter competitors for control of the new government – is that true? History supports the idea that a jewish Kerensky simply paved the way for a jewish Lenin and Trotsky to institute the real purpose of jew York socialism – mass murder. But the tactic of funding both sides in a political contest by then had been refined by members of the Round Table (front group protecting jewish financiers and promoters of jew York socialism) into a fine art. A stunning example of this occurred in South Africa during the Boer War in 1899 – where incidentally jewish speculators were given control of the natural resources of the Boer’s and they were placed in the worlds first concentration camps.

Investigations of the Reece Committee and the Special Report of Norman Dodd on tax exempt foundations

We have documented congressional fact that there did exist a plan to merge these united states of America with the Soviet Union… The Reece Committee and Norman Dodd reports exist but are very hard to find and expensive – courtesy of jewish Traitor Media and Corporations.

It looks like jew York socialists who were also parasitic bankers(a combination that could only be dreamed up by a jew) had funded and basically sent communism to Russia and also tried to set it up later here in these united states of America. Now that we know all of this and we know that the mortal enemy of jewish International Finance Capital was German National Socialism and just Nationalism in general, what do we make of the strange story of a nazi coup in America backed by jewish bankers in 1933?

Supposedly Smedley Butler testified to this coup, however there isn’t any real substance to this. You can not locate any audio of Smedley Butler and the record as we have it is almost worthless to read, the McCormack-Dickstein committee uncovered a whole lot of nothing, Butler’s testimony and the whole investigation in general uncovered nothing to link German Nationalism to any so-called NAZI takeover, unless they are referring to ashkeNAZI jews – the basis for ridiculous Hollywood portrayals of insane murderers are actually themselves! The jews love to portray their own crimes onto their enemies. We must remember that millions of Germans were unemployed and the country was in ruins. The Great Adolf Hitler had not yet reinvigorated the economy and social structure of the society which later would produce the greatest economic miracle and National Revival of history. The jewish bankers and Weimar Pornographers had not yet been chased out of Berlin and Germany in general. They had not moved their Morally Decadent Pornographic Filth Industry 100% to hollywood at this time. So to imagine Nationalist Germany could have ventured on such a coup is complete fantasy!

Also, we have the recurring uncovering of fact on our side. Henry Ford The International Jew the World’s Foremost Problem. In this great record to posterity of what jews do when not under the control of the nation they are destroying, we learn that many so-called German front companies in America during ww1 were actually jewish owned companies profiting off of the war, as usual, and at the same time portraying a negative picture of the great German State. We know also that through jewish propaganda the story of Prescott Bush and Brown Brothers Harriman banking that, in fact, this was not a German Nationalist front company and once again was owned by the International jew The Worlds Foremost Problem! Again and again these parasitic jews reap huge profits from wars that corrupt and subservient politicians start for their benefactors – International jewish Finance.

The subject of debunking jewish propaganda on jewish owned companies bearing German names is too in-depth for the scope of this article and would require quite a lengthy article in itself, however, I will say this. Adolf Hitler’s problems really began to kick into high gear when upon being elected democratically by starving and destroyed German Workers, he decided that Germany would borrow NO MORE MONEY from the International Parasites and would henceforth show the world a new way! With his master of economic ideology Gottfried Feder, they embarked on a stunning program of social/economic/national revival the world has never witnessed again and which became the greatest weapon the jews fear!

untitled (2)

Once we look into Smedley Butler and his great work – War is a Racket – we find that he had much in common with German Nationalism, except for a National Socialist Education, and that it is highly suspicious if there even was such a plot to institute a NAZI Dictatorship here in these united States… More likely a jewish communist plot, such as uncovered a few decades later by Norman Dodd and the Reece Committee, was what he had uncovered or perhaps no plot at all, just a good way of discouraging him from making any more problems for World jewish Finance. I tend to believe the second suggestion that the whole plot was made up, why you might ask? Several little reasons and one big one. First, Angry Nationalists were beginning to get extremely pissed off. We had the Silver Shirts and the German American Bund along with several others. We had pissed off economicaly destroyed citizens, some of whom were taking matters into their own hands like National Hero John Dillinger. Also we had The Bonus Army… An evil NAZI takeover bullshit story is a good way to cover up the huge National Outrage that existed amongst the populace against the jewish controlled government of the time isn’t it?

