National Conscience – The Ideology


Just what is national conscience? NC is an ideological thought process that seems to be dramatically lacking in contemporary America. NC is the realization that there exists a duty amongst the citizenry to advocate the betterment of the national community. In a day and age in which selfishness has replaced selflessness it becomes extremely obvious that the national well being of this country has been completely superseded by those who’s profits are based on internationalization and more specifically on usury. Money has become the cruel tyrant of labor when in fact it is meant to be its servant. The purpose of banks is to regulate exchange, not to amass a huge fortune at the expense of the workers and farmers of the nation and thereby become a subversive government within a government. For instance, the private and foreign owned federal reserve bank, which masquerades as a government institution falsey, has gotten us into an extreme amount of fraudulent debt. Why, you might ask? There are several reasons a group of stock exchange Bolsheviks might wish to achieve this, a sort of unseen destruction of the working class(middle class) being one. Another reason is ourselves, the consumer driven cowards who refuse to admit, and especially to resist what is going on, the foreign anti freedom traitor media plays a huge role in this as well, just take a good look at the disgusting filth that comes across it daily… A nation that doesn’t have control of its own financial institutions is a nation no longer. It is blatantly obvious in view of the tremendous amount of debt this country is under, fraudulently, that there exists a conspiracy of silence to destroy and plunder this once proud and sovereign nation. The conspiracy of silence most certainly extends to those whose duty it is to oppose this agenda, the sleeping masses of everyday average people who for the most part are so preoccupied by subversive media(which is not conducive to the national spirit) that they are ignoring the world around them. The national consciousness of the individual citizen has been completely lost by several methods of desensitization, not to mention being freely given up by a wave of people in love with Hollywood’s moral decay, a conduit of filth into every home destroying moral beliefs and values consistently.

The creation of a media industrial complex by these same bank gangsters and finance speculators is one of the main causes of the impotency of any and all economic and social ideologies. The control of information and public opinion is paramount to their success. The less intelligent among us are completely fooled by such ridiculousness while those who at least maintain some form of independent thought are deliberately labeled and shunned by the rest of the mislead society. The promotion of moral decadence by the media only serves to create ever increasing numbers of citizens who have no idea what is happening right in front of their faces… Than, we have the people who are completely aware of the scam but have only one solution “what are we supposed to do about it? that’s just the way it is…” the classic reaction of a generation of cowards. Unless every individual decides to concern himself with things that actually matter in his own life, rather than the glamorous movie stars and celebrity prostitutes of the age of unrestricted LYING, TRAITOR media, than we are headed for a complete Weimar banana republic sooner than expected… As a matter of fact, America and more particularly Hollywood is already the spitting image of a Weimar false republic as we speak.

Mike Strobach – The National Conscience

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  1. Very well said Sir and I look forward to more in the future 🙂

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