United States Note from 1963

united states note from 1963

United States Notes
Title 31 Section 5115

Interest bearing notes represent the bonds. By printing debt free notes the “bonds” can be broken. The non debt-based notes can replace the interest bearing notes and whatever country, in my case these united States, can buy back the bonds from foreign private banks masquerading as government institutions. As we buy back the bonds from these “self-appointed overlords of all money” we can begin to manage the national debt and make it(for the first time in a long time) begin to get smaller rather than endlessly bigger. The current system doesn’t allow for debts of the Nation to International Finance Capital to be able to be paid off. The current set up is for the express purpose of creating a debt that can never get smaller but can only get bigger, like a mathematical equation. Of course, I would much rather think that we can declare the debtor(The Federal Reserve Corporation) a terrorist organization guilty of economic terrorism against the citizen class, and punish them for high treason. In any event, the avenue towards redemption of the nation from the bonds aka bondage of interest servitude, exists.

Now, most people will tell you that there is no such thing as a United States Note, or that it’s a Silver Certificate. This is completely false, the Silver Certificate clearly says “Silver Certificate” on it and also something to the effect that the note is redeemable in silver. So a major step forward in the public enlightenment of non Debt Based Currency is to clarify misconceptions about it. It isn’t a Silver Certificate. Also, the fact that Abraham Lincoln(a vile character who waged a war of aggression against the southern states in the name of International Finance Capital) printed United States Notes for sinister purposes doesn’t take away from the fact that this is the biggest issue confronting the Working Class people of the whole world. The breaking of Interest Servitude is the most important issue upon which all other issues are depending. It may be true that United States Notes have been issued at other times, but not for the express purpose of the redemption of the Nation from Economic Servitude. The United States Notes issued by Kennedy, precisely for a sharp change in monetary policy, was consistent with kennedy’s steadfast opposition to International Finance Capital aka jewish Finance.

Executive Order 11110 or Title 31 Section 5115?

As far as I can tell, this Executive Order pertains strictly to the Silver Certificates and has nothing to do with the United Sates Notes. However, this order does open up the way for Congress to begin printing money without the Federal Reserve. So basically, the order is the first step in a very sly move by Kennedy to get the ok for Congress to print Silver Certificates, than he goes all out and prints the debt free United Sates Notes. This is very in keeping with the way Kennedy and his brother Robert operated and I must admit I admire the gall of these two. The only way to best these Parasitic Banking Institutions is to use their tactics against them. Now there is no need to cite an Executive Order or to find some grand proof of the United States Notes being this magical way to freedom. All you need to do is to realize that its common sense period. Title 31 section 5115 is the only evidence you need to point out that United States Notes are the money of these united states of America and that Federal Reserve Notes are the money of foreign profiteers seeking to enslave the Nation. This in itself is evidence of a “weapon the banks fear.” Nobody seems to be able to say, “why do we have to use your money?” It is very easy to confuse the issue and maintain public support of our own enslavement through propaganda, so i shall focus strictly on what the United States Notes are capable of achieving. Also, very important, is to recognize the false doctrine of what is known as “Austrian Economics.” It should be called jewish economics as it was invented by jews in Austria not by Austrian Germans. This whole scam of Ludwig Von Mises, who was an ethnic jew and not an Austrian German, revolves around the backing of money by precious reserves, in his case, metals. An economic system of backing money by labour is what we should be calling Austrian Economics but once again the propaganda machines of International Finance Capital put forward all sides of any issue, they are the idea and all opposition parties to the idea, stopping any common sense ideas from even being put into the public view for consideration. We have wrongly called the scam of precious reserves Austrian Economics when it should be called jewish Economics.

“If a Nation can issue a dollar bond it can issue a dollar bill, what makes the bond good also makes the bill good, except that the bond benefits only those who issue it while the bill benefits those who are directly involved with the labour.”

Thomas Jefferson

Also, remember that the bonds or Federal Reserve Private Bank Notes require interest and the United States Notes do not.

Now what we have as the core problem is a middle man “group” insinuating themselves in between the money issuance and the printing of the money. The money is issued by us and printed by us and all associated costs are born by us, but it is authorized by the group and benefits the group. The group, the Federal Reserve, simply uses the monetization of debt to control the Nation and economically enslave us through Interest Servitude. The treasury department could simply ok the printing of the “new money” but instead they issue IOU’s to the Federal Reserve who than gives the ok without providing anything what so ever in the way of service or principal and they collect interest on the pretense that they have authorized the bonds. The Corrupt Congress in office is as much to blame for allowing this to continue and even Ron Paul has never blown any of this out into the open as he is also part of the group.

Whenever we have debt from Congress deliberately overspending, as they are encouraged to do by their Campaign Contributors, the AIPAC and big bank corrupters and all the Corporate Special Interest Groups, they make it up by the printing of “new money.” This is what they are encouraged to do in order to do favors for their financial backers in the jewish lobby, as far as they know, in reality it is the policy of the group to destroy us but the Political Criminals in Congress must realize this as well? So they willingly serve a Criminal Terrorist Organization of the highest degree. There are many reasons that the group can convince Traitor Politicians to sell the Nation into slavery and I’m not about to figure it all out, it should be extremely obvious what is going on. So, the traitors in the District of Criminals decide to print more money, now they allow the private bank, the Federal Reserve, to “authorize” this printing of money. They, the group, put their name on it, Federal Reserve note meaning private bank. What happens is, we the people pay interest on this money that they have not even loaned us! The only way money gets into circulation today is the monetization of debt. Treasury bills, treasury notes, bonds etc… they all represent debt, this monetization of debt into the people’s currency is of such immense importance that it is the only issue and towers above all other issues of the day. Until deliberate enslavement of Creative Labor to money is broken we will and must remain enslaved to International Finance Capital.

“If you had a checkbook, which is what our treasury is, and you had the power to write checks that nobody would ever cash, which is what our money is because it has no backing, so you are allowed to create checks that nobody would ever cash, would you write them yourself or would you give tem to a friend and let him write the checks and borrow the checks back?”

Andy Gause

As long as we allow a Foreign Private Institution to corrupt the Congress, and Congress goes unpunished, how can we hope to achieve anything? It is just as much the fault of Congress as it is the group. In the same sense, it is just as much the fault of the people of the Nation as it is the Congress and the group for we have not actively opposed the whole issue, in a United Front, in every city and county of every state of the Nation. Would politicians continue to obey International Finance if they were more afraid of the Working Class than of the group? Is it our fault for not making it more uncomfortable for them to betray us? Absolutely!

Mike Strobach – The National Conscience

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  1. under such immense treason from within in I recommend utilizing the legislation previously posted in “the coinage act”

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