The Bonus Army


17,000 veterans

26,000 others

500 infantry

6 renault ft tanks

800 police

4 dead, 1,017 injured

69 police injured

The Bonus Army was the popular name of an assemblage of some 43,000 marchers

17,000  veterans, their families, and affiliated groupswho gathered in Washington, D.C., in the spring and summer of 1932 to demand cash-payment redemption of their service certificates. Its organizers called it the Bonus Expeditionary Force to echo the name of World War I’s American Expeditionary force, while the media called it the Bonus March. It was led by Walter W. Waters, a former Army sergeant.

Many of the war veterans had been out of work since the beginning of the Great Depression. The World War Adjusted Compensation Act of 1924 had awarded them bonuses in the form of certificates they could not redeem until 1945. Each service certificate, issued to a qualified veteran soldier, bore a face value equal to the soldier’s promised payment plus compound interest. The principal demand of the Bonus Army was the immediate cash payment of their certificates.

Retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler, one of the most popular military figures of the time, visited their camp to back the effort and encourage them. On July 28, U.S. Attorney General William D Mitchell ordered the veterans removed from all government property. Washington police met with resistance, shots were fired and two veterans were wounded and later died. Veterans were also shot dead at other locations during the demonstration. President Herbert Hoover then ordered the army to clear the veterans’ campsite. Army Chief of Staff General Douglas MacArthur commanded the infantry and cavalry supported by six tanks. The Bonus Army marchers with their wives and children were driven out, and their shelters and belongings burned.

A second, smaller Bonus March in 1933 at the start of the Roosevelt Administration were veterans of world war 1, they were offered jobs in the CCC which most of the group accepted. Those who chose not to work for the CCC by the May 22 deadline were given transportation home. In 1936, Congress overrode President Franklin D Roosevelt’s veto and paid the veterans their bonus years early.

The practice of war-time military bonuses began in 1776, as payment for the difference between what a soldier earned and what he could have earned had he not enlisted. Breaking with tradition, the veterans of the Spanish-American War did not receive a bonus and, after World War I, their not receiving a military service bonus became a political matter when WWI veterans received only a $60 bonus. The American Legion, created in 1919, led a political movement for an additional bonus.

On May 15, 1924, President Calvin Coolidge vetoed a bill granting bonuses to veterans of World War I, saying: “patriotism… bought and paid for is not patriotism.” Congress overrode his veto a few days later, enacting the World War Adjusted Compensation Act. Each veteran was to receive a dollar for each day of domestic service, up to a maximum of $500, and $1.25 for each day of overseas service, up to a maximum of $625 (2010: $7,899). Amounts of $50 or less were immediately paid. All other amounts were issued as Certificates of Service maturing in 20 years.

Some 3,662,374 military service certificates were issued, with a face value of $3.638 billion (2010: $43.7 billion). Congress established a trust fund to receive 20 annual payments of $112 million that, with interest, would finance the 1945 disbursement of the $3.638 billion due the veterans. Meanwhile, veterans could borrow up to 22.5% of the certificate’s face value from the fund; but in 1931, because of the Great Depression, Congress increased the maximum value of such loans to 50% of the certificate’s face value. Although there was Congressional support for the immediate redemption of the military service certificates, President Hoover and Republican congressmen opposed such action; they reasoned that the government would have to increase taxes to cover the costs of the payout, and thus any potential recovery would be slowed.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars continued to press the federal government to allow the early redemption of military service certificates.

In January 1932, a march of 25,000 unemployed Pennsylvanians, dubbed “Cox’s Army”, had marched on Washington, D.C, the largest demonstration to date in the nation’s capital, setting a precedent for future marches by the unemployed.

On June 15, the House of Representatives passed the Wright Patman Bonus Bill which would have moved forward the date for World War I veterans to receive their cash bonus.

Most of the Bonus Army camped in a Hooverville on the Anacostia Flats, a swampy, muddy area across the Anacostia River from the federal core of Washington, just south of the 11st Bridges (now Section C of Anacostia Park). The camps, built from materials scavenged from a nearby rubbish dump, were tightly controlled by the veterans who laid out streets, built sanitation facilities, and held daily parades. To live in the camps, veterans were required to register and prove they had been honorably discharged.

