Adolf Hitler the untold true story

This video by thenari21 includes a great amount of information and footage on what the jewish lobby and institutions have done to countless nations, starting with my ethnic homeland, and what they will attempt to do here in the united states if we do not remove them entirely…

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2 Responses to Adolf Hitler the untold true story

  1. this comment was posted on Anti Semitism – it belongs here instead – posted by
    tHe_tRaNs1eNt (@tHe_tRaNs1eNt)

    1 do think National Socialism (For all Humans of all colors) may be the answer to the jew.

    1’m Establishing A Nationalist Movement For ALL Gentiles. Anyone Identifying With A Particular Skin Color Is Marked For Death @babywr @joshynatsoc

    But as far as hitler and the nazis, you have to heed the final result. The final result of WW2 was the EXACT stated objective of the jews who funded hitler, the theft of Palestine and the opening of other countries to jews. In addition it enriched them via sympathy gained as a result of the holohoax myth and all the donations to this day.

    What you must understand, is that nobody would have followed hitler if the country was still in economic shambles. So the jews who funded hitler (this is fact) “let” hitler turn the country around via national socialism because it does work a. and b. national socialism can be used effectively as a galvanizing force for the populace. WW2 would have never come about if people were not supporting hitler. Besides they wanted to move their operations more fully to jew york city and hollyweird anyway (in addition to Palestine). (I wish you would watch this and research further into who funded hitler and what their state objectives were)

    Do you understand what I am saying? If you disagree let’s have a debate but please address what I have said here (every point of mine, in detail) and how you could possibly disagree after seeing all that I have laid out for you my good friend.

    At best hitler was a tool, at worst he was a jew who knew exactly what it was doing. I say he was a jew, the biggest red flag for me in his final statement where blamed the German people for “not fighting hard enough”, to paraphrase. That is the statement of a coward, because it was hitler in fact who decided to stand down at The Battle Of Dunkirk, so hitler was sabotaging his own war under the guise of “we never wanted war”. The war was well under way by then, there’s no excuse. Hitler the jew boy was likely being given orders the whole time by his fellow rotchild kikes.

  2. My first reaction to such a ridiculous comment without putting any effort into refuting it is – where did you get this quote from that Hitler blamed the German people for not fighting hard enough – give me a source because as a German and a German speaker I can tell you its complete bullshit – he never said that – also no jews and for that matter no banks funded hitler – this is complete bullshit – Hitler was funded by the German Workers – you don’t understand this do you? He absolutely refused to borrow any more money once he was elected to the chancellery in march of 1933 which is why the jews declared war on Germany – you know boycott all german goods? Tell you what – Ill post your comment in the Article that it belongs in – Anti Semitism has nothing to do with Hitler and its a topic that covers issues like the following:

    Why are jews allowed to corporatize our governments and all our institutions and sieze the wealth of the working class – answer – because they claim that not being allowed to act as a privileged class beyond reproach is racism – the hegemony of the eternally holocausted chosenites must be assured!

    This comment is very pathetic and sourceless – Hitler allowed the british to escape Dunkerque because he wanted to make peace with one of the last countries that didn’t join his war against jewish corporatization of all working class wealth via the Waffen SS – a European crusading army against kike jew communism and mass murder aka Bolshevism – you are one of the most unintelligent trolls I have had yet – try harder and use sources that at least appear not to be jewish liars. Also – very important – Rudolph Heß flew to England as a Diplomat and the British violated all dimplomatic practices of common custom by arresting him…

enlighten me

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