the loss of liberty

Today marks the anniversary of the attack on the uss liberty… Not long after the kennedy assassination our country took a dramatic turn towards decayed morality, spiritual barrenness, economic destruction, and division of the nation that persists today… The men of the liberty built their own museum in the proud state of Wisconsin, my home. They were called anti-Semitic(which means I will not show favoritism to semites) and received no government aid to build a museum for soldiers murdered in a most despicable manner. Just who is this unseen enemy that resides within so many supposedly “national institutions?” Why is it that those institutions have not only ceased to serve the people but have actually turned against the people. Who is among us that promotes class warfare? Moral decay? Economic destruction and all out invasion from foreigners in order to shift the focus of anger onto each other rather than the true problem? Is the case of the liberty just a snapshot in history of a dramatic path of destruction that we the people of this nation are allowing to happen by refusing to battle the real enemy? The real battle is within us.

We have been so deluded into accepting something simply because it is on the most awesome propaganda weapon ever envisioned… The television… If I were to come to you and tell you that I am the overlord of all money and you should pay exorbitant prices for junk produced in a foreign country(further economically destroying you) would you do it? if I were to demand that you accept the monopolization not only of all institutions and businesses but of your very governing system would you go along with it? NEWS FLASH people… you already have! You are keeping quiet and doing nothing! The reversal of this starts not with some grand undertaking but perhaps as few as 7 people sitting around and discussing what they think of the current state of affairs… I live in Wausau Wisconsin, here in Wausau the city has a program that brings criminals recently released from prison to Wausau to “find jobs”. To me this is a complete destruction of a nice rural area city, not only that but it supports a huge bureaucracy at tax payer expense to accomplish absolutely nothing. This is obviously an ulterior motive cloaked in a social program… The ulterior motive I see is the bastardization of decent community principles by bringing a bad element into a nice area that perhaps is viewed as a remaining outpost of resistance to the world communist agenda. Real social programs would produce social justice rather than more division and more class warfare… Its a game of distraction here from “the plan.” Just what is “the plan?”

Its manifestation can be seen all around you. The subversion of all community principles to guide you towards a selfish individualistic world view is part of it. The promotion of all manner of subversive activities and decaying morals is another. The complete downfall of western civilization is the goal that they are approaching. We see it coming closer day by day. There is a solution to the plan. It starts with throwing your television(rabbi box) out the window and becoming an individual again, the next part involves uniting with like minded individuals and coming up with a plan of your own. Lets say I put together a group here in Wausau to demand the immediate discontinuance of this program of bringing criminals from Milwaukee to our city? Lets say by some stroke we succeeded in ending this ridiculous program, we could move on to another and build a community principle involving ideas like: The common interest before self.

Everything for the Nation! Nothing outside the Nation!

The National Conscience

Update September 30th 2013:
I have recently decided that in fact israel isn’t really to blame for the attack on the USS Liberty. They were actually on the low end of this Conspiracy of Fact. The real perpetrators in this whole incident was not only the American Government – Traitor Politicians, but American jews. American jews were the real driving force behind the attack of the USS Liberty. It was American jews involved in Political Corruption and Campaign Contributing that got our government to order the Liberty to its vulnerable position against many high ranking officers advice in 1967. It was American jews who made the USS Liberty’s extremely high tech radio transmission signal codes available to the enemy. The Liberty men did not know who had attacked their ship but when mcnamara and president Johnson recalled the planes going to the Liberty’s aid they clearly stated that they would not go to war with israel “over a bunch of dead sailors.” American jews were the only people who could have achieved all of this which is evident when you realize the gigantic covert military operation that was in full swing…

The Loss of Liberty part 2 will tell the real story of complete treachery by the jewish controlled government of America against the Sailors of the USS Liberty.

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  1. truth is the first casualty in war…

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