The Bonus Army massed at the United States Capitol on June 17 as the U. S. senate defeated the Bonus Bill by a vote of 62-18.


The marchers remained at their campsite waiting for President Hoover to act. On July 28, 1932, Attorney General William D Mitchell ordered the police to remove the Bonus Army veterans from their camp. When the veterans moved back into it, they rushed two policemen trapped on the second floor of a building. The cornered police drew their revolvers and shot two veterans, William Hushka and Eric Carlson, who died later.

William Hushka (18951932) was an immigrant to the United States from Lithuania. When the U.S. entered World War I in 1917, he sold his butcher shop in St Louis, Missouri and joined the United States Army. After the war he lived in Chicago. Hushka is buried in Arlington National Cemetery

Eric Carlson (1894 July 28, 1932) was a U.S. veteran from Oakland, Califiornia. He fought in the trenches of France in World War I. He was interred in Arlington National Cemetery.

When told of the shootings, President Hoover ordered the army to evict the Bonus Army from Washington.


At 4:45 p.m., commanded by Gen. Douglas MacArthur, the 12th Infantry Regiment, Fort Howard, Maryland, and the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, supported by six battle tanks commanded by Maj. George S Patton, formed in Pennsylvania Avenue while thousands of civil service employees left work to line the street and watch. The Bonus Marchers, believing the troops were marching in their honor, cheered the troops until Patton ordered the cavalry to charge theman action which prompted the spectators to yell, “Shame! Shame!”

Shacks that members of the Bonus Army erected on the Anacostia Flats were burning after the confrontation with the military.


After the cavalry charged, the infantry, with fixed bayonets and adamsite gas, an arsenical vomiting agent, entered the camps, evicting veterans, families, and camp followers. The veterans fled across the Anacostia River to their largest camp and President Hoover ordered the assault stopped. However Gen. MacArthur, feeling the Bonus March was an attempt to overthrow the U.S. government, ignored the President and ordered a new attack. Fifty-five veterans were injured and 135 arrested. A veteran’s wife miscarried. When 12-week-old Bernard Myers died in the hospital after being caught in the tear gas attack, a government investigation reported he died of enteritis, while a hospital spokesman said the tear gas “didn’t do it any good.”

During the military operation, Major Dwight D Eisenhower (famous mass murderer of more than 1 million surrendered germans at the Rheinwiesenlager – Rhine meadows Concentration Camps), later the 34th President of the United States (subservient to international jewish finance who had staged the media industrial complex), served as one of MacArthur’s junior aides. Believing it wrong for the Army’s highest-ranking officer to lead an action against fellow American war veterans, he strongly advised MacArthur against taking any public role: “I told that dumb son-of-a-bitch not to go down there,” he said later. “I told him it was no place for the Chief of Staff.” Despite his misgivings, Eisenhower later wrote the Army’s official incident report which endorsed MacArthur’s conduct. Of course Eisenhower did, just as he staged the human soap, shrunken heads and skin lampshades at buchenwald through syke war Robert Mclure and the members of the team who were all former German jews and jewish hollywood film director Billy Wilder who traveled with the forward advance to make anti german propaganda films. Patton’s refusal to lie for shekels and also his irritating condemnations of injustice and enslavement of germans would later get him murdered by wild bill Donovan. Patton’s irritation at the US military being controlled by jewish commissars and their subservience to the soviet (a yiddish word not a Russian word) was his last straw and cause of death.

MGM released the movie Gabriel over the White House in March 1933. Produced by William Randolph Hearst’s Cosmopolitan Pictures, it depicted a fictitious President Hammond who, in the film’s opening scenes, refuses to deploy the military against a march of the unemployed and instead creates an “Army of Construction” to work on public works projects until the economy recovers. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt (Rosenfeld) judged the movie’s treatment of veterans superior to Hoover’s.

The Bonus Army incident proved disastrous for Hoover’s chances at re-election; he lost the 1932 election in a landslide to FDR better known as the author of the jew deal Franklin Delbanco Rosenfeld! From the venetian banking family of jewish origin that he is descended from – Abraham del banco – although there are controlled opposition websites that say he is descended from an ancient Roman family of warriors… Yeah right – he was definitely a warrior, a warrior for corruption and jewish speculators that he filled the white house with. His disgraceful encouragements to Polish revolutionaries through William C Bullit to do absolutely anything to the German civilians who were under their control, mandated by the Diktat of Versailles, is also another characteristic of a non European Coward. The people of Posen(birthplace of Paul Von Hindenburg) and Westpreußen were the prime targets of the revolutionaries of Poland who were manipulated by America to perpetrate the Bromberg bloody sunday massacre and other such atrocities against the German Volksgenossen. This was a calculated plot of the Versaille Diktat to create such problems for the German people as well as stripping the most fertile farmland – Posen – from the Reich which was in desperate need of food. Germany always had the problem of not being able to produce anywhere near enough food for its people and being forced to rely on importing a lot of the food at which they now couldn’t afford. There were many deaths by starvation during 1919 and also again right after the end of the second war from 1945 to 1949 which appears to have been absolutely deliberate as it was in 1919. This is another trait of the jewish mind – that of Morgenthau jr – author of the disgusting Morgenthau plan and also of Theodore Kaufmann – Germany must perish – even more disgusting and jewish.

During the presidential campaign of 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt (Roseneld) opposed the veterans’ bonus demands. When they organized a second demonstration in May 1933, he provided the marchers with a campsite in Virginia and provided them three meals a day. Administration officials, led by presidential confidant Louis Howe, tried to negotiate an end to the protest. Roosevelt arranged for his wife Eleanor to visit the site unaccompanied. She lunched with the veterans and listened to them perform songs. She reminisced about her memories of seeing troops off to World War 1 and welcoming them home. The most she could offer was a promise of positions in the newly created Civilian Conservation Corps(CCC). One veteran commented: “Hoover sent the army, Roosevelt sent his wife”. In a press conference following her visit, the First Lady described her reception as courteous and praised the marchers, highlighting how comfortable she felt despite critics of the marchers who described them as Communists and criminals.

When citizens under a deliberate depression want the money they have earned from the jewish controlled government that created the damn depression in the first place – than social leftists are quick to criticize the very idea of community. When it is foreign immigrants demanding that which they never contributed to in the first place – the wealth of the nation from the sweat and labor of the working class – than the social leftists speak of the world community which is jew speak for divide and conquer and the use of greedy aliens as socially divisive elements to bring about the destruction of the working class and cohesive element of society.

Roosevelt later issued an executive order allowing the enrollment of 25,000 veterans in the CCC, exempting them from the normal requirement that applicants be unmarried and under the age of 25. Congress, where Democrats held majorities in both houses, passed the Adjusted Compensation Payment Act in 1936 authorizing the immediate payment of the $2 billion in WWI bonuses over the President’s veto. The House vote was 324 to 61, and the Senate vote was 76 to 19.

The Bonus Army is yet more evidence that is continuously and conveniently left out of the historical record. It is beginning to make sense that the supposed EVIL NAZI takeover of the US in 1932 and 1933 was nothing more than pissed off citizens suffering a deliberately instituted depression and deciding they had suffered enough. That was not to be the case, German National Revivalism would have saved the day from parasitic jewish banking practices and speculation… but America was destined to be converted into a completely destroyed and fragmented shell of a Nation aka a jewish paradise.

What made the American people like the Bonus Army and John Dillinger so angry? What else lies behind this phenomenon other than a deliberate jew banker instituted depression? The fact that the depression was enforced under the pretense that there was no money – when in fact there was plenty of money for jewish mass murdering Bolsheviks in Russia and also for armaments and military equipment to fight the great war of world judaization against the Social Justice and National Moral Revivalism of Germany and Adolf Hitler.

The American Holodomor

The researcher, Boris Borisov, in his article titled “The American Famine” estimated the victims of the financial crisis in the US at over 7 million people. The researcher also directly compared the US events of 1932-1933 with Holodomor, or Famine, in the USSR during 1932-1933.

In the article, Borisov used the official data of the US Census Bureau. Having revised the number of the US population, birth and date rates, immigration and emigration, the researcher came to conclusion that the United States lost over 7 million people during the famine of 1932-1933. “According to the US statistics, the US lost not less than 8 million 553 thousand people from 1931 to 1940. Afterwards, population growth indices change twice instantly exactly between 1930-1931: the indices drop and stay on the same level for ten years. There can no explanation to this phenomenon found in the extensive text of the report by the US Department of Commerce “Statistical Abstract of the United States,” the author wrote.

Analyzing the period of the Great Depression in the USA, the author notes a remarkable similarity with events taking place in the USSR during the 1930s. He even introduced a new term for the USA – defarming – an analogue to dispossession of wealthy farmers in the Soviet Union.

“Few people know about 5 Million American Farmers (about a Million Families) whom Banks Ousted from their Lands because of Debts. The US Govt. did not provide them with land, work, social aid, pension – nothing,” the article says. “Every sixth American farmer was affected by famine. People were forced to leave their homes and go to nowhere without any money and any property. They found themselves in the middle of nowhere enveloped in massive unemployment, famine and gangsterism.”

The then state of affairs in the US society can be seen in Peter Jackson’s movie King Kong. The movie starts with scenes of the Great Depression and tells the story of an actress who did not eat for three days and tried to steal an apple from a street vendor. There is food in the city, but many people had no money to buy it in unemployment-paralyzed New York. People starve in the streets against the background of stores selling a variety of foodstuffs. “About 6.5 million pigs were killed at that time,” the researcher wrote. The consequences of those policies were predictable, the author of the article wrote. “Here is what a child recollected about those years:

“We changed our usual food for something for available. We used to eat bush leaves instead of cabbage. We ate frogs too. My mother and my older sister died during a year.” (Jack Griffin).”

So-called public works introduced by President Roosevelt became a salvation for a huge number of jobless and landless Americans. However, the salvation was only a phantom, Boris Borisov wrote. The works conducted under the aegis of the Public Works Admin. and the Civil Works Administration were about building channels, roads or bridges in remote, wild and dangerous territories.

Up to 3.3 million people were involved in those works at a time, whereas the total number of people amounted to 8.5 million, not to count prisoners.

“Conditions and death rate at those works are to be studied separately. A member of public works would make $30, and pay $25 of taxes from this amount. So a person could make only $5 for a month of hard work in malarial swamps.”

The conditions, under which people were working for food, could be compared to Stalin’s GULAG camp. “The Public Works Administration (PWA) bore a striking resemblance to GULAG. The PWA was chaired by “American Beria,” the Secretary of Interior Affairs, Harold Ickes, who threw about 2 million people into camps for the unemployed youth,” Borisov wrote.

“Harold LeClair Ickes (1874–1952) later interned USA’s ethnic Japanese in concentration camps. The first stage of the operation took only 72 hours (1941-1942).

“In 1940, the US population was supposed to make up at least 141.856 million people upon the preservation of previous demographic trends. As a matter of fact, the USA had the 131.409-strong population in 1940, of which only 3.054 million can be explained with changes in migration dynamics.

Thus, 7.394,000 people simply do not exist as of 1940. There are no official arguments to explain the phenomenon,” Boris Borisov wrote.


The moral of the story is this, dont believe anything you read, see or hear about if there is a jew involved at any point in the telling of the story. The eternal jew will seek only to produce his own aggrandizement at the expense of the citizen class while demonizing his opposition – MORALITY IN SOCIETY!

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2 Responses to The Bonus Army and The American Holodomor

  1. paulvonharnish says:

    Excellent page. I’m glad I discovered your site, as it puts many of the missing pieces into place. I haven’t checked these links recently, but even looking up a few basic names like the Schiff lineage as posted on Wikipedia, puts some things into perspective. Some people hate wikipedia, yet I’ve found their reference information quite helpful. Perhaps your readers will fing some of this interesting.

    Don’t forget to study the various persons who have belonged or are currently on the Council of Foreign Relations.

    H.L. Mencken: “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”

    • I have a lot of stuff I am trying to catch up on, stuff I want to write, but I am a stainless steel welder/pipe fitter and I work 12 – 14 hours a day and 7 days a week quite often so Im very busy and tired, hence my radical nature, you must live in poverty or be completely exhausted to truly appreciate the ideology I have or that of J bruce Campbell, people just wont get it in time to stop it, they want to suffer first, I don’t get it, too much defeatism…

      Everything is interconnected as this article makes plain, that’s why Hitler was so important, RESISTANCE – NATIONAL REVIVAL – ECONOMIC PROSPERITY

      The jews hate these kinds of National Movements

      Feel free to call if you want